"He's dead. Well done, солдат." Rumlow flipped through a clipboard of papers and I kept my eyes on him, something in his tone making me uneasy. He watched me with malign eyes and a white lie smile. "You can't go back to sleep just yet."

Something about the way he looked and the words he said sent an anxiety bubbling through the foggy stillness of my mind. I swallowed, waiting for the reason I knew he would communicate, hoping that it wasn't the Chair. I had been gradually gaining back my own thoughts. I didn't want to let them go yet.

"You have a new target. A threat to our security and a threat to the world."

I sighed. That seems to be the running trend lately.

"He's a traitor to HYDRA. Agent Sitwell. He let some of our intel get into the wrong hands. He's not a field agent, should be easy to pick off. He will be accompanied by three highly trained operatives. They're not your targets, do not engage except if necessary. Shoot to kill."

I stayed silent, slowly pushing the stream of protests out of my mind. I hated the ice, but I hated killing more. I knew there was no way around it, and Rumlow was waiting for an answer.

I inclined my head slightly and he handed me the clipboard with a picture of the man I was supposed to take out. I handed it back and stood to get my weapons.

I didn't know I had just accepted the assignment that would change my life.