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The Journey Begins

The sound of the calm waves of the ocean was the first thing Natsu was able to hear when he regained consciousness. His eyes slowly opening and blinking a few times as his vision was blurry at first, but it soon clear up, revealing a familiar blue color.

'The sky', he thought, blinking a few last times as his vision was finally returning. His others senses weren't far behind either.

His sense of smell. He could smell a concentrated amount of salt water.

His sense of touch. He could feel the unmistakable feeling of the grains of sand on the backside of his body.

But before he could continue regaining his other senses, the sudden urge to cough make itself known. The feeling was so strong and so sudden that it was impossible to stop him from doing it. Coughing harshly, the Dragon Slayer expelled all the water that was left in his lungs, making him enable to breathe once more.

He coughed a few more times before suddenly raising his upper body, taking a sitting position while breathing heavily due to the prolonged lack of oxygen. His left hand was clenching his chest with a strong grip, almost as if trying to soothe the pain even though he knew it was in vain. His eyes soon began to scan his surroundings in alarm, taking notice of where he was.

"A beach?", he mumbled to himself, looking at the scenery from left to right, his face showing nothing but confusion, "Wh...what the hell am I doing here!?". Fortunately, it didn't take him long before the answer came to his mind.

'That's right, I was traveling in a boat after visiting the first master's grave back in Tenrou', he thought, the hand that was previously on his chest now on his forehead, 'Yeah, that's right, we were on our way back when a storm suddenly hit us me and...'.

His mind stooped in mid-sentence as realization hit him, his eyes wide as plates.


At the memory of his friend, the Dragon Slayer got up almost instantly with surprising speed and without wasting any time. Looking around for his missing friend, worry showing on his face, the pinkette took a couple of steps forward but quickly stumbled and fell to the sand. Managing to use his hands to stop his fall, making contact with the sand, Natsu couldn't help but grunt in frustration as the strength in his arms, just like with his legs, was slowly fading away.

"Dammit!", yelled Natsu in frustration, his body shaking as he use more force to try and get up, "I need to find him, I need to find Happy", he growled to himself. His body was feeling really weak, but he didn't have time for that, he needed to make sure his friend was fine!. It wasn't painful or anything, but for whatever reason his muscles feel completely devoid of strength, still, it was not the first time he feel like this before, hell, he has been through worst!.

And so, ignoring the feeling of his tired muscles, Natsu slowly got up. Taking a deep breath and looking around once more, his eyes and nose sharp as ever, he began to look for his missing friend. He tried using his nose to find him, but he wouldn't find a trail at all, it has probably been wash away by the ocean, so tracking him was no longer an option.

So with no other option, he decided to just walk around the beach, his pace looking more normal and less unstable with every step. He could only hope that he would be able to find his friend. It was quite easy, even for him, to figure out that after the storm he was brought by the sea waves to this beach, so he could only assume that his partner was brought the same way as he. He knew that there was no guarantee that that's what happen, that ocean could have taken Happy to another place entirely, he could still be in the ocean, lost and alone, or maybe even worst, something entirely worst that even him wouldn't dare think about. But he would not think that way, not in a million years!, he knew his friend was ok, he always had faith in his friends and he wouldn't start doubting them now, Happy was out there and he will find him!.

And so, with the same conviction the Dragon Slayer always has, he continue walking, the sand under his feet moving with each step he took.

He continue like that for almost an hour, and he could now feel his strength returning to him by the minute, but it wasn't until much later that he felt a small sense of worry creeping up his chest, seeing as there wasn't any sight of his best friend anywhere around. But he pushes that thought out almost immediately, trusting that his partner was fine.

Happy may not be the strongest member in the guild, but he definitely had a big spirit and a strong will. He is a member of Fairy Tail after all!. That thought alone brought some calm to the pinkette's mind.

Still, as time continue to pass, and the minutes turned into hours, his worry would still not go away completely, cause no matter how much he trusted his friend, he still cared too much for him. But it wasn't much later that his eyes suddenly manage to caught a sight of a familiar blue figure lying not too far away covered in sand. A sight that brought a big smile to the Dragon Slayer's face.

"Happy!", shouted Natsu in relief, before running towards where his friend was lying.

Getting close to his cat-like friend, Natsu got on his knees besides him before shaking him roughly with his hands, "Oi Happy, wake up buddy!".

With all the yanking, it didn't take long for Happy to respond, "Ugh…not now Natsu, 5 more minutes", said a sleepy Happy while moaning and turning to his side. Natsu on the other hand, continue shaking him.

"Hey Happy, you need to get up", insisted Natsu, still with a small smile on his face, "C'mon buddy, let's go".

Happy grunted a little before slowly opening his eyes, blinking a few times as his eyes adjusted to the bright light of the sun. As his vision finally adjusted, his eyes were finally able to recognize the pink haired figure kneeling besides him. "Natsu?", said Happy in confusion while rubbing his head with his paw.

"Yo Happy!, how are you feeling?", asked Natsu in concern as he seated beside him, Happy doing the same

"I'm ok, I guess, but my head hurts a little", said Happy while scratching his head. Looking around at his surroundings, the Exceed couldn't help but ask, "Ugh...Natsu, where are we?".

Natsu looked around them, taking in their surroundings, "Hmm, I'm not really sure, some kind of beach I guess", answered Natsu with his arms closed over his chest, "I tried looking for any familiar smell or something that may tell us we're we are, but everything smells kind of weird, I mean, it smells the same but at the same time it doesn't, does that makes sense?".

"It hardly does", deadpanned Happy.

A tick mark appeared on Natsu's face, "HEY!, AT LEAST I'M TRYING TO BE HELPFUL HERE!", the Dragon Slayer shouted furiously. If there was something Happy was good at, it was getting into people's nerves, he should know, they been living together for years.

On the other hand, the Exceed could only chuckle at how easily his friend got angry. 'It's just so easy', thought Happy with a teasing smile. Natsu has always been easy to trigger.

Still, seeing that arguing will get them nowhere, Natsu took a moment to cold down and let out a deep sigh, finally deciding to get up. "Well, smell or not, we'll not know where we are for sure by just standing here and doing nothing", said Natsu before he noticed how wet and covered in sand his clothes were, which now had turned into mud. Not seeing it as a big deal, Natsu simply expelled a small wave of heat to burn the mud and evaporate all the water, leaving his clothes dry and clean. It wasn't as effective as the traditional way to wash clothes, especially cause he could do nothing about the smell, but I'll do for now. "So, ready to go buddy?", asked Natsu while stretching his arms.

"Aye sir!", responded Happy as a pair of angelic wings came from his back.

The Dragon Slayer couldn't help but grin, "Alright then, let's go".


After the first few hours of travel, their journey has proven to be nothing but a calm one. In other words, for Natsu it has been boring as hell!.

At first, not knowing what direction to take, both Dragon Slayer and cat decided to go to the opposite direction of the beach, which almost immediately lead them to a forest, it's more interesting characteristic being its red-leafed trees and red colored grass, but they didn't give it much thought. Considering their lack of options and having no other ideas in mind, the two simply decided to enter it and see where they go.

For the next few hours, they had done nothing but small talk, trying to kill the boredom with anything they had, which leads them to their current situation.

Talking about anything that comes to their mind.

"Why do you think the sky is blue?", asked Happy with a bored tone.

"I don't know", responded Natsu, boredom visible on his face, as he was walking besides the flying cat, his arms resting behind his head, "Why do you think you are blue?".

"Because I'm a cat", stated Happy as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Natsu could only sweet drop at that, "Somehow I highly doubt that".

Happy was about to respond to that when the loud sound of his stomach growling was suddenly heard, his face gaining a depressed look. "Oooh, I still can't believe we lost all of our stuff in the storm", said Happy with a few tears in his eyes, "All my fish was in there Natsu!, what am I going to do now?!".

Natsu couldn't stop himself from giving his friend an annoyed look. "I don't know, go fishing I guess?".

"This is no times for jokes Natsu!, I'm serious!", yelled Happy with a glare.

"So am I", said Natsu with a twitching eyebrow, "Are you forgetting that all of our remaining life's savings were in there too?".

"I know that, but I'm hungry and we haven't eaten anything all day and the fish was all the food we had!", responded Happy with a frown, "Besides, what is the point of having money when there is nowhere to spend it?", said Happy while pointing at their surroundings, which was nothing but trees.

Natsu opened his mouth to retort, but close it almost immediately as he had no response to what his furry friend just said. 'He is not wrong', thought Natsu with a blank face. Now that he thought about it, he was kind of hungry too.

Letting out a sigh, the pinkette decided to just leave it that way and opted to just continue walking, his friend flying right beside him.

He really wish he could be training right now, after all that's the main reason why they started this journey in the first place. He had a promise to keep after all. But with the current situation they were in, he knew very well that now was not the best time. The time for training will come eventually, he knew that and was looking forward to it, he just wish he could be doing it now.

On another note, Happy was staring at his pink haired friend with worry.

'He is doing it again', thought Happy, not taking his eyes from his friend.

Ever since they left and began their journey, Natsu has been acting different than usual. It wasn't a drastic change but it wasn't very hard to notice.

For the last few days, he has notice Natsu holding a hollow look on his face multiple times while staring at empty spaces, sometimes lost in thought, which was weird and almost beyond shocking considering that Natsu didn't like thinking things too much, or at least not without a specific reason.

At first he didn't give it much thought, but when Natsu started being less noisy and stopped yelling as randomly as he used to, he knew something was wrong with his friend.

Natsu would even start being quiet for long periods of time.

Their previous conversation was a clear example of his change in behavior. Normally, when Natsu gets annoyed or got into a discussion that got him really angry, he would start throwing a fit and yell uncontrollably in anger as if wanting to punch people in the face with his words.

But none of that happen.

Of course that didn't mean that his behavior was completely different or that his personality has changed or something, Natsu was still pretty much his same silly and cherry self, he smiles, laughs and as always, anxious to start a fight!, his reckless attitude was always present as well. He would sometimes even get angry like he always does, just that he didn't do it as often as he used to.

'It's almost as if...', Happy paused for a moment, considering his words before continuing, 'Almost as if he has matured, if only a little', thought Happy with a sad expression.

He wanted to be happy, happy that his friend was showing such signs of growing up. He wanted to, but he couldn't, because he knew the reason behind the change in Natsu's attitude and behavior.

'Natsu really hasn't been the same, not after what happen with Igneel', thought Happy, feeling bad for his friend.

"Oi Happy", called Natsu, getting the small Exceed out of his thoughts.

Shaking his head, Happy turned his focus back on his partner, "Yeah?".

"Do you think you could go up high in the air and tell me if you see anything?, I'm sure we've walked far enough, so may as well check out".

Happy nodded with a smile, "Aye!, just give me a moment!", said Happy with enthusiasm before flying off high in the sky.

Watching his friend as he disappeared from view, Natsu keep looking at the direction Happy went before staring directly at the sky up high.

"It's already past noon", said Natsu, letting out a sigh as he scratched the back of his head, "Man, the day sure goes fast and we still have yet to know where we are".

As he waited for Happy to return, Natsu took a moment to analyze his surroundings. The only thing the Dragon Slayer could hear were the sound of the birds chirping and the wind blowing the red leafs of the trees and bushes. But there was something that has been bugging him ever since he woke up.

The smell.

Like he told Happy before, everything smelled almost the same but had some big differences, almost as if they were completely different things. The air, the trees, the grass and even the water, all of them. The Dragon Slayer was utterly confused.

Normally, he would just ignore it and move on like any other problem, but as a Dragon Slayer, his nose caught all kinds of different smells even when not doing it on purpose, so since ignoring it was next to impossible, he decided to at least consider and try to find out an explanation for this.

Crouching in one knee and taking a bunch of red grass with his hand, the Dragon Slayer got it close to his nose and sniffs it, just so he could get a better take on the strange essence of things.

"This smell, it reminds me of something but I'm not sure what", mumbles Natsu under his breath before a thought cross his mind, "Now that I think about it, it's almost like that time when we were on Edo...'.


Looking away from the grass on his hand, Natsu glanced over his shoulder the moment he hear Happy's voice, locating his friend almost immediately, who was currently flying towards him at high speed.

"Happy?", mumbled Natsu in confusion as he saw the terror in Happy's face. He was about to ask what the problem was, but that question was answered soon after.


A horrific inhuman scream was suddenly heard as Happy flew right past him in panic while screaming in terror. Natsu would had laugh at how funny the scene was if it wasn't for the giant black bird that was flying right behind Happy, and was trying to do nothing more but to eat the flying cat.

"Oh?", was the only thing Natsu said before crouching to the ground, avoiding crashing with the monstrous bird as it flew right above him and continue pursuing Happy.

"NATSU!, HELP ME!", shouted Happy in panic with comic tears in his eyes as he flew away in the distance, the bird not far behind.

Natsu only stared at his partner as he maneuvered in the air, trying to lose the giant predator but was having no luck.

The giant bird was black in color, accompanied with a white skeletal mask and exterior that resembled armor, covering only some parts of its body. The other mayor characteristic was its bloody red eyes. Kind of creepy actually.

"Now that's a big bird", commented Natsu before a huge grin that go from ear to ear came across his face, "Good job Happy!, you just brought dinner right at us!".


"No problem", answered the pinkette as he swung his right arm in circles multiple times, stretching it, before punching his right fist into his left palm, "I'm all fired up!".

Not wasting time, the Dragon Slayer ran towards the direction both cat and bird were flying, and putting all his strength in his legs, Natsu made a great jump, jumping all the way high into the air and right where Happy just flew past. Right where the giant bird was going to to come across.

"Hope you enjoy turning into fry chicken!", yelled Natsu with a grin, as fire covered his right hand.


The bird now noticing the new arrival couldn't care less about what it eats. So flying straight into him and opening its peak wide open, the bird got ready to swallow the Dragon Slayer whole.

Unfortunately for the bird, it chose the wrong guy to mess with.

With the flames in his hand brighter and hotter, Natsu launched his attack before the bird could get any more near him.

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!", shouted Natsu, punching the black bird with his fire covered fist, creating a shockwave at contact.

The bird screamed in pain as the force of the impact broke its bone mask and sent it flying towards the ground as its body was suddenly engulfed in flames, making it scream louder as the pain only intensify.

Natsu could only grin while holding his smoking fist as he watched the bird fall towards the ground and finally crash back in the forest, taking down a few trees and leaving a trail of smoke on its path. Losing the momentum from his earlier jump, Natsu soon began to fall back to the ground too, but unlike the creature, he didn't lose control and soon landed on his feet, next to the now dead burning bird.

"Well, guess that's it", commented Natsu with his hands resting on his hips.

"Natsu, you meanie!", yelled Happy as approached the Dragon Slayer, "Why didn't you help me, you jerk!".

"Hey I did, didn't I?", said Natsu defending himself.

"Yes, after I almost turned into bird food!", shouted Happy as he glared at Natsu.

Natsu only shrugged, "Whatever, at least we have food now, right?", said Natsu as he approached the now dead bird, the flames now gone. He crouched besides it and proceeds to start pocking it a few times with a stick he found lying around. The reaction?.

The body of the bird suddenly starts emitting black smoke and soon enough it began to dissolve.

"WHAT THE HELL?!", shouted Natsu in shock with his eyes wide as plates as the body continue to evaporate, and in only a matter of seconds the body was gone, replaced by black smoke that soon began to slowly fade in the wind, leaving no trace behind.

Almost as if the bird was never there to begin with.

The entire time Natsu just stood there watching the whole process in shock, looking agape with his arms hanging lifelessly. His body not moving an inch.

"Wh...why?", mumbled Natsu with tears in his eyes and falling to his knees, "Why did this happen?".

As Natsu was still trying to comprehend what happen, and also trying to get over the fact that his soon-to-be-dinner was now gone, Happy had to cover his mouth to stop himself from laughing out loud at his friend's misfortune. He was hungry too, sure, but seeing the Dragon Slayer's hilarious face and reaction was so worth it.

'He had it coming', thought Happy as he mentally giggled with a teasing smirk. Seeing his friend being a victim of karma like that make him feel almost completely satisfied.


An evil smile made its way into Happy's face as he remembered something he came across when he was flying, just before his encounter with the giant bird.

"Hey Natsu, guess what!", called Happy as he approached the still sulking Dragon Slayer, "You will not believe what I came across while flying earlier!".

Natsu glanced from his back and gave the Exceed a curious look, his depression almost completely gone, "Really?", asked Natsu with interest, "What did you find?".

Happy's devilish smile only got wider.

"A train".

As soon as those words were heard, silence reign over the two as the wind continue to blow around them.

They stood like that for many seconds, before Natsu suddenly broke the silence.

"No", he said flatly.

"But Natsu...".

"I SAY NO!", yelled Natsu, sweat running down his face.

"But Natsu!", insisted Happy, flying closer to the Dragon Slayer's face, "That train must be heading somewhere, right?, it could take us to either a town, a station or someplace with people in there!, we may be able to ask them where we are!, they may even have fish!", reasoned Happy.

Turning his back to hide his nervousness, Natsu began to sweat more, "W...well, why don't we just...you know...fallow the train tracks on foot and see where it leads?".

"Walking all the way through the train tracks could take too much time, we don't know how far away the nearest station is", retorted Happy with a knowing look, "Besides, we don't have any food to make such a long trip".

"We'll manage", said Natsu before he received a glare from the Exceed, getting the Dragon Slayer a little more nervous, "Or we can, you know...fly?", quickly propose Natsu "Yeah, that's it, you can carry me and fly us all the way through the tracks, you done it many times before, remember?".

Happy negated with his head, "I'm too tired Natsu, I don't think I have the energy to fly us for too long".

After hearing that, Natsu could only clench his teeth in frustration. He really, really didn't wanted to get inside a train or any other sort of transportation, he hated using those damn things!, they are machines of doom!. Motion sickness was no joke, the dizziness and powerful urges to vomit where the worst kind of feelings in the world, and seeing that he may be forced to once again go through that hell make him feel beyond nervous.

And Happy?, he had big victorious grin full of satisfaction planted on his face the entire time.

Trying to think of another idea, but having no luck, Natsu slumped his arm before letting out a deep sigh, "Fine, you win", he said accepting his defeat.

"Aye!", shouted Happy cheerfully, earning an annoyed look from Natsu.

"You are enjoying this, aren't you?".


Blake Belladonna was about to make a decision.

A decision that would change everything, for better or worse, that she didn't know, and that's what scares her the most.

Looking at the beautiful scenery in front of her, the Forever Fall forest was truly a sight to behold. Whether it was its beautiful red-leafed trees, its red grass or even how the sky combined with its colors, there was no doubt that the Forever Fall was truly beautiful.

From the rock she was sitting at, the cat Faunus could only wonder what will her life be like with whatever path she decides to choose, now again, was it really her choice?, definitely. She wanted to believe that whatever the outcome of her next mission was, that that was going to be the deciding factor, she really wanted to, but she knew that would never be the case. The decision was hers and hers only.

Blake couldn't help but frown at herself. She didn't know why she was still thinking about all of this, she already agree with herself that if her partner decided to take things too far like he did last time, she would leave the White Fang for good. But if he could still somehow show her that old spark of kindness he used to have, or at least show any sign of her long lost friend and not the monster that has taken his place, she would give him another chance, a chance to him and a chance to the White Fang, even though she knew that was just wishful thinking.

Still, what kind of person would she be if she didn't give them one last chance?.

The sudden sound of footsteps moving the grass behind her was enough to get her out of her thoughts. Glancing behind her shoulder, Blake's eyes came in contact with the sight of the high-ranking member of the White Fang, mentor and friend, Adam Taurus.

"Blake", called the male Faunus with full seriousness, his voice clearly showing that there was work to do, "It's time".

Blake just stared at him, an uneasy look on her face, "Ok", she said before standing up.

Nodding with his head, Adam just turned around and began to walk away, making his way towards their objective and not bothering to look back, knowing she would follow his lead, and he wasn't wrong.

The two of them walked in complete silence, none of them making any noise. And it was a silence that Blake pretty much enjoyed.

The silent atmosphere continue like that for a few minutes, but sadly it didn't last long as Adam suddenly stopped, shaking Blake out of her thoughts.

"Is something the matter, Blake?", suddenly asked Adam, glancing at her from his shoulder.

Blake only raised her gaze before stopping too, staring directly into his mask, "No, it's nothing", she answered, hoping he would drop the subject, even though she knew he wouldn't leave it that easily.

"Blake, don't think I haven't notice", started Adam, making it clear that he was serious, "You have been acting strange recently, you been avoiding everyone for weeks now, you barely talk, at least more than usual, what's wrong?", he said, that last part more as a demand than a question, a clear sign that he wasn't playing around.

Blake's eyes turned to the ground, avoiding Adam's intense gaze. No word came from her mouth.

Realizing that he wasn't going to get any answer from the cat Faunus, Adam only sighed before turning completely to face her, "Is this about what happen in the last mission?", he asked, but didn't needed a response to know that he was right, "Blake, we talked about this, there was no other choice, if we want to achieve our goals, we cannot be afraid of spilling human blood, if we really want to make a difference, sacrifices are necessary".

She continues to stare at the ground. She wanted to respond, but decided not to, knowing that it would only end up being a waste of time, they already have this discussion many times before and it always ends up the same way.

Adam, seeing that Blake didn't seem to have any intention of giving him an answer, saw this as an opportunity to bring up another subject.

"Blake", he called once again, his voice suddenly taking a softer tone, which got Blake's attention, making her look at him directly in the face, "About what happen...about...about us".

Blake's eyes winded a little, not expecting him to talk about that, at least not right now. Especially not moments before the start of a mission.

Adam took a moment to finish, clearly not feeling comfortable talking about the subject, "Have we really, I mean...is it...is it really...?".

"Over", she finish for him, her eyes full with complete seriousness, not showing any sight of doubt in her face or voice, "Whatever happened between us, whatever we had, it's over".

Adam stared at her for a moment, not taking his mask-covered eyes away from her. He opened his mouth once, then twice, but no sound ever came out, he had no word to describe what he was feeling at the moment. He had nothing to say.

It took a few seconds of silence before he spoke once again, "I see, I...I understand", he said before turning back around and resuming his walk, his attitude returning back to normal, as if nothing ever happen, "Anyway, forget about the last mission, I need you to stay concentrated at the task at hand, this mission it's too important and we can't afford to make any mistakes here, getting that shipment is our top priority, understood?".

Blake only nodded as she watched her partner began to walk away. Before she could do the same, her mind suddenly recalled one of the previous points of their conversation. She wanted to respond to Adam when he spoke about their so called 'goals', but knew it would be pointless and she had no intention of relieving an argument that they already had thousands of times before.

She joined the White Fang because she wanted to make a difference, she wanted a future where Faunus and Humans could live together in peace and equality, not violence and fear, something that Adam seemed to lean for.

That's her goal, her dream, even though she knows that it's a childish dream and it will never happen, not as long as the discrimination against the Faunus exist. But it was worth the try.

'Equality hum?', she thought with sadness, 'Sometimes it feels like is nothing more than a just a word', thought the bow wearing girl with sad amusement as she glanced at the sky one last time before proceeding to fallow her partner.

'Life isn't a fairy tale after all'.

And with that final thought, she continued to fallow her partner, red-leafs falling around them as they disappeared in the forest.

Natsu and Happy where currently flying above the red-leafed forest, searching through the surrounding area as they were fallowing the train tracks towards the direction the train go to. Being that way, it was not long before the pinkette manage to catch sight of something.

"Oi Happy!, is that it?", asked Natsu as he pointed with his hand at the large metallic object that was moving through the tracks.

It was the train.

"Aye!", confirmed Happy with a tone of relief. He was already starting to feel his arms getting numb, and keeping up the pace while carrying Natsu was becoming really difficult. Although he wasn't as heavy as Lucy though.

"Alright then, let's go", said Natsu as he gulped, still reluctant about the whole boarding the train business.

'Why did I even agreed to this again?', thought the Dragon Slayer with a depressed look, 'Now again, why do I even continue using this things?!', questioned the Dragon Slayer.

And so, Happy flew towards the train, catching up to it with no problem.

'This is going to be a long ride', thought Happy with a smile as he began to descend.



So, I hope you like it, I know it wasn't much but this chapter was more of an introduction, so it kind of starts slow, but next chapter is almost done and I guarantee that things will get a hell of a more interesting.

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1: Time Period

This is right during the beginning of the time-skip, after the Tartaros Arc, in case you didn't notice.

2: Natsu's character

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3: Blake

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