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A Troublesome Trip

For as long as he can remember, Natsu Dragneel has always been known for being a strong individual. Either being his unrelenting will, his strong conviction or remarkable fighting spirit, as a whole, he was someone worth of praise. There was no doubt that in both body and mind, he was someone who's always pushing himself to the very limit, being able to beat all sorts of obstacles or opponents if he puts his mind into it.

And yes, that includes Erza too, even though it only happens once during an eating contest. But it was a victory nonetheless, so it still counts!

Still, as powerful as he was, there has always been an opponent that he has yet to defeat, and may as well be never able to. And that opponent was none other than his longtime rival and eternal enemy.


Or to be more precise, 'Motion Sickness'. The weakness and calamity of all Dragon Slayers. But why go as far as to call it like that? well, cause while normal people would consider motion sickness as nothing more than a nuisance, for Natsu it was the ultimate form of torture, the bane of his existence.

Which lead us to our current situation.

Letting out an agonizing groan, Natsu quickly covered his mouth, "Why did I let Happy...*gulp*...convince me into riding this...this thing...urp!".

The agonizing Dragon Slayer, who was resting his back against a chest-size metallic container, could do nothing but let out another painful groan. How he got himself into this situation you may ask?

Well, for starters, back when he and Happy caught up to the train, as soon as Natsu's feet touched the floor, he immediately fell down like a puppet who got his strings cut off. Lifelessly and without the strength to stand for himself. And of course, in a lot of pain.

The trip so far has been nothing but a complete nightmare for the pinkette, a very horrible nightmare. And it's been nothing but 15 minutes, 'what the hell?!'.

His head was spinning like crazy while his stomach feel like a ticking time bomb. The urges to puke only intensified as the train continue to move forward. He could feel his body getting weaker every minute.

And where was Happy again? oh, he left to go out and see what's on the other train cars. Which in the Dragon Slayer's opinion it was totally not fair, the car in which he was left on did not only have an alarming lack of light, giving the environment a unique sense of creepiness; the car was also full of multiple creates and containers of different sizes, all wearing the same image of a white snowflake.

"That cat, leaving me all alone like this...so much for being my best friend", mumbled Natsu angrily, still trying to minimize the pain but getting no result.

Even though it was mostly his motion sickness's fault, he still couldn't help but be mad at his friend. Happy did leaved him behind after all. Don't get him wrong, he was already used to his partner's annoying attitude, they have been living together for years after all. But that didn't mean that it didn't bother him either. That cat really knew how to get into people's nerves.

Still, all of that wouldn't have been that bad if it wasn't for the constant loud noises of the train's machinery, which was slowly killing his ears. And it was all thanks to his superior sense of hearing. It was far from painful, but it was annoying as hell. For some reason the train was ten-times louder than the ones back home, which did nothing but make the trip ten-times even worse than what a normal train would be.

Back when they both arrived, they did consider the idea of trying to contact the crew driving the train, but they completely throw that idea out as they didn't know how they may react to them as they are basically stowaways. And Natsu was in no condition to fight. So, they decided to just hide between the cargo and wait for the train to reach its destination. Hopefully a town of some sorts.

'Curse that cat, curse him wherever he is!', thought Natsu grumpily with a groan, turning to his side, trying to get into a more comfortable position, 'This is the last time I listen to him!'.

Yeah, it was definitely not the last time.


Not too far from there, hiding between the red trees of the Forever Fall forest, was a certain pair. Watching from on top of a hill, they waited patiently for the train as it began to approach their position.

"Here it comes", announced Adam with his hand resting at the hilt of his sword, getting into position

Blake only glanced at her partner before looking back at their objective. For what she was told, the train was carrying a huge shipment of Dust and multiple Atlesian military grade weapons, all which belongs to none other than the Schnee Dust Company.

She mentally frowned at the mention of that name.

'The Schnee'.

Honestly, she didn't really hate them, after all she didn't know them personally. But she knew enough to know that she didn't like them either. She could understand that they may serve an important role to the four kingdoms because of them being one of the largest producers of Dust in all Remnant. But it's bad reputation was more than enough to make her not exactly fond of them or their way to do business. Especially with their questionable labor work and evident Faunus mistreatment.

"Are you ready?", asked Adam, getting out of her thoughts as he got into position.

Getting back into reality, Blake only nodded in response, fallowing his example.

The male Faunus turned his attention back towards the approaching train as it passes through the forest, leaf's drifting down its path. The train soon began to approach the hill where they were standing on.

Blake let out one last sigh as she mentally prepared herself to what could potentially be her last mission as a member of the White Fang.

'Hopefully things will not get too complicated', she thought as she waited for her partner to give the order.

"Go", said Adam, jumping down and sliding down the hill with Blake fallowing soon after.

As they continue to slide, with the hill soon coming to an end, they both jumped from the cliff and into the high-speeding train just in time. Landing on top of it and without wasting any time, they began to make their way towards the front of the train.

"Anything we should be worried about?", she asked, running besides the White Fang leader.

"Besides a few security androids? nothing really", responded Adam before stopping next to a hatch and cutting its lock open, "Everything should go smoothly as long as we fallow the plan".

'I sure hope so', Blake thought as both she and Adam jumped down the hatch he opened, entering the train car.

They both landed on their feet in the middle of a large dark room full of containers. All carrying the Schnee Dust Company logo.

Looking at their surroundings with precaution, the both of them took a careful look around them as they took their first step.

That was a mistake.

"Intruder, identify yourself".

"Well, that went south very quickly", commented Blake with a sigh.

Stepping out of the shadows, a large group of fully black-armored androids came with their weapons drawn, fully loaded and aiming at the pair of Faunus.

In an instant, both Blake and Adam were suddenly surrounded by the fully-activated androids. The both of them stared back at the machines before taking defensive stances.

"Hmm, I honestly expected them to be more", said Adam, glaring at the androids as they continue pointing their weapons at them.

The cat Faunus couldn't help but give her partner an annoyed look, "I should have expected that kind of response from you", she commented, taking Gambol Shroud from her back.

Adam only smirked at her words, "Well, whatever it is, it seems like we are doing this the hard way", he said before sprinting forward, katana at hand as he sliced one of the androids in half and proceeding to cut more of them to pieces with little to no effort.

Same with Blake, as she engaged the rest of the androids, cutting and slashing, moving all around the room in an impressive display of combat prowess and acrobatics, giving them no chance at all. Of course, the androids responded by firing their weapons at the two Faunus, which they easily dodged and continue to engage them.

Cutting another android in half, Blake then block an incoming attack, and with a quick slash of her sword she decapitated her attacker before gunning down some more androids that were charging at her, putting them offline with precise shots on their heads.

The androids weren't too strong, that's for sure, but they had the advantage in numbers. Still, it didn't seem to make that much of a difference as they were still being decimated by the pair of Faunus in only a matter of seconds.

Both Blake and Adam continue to push back the robotic horde, moving all the way towards the next car.

Advancing, Adam continued to cut down more of them in a blur of speed. Looking as if he never removed his katana from its sheath in the first place, leaving nothing but broken scraps of metal on the floor before moving on to his next target.

'No matter how many enemies they throw at us or what kind of situation we may be put on, nobody will stop us', though Adam with a smirk as he tore apart another Android and entered the next car, 'Nobody'.

Not far from there, the ears from a certain pink-haired Dragon Slayer were able to caught a series of loud noises coming from the outside.

"Uh, what's with all that noise?", grunted Natsu as he covered his ears.

He tried to ignore the noise, which just like the train's machinery, it did nothing but annoy him to no end. But so far, he had no success, as it only keeps getting louder and louder. He could do nothing but keep groaning in annoyance as his headache only got worse.

With his back still resting against the container, the Dragon Slayer continued to try and get more comfortable before letting out another painful groan. He usually didn't have this kind problem when it came to his enhanced sense of hearing. But because of his current sick state, having so many loud noises nearby gave him nothing but a big headache. And it's all thanks to his motion sickness.

He already tried to sleep, all in the hopes of making his torture go away faster, or at the very least make it more bearable. But with the loud noises being heard on the outside, sleeping was now almost impossible. And it's been like that for a while now.

At first, he wasn't sure what those noises were, but his sensible ears were able to catch a great combination of different loud noises. All coming from the back side of the train and getting closer. It wasn't long before he was able to recognized them.

It was the sound of fighting. And if he wasn't mistaken, he could swear he hear the sound of swords clashing and gun shots. It was a mix of many different noises but of those two he was sure of.

He knew all the different sounds a sword could make; thanks to how many times he has seen Erza and many others fight. And he wasn't an expert in fire arms, but he has fought against enough people who uses them to know how they sound. And add the fact that he knew Alzack and Bisca, who specialize in Gun Magic.

And as the sound was getting closer, it also began to be lest constant, as if the fight was soon coming to an end. Which mean that whoever won will soon make their way towards where he is.

He knew that in his current state, he was not in the best condition to fight, but in all honesty, he didn't really care. Whoever was coming, if it's a fight what they wanted, then he is more than happy to comply!

The sound of his stomach growling was then heard across the room, getting the pinkette's attention as he adopted a hungry, yet still sick look on his face.

'Man, I sure am hungry', thought Natsu while rubbing his belly, 'I really hope Happy comes back soon with some food, cause I'm seriously starving'.

Before the Dragon Slayer could continue complaining about how hungry he was, his ears twitched as they were suddenly able to hear a slight yet almost unnoticeable sound coming from behind.

Acting in pure instinct, using all the remaining strength in his already weak arms, Natsu managed to push himself out of the way just in time, barely avoiding a blade as it literally came out of nowhere, with the intent of taking his head off of his shoulders.

Crashing hard on the floor, panting heavily, Natsu grunted in pain as he glanced up in an attempt of finding his attacker, but only found himself avoiding another attack from the same blade once again. Rolling to his side, dodging the attack, the pinkette tried to gain some distance from his attacker, but with his motion sickness still affecting him, he had to struggle as he desperately tried not to collapse from both his sickness or exhaustion.

'Wh-what the hell is going on?', questioned the Dragon Slayer as he tried and failed to understand what was happening. Standing on all four, Natsu tried to regain some air, but it was too hard to do so as his breathing only got heavier each second.

Sniffing the air, Natsu used his nose to find his attacker. Turning to face the shadows in the room, a place where the light failed to reach, he was able to see the figure of his attacker, who seemed to have stopped his attacks, choosing to rather observe him. Almost as if he was some kind of predator looking at his prey.

Natsu didn't like that, not at all.

His eyes only narrowed at this, glaring at the figure. "I know...you are there", said Natsu between breaths, sweat running down his face as he tried to shake off the dizziness, "Who...who are you?".

"My name is none of your concern, human", said the man, not surprised by being found, but rather amused. "But why don't you save me the trouble and die already?".

Natsu didn't seem to be concern about the threat, but what caught his attention were the words the man said. 'Human?', thought Natsu with narrowed. For the way he said it, he make it sound like if he wasn't one in the first place. The first thing that came into Natsu's mind was the word 'Demon', remembering how the demons of Tartaros would often refer to him and his friends the same way. But he quickly shacked off that thought, knowing that now wasn't the time to think about that.

The man soon began to approach him, passing throughout the dark and stepping into the light. His aggressor finally revealing himself.

The man wore, must he say, what seemed to be a very elegant suit, which consisted on a combination of a black coat and pants. He also seemed to carry a sword on his side.

He had his hand resting on the handle, which Natsu took as a sign that he was either ready or eager for a fight. Probably both. He also had a white mask covering his eyes, which curiously enough, it had an uncanny resemblance to the bone mask from that giant bird that he fought earlier. Also, certain characteristic that he couldn't help but notice where the two horns that stick out from his red and brown hair. It was unusual, but honestly, he really didn't cared that much about his appearance,

Still, there was one thing that did put him on the edge about the new comer. It was the disgusting yet unmistakable smell coming from the masked man.

It was the smell of blood.

Doing his best to hide his trembling or any other sign of weakness that his body may show because of his sickness, the Dragon Slayer stood back up, his back straight, as he took a fighting stance while glaring menacingly at the masked man. The man only responded with a sly smirk.

"I don't know who you are, but if it's a fight what you want, then you choose the wrong guy to mess with", said Natsu with a serious expression on his face.

Sick or not, there was no way he will let this ass-hole have his way with him.

Staring at the pink haired human boy who dared stand in his way, a wide smirk still plastered on his face. The man, who unknown to Natsu, was none other than Adam Taurus, couldn't stop himself from chuckling mentally at his opponent's stupidity.

'This should be fun', he thought in amusement, gripping the hilt of his sword tightly.

Pulling her sword back from the now lifeless metallic body, Blake let out a tired sigh as she finished dispatching the last of the remaining androids.

Sheeting her weapon back on place, Blake glanced towards the direction her partner Adam run into. Her eyes soon landed on the door of the next car, and curiously enough, the door was open. Or for lack of a better word, destroyed by what was clearly the work of a sword.

'He sure seems to be in a hurry', she thought, narrowing her eyes in suspicion, 'I just hope he is not going overboard like last time'.

Hoping to catch up to her partner, the bow wearing girl moved towards the same direction the former went, and upon arriving to the entrance, she managed to get a glimpse of the inside. Even though it was dark, with barely having any light inside, she was still able to see just fine.

Blake's eyes soon landed on her friend Adam, who was standing in the middle of the room and has yet to notice her. She unconsciously let out a sigh of relief and was about to call out for him, but her mouth closed as soon as her eyes caught sight of another person inside the room.

There, standing in front of Adam was a very sick-looking pink haired boy. A human, if she was not mistaken. He seemed like he has seen better days, and in all honesty, he looked like he was ready to collapse at any given moment.

He also had, must she say, a very 'unique' attire. He was wearing a black one-sleeved long overcoat and some white knee-length trousers. His most unique characteristic being the white scarf he wore around his neck. It was a little weird, but seeing how almost the entirely of the people in Remnant seemed to share a taste for unusual clothing, herself included, she really wasn't one to judge.

Still, now that she took a closer look at the pinkette in front of her, he didn't seem to be part of neither the Atlas military or the Schnee Dust Company, so why would he be on the train in the first place was beyond her. Could he perhaps by a Huntsman that was sent to protect the cargo? it was a possibility, but she honestly had no clue.

Turning her head back towards the direction her partner was, she was about to call for him once more, wanting to ask him what was going on. But as soon as she did, her eyes widened in realization.

"Oh no".

'Here he comes', thought Natsu as his attacker began to close the distance between them.

Natsu's eyes were able to fallow the man's fast movements without much trouble, but in his current state, Natsu's response time decreased drastically. His body was not able to keep up with his mind, giving him a huge disadvantage.

Still, the Dragon Slayer was able to avoid the first attack by taking a step back. Feeling his confidence rise after seeing that he was able to dodge it, Natsu couldn't help but let out a confident smirk, 'Hey, I may actually pull this off!', he thought in excitement. But he soon yelped when his foot slipped, causing him to fall on his back and hitting his head harshly against the floor, making him yell in pain.

"Da...dammit, that hurt!", cursed the Dragon Slayer rather comically, rubbing the back of his head while trying to subdue the pain. He was about to try to stand up, but stooped his movement when a blade halted near his neck.

'This is bad', thought Natsu, a drop of sweat coming down his forehead, staring directly at the sword that was dangerously close to his neck.

He clenched his teeth, the frustration building up inside his body as his breathing got heavier. He growled in anger, shifting his gaze from the sword to its owner. He tried to get back on his feet, using whatever strength his arms had left. But in response, the blade only got closer, now making contact with his skin, causing a drop of blood to fall from his neck.

"Don't. Move.", said Adam slowly, the venom on his voice making clear that he wasn't playing around, "Do not make me repeat myself".

Natsu just grunted in frustration. He wanted to fight back, he really did. But right now, his situation prevented him from doing anything of that sorts. And to make things worse, his motion sickness wasn't doing him any favors neither.

He wasn't sure how much longer will he be able to hold on before his body gives into his sickness, and to be honest, he was surprised at how much has he been able to endure up to this point. But that didn't mean it was easy though, there was no doubt that he was in constant pain.

Still, whatever the case, he was already at his limit and the ass-hole in front of him wasn't making things any easier.

"You truly are pathetic", said Adam with a sadistic smile plastered on his face.

Natsu was getting really tired of that smile. He was about to retort, but the male Faunus beat him to the punch. Literally.

Landing a solid kick unto Natsu's face, the pinkette was immediately send flying, crashing hard against the wall at the other side of the room.

"Hmm, I expected this to be easy, but not that easy ", said Adam, letting out another smirk, feeling nothing but great satisfaction from his actions, "Sadly, as fun as this is, I cannot afford to waste any more time with you, so let's just get this over with".

Lying in the ground, Natsu grunted in pain as he tried to get up, pushing himself up and was barely able to stand back on his feet.

'God dammit! Move!', yelled Natsu in his head, frustrated as his body refused to obey.

"I see you still have some fighting inside you", said the Adam, holding his katana at his side, "I must say, even for a human as pathetic as you, I can respect that, that's a very rare sight nowadays".

As much as he would have enjoyed playing with the human, there was still a job to do, so he better take care of the human fast before Blake catch up to him.

He left her behind so she could finish dispatching the remaining security androids, so he was sure that it will not be long before she arrives.

He knows that Blake doesn't approve killing the humans, even though it was necessary nowadays. That's why he decided to go ahead of her, so she didn't try to stop him as he took care of the crew members or any other human inside the train.

Blake still needed to mature, there was no doubt of that in his mind. She needed to learn that in life, there were things that needed to be done, no matter how dirty your hands may get. If one wants to achieve its goals, sacrifices must be made.

After all, the end always justifies the means.

Still, now that he took a closer look at the pinkette in front of him, he didn't seem to be part of neither the Atlas military or a Schnee employee, a Huntsman maybe?. Well, it's not like it matters, in the end, he also needed to be removed.

Adam took a few steps forward, taking his time as the young human suddenly tensed when he saw the male Faunus coming at him once more. Adam's pace was slow, but in soon began to accelerate, turning into a full sprint.

Gaining great speed, Adam appeared almost immediately in front of the pinkette, who was caught off guard and could do nothing but raise his arms, crossing them in front of him in an attempt to block the attack.

'Trying to block a sword with his bare arms?', thought Adam, his smirk only getting bigger, 'How foolish can this human be?'.

As Adam expected, his sword was able to perforate the human's arm.

He could feel it as his katana went into the flesh all the way until it make contact with the bone, making the pinkette yelp in pain as blood spilled from the wound, staining both the floor and their clothes.

The White Fang leader smirked, expecting to see the human's amputated arms fall to the ground any second. But instead, he was rewarded with the sight of the human holding his blade in place, his bloody arms standing and barely moving an inch, as if the newly obtained sword wounds weren't there to begin with.

"What?", said Adam to himself in both shock and confusion, not understanding how was it possible for an unarmed arm to stop the blade of a sword without losing it in the process.

Seeing the shock of his opponent, the pinkette saw this as an opportunity to strike. Launching himself at the Faunus chest with the intent to tackle him, he applied as much force as his weak body allow him. But sadly, it wasn't enough to move him.

"Is this a joke?", asked Adam in irritation, his shock now long gone. Looking at the human who was now applying what little force he had, his body still shaking uncontrollably, "Do you think this is game?".

Natsu only grunted in response as he continued to push forward, "Shut...shut up!", shouted Natsu as he continue to struggle. But his efforts only earn him a knee to the stomach, making him gasp for air as he lost whatever strength he had left, falling to his knees.

"I must say, you surprise me for a moment there", said the male Faunus, pointing his sword tip at the pinkette's neck, "But you luck has run out, you have delayed me long enough".

Holding one of his bleeding arms, Natsu manage to look up and glare directly at the man's mask.

Taking notice of that, the masked man approached Natsu before taking a closer look at the Dragon Slayer's angered face. Staring directly at the burning rage between the pinkette's eyes.

To say that he was not surprised was an understatement, that face was one that he has already seen many times. It annoyed him to no end. He always enjoys seeing the look of despair in the face of the humans before he kills them, they are all the same to him, and this human will be no exception, he will erase the look of defiance of the pink-haired boy's face, of that he'll make sure of.

Seeing the way Adam was holding his sword was enough for Blake to know his intentions.

Adam was planning to kill him.

Panic began to overcome her senses, feeling her ears under her bow twitch uncontrollably as her mind began to overflow with different thoughts and emotions. But the main thought was one that gave her nothing but an uneasy feeling. The moment that she has been fearing for so long has finally come.

The time to make her choice.

She didn't wanted to hurt anybody, let alone kill, she was tired of seeing all of that. All that pain, all that suffering, all those innocent lives lost for a cause that she no longer agreed with. She was sick of that. She told this to Adam long ago but he didn't listen, she told this to her brothers and sisters from the White Fang, but they didn't listen. Nobody listen.


She already decided, long before the mission started, what she was going to do. But for some reason she wasn't sure anymore, she was doubting her judgement, so she could do nothing but reconsider her options once again.

To just accept things, stay with the White Fang and continue living the life of a criminal.

Or will she leave all that behind, cutting all ties, including with the White Fang, and fallow her own path. A path which could pretty much lead her to an unknown future that could either be good or bad.

The cat Faunus glanced at the still struggling human one last time.

The sound of Adam's sword hissing as he brought it out from its sheath was then heard.

Blake instinctually took a step back, feeling both a mix of both fear and insecurity, knowing full well how terrifying her partner can be when he goes into battle. But thankfully, she soon manage to realize what she was doing and prevented herself from going any further.

'What am I doing?', she thought, scolding at herself angrily as she tried to calm down, 'Get a hold of yourself!'.

She could't let her emotions cloud her mind like that, she could't let them control her, not anymore.

'Save him, or let him die', she thought, as if trying to simplify her options.

Like she said, she didn't want anyone to die, but saving him was a huge gamble, as the chances of getting out of here alive with Adam after them were very low. If it was just her, then escaping would't be much of a problem. She knew that she needed to give it more consideration to all her options, to see what option was truly the best. No, that's not right, it's not about which choice is the best, it's about what 'she' wanted. It's up to her and no one else to choose.

How does she wants to live her life?

Closing her eyes, Blake took a deep breath, clenching her hands tightly. She stood like that for a few more moments before opening her eyes again. Her face, which was once full of doubt and fear, was now replaced with a look of determination. She has made a decision.

She knew what she had to do.

With a new resolve and all the doubts finally out of her mind, Blake Belladonna finally made her choice.

Natsu was struggling to fight against his motion sickness, but he has already reached his limit.

'Dammit! I...I can't move!', thought Natsu, as veins started to show on his face, 'It will not let it end like this! I will not allow it!'.

"Know your place, human", said the masked man as he swung his sword down towards his neck.

Natsu expected to feel the cold metal coming in contact with his throat at any second, but instead of that, his ears were rewarded by the sound of metal clashing against metal, sparks flying in every direction.

Both Natsu and Adam paused in surprise, realizing that the blade has just been stopped by another sword.

"What?", mumbled Natsu, blinking in confusion. He turned to look at the owner of the unknown sword, and much to his surprise, it was a girl who was holding it.

"Blake?", said Adam in shock, recognizing his black-haired partner, who was glaring back at him, "What are you doing?".

"I thought that there was still hope for you Adam, that you could stop with all this senseless killing, that things could be the way they used to be", said Blake as she continued to push Adam's sword, her voice showing nothing but sadness and disappointment, "But I was wrong, you really have changed".

"Blake...", mumbled Adam in disbelief, before shaking his head, "Blake, what do you think you are doing? stop this right now!".

Rather than answering, Blake only continue to glare at him, still trying to hold him back as he continued to push forward.

Seeing that she wasn't giving him an answer, Adam gritted his teeth in frustration, "Dammit Blake!, stop this nonsense right now!".

As both Blake and Adam continue to hold their swords in place, Natsu, still in the same position, could only stare in surprise at the mysterious girl.

'Who...who is this girl?', wondered Natsu.

"Blake, I'll give you one last chance, stand down", said Adam, this time his voice sounded dead serious. He was giving her a final warning.

As the two continued to clash their swords, Blake could feel how Adam's grip became tighter, his push becoming stronger.

"Please, don't make me do this", this time his words took a softer tone, making it clear that he really didn't want to fight her. Blake on the other hand, knew that this was a fight that she could never hope to win. She knew that her best chance for survival was to retreat and go back to her original escape plan.

And she did just that.

Using her semblance, she replaced herself with a clone, leaving it as a distraction for the male Faunus to dealt with as she quickly picked the pinkette up.

"Oi oi oi! what do you think you are doing!?", yelled Natsu. He was surprised by the sudden action, but didn't had the chance to appose any resistance, as she immediately run towards the exit, "Hey let me go, I'm not done with this prick-... urp!".

Adam could only stare at her as she disappeared from view, still not believing that she would dare go to such extreme lengths, just to save some random human boy's life. He gritted his teeth in disbelief as the idea of her betraying him never crossed his mind until now.

How could he have been so blind?

He cursed at himself, as he knew that he could have stop her before she could have even grab the human. But he hesitated. His mind and body were full of doubt.

But no more.

Composing himself, he clenched his hands into tight fist. 'No more doubt, no more hesitation, no more mercy', thought Adam to himself, killing intent dropping from him nonstop. 'If she is going to betray me like this, then I'll make sure to show her how big of a mistake that is, nobody betrays the White Fang, and nobody betrays me'.

"Natsu! you will not believe what I just found!", shouted Happy cheerfully as he walked in, carrying a small metallic box on his small arms."I don't know what it is, but it sure looks pretty, I mean, just look how shiny it-…oh". Happy's voice stopped when he didn't saw Natsu, but rather Adam, who was standing in the middle of the room.

The two of them stood in place without uttering a word, both sharing a deep silence as they stared at one-another, frozen in place.

The sound of the box being drop to the floor was then heard, as Happy rushed towards the exit without a second thought.


Blake must say she has never been very comfortable being this close to a human. Yes, she has interacted with many before, but never in such a way that would require this kind of physical contact, especially because the human she was carrying on her back seemed like it was gonna puke his insides on her.

"Can you not?!", she yelled in exasperation, as she keep running towards the front of the train.

"So...sorry, it's just that be...being on this train makes me rea...really sick-...urgh!", said Natsu, his face green and sweaty as he tried not to throw his non-existent breakfast out.

She could only give him an incredulous look, "What kind of motion sickness is that?".

"Don't worry, you can ju... just throw me out of the train and I'll be fine", he said, giving her a weak thumbs-up as a sign of reassurance.

"Like hell I will!".

A sound was then hear, catching both of their attention.

"Ugh? what is that?", asked the pinkettte, unsure of what he was hearing.

"I don't know", Blake responded, looking over her shoulder to where the origin of the sound was coming from, "But it's getting closer".

The sound soon began to intensified to the point that started to reassemble a scream, and it continued to approach them. But between the two, Natsu was the only one able to recognize the owner of the voice.

"Happy?", said Natsu in recognition.

"What?", asked Blake in confusion, but before she could even get an answer, what could only be described as a blue cat suddenly flew right past them.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!", shouted Happy in terror, tears falling from his eyes as he disappeared further into the train and was soon out of sight.

Blake blinked once. Then twice.

It took her a moment before she was able to formulate any coherent words, "Did a…did a blue cat with wings just flew past us?".

"Yep, pretty much", answered Natsu blatantly with nothing more than a shrug.

"Great", said Blake with an unsure tone.

Even so, rather than wanting to question the lack of logic of what she just saw, she chose to rather concentrate on the matter at hand. To get the hell away from this train.

They soon reached the end of the train, and the first thing Blake did was putting Natsu down, just besides a few crates that were lying around. She then approached the connector between the cars.

"What…are you doing?", asked Natsu between heavy breaths, looking at Blake in confusion while still holding on of his bleeding arm.

"Getting us out of here", she answered, taking Gambol Shroud from her back and preparing to slice the connector.

"I don't think so".

Before Blake could even register what was happening, a sudden kick to the stomach send her flying, causing her to drop her weapon before painfully landing on the floor.

"Hey!", yelled Natsu in worry, crawling besides her, "Are you ok?".

Blake didn't answered, but instead hold her head in pain before looking at her attacker. Her eyes then winded in fear.

It was Adam.

"Did you seriously thought you would be able to leave that easily, Blake?", asked Adam, "You should have known better than anyone else, that this little stunt you tried to pull here, was doomed to fail from the very start".

Before Adam could even take another step, one of the androids from before suddenly appeared out of nowhere, ready to attack Adam from behind. But the male Faunus only responded with quick slash of his own, cutting through the metal and tearing the android in half. As Adam dispatched the android, another one appeared, then another one, and another one.

"Tch, annoying pest, so there were still some left", stated Adam, looking at the remaining androids before destroying another one.

Blake could only stare at the scene with a fearful look on her eyes. At the moment, she could hardly describe what she was feeling right now, but if she was forced to put it into words, the closest thing that she could come up with was simple.

She was terrified.

She was utterly terrified, she has failed, and there was nothing else she could do about it. Her weapon was out of reach, she was exhausted, her Aura was almost depleted, and she was sure that even if she tried to escape right now, it would only end up being pointless.

Everything she has ever done, everything that she had planned, everything, it was all over. No second chances, it was the end. The White Fang did not forgive traitors, she knew that better then anyone, and the punishment was beyond severe. It didn't help the case that Adam was one of the most dedicated members in the organization, so she knew that as soon as Adam finished dealing with the androids, her faith would be more then sealed.

It was all over.

She could do nothing but watch as the Adam, the man who she once trusted the most, the one who she once loved, slowly continue to get closer as he destroyed the rest of the androids. And there was nothing she could do about it.


"Hey", called Natsu as he slowly stood up, getting Blake out of her thoughts, "I have an idea, but I'm not sure if it will work".

Blake winded her eyes for a moment, clearly not expecting to hear that from him.

She wasn't sure if it was alright to listen to him. Even through she was saving him, he was still a human and she didn't know if she could fully trust him. For all she knew, his idea may just save his own skin and leave her behind. Still, at this point, any idea deserved a try.

"What is it?", she asked, her voice sounding more forceful then what she intended.

Seeing the state that his arms were in, she wasn't sure of how much help was he going to be. But even in that state, he still managed to give her a weak yet comforting smile, "Have any fire?".

She gave him a confused look at first, but soon nodded in confirmation. Taking from her pocket a small red crystal, she gave it to him without much of a word.

Holding it on his hand, Natsu stared at the crystal in a curious manner.

"Its fire Dust", quickly explained Blake, taking notice of the confused look in the Dragon Slayer's face, "But what do you plan to do with it, anyway?".

Instead of answering, Natsu opted to throw the Dust into the air before catching it with his mouth, shocking the cat Faunus.

"What are you doing?!", she yelled in panic, not managing to process the reason behind the pinkette's suicidal act, "Are you out of your mind?!".

Rather than replying, the Dragon Slayer continued to chew the Dust, ignoring her protest. Making loud cracking noises as his teeth continue to break the crystal, he soon swallowed the pieces.

Letting out loud burp, smoke coming out from his mouth, the Dragon Slayer wiped his mouth with his hand before letting out a toothy grin. He was feeling much better now.

"Thanks for the meal".

Blake only stood there in amazement, staring at the human as he suddenly seemed to be in much better condition than before. She didn't know why, but with just looking at the newly acquired confidence in the pinkette's eyes, made whatever worries she currently had vanish, as if just his presence alone brought her reassurance and hope. Blake could only wonder.

'Just who is this guy?'.

Taking a step forward, the now recovered Dragon Slayer took a more serious look.

"Alright you prick!", shouted Natsu, standing in front of Blake in a protective manner, "Hope you can handle the heat, cause this is about to get really hot!"

Finishing dispatched the last android, Adam turned his head to face the pinkette, frowning in annoyance.

'This guys is really starting to get into my nerves', thought Adam as he stared at the human is disdain.

Taking a stance, putting his feet away from the other, the pinkette spoke, "Fire...".

Running towards the human with his hand on the hilt of his katana, Adam dashed forward with the intent to kill.

"…Dragon's...", Natsu continued, taking a deep breath.

Closing the distance, standing almost right I front of Natsu, Adam prepared to draw his katana.


As soon as Natsu finished that last word, the world around them turned bright.



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