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This is pretty much the first chapter minus details. I want to do a collaboration (Something I've not done before), add a bunch of details and make this better. This chapter has the basic story and basic plot. May be rewriten in the future fully detailed.

Special Thanks: GoHaNViDeLSoN - For the Saiyaman idea AND Who am I 1029 for inspiration for the premise of Chapter 1 by reading their fanfiction.

Chapter 1

In Universe 6 we start our story with shy young woman by the name of Kale. She is with newly elected gang leader Caulifla.

" S-Sis" said Kale.

Caulifla sighed "Kale. Chill out. It's ok. They want me to be their leader."

" B-but it's illegal " said Kale.

Caulifla sighed "Kale! Chill! Nothing illegal will occur!"

"B-But sis"

Caulifla cut her off and snapped at her harshly. Kale looked down and walked away in rejection. Caulifla had started ignoring kale more and more lately all because of this gang.


Kale walked out of the gang's doors. She felt sad and angry. She was glad she had tamed her power or things could have went poorly.

She went home. There was nothing she could do.

Kale went to her room. She could control her form but not her emotions. She fell onto her bed and cried and cried. She and Caulifla used to be the center of each other's world but not any longer. Kale's only friend was being stolen from her by an illegal criminal gang.


When Kale was done crying she decided to read some comic books. She opened her latest episode of "SuperSaiyajin", a comic about a Saiyan who got lost and was deserted alone on a planet of low level beings that looked like Saiyans. This Saiyan was a low class who branded themself as " SuperSaiyajin". Always saying the weak and looking for a way back home. Kale enjoyed this series.

She stopped reading. A thought her mind. Why couldn't she be a super hero? Sure she was very shy but noone knew her other form. Noone would recognize her.

She decided to try something. She went to her dad's room. She looked at all his unworn outfits and although he and her mom were deceased, she kept their items untouched until today.

She found it! Her dad's Sadala Defense Force outfit. It was able to fit various forms and noone would recognize her. She put it on. She looked in the mirror. She wouldn't be recognized.

She waited until the nighttime. It was time to prove that Caulifla's gang was bad and save her from it!

Kale went outside the backdoor and ran into the forest. She transformed all golden and buffy strong with the Sadala Armour on.

Kale was now in her hulking form. She had learned it in secret one time when Caulifla had flew off and left her alone. She couldn't control herself and destroyed some mountains but then calmed down. She was able to control the form now. This form and her Defense Armor would prevent anyone from recognizing her BUT she still had to avoid being seen as well.


Kale neared the gang base. She looked around. She went in the secret entrance only members of the gang were supposed to know about. She walked to a door up ahead. She jiggled the door knobs. Unlocked! The opened and went in and looked around.

While looking she found weapons and stolen merchandise. She had her proof. She got out her phone and called the Sadala Defense Forces. She told them what she found and hung up. She went to leave. As she walked towards ths door into opened and two guys stood in front of her!


The two gang members circled her. She saw they had evil smirks faces but in her super hero form she was not scared or intimidated in any way.

The big fat guy said "Who the heck are you!"

Kale quickly thought. She was Kale. She was a Saiyan. She was a woman. She made up a super hero name.

Kale looked at the heinous criminals and said " I am KaiyaWoman! Here to rid Sadala of villany!" And she pointed at the with one hand and her other hand on her hip.

The tall guy with muscles said "What the? Crazy Woman!"

The bigger fat guy laughed and said "That's it! You're dead!"

The two rushed Kale but she swipped her leg under the tall one and made him fall and used her arm to knock over the fat one.

With all her power she was able to beat them effortlessly. She had even had to take longer trying to not hurt them too badly.

Suddenly she heard noise. It must be the Sadala Defense Forces that she had called. She jumped up high and got out of sight. She watched the Defense Forces apprehend the criminals and enter the gangs meet up base of operations. Kale left, satisfied. She would learn the rest on the Sadala News channel.

Kale felt enjoyed. She was so cool back there. Now Caulifla would know the gang is bad news.

Kale went home and slept. She would see Caulifla tomorrow.


Caulifla learned of her gang being disbanded the next morning. Her idiot members were commiting illegal acts. She growled. Whoever this KaiyaWoman was would pay for ruining her gang. She swore it. Caulifla sighed. Until then she could hang out with Kale.

To Be Continued...

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