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Chapter 8

The story starts with Hit looking at the girl. She was still passed out and sleeping sound in Hit's bed. He lay on the floor thinking. Aside from himself this girl seemed to be the strongest being he has faced. IT was a pity. He was waiting on a text message from Frost when to meet but it didn't come. Tomorrow he would take the girl to Frost and she would be killed. He closed his eyes and slept wondering if anyone would ever give him a good fight.


The scene starts as we see Caulifla and Cabba looking down at Frost's dead body...

Caulifla was in slight shock that she had killed someone. She looked at Cabba who had been looking at her. She couldn't find words at the moment.

Cabba looked down and said "Well...I never expected... I didn't know..."

Caulifla couldn't think clearly but her mind went to to Kale. She looked at Cabba and said "He hired someone to take Kale."

Cabba asked "Kale?"

Caulifla said "KaiyaWoman"

Cabba said "I see. He set her up. She was a Vigilante, but I can see now that a Vigilante is sometimes needed. I was wrong"

Caulifla turned to Cabba "So you don't know where Kale has been taken?"

Cabba looked at Frost and said " No. I don't. BUT... Lets see if we can find any information out of him."

Cabba knelt down and looked through Frost's things. He found Frost's Saiyaphone. It wasn't password protected. Cabba was in shock at that. Frost was so confident he had left his phone on. Cabba looked at the messages.

Caulifla had came closer and said "Did you find anything? Huh?"

Cabba let Caulifla to his side and he held up the phone. He said: "HIT"

The messages only detailed places that Frost wanted to meet Hit. The Last message was from Hit. IT said "I have some information for you. I shall come to you as we agreed. Meet me in the forest [Details about where to meet and time are all listed]."

Caulifla asked Cabba "Do you know how to get there?

Cabba said "Yes. Tomorrow(Today) at 5 A.M. I'll help you and we'll go there and see what we can do!"

Caulifla agreed.

Cabba said "Apparently All the Sadala Forces are dismissed until noon tomorrow." He looked around. Every single prisoner was dead, Frost too. Cabba decided to be unprofessional "We'll find out what happened with this Hit and then I will inform my superiors about what occurred here. It's already 2 A.M. so... let's head there now. It'll take an hour to walk there."


Cabba and Caulifla bonded in a Friendly way as they walked and arrived at the Location Spot.

Cabba told Caulifla his history. How he joined the Sadala forces when he was younger. How he rose through the ranks. How he met Frost. How things went up until today. Caulifla shared her past too. She didn't tell him as much as she told Kale but she told him everything about Kale being amazing.

Cabba looked at his clock 4:59 A.M.

Cabba frowned " I wonder if this guy is..." Cabba was cut off as he saw a blurr and a purple man arrive holding a girl.

Caulifla yelled "Kale!"

Hit took the girl and placed her on the ground and backed up saying "She will awake soon..."

Cabba and Caulifla went to Kale calling her name.

Kale moved and her eyes lifted as she woke up.

Hit spoke "Is there a reason Frost isn't here"

Caulifla yelled "I killed him."

Hit said nothing

Caulifla said "I'll kill you too."

Hit said "No."


Kale woke up. She looked at Caulifla and Cabba. Frozen. they were Frozen and not moving.

"We are in our own Mini Universe apart from them right now"

She looked around and saw Hit.

She got up and stood up. She was upset and said "Wh-what do you want from us?"

Hit said "A Fight. I was hired to kill you and so that must be done."

Kale Clenched her hands tight

Hit was going to spare her friends but lied to get her excited. He said "IF you win I will spare all of you. If you lose I will kill you and them as well."

Kale said "I won't let you win!"

Kale transformed. She transformed and she was full of rage. Her form grew bigger then before.

She launched herself at Hit.

He dodged and Hit KaiyaWoman in the face. She skidded and glowed green.

Hit could see she was adapting... Just like him.

"Amazing" said Hit " You're growing more powerful by the second"

Hit watched KaiyaWoman glowing green. He held his hand back... and launched his fist.

Nothing. But KaiyaWoman glowed even greener and a massive amount of energy was expelled across the universe.

She launched at Hit again and hit him across the face. He couldn't Time Skip inside his own mini universe. KaiyaWoman was stronger?

Hit was being beaten back until. KaiyaWoman hit through Hit withoutt hitting him.

Kaiyawoman was hit in the back of the head and fell down. She turned and look up.

Hit said " I have learned how to time skip in my own miniverse."

He hit a flurry of hits on KaiyaWoman. She had hit her peak. He was winning.

Suddenly KaiyaWoman stopped and Hit felt her gathering her energy. she said "This is for Caulifla! This is for love and our world Sadala. You won't beat me!"

She threw a huge blast. Hit decided to take hit head on and threw all his energy to his own blast.

As the beams collided KaiyaWoman passed out from exerting all her energy. The beam completely overtook Hit's and he time skipped out of the way. The beam broke his multiverse and flew up into the sky disappearing.

Hit had never witnessed someone like KaiyaWoman. He gave her his respect. A true warrior to fight for one's friends.


Caulifa and Cabba saw a huge flash of light. Kale fell in front of them and hit stood far off.

They both gritted their teeth and made fists.

Hit raised his hands and said "Your friend beat me... We'll meet another day."

He flew off and time skipped away.

Caulifla went to Kale and picked her up.

Kale opened her eyes and said "Did I win?"

Caulifla said "Yes" and she put her lips on Kale.

Cauilfla said "Ilove you Kale!"

Kale said 'I love you too Caulifla!"

Kale kissed her back

Cabba watched on at the display. Amazing.


After a huge thing where Cabba called his superiors, investigations were started and high ranking Generals Moochi and Miganma confessed that they were coerced by Frost to hide evidence and commit crimes in fear of their lives. They both asked for pardons should they have leniency and not be convicted of high crimes.

Kale and Caulifla became a couple and Kale kept her identity secret. Kale and Caulifla would occasionally stop crime. They planned a wedding.

Cabba was promoted to the top spot: Elite General, The spot Frost had held before. Unlike Frost who had Hit's number Cabba Kept KaiyaWoman's Number...

- The End -

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