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I Go To Hell

A hurricane was brewing. The Gods were doing everything in their power to stop the storm. Even Poseidon had no clue where this storm came from.. oh little did they know.


Only with a hurricane right beside them, did they stop making out. They soon realized that I was standing right there. She looked around for a second like she was confused before she looked me in the eye and started breaking down crying.

At this point, even with my rage, I calmed the storm, not for her but because

I was going to destroy camp if I didn't. There was no way I could stay here, I had to leave.

I then headed to my cabin and packed up some ambrosia, a bottle of nectar, and as many drachmas as I could fit and left a note for Chiron.

I then went to the armory to grab a celestial bronze sword( and then I ran.

I was not only running to get away, I was running for my life. I know that sooner or later, the Olympians would figure out what happened. There is no way I will ever go back to that place.

*End of flashback*

So here I am I don't know if you know me, I'm Percy Jackson twice savior of Olympus, blah, blah, blah. Currently I'm running through the forest for my life and let me tell you it is not fun. The Hunters of Artemis and The Chimera are chasing me.

The only problem is, I don't know whether the hunters are chasing The Chimera or me. So I ran, and I can't even use the sea for cover because I tried that once and let me tell you, Poseidon was not happy when he didn't find anything.

So I decided I would do it a different way which consists of me running for my life and hoping I'm faster than a Olympian. In the last three months I have been here, I seem to be getting better in the forest. Three silver arrows come flying at me, knocking me out of my thoughts.

Luckily, I dodged them, but they are definitely chasing me and they are close. I'm running out of options so I pray for help. Not just one gods help, but any god other than the Olympians that will answer the call. To my surprise, someone answered but it somehow knew it wasn't a god.

"What do you need?" replied the mysterious being sounding... bored?

Then I answered, "The hunters of Artemis and a monster are chasing me. Help!"

"Okay close your eyes," the mysterious being said.

I did as I was asked. Soon after, I opened my eyes and realized where I am immediately.


And then he was there. By "he" I mean the guy that was right behind me when I turned around or as I know him, Tartarus himself.

Well I'm screwed is my first I look him over, he wasn't as I had imagined. He had a T-shirt that was black with a red skull on it. He was wearing regular jeans with red and black combat boots. The coolest part was the cape. I cant see the whole thing but from what it is black with a red lining. The creepy part is his skin and face. It has scars all over and his skin is as red as a tomato. His face is covered with scars and is deformed all over his red skin. I turn my attention back to him.

Oh crap. I should probably kneel to the deity that just saved my life.

"Stand," he says in a rough deep voice, "I understand you were in danger, correct?" I nod once to confirm.

"Well I'm going to give you a choice. You can either join the primordials and become my champion and maybe a few others or you can go back out there and risk getting caught. It's your choice."

"Wait aren't you going to like kill me or something? I did like escape... you I guess."

"No I understand you were trying to save your friends and the world and for that I thank you." I just smiled sheepishly.

"Anyways, If I became your champion, where would I stay?" I asked. "That's up to you but we have some comfortable beds in the primordial castle," he replied.

He must have saw my dreamy look on my face because he smirked(which looked very weird on him) and said, "Don't fall asleep yet. What's your answer?"

Shrugging I answered, "Sure."

He shook his head and started chanting in Ancient Greek but I only caught a couple words, "Champion" and "Primordial". All of a sudden, a power rush surges through me. I feel ten times stronger and five times faster.

"You can now teleport to Tartarus, and the underworld, since it is linked to me and any monster will obey you. You are also immune to every type of fire. You will learn all about your powers soon but first you need to sleep. I will teleport you to your room."

I suddenly felt a warm sensation take upon my body and now I'm at what I'm guessing is my room. It has blue walls with green swirls that move. There is also a bed that has the same design.

"Whoa!" is all I can say. I took my backpack off and laid down for a hopefully dreamless sleep.


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