AN: If you have read this story reread it because I have changed a few things. I will try to keep every chapter over 500 words but I can't promise you that.

Well this is not nearly as fun as I imagined. I should have expected training would be hard. This is Tartarus.

But currently, I'm tumbling my way down a volcano. Why you may ask? Well lets just say the primordials thought this would be a great way to help with my battle plans because quote, "Instincts won't always save you," which I totally understand... if I wasn't falling down a FUCKING VOLCANO.

Well, looks like I better find a way to slow my self down or I might just become a pancake.. pancakes actually sound really good right now. UGH! Stupid ADHD.

Ok, so lava is liquid. But lava will burn me... though I am resistant to it. Well might as well try. I can tell I'm getting closer and closer to the lava so this is probably a good time to try it.

I take a quick look around to make sure there is no monsters and a safe place to land. I spot a door to the right of me but it's pretty far away. It must be the way to the gem.

Oh I forgot to mention, the mission I'm on is to recover a rare gem that is supposably magical. What they are going to use it for, I don't know. They are supposed to teleport me out after I get it so thats good I guess.

Back to my way down the volcano, I reach my hand out like I do water. I feel liquid running so hopefully I can control it. Its starting to get closer but very slowly.

I have to do this.

I push myself harder. Harder than ever. Finally, I can feel it moving. It's so easy to control now like it was fighting control before. Maybe that's why it was so hard to do.

I will it to come and make an escalator of sorts to the door.


Oww! I hit it a little harder than I expected. It burns. Not very much yet but the pain is growing fast.

I'm so close to the door. So close. And... YES! I made it... but I'm burnt pretty bad. I guess I should probably try to open this door. The door is 15 feet tall and looks like it is made out of celestial bronze. I grap the handle but right as I do the door slams open. BAM! The hinges broke. I uncap Riptide and scan my surroundings but all I see is darkness inside. I slowly start to walk forward but right as I do I hear a very creepy voice.

"Enter but beware"

"Well thats not creepy or nothing," I say under my breath.

Cautiously taking a few steps forward, I scan around the room with the light of Riptide. This place looks ancient. Ann- She would have loved the architecture of this place. Although there are cobwebs and dust everywhere. But the weirdest part is there is a coffin in the middle of the room. It has light shining out from under the lid.

My curiousity gets the best of me and I slowly walk forward. I stop right in front of it and quickly lift the lid of with my hand, keeping a good grip on riptide in the other. Soon the place was filled with light.

I take a peek over the side of the coffin and find the gem just sitting there waiting to be taken.

"Ok, that was too easy."

I grab it and disappear in a flash of light.

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