Some notes that I forgot to put in the last chapter:

Wolfsbane was meant to follow the same trend as Lionheart. Lionheart probably fears Salem, which is why he works for her. Hence, he's the opposite of a lion (or at least, not quite lion-y). Wolfsbane was based off the wolf, and which are supposed to be evil, quiet (for the most part) and cunning. Hence why Wolfsbane came out loud, honest, and boisterous.

I'm avoiding talking too much about Jaune's family, cause we have no information as of volume 4 about their names and stuff. We only know they were a caring family, and there were 7 sisters.

Jaune's going to Signal cause we don't know much about Sanctum, only that Pyrrha was there. At Signal, we get to see Ruby and Yang, along with Professors Qrow and Tai.

Answers to Reviews:

runelt99 - Not quite sure if there's going to be romance - very little of this story is planned. As of now, the origins of the Grimm, Jaune's semblance, going to Beacon, and the Beacon teams are the only thing I have planned. Ruby, Jaune, and I all aren't romantic people. They will at least be close friends. Definitely some fluff. As for your suggestion, most of this chapter was written when I got your review. Sorry! I'll see if I can add something like that in a later chapter - Jaune flirting with past-Ruby to embarrass future-Ruby is a great idea. :)

Scotius - I've never seen any tinkerbell related stuff. Embarrassing as it is, disney world scared me when I was little. I have yet to go to any disney park. :)

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'Mental speech'

"Regular speech"

Jaune sat in his seat on the airship, determined not to look outside. Though his motion sickness was not as bad as before, he didn't want to risk looking outside and throwing up. He leaned back, focusing on the seat in front of him. He was alone. Well, sort of. He wasn't really alone, but there wasn't anyone else he knew on the ship.

'Except me!'

Jaune groaned. The voice had followed him from his fight with Zwart, and had been there. All. The. Time.

With all that had happened, with beating Zwart, receiving his acceptance letter from Signal, and scrambling for the stuff he needed to live on Patch, he had had a lot on his hands. Since Signal was on Patch, his parents had agreed to rent a place for him. His sisters had all come home to see him off ("My wittle brother's all grown up!""Lemme go!") and his parents had been proud, if not a little sad ("You'll write to us and visit on holidays, won't you son?""Dad, stop hugging me... need... air..."). With everything happening, he hadn't paid very much attention to the voice. Now that he was on the airship though... why had it appeared in his head?

'Not telling you!'

'Why not?'

'Cause guessing games are fun!'

Jaune felt a strange feeling of joy wash over him. He squashed it when he realized they weren't his own emotions. He at least needed some confirmation that he wasn't insane. Or having mood swings.

'How would I do that?'

'Predict something ahead of time?'

'Ok! My sister's also going to be attending Signal with you! Her name's Yang! Yang Xiao Long!'

'Maybe predict some more stuff, just to make sure it wasn't a coincidence?'

'You magically learned how to use a pole-arm weapon overnight. What more proof do you need?'

'Still need proof.'

'Fine! My uncle and dad are teachers there! Qrow and Tai! And younger me'll be coming to Signal in two years!'

Jaune closed his eyes, pushing down his motion sickness. Time to wait and see if the predictions came true.

'Oh no. You're not getting away. We have to discuss what you're allowed to show off, and what you're not.'


'Cause it would be strange if you mastered the scythe out of nowhere. Plus, I learned my style from Uncle Qrow. Since he's a teacher, you'll be seeing him around, and he'll definitely recognize the similarities.'

Jaune snorted. Not like it would matter. He had only brought Crocea Mors with him as his weapon, and it was nothing like a scythe.

'That may be, but students at Signal forge their own weapons. You'll probably be given the stuff needed to give Crocea Mors a nice upgrade, which should probably include a Crescent Rose form. You can't be completely incompetent, since Mr. Wolfsbane was kind enough to recommend you, and his reputation will take a hit if you turn out useless.'

Great, more pressure for Jaune. Why doesn't she tell him that the weight of the world rests on his shoulders next?

'It kinda does. You end up playing an important role in an upcoming war.'

Wonderful. He looked out the window. His mistake.

Jaune ran down the ramp from the airship, throwing up in the nearest trash can and ignoring Ruby's laughter.

He grabbed his luggage from security, providing his school ID, and walked down the streets, looking for his house. 13579 Silver Elm Road was the address he was given.

Seriously though. How'd "Ruby" found her way into his head?

'Not saying!'

'Please?' Jaune begged.

'Only if you promise to buy some cookies. And milk.'

'That's it?'

'Well, yeah. I'm just messing with you. Was gonna tell you anyway.'

Jaune's eye twitched.

'Don't be like that!'

Jaune grumbled some things to himself, earning some looks from the other people on the street.

'Well, to begin, I was running very fast.'

Jaune could run fast too.

'Pfft, I mean, my semblance lets me burst into rose petals and run at super-fast speeds.'

'...What's a semblance?'

'You don't- oh. Right. You always were kinda clueless.' For a moment, Jaune saw the image of a young woman in a black and red combat skirt scratching her head.

Was Ruby insulting him? And she was able to send images too?

'Riiiiight. A semblance is sorta like a super power. It's powered by our aura, the manifestation of our souls. Without a semblance though, aura just sorta acts like a force-field. The Grimm don't have either an aura or a semblance.'

So that was why Jaune hadn't gotten hurt, despite the bullets and rubble flying around in his fight.

'Yup! I was using my semblance and was 'supercharging' it with another ability of mine. I apparently broke the world or something, 'cause I found myself running through Mistral, trying to slow down. Still not completely sure what happened. Probably should have paid more attention in physics class at Signal, instead of playing cookie clicker. The weird thing though, was that where I'm from, Mistral was attacked and was trying to recover.'

Oh. That was why Ruby claimed to be from the future. That, and she probably recognized some things from the past. Jaune wondered, what could bring down a kingdom?

'Salem.' Ruby's voice was serious, much different from her teasing, fun-filled voice from earlier.


'Basically, there was a lot of manipulation involved. A traitor. He gradually weakened Mistral's defenses. Then a woman named Salem arranged an attack, and Mistral was only saved because a bunch of unofficial Huntsmen and Huntresses, me and you included, showed up. No one expected us there, since we were unofficial and all.

Back to where I was before. Mistral looked different, I was running, and I was trying to slow down.' Her voice lost some of the seriousness, returning to normal. 'You crossed the street, I crashed into you, our auras merged from the extreme speed, and voila! A possessed Jaune! Of course, I was knocked out for a bit. Two, three days? That's usually how long it takes for aura-linked people to start hearing voices. And yeah, there's been a case like this (see author's note below). After that, I was trying to put the pieces together. But when I saw Zwart robbing that store, I had to get you to jump in.'

Jaune sighed, turning a corner as his scroll displayed a map. He dragged his single suitcase along. Although he attracted some looks, he'd probably attract a lot more if he started talking to himself.

'Sorry. But there's a lot we have to do, if we don't want Vale in ruins, Mistral in pieces, Atlas under siege, or Vacuo in a civil war.'

Jaune kept walking. If Ruby was really from the future, shouldn't there be someone to pass her information to, and let them handle it?


'Why not?'

'The only people that I trust and are able to do anything are Ozpin and Uncle Qrow. Unfortunately, though I believe in Ozpin, he is too trusting of others. He believes in second chances, third chances, fourth chances, so on. While we could go to Uncle Qrow, there isn't much he can do. He can do stuff, like keeping an eye out on missions, but not a lot. We can reveal ourselves to Qrow, which will take care of the problem of him figuring out our fighting style, but we'll still have some stuff to do. We reveal ourselves to Ozpin only if the situation is dire.'

'Sure.' He decided to humor her for now.

'Alright! Hey, isn't that your apartment?'

Jaune walked around the room. The apartment came with a living room, a kitchen, and a bedroom. The living room had a sofa, seats, and a table to eat at, the kitchen had cooking supplies, and the bedroom had a bed, a table, and a chair.

Jaune stepped out to buy some groceries, absentmindedly reaching for the white cloak on the kitchen counter, before realizing what he was doing and pulling his hand back. At the same time, he pondered, 'So... how do I find my semblance?'

'It'll come to you. Most people discover it on accident. I found mine when Uncle Qrow decided to make me run laps.'

He choked. 'That's it?! That's all you did?' He walked out, locking the door behinds him.

'Yeah. Yang found her's when she stubbed her toe.'

'So you don't know how to find my semblance?'

'Yup. Completely clueless.'

Jaune stopped in front of the store, "Patch's Finest Produce." It was the closest grocery store, so he stepped in and grabbed a cart from the side. The store was large, and divided into rows of food items, with must-be-refrigerated items at the back wall, inside clear-door coolers. Cashiers stood near the door, checking things out.

Jaune immediately walked to the back, grabbing a carton of milk. He then turned to get some cooking supplies, such as salt and sugar. When he reached the snack section, however, as he reached to grab a box of cookies, another hand grabbed it at the same time.

Jaune's eyes traveled up the arm and to the person's face. Silver eyes, black and red hair, pale red shirt, red skirt, looked familiar...

'Hey! It's younger me!'

"What? I-I mean, sorry!" she yelped. Then, in a slightly quieter voice, "Here!" She gave the box to Jaune, and reached for another box. Jaune stood for a bit, feeling awkward, before he broke the silence.

"So... thanks? My name's Jaune. Short, sweet, ladies love it."

'Do they?' Past-Ruby looked around, before tucking the box under her arm and returning her attention to Jaune.

"Do they?" she asked with a smirk

"I-I think so. I hope they will." Awkward silence descended once again, until Ruby restarted the conversation.

"W-well, my name is Ruby."

"Ruby, huh?"'So this is you from the past?'

'See! I'm real!'

'Could be a coincidence.'"Nice name. You like cookies?"

"Yeah. I like cookies. Almost as much as I like weapons. You see, I wanna become a Huntress when I grow up! And every Huntsman or Huntress has a weapon of their own, and they're all really cool, and each of them are unique!" Jaune chuckled.

"So you want to be Huntress so you can have a cool weapon?" Future Ruby took the chance to imitate her past self.


"Nope! Hey, did you hear something?"

"No?" Jaune tentatively said. Future-Ruby was startled.

'Stay quiet for now.' He warned. If this Ruby could hear the voice, then maybe the voice was real. He should probably treat things seriously - and that included refraining from blabbing about the voice/future-Ruby.

"So, why does a cute, adorable girl like you want to become a Huntress?" He asked, ruffling her hair. Ruby blushed slightly and pouted, and future-Ruby sent Jaune an image of her face-palming.

"Well, I want to be a Huntress so that I can help people. I already sorta know some basic moves with scythes, since my Uncle's a really cool scythe user! He's all like, hyaa, watchaaa! I'm 11, so in two more years, I'll be going to Signal, and then I'll learn more cool things! Ooh, are you going to Signal?"

He grinned. "Yup."

"Oh, oh, oh, let me get Yang and Dad to meet you. Yang! Dad!" she vanished in a burst of rose petals, leaving Jaune.

'I really was an excitable little kid, wasn't I?'

'You kinda still are at times.'

Before future-Ruby could respond, past-Ruby come back, dragging a blue-eyed blonde man by the arm. He wore brown shorts, a brown vest, and a tan shirt. His shoes were black, and he had a red bandanna tied around his left arm. Behind them followed Yang - yellow hair, lilac eyes. She wore a brown jacket and black short shorts.

'She isn't as developed...' Jaune heard future-Ruby mutter, but refrained from asking what she meant.

"Hey, Jaune! This is my dad, and that's Yang! Dad, Yang, this is Jaune! He likes cookies too, and he's going to Signal!"

Ruby's dad reached out for a handshake. "Hi. I'm Taiyang. These two girls are my daughters."

Jaune just smiled and nodded, reaching out and grasping Ruby's Dad's hand to shake. Yang grinned.

"You must at least sorta good if you got into Signal. Can't wait to see you fight." Their dad face-palmed.

"Yang," he groaned. "Not everything is about punching. Anyways," he removed his hand from his face. "Where are you from? Haven't seen you around, and Patch isn't that big."

"Well, uh, I'm from Mistral." Jaune answered. "Sanctum rejected me, but then I did some stuff to catch the Headmaster's attention. Since he couldn't admit me into Sanctum anymore, he got me a spot at Signal."

"I see. Guess Yang's right, you must be pretty good to get Wolfsbane's attention. Headmasters don't meet random people for no reason." Tai nodded, as if thinking to himself, before snapping himself out of it. "Right! Well, we have some shopping to do. See you around!"

"Bye!" Ruby waved energetically.

"See you at Signal." Yang continued to grin.

"See you later." Jaune responded, politely waving. When they turned around the corner and out of sight, he stopped. 'Was that what I think it was?'

'Yeah. Past me could hear me. Probably because of some sort of connection, or similarity in our auras. Your aura's a mix of your's and mine, so it would make sense that my past self's aura would be similar enough to hear me.'

'So you're real.'

'Of course!'

What do we do?'

'We hold back on telling her for now. Maybe in the future, once the bad guys are behind bars. Or, you know, six feet under.' Jaune shivered slightly at future-Ruby's implication. 'I don't want them to go through what I went through.'

Jaune headed to the checkout line.

That night, he dreamed of dark alleys, shattered glass, dust shops, and a man in white, pointing a cane at her. Miles away, a younger Ruby dreamed of darkness and shadows - and a familiar voice that reminded her of cookies and roses.

Ruby was noted to have trouble with making friends in RWBY, probably because she usually uses weapons as a conversation topic when not everyone is interested in fighting. Here, Jaune was able to keep up with her strange interest, which was why they became friends easily.

I'm using Ozpin and Oscar's soul-fusion to guess what Jaune and Ruby should be like. Jaune gets a voice in his head, and some skills. There might be more, but I don't want Jaune to be overpowered, so anything else will probably end up tied to his semblance. And I do have an idea for a semblance.

If any character's are acting OOC for no reason, please mention it in a review. Only then will I know that I have to rewatch every RWBY scene with that character in it to get a better idea of how they should act. :)