Sorry about the longer wait. I discovered RWBY amino, and have been spending time looking at weapons and creating my own. That, and there were some pretty interesting polls and memes.

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Ryuuohjin - but Jaune does have some of Ruby's memories! He just doesn't realize them unless it's in his dreams, or if they're pointed out. He knew Ruby's fighting style, and he's slowly going through the major events in Ruby's life every time he goes to sleep.

bwburke94 - no promises! I plan to plan things out in the future. As of now, that theory isn't part of the plan, but I don't want to limit myself by giving out promises when my plans haven't reached that far yet. As of now, the origin of man, grimm, and Salem have been figured out. The abilities of the Silver-eyed warriors have also been planned.

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Cloak Buddies

Ruby skipped as she walked down the streets of Patch, a single-strap bag slung over her shoulder.

An obnoxious clinking sound filled her ears.

Oh, and her scythe and gun.

Dad, being the overprotective dad he was, had given her a long talk about "Don't take shortcuts," and "Don't talk to strangers." What did he take her to be, brain-dead? He would have gotten Yang to walk her too, except Yang had vanished - probably gone out with some friends.

And then dad even insisted on her bringing weapons and wearing her combat clothes. Everyone on the street was looking at her! The red and grey combat skirt wasn't a problem - she was going to grow out of it soon, so she might as well wear it now.

The weapons were annoying though.

The weapons weren't even cool! They were just a plain scythe with a strap added and a standard model Atlesian-100 assault rifle.

Bleh! Ember Celica, Crescent Rose, and Crocea Mors, however, were gonna be awesome.

She could see it! The Ember Celica's rotating pieces priming to launch flame dust through the greaved firing tube, adding increased accuracy and power by spinning the Dust round to grant greater ability to ignore the forces of-

No! Bad Ruby! Fantasize later!

She then realized she was drooling, her scythe was out, and she had started petting it and whispering to it. The people around her had all moved to the sidewalk on the other side of the street.

She slipped the scythe on her back and dashed away, her semblance being really useful for escaping awkward situations like that.

'Note to self: don't daydream in the middle of a walk.'

There was Jaune's apartment! This was her third time here, and her awesome memory was, well, awesome! She didn't have to check her scroll for the address this time!

Well, dad drove her here the last two times, so she never had to check her scroll the last two times, but still!

She dashed up to Jaune's door, rapping on the door rapidly and completely ignoring the doorbell.

Jaune opened the door. He was wearing that hoodie with the adorable little bunny rabbit ('squeee!') and jeans.

"Hi!" Ruby chirped.

"Uh, hi?" He responded, eyeing the weapons on her back. "You're not here to assassinate me or something, right?"

"Pfft, you, nah. Dad's just being crazy again." She took the scythe off and laid it against the wall next to the door, then dropped the gun and its holster next to it.

"I didn't see you bring the scythe the last two times." He closed and locked the door.

"That's cause dad drove me here those times. He still asked me to bring a gun with me. Dunno why."

A faint buzzing sound filled the air as he raised an eyebrow. Ruby ignored it. "I guess I can understand."

"Come on! I have some of the schematics planned out, but you're better with the Dust stuff. Let's finish up these weapons!" She dashed over to a table and pulled out the schematics, laying them out on the table, before turning back to Jau-


Jaune did it again! He just- just- just-

He teleported! There's no way he could sneak up on Ruby like that! How-

"Is there something on my face?"

Ruby blushed when she realized she had been staring. "Nothing! Just, um..." she desperately searched for something to say. "Your hair!"

"My hair?"

"Yeah! The tips are red now! Why?"

"I-It was an accident!"

'Hmm...' Ruby stared into his eyes, which refused to meet hers.

The annoying buzzing returned, though now Ruby could tell that it sounded more like whispering. She ignored it, focusing on Jaune, who looked uncomfortable. He was going to give him an answer or-

She noticed something white out of the corner of her eye.

There was a white cape in the kitchen.

Mom had a white cape.

The inside of Jaune's cape was red.

The inside of Mom's cape was red.

Ruby stared at the article of clothing.

In her daze, she didn't hear Jaune until a hand waved in front of Ruby's face. "Hello? Remnant to Ruby? Come in, Ruby."

She snapped out of her daze and changed her question. "Jaune? Where'd you get that cape?"

'Oh crap.'

That voice! It was the same voice she heard back when she first met Jaune! Was she imagining it?

The buzzing continued - but now, Ruby was certain it was whispering of some kind.

Ignore it for now.

"I found the cape."

Ruby blinked. "Where did you find it?"

"There was some wind, and it smacked into me. No one claimed it, so I kept it."

"C-can I touch it?"

"Touch it?" he furrowed his eyebrows, but relented. "Sure."

He strode over to the cloak and gently handed it to Ruby, who accepted it. She stared, feeling the fabric of the cloak. It was just like mom's.

"I'm sorry."

Ruby's eyes shot up to Jaune's. "For what?"

"For reminding you of your mom. The cloak looked like hers, right?"

"Yeah..." she return to staring at the cloak for a while, Jaune patting her back soothingly, when suddenly, she wrenched her eyes away from the cloak again. "Jaune? There's something I'd like to show you."

The leaves crunched under her feet as she walked to the grave. 'Summer Rose - Thus Kindly I Scatter' was engraved into a piece of rock - a place to honor her mom.

Jaune walked behind her. He was really quiet - actually, he was usually quiet. It was...different. Yang and her dad were both loud, and then there was Zwei...

She stopped at the tombstone before turning to Jaune. "This is where I honor my mom. I," she winced. "I don't remember her too clearly. Just little bits, like how she smelled like cookies, or how she sung me to sleep." It was ok to tell Jaune everything, right? Heroes had to be able to depend on their friends. "I talk to her sometimes. It makes me feel better, like she's still here, listening. Your cloak just..." she swallowed, "reminded me of her. Before she vanished on a mission."

He stared at the rock before answering. "I'm sorry. I should have kept the cloak hidden, if it was going to hurt you-"

"No. Don't. Like I said, I don't remember her very well." There was a long pause as they both stood by the stone, side by side. Ruby finally broke the silence.

"She was a hero. My mom, that is. I always looked up to her. Well, her and my uncle. They were both great fighters, and I want to be just like them."

"It's the same for me," Jaune answered. "I grew up with stories about my great-grandfather. He fought in the war, saving tons of people. I also wanted to be just like him." Ruby felt a lot better, knowing there was someone else like her.

"I guess we both want to be heroes, huh?" she asked, smirking. She then froze. "Wait a sec..."

"Uh... Ruby?" She unclasped her cloak and closed the distance between them.

"Hold on..." In a single motion, she flung the cloak on Jaune before clasping it on.

Jaune looked bewildered - so cute! Just like Zwei! And the cloak looked great!

"Yup! I was right! You could definitely make the cloak work!"

"Huh?" Ruby refrained from pinching his cheeks. What was the word Yang used? Adorkable? Yup, that was it!

"You should wear your cloak. It could definitely fit you. Besides," she gave Jaune a thumbs up and a smile. "I think mom would have been happy to see that another person decided to follow in her footsteps, even if it was a stranger."

"Oh. Umm. Ok?"

She giggled. "Stop looking so surprised! It would be evil of me to hog all the cloaks to myself! A hero wouldn't be that selfish!"

Jaune shot her a sly grin. "So when you take all the cookies for yourself..."

"That's different!" she wailed. And she thought he might understand, being her fellow member of the cookie cult! "Cookies are wonderful treats, gifted upon people by the great Oum-"

A growl interrupted their conversation, and Jaune and Ruby immediately looked in its direction. A few unwanted visitors had appeared - four or five Beowolves. And neither of them had remembered to bring weapons.

So, of course, leave it to Ruby Rose to come up with a wonderful plan! She would save them - even the adorable yet annoying blonde boy who didn't understand her love of cookies!

"Remember Grimmman 3?"

Jaune's frown grew. "How could I forget? You used fling on me to attack the Ursa-" he suddenly stopped talking for a moment, before groaning. "Aim better this time."

Ruby smiled back. "Got it. When we're done, feel up for a race?"

Jaune rested his head on the desk, hood up. First time wearing the cloak to school, and it was already useful. Some people had questioned him about his change of clothing - the cloak was difficult to miss, and he had exchanged the jeans for white pants to go with the red-black-white color scheme. He had waved them off, saying that the cloak was cool - and it was good for sleeping in class.

Dust Usage was so boring.

'It doesn't come naturally to everyone, you know.'

'I know that,' Jaune whined, 'but why do I have to sit here too?'

'If I sat through this for two years, you can do the same.'

'But it's so boring! Training is more interesting!'

'That's cause you and past-me are obsessed with fighting! Seriously! Throwing each other like projectile weapons?! If I had my own body, I'd report you to-'

"Jaune Arc!"

Jaune's head shot straight up, and the hood fell.

"Just because I know you outside of class, doesn't mean I'm going to go easy on you. What are the fire dust safety rules?"

"Errm..." He glanced toward Yang, who was snoozing. A little drop of drool hung from the side of her lips. No help there.

'See if you can get this one yourself. Serves you right for not paying attention.' No help there either.

"Use fire Dust under supervision?"

Taiyang raised an eyebrow. "Good. And?"

"Treat with care?"

The professor snorted. "Obvious, but yes. What's the last one?"

"Keep away from children?"

"Good! I see you weren't completely zoned out. The next question goes to... Yang!"


"Which physical form of dust is the most volatile?"

"Uhh..." she glanced at Jaune, who made a sifting motion with his hands. "Liquid dust?" Jaune facepalmed.

"Incorrect. I hope you pay more attention, Yang. It would be incredibly embarassing for someone to fail their dad's class, wouldn't it?"


"Now, let's see... Dusk! I'm extremely proud that you thought I looked handsome enough that you drew pictures of me, but I hope you can answer the question that Yang didn't!"

Jaune rested his head on his hand when he realized that he wouldn't be called for a while.

'Would it kill you to listen in class?'

'I know most of the stuff, don't I?'

'That's - you don't - Fine! Be that way!'

Jaune lifted his head from his hand. Might as well humor her.

Combat class was his favorite class now. With Ruby's help, he had gotten better, so combat class was now a great way to see how far he'd come. The last fight with Bronze had been closer - 12% to 26%, though Bronze still won. Fortunately, Bronze was a good winner - he never flaunted his victories.

Today, like the past few days, the arena in the Combat classroom was no longer empty. It was filled with different booths, each booth containing a couple of weapons and an empty space.

Professor Branwen stood up. "Alrighty, class. Settle down. You know the drill. We're going to continue making your own weapons. Back 'ere, we have booths to try out new weapons. Lots of you know how to use one weapon. It's a good idea to learn how use several. You'll be messing around with these toys. Basics Physics was an elective in primary school for a reason - next period, in Mechanics, you'll be continuing designing your weapons. If you haven't procrastinated on last-week's homework, and you have a design that's been approved already, the forge is open. If you have a design, but it's not approved, Ms. Worthington's classroom is open. Get going, all of you." He sat down and sipped from his flask.

Jaune pulled a box out of his bag. Reaching in, he also extracted several large rolls of paper before walking into the arena and towards Yang, who had rushed down as soon as Professor Branwen had finished talking.

"Hey Yang!"

"Huh?" She looked up from staring at the complicated chain-sword ('It looks like Gambol Shroud!'). "Oh, hey! What's up?"

Jaune raised one of the rolls. "Guess what this is."

Yang furrowed her brow. "Your weapon design? Did you forget to procrastinate?"

"No, but Yes." He said with an innocent smile that he definitely didn't learn from Ruby. "These are my weapon blueprints." He patted the other rolls, which he held under his arm.

Yang continued to think. "The project that was due in Language class?"

"Nope. Here's a hint: I heard you like punching things."

Yangs eyes widened. 'She got it!' Jaune thought elatedly.

"Designs for a new punching bag?"

'...aaaaand she missed it.' Ruby replied.

"No. Another hint: I worked with Ruby to make this work."

She gasped. "The gauntlets blueprints! The one I asked Ruby if she could help me with!"

"Finally." He handed the roll over to her.

She slung an arm over Jaune's shoulder. "Have I ever mentioned you're a great friend?"

"About as much as you mention Ruby is a great sister."

"True, true. Hey, when did you two work on these? I think I would've noticed you in the house."

"Nah, I invited Ruby to my place."

"Ah." She gave a leery grin. "So just you and my sister, eh?"

"Yang! She's only 11!"

'Yang! Shut up!'

She laughed. "Just messin' with you, friend. Still," she glared into his eyes, "you two have been spending an awful lot of time together. Heck, you dyed your hair the same shade of red as hers, and then there's the cloak."

Jaune refused to show his panic. Or at least, he tried to hide it. 'Darn it, is she on to us?'

'It's fine! Just tell her that we're just friends!'

"I-it's nothing! We're just really close friends! We share a lot of interests!"

Yang raised an eyebrow. "Like what?"

"Uh, w-weapons? Cookies? Remnant: a Game?"

"And the red hair?"

"I-it was an accident! Yeah! I, uh-"

'Tripped into red paint!'

"Tripped into red paint!" He cringed, but continued nonetheless. "Seems fine actually, I might keep it this way!"

She glared a bit more before she loosened up and ruffled his hair. "You're good for now. I'm going to see if I can get these approved by Ms. Worthington. You coming?"

"Nah." Jaune declined, relieved that the interrogation was over, and that Yang hadn't asked about the cloak. "I already got mine checked. You might want to take a look at the blueprints first."

"I will! See ya!" she dashed off. Probably excited to punch things.

Jaune exited the arena and walked to Professor Branwen, who was sipping from his flask and watching the students below. "Uh, sir?"

'Sir? Since when did my uncle become a gentleman?' Jaune resisted the urge to roll his eyes at Ruby's comment.

"Hmm?" the professor looked up.

"I have my weapon upgrades approved and the schematics right here." Jaune said, patting the rolls.

Professor Branwen looked surprised - kinda. His eyes widened, but the rest of his face remained unchanged, so it was kind of hard to tell...

"Alright, kid. Honestly wasn't expecting anyone to have their weapons plans ready yet. You kids have a tendency to procrastinate. Go on, and here's your pass."

Jaune entered the forge with a massive grin. The place was large and messy, with metal tables serving as work stations and wooden tables to lay out blueprints and schematics.

From within his bag, he pulled out the box that he'd picked up days ago. Inside, he could feel Ruby teeming with excitement.

'Finally, Ruby! Our baby will be born!'

Ruby didn't respond with actual words. Instead, she gave out a long 'squeee' of excitement.

'It will be wonderful!' Jaune continued. 'Crocea Mors will get that upgrade, and it'll be totally awesome! We'll be like-' He sent Ruby a short video of himself swinging around a white and gold scythe, slicing Ursa and Beowolves around him. Ruby abruptly fell silent.

He pulled out several gears, cables, and pieces of metal, setting them on a wooden table before alerting the forgemaster of what he was doing. "I got permission to use the forge from Professor Branwen. Can you supervise me?"

"Ok, lil' guy. Have fun! I'll have the camera on, so I'll see if anything happens."

"Thanks!" Jaune shouted back as he exited the forgemaster's office. Only then did he notice Ruby's silence. 'Something wrong?'

'N-no! Nothing wrong at all!'




'O-ok, maybe something's wrong.'

Jaune pulled Crocea Mors out of the box. 'Care to talk about it?'

'It's just,' Ruby hesitated. 'I'm influencing you by being in your mind.'

Jaune hummed as he unrolled the schematics on the bench. 'I'm not sure what's wrong with you influencing me. Everyone's influenced by the people they meet, right?'

'B-but,' Jaune saw Ruby biting her lip. 'It's more than just that. Your hair's turning red. You've developed an interest in weapons and a craving for cookies, things that the Jaune I knew didn't have. I'm scared that... that I'm killing you, in a way, and replacing you with a copy of myself.'

'Ruby,' He moved Crocea Mors from the wooden table to the work station. 'I'm still me. Yeah, I was sorta freaked out when you first appeared in my head a month ago, but that was then. I'm not you - first of all, I'm a guy, and I doubt that'll change anytime soon.' Ruby giggled as his comment. 'Besides, we had an argument last week. That shows that we're still different people, doesn't it?' He pulled out some power tools.

'Yeah, but-'

'No buts.' He donned his protective gear.

'Fine.' Ruby pouted, but it was clear she wasn't as upset anymore. 'On a different note, what should we do about Uncle Qrow?'

'I don't know.' Jaune inserted dust into the power tools. 'I'm kind of scared of telling him stuff. How would we prove it?'

'You could tell him that his flask is filled with milk.'

'It is?'

'Not usually. But Signal has a no alcohol on campus policy, so when he's teaching, he fills the flask with milk. You know me. Who do you think started my milk addiction?'

'Fair point.' Jaune conceded as he looked over the blueprints again. 'But I don't think that's sufficient evidence.'

'Mention Salem.'

The room seemed to grow colder at Ruby's serious tone. She continued. 'Salem is the name of the enemy. Her name will tell Qrow that you are already involved in this.'

'And what stops him from thinking we're the enemy?'

At Ruby's silence, he continued. 'Exactly. We need evidence.'

Ruby frowned. 'I have something that could be evidence, but it won't be valid until four years into the future.'


'Time travel.'

'Ah.' He put the random components on the work station. 'So we keep quiet for now?'

'Yeah.' Ruby was disappointed. Jaune decided to cheer her up.

'H-hey! No... sulking! Yeah, no sulking! We have a weapon to upgrade!' Ruby perked up immediately.

'I don't sulk!' Came her immediate reply, followed shortly by 'Still, our weapon is going to be awesome! Hey, want me to help out?'

'Tips only.' He stood over Crocea Mors, tools in hand. 'I wanna do this myself!'


'M-maybe you could help by helping me remember the blueprints?'

'On it!'

The last lines of the forge scene are to show that Jaune hasn't completely let go of his pride, since he didn't have a wake up call like he did in the canon. He went through the traumatic memory, and while it was certainly a slap in the face, it didn't have quite the same effect.

Random note - Bronze was inspired by the idea of a nice Cardin. That's why his weapon and armor are the same, but a different color.