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A day with Ruby!

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"Alright girls, dinner time!"

A red blur dashed to the dinner table, followed shortly by Yang. "Awesome! What are we having?" The brawler asked as she took two plates of food. "Mashed potatoes, chicken, and rice?"

"We also have strawberries for dessert!" Taiyang replied.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh! Gimme!" Ruby cried, springing up, only to be pushed back down by her dad.

"For dessert, Ruby." Ruby scowled. No pouting!

"Fine." She mumbled. Why would he keep the wonderful red treats from her? They were her favorite!

"So dad, what's the occasion?" Yang questioned. "You don't always cook. In fact, you rarely cook at all. Ruby usually handles the cooking."

"Cause you're a horrible cook, Yang." Ruby grumbled. "No matter what you say, that tentacle monster was not fit to eat."


"Girls, please, not at the dinner table. If you destroy this table, I'll lower both of your allowances." He waited for them to settle down before continuing. "I made dinner because I know Ruby has been busy lately, and I felt sorry that you had to eat hamburgers for three dinners in a row, k?"

"Thanks, dad!" Ruby exclaimed. "You're the best!"

"Eh, I was fine." Yang shrugged. "Thanks anyways, dad."

"You're welcome." The three sat down, each with a plate in front of them. Ruby and Yang sat together, opposite to Tai.

"So sis," Yang asked, "made any new friends?"

"Nope! And I'm keeping it that way!" Ruby ate a piece of chicken.

"Ruby," Tai groaned. "You can't just avoid your classmates!"

"Weer wot?" Ruby swallowed. "Why not? They all don't like me. They think games are for nerds and fighting is for weirdos. Some of them tried to bully me." Ruby didn't regret a thing. Any injuries weren't her fault!

"Ruby," Tai pressed, "Friends are an important part of everyone's lives. You should be more like Yang!"

"So you mean, flirt with every boy who isn't Jaune? I have Yang, Jaune, and you, dad. I don't need more friends!"

Yang decided to rejoin the conversation. "Ruby, I'm your sister. I don't count."

"Yes, you do!" Ruby protested. Traitor! "And anyways, there's Jaune too!"

Tai swallowed a mouthful of food. "Ruby, even though Jaune shares a lot of interests with you, you need more friends."

"No, I don't! Jaune's cool. He has an appreciation for the classic weapons."

Tai snorted. "He uses a stick as a weapon."

"Huh?" Ruby and Yang both looked confused. Yang continued. "What are you talking about, dad? Jaune uses a sword and shield."

"He does?" Tai looked surprised. "I asked Wolfsbane about what he did. Wolfsbane said that he beat up a criminal with a metal rod."

"Huh, didn't know he could do that. He might have been serious when he said he was going to have a scythe form built into his weapon." Yang commented.

"A scythe?!" Jaune was even cooler than Ruby thought! He was like Uncle Qrow!

"Yeah! How come you didn't know, if you worked on Ember Celica and your weapons with him?"

"He said he finished his weapon design already..." Ruby mumbled. Did he want to keep his weapon a secret? Did it have something to do with the whispering?

"So Ruby, did he help you with your weapon?" Tai inquired. "I don't think the two of you spent much time on Yang's weapon."

"Yeah. He had some really cool ideas, like a sniper-scythe. Actually, I have a basic outline already." Well, basic was stretching it. They had written out a lot of the mechanisms too. Creating a full pivot for the blade to make an extra halberd form was genius! Well, not really genius. But figuring how to adjust the mechanism so that gunshots would go sideways to increase swing momentum was really cool.

Yang cut in. "I'll ask him about the scythe tomorrow, in class. In the mean time, dad, what do you think about Ember Celica? Ruby and Jaune helped me make her!"

Tai smirked. "Glad to see you're taking after me, firecracker. Brawling has been a Xiao Long tradition!" He puffed his chest out proudly.

"Jaune really helped with that too." Ruby commented. "He figured out that by adjusting the locking mechanism, an extra layer of rounds could be added to the main firing system, so that Ember Celica could fire multiple shotgun rounds to maximize damage, while at the same time still having a single shot option for the event of a prolonged battle between-"

"Ok, ok, we get it sis. Jaune's cool."

Ruby frowned. At least Jaune listened when she talked about weapons. No one else did! They always interrupted her or ran away! Hmph.

They ate for a bit in silence, before Tai spoke up again. "Yang? Is my class boring?"

"Wha? Uh, kinda?" Yang sheepishly said. "Didn't mean to fall asleep..." She mumbled to herself. However, Ruby always had really good ears. Tai did too.

"You fell asleep?!" No fair! Ruby's teachers didn't let her sleep in class!


"Well, young lady, I believe you can make it up by reading pages 11 to 66. I know you've never done the assigned reading." Never mind, very fair.

"Alright, dad, whatever you say. How about you, Rubes? How was your class?" Yang, you think you're sneaky, getting dad to focus on me. But Ruby Rose has a plan!

"Great! We learned how people use those big machines to mix Dust. Our teacher even had some Dust crystals that she got last week from visiting hunters! I got to mess around with them, and they didn't blow up in my face! On the other hand, Yang, I heard you had an explosive experience..."

Yang glared.

Ruby flashed an innocent smile.



Ruby looked around. It looked like she was in Signal - or Beacon? Tai and Uncle Qrow brought her with them to Signal sometimes, when she didn't have classes, so she'd definitely recognize the white columns and tiled floor. However, Signal was fashioned after Beacon, and Beacon was her dream school.

This was a dream right?

So if this was dream, and Beacon was her dream school, was this Beacon?

Ruby supposed it didn't matter too much. They were both awesome schools (though Beacon was better), so she didn't feel like complaining.


There was the voice! Ruby dashed off in pursuit, following wherever she thought the voice had come. There was a prickling feeling in the back of her neck - she was being watched.

Though, if this was just a dream, she might as well see if she could find her watcher, right?


Well, now the voice was more urgent. Before, it was just scary. Like Yang dressing up as a ghost on Day of the Grimm.

...Yang made a really scary, blonde, flaming ghost.

Ruby hesitated. Follow the voice, or look for this stalker? And there was a stalker, because Uncle Qrow had taught her to trust her instincts.

Oh, and because she could see a moving shadow here and there.

However, Ruby wanted to be a hero. So even if this was just a dream, she was going to see who it was who was calling for her.


There was the voice! Mind set, Ruby activated her semblance. Maybe she could also throw off the stalker in the process?

She came to a halt, listening again for another hint. The large cafeteria doors stood in front of her, but she was certain the voice wasn't coming from inside.


The voice was extremely close now. Down the little sidewalk, through the garden-


A person dressed in a white cloak!

The person spun around, and Ruby was immediately captured by her eyes.

They glowed with power, and there was a panicked look on her face. Silver eyes, exactly the same as hers.

'There is something I need to tell you.'

Ruby snapped awake. In the darkness of her room, she could see a figure standing over her.


"Nope. Guess again."


"You got it." Yang grasped her hand. "Rubes, you ok?"

"I'm fine. Just a weird dream." Ruby replied. "Why'd you ask?"

"You were tossing and turning. That usually means a nightmare, you know?" Yang lightly teased.

"Yeah, yeah."

"...Do you want to talk about it?" Yang laid down beside her, something Ruby was thankful for. Yang was always warm and soft, but it wasn't often that she'd let others cuddle with her.

For Ruby, though, Yang would always go out of her way to make her feel better.

"Not really." Ruby responded, curling up next to Yang, who put an arm on her hair and petted her. Ruby liked being petted. The only problem was that it made her look adorable, and heroes weren't adorable.

They were fierce! They were scary!

How was she supposed to look either when she was being petted?

But at that moment, Ruby was feeling sleepy. She snuggled up against Yang.

"G'night..." she mumbled.

She slept well that night, so it wasn't too much of a surprise that she was extremely irritated when Tai woke them up with an air horn.

Ruby found school to be very boring. Her first class was language, where the teacher just talked on and on. Ruby decided to spend the class drawing random weapon designs.

The second class was math. Yes, 1/2=0.5. No, there's no difference between 0.5 and 0.50. No, there isn't usually a "d" in the quadratic equation. No, she was not peeking at the back of the textbook for answers. Yes, she would like it if her table-neighbor stopped talking.


Why did she have to go through this simple stuff? She already knew advanced physics and mechanics. She didn't like to study, but if it meant getting closer to making her "baby"...

"Miss Rose?" The teachers word cut into her daydream of using Crescent Rose instead of the boring old scythes.

"Huh?" The class snickered at her. Yeah, laugh it up. As if they've never been caught daydreaming before.

"What is the perimeter of this shape?" The teacher indicated to the board at the front of the class, where a rectangle with a square cut out was shown. The side lengths, four and six, were written.


"That is correct. However, please refrain from staring out the window when I am lecturing, Miss Rose."

"Yes, Ms. Pearl." she replied in a monotone voice. Ms. Pearl apparently didn't notice.

"Good. Now, class, as Miss Rose has shown..."

Ruby gazed outside again. She had a window seat - did that mean she was the protagonist? Wasn't it an accepted rule that protagonists got window seats at the back of the class? And she had the corner window seat farthest away from the front, so she was in the "protagonist seat."

If she was the protagonist, was the world a Mistralian anime show?

She sneakily pulled out her weapon design, planning to add a few more touches-

"Miss Rose?" The teacher was looking at her!

'Aw, c'mon.'

Ruby barely focused throughout the classes. She knew the math stuff already, and physical education? She wasn't allowed to take part after she nailed a boy in the face with a dodgeball.

The boy had earned that bloody nose. Ruby had seen him pick on a faunus girl every lunch.

History was a bit of a challenge. Who wants to know what old people did? Ruby seriously tried to stay focused, but all the teacher did was make them read from the book. Bor-ing!

And in language class, the teacher had stopped calling on her when she asked about some words Yang used. Ruby had no idea why the teacher had turned white, then red, before running out.

She seriously didn't know what castrate or those other words meant!

When school was finally over, Ruby dashed out of History class and raced to her dad's yellow car, opening the back door and jumping in. Freedom at last!

"Hey, Rubes. How was school?"

"Boring. I already know all of the math stuff, and I still have to sit out during P.E."

"What about history?" He didn't ask about language class. Ever since he learned what happened in language class, he had avoided the topic like the plague. So had Yang.

So, of course, Ruby still didn't know what "castrate" or "getting a room" meant. Or those other words. What did "turn on" mean?

"It was ok. We're learning about the Valian Civil War, and how General Ironwood - the first one, not the one alive today - captured Fort Trist."

Tai frowned. "Is that appropriate for kiddos your age? After all, the General chopped off the heads of the sick and threw them over the city walls to make the defenders sick, which wound up causing an epidemic. I'm not sure they should be teaching that in grade school." As if! It was a cool idea - if a bit weird and disgusting.

"It's alright." Ruby said cheerily. "Only six people in the class had to use the bathroom. I think they were throwing up."

The car was silent the rest of the way home.

Of course, Ruby had combat training right after school (why hadn't she moved it to the evening when it was cooler?) so she pulled her scythe out of the closet and begun swinging it around the clearing in front of her house.

She must of been at it for hours before Yang and Jaune finally showed up, returning from school. Yang's hair, despite her usual care for it, was disheveled, and one of her eyes looked like it was going to become a black eye the next day, but she looked extremely happy.


"Yang?" Ruby questioned, eyeing her sister's appearance. "What happened to you?"

"Dad was right!" She laughed. "Jaune is really good with a scythe! Best sparring partner ever!"

Yup, her sister was crazy. "Are you ok?"

"I even had a few rounds with him after school! Best way to get the adrenaline going! I wanna fight someone!" she cheered.

"No, she's not ok. She's also exaggerating." Jaune answered. They watched as Yang ran inside the house, probably to drag Tai out for a spar.

They stood there in silence for a while, before Ruby finally said, "Soo... you have a scythe?"

Jaune rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah. Wanna see it?"

"YES!" cried Ruby. "Showmeshowmeshowmeshowmeshowme-"

"Ok, ok," Jaune held his hands up in a placating manner. "Give me a second."

He slipped Crocea Mors into his hand. The first thing Ruby noticed was that the color scheme had changed, and the sword was now red where it had formerly been gold. Jaune pulled the guard back (there was a hinge that Ruby hadn't seen there before). The hilt lengthened, and out of the side of the sheath sprung blades, forming a spear - and then the spearpoint spun, then cracked and bent, forming the curved shape of a scythe. Out of the side of the handle sprung a slot, in which Jaune slipped a gun - an Atlesian Model 200 SMG - inside, which settled with a click.

"Oooh." Ruby looked on with awestruck eyes. "Can I hold it?"

"WAIT ONE SEC!" Yang burst out the door, scaring Ruby into letting out a startled "eep!" and Jaune into dropping his weapon. "I wanna fight him again! Fight me! Rematch!" Why wasn't Ruby surprised at Yang's actions?

Right. Yang was a battle nut. Ruby learned that a while ago.


Poor Jaune.

Ruby sat on a tree stump as she watched the two prepare to fight. Jaune took a simple, one foot forward, one food back, scythe blade forward stance, while Yang got in a boxer's stance.

"The first one to be down to 30% loses." Ruby called. "Ready... Start!"

Yang burst forward, her shotgun rounds increasing her speed. Jaune, however, performed the opposite reaction, shooting backwards and away from Yang while spraying her with bullets. The Dustpad in her hands showed that Yang was down to 97%.

Yang did not give up. She continued to push him backward, subtly maneuvering to the side until the house was behind him. When he bumped into the wall, she performed another leap.

Jaune rolled to the side, just barely going under Yang's fist, before swinging the scythe at Yang. It landed with a solid thunk.


Yang's losing badly. Ruby was surprised. Yang had always been exceptional at fighting, and here, Jaune had yet to take a hit!

Of course, Yang also had her semblance, which she hadn't used yet.

Jaune threw himself backward and away from Yang's counterattack by firing another series of shots. Yang answered in kind, launching shots from Ember Celica until the click of spent rounds could be heard. A few shots seemed to just barely miss Jaune.

Suddenly, Jaune went on the offensive, following slice with another slice, preventing Yang from reloading. Yang attempted to backpedal, but Jaune would use Crocea Mors' superior reach and curved blade to yank Yang back. Yang then lashed out with a fist, which Jaune casually batted aside with the shaft of his weapon before continuing the assault.




Yang's aura took hit after hit - until Yang decided that she had enough. With a scream of rage, her semblance flared, and she caught Crocea Mors mid-swing. She flung him aside, and he hit a tree, going straight through it.


Ruby was amazed. Both at the fight, and at Jaune's aura level. A regular huntsman would probably lose around 25% of their aura from a hit like that, but Jaune only took 7%. Then again, aura varied from person to person.

Still, it was really cool! How they went HYAH and WATCHA and-

Jaune emerged from the dust, but with Crocea Mors as a sword and shield instead. When Yang charged forward, he diverted her fist to his left with his shield, striking her with the sword before quickly retreating. Yang dashed forward again, and when he tried to perform the same trick again, she did a complete spin, smashing the shield to the side and landing another punch straight at Jaune. He took the hit, flying backwards.


Yang jumped on the fallen Jaune and brutally bashed him over and over. Unlike the situation Jaune had put her in earlier, however, she was on a time limit. Her semblance began to flicker, and her aura was at 23% from her semblance use.

It was 23% to 44%.

Without Yang's semblance, Jaune through her off, before sheathing Crocea Mors, neatly activating Crocea Mors' shifting mechanism and throwing it at her mid-shift.

Yang was hit in the head by the spearpoint. She just laid on her back, tired.

18% to 44%

"Eh... Jaune wins?" Ruby tentatively supplied.

Just wanted to do Ruby's point of view. Very little plot progression, if any.

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