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Harry was up in a flash as he heard the Patronus enter the tent where Draco, Ron, Neville and him had slowly been recuperating their magic after a battle with some Dementors the night before.

He watched as Neville and Draco had already started preparing themselves ready. As for Ron, well, he was still snoring his little red head out. "Ron, wake up!", Harry shouted in his ear.

"Bloody hell, Harry! What's going on?", asked Ron as he slowly got out of bed. "Hurry up, Ron! The Patronus said that they have found the Dementors and are looking to head back to Hogwarts."

Harry looked at Neville who had the sword of Gryffindor in his hand. He gave him a nervous look and spoke,

"Harry it's you that should be carrying this, not me.", said Neville as he shrugged his shoulders at his friend. Harry was about to speak in refusal to this when Draco did it for him.

"Neville, I know I wasn't the best person to you when we were growing up. However, when I saw you pull out the sword and strike down Voldemort's snake, it gave me hope. I would be proud to stand next to the both of you, whether it's you or Harry that carries it."

"Bloody hell Draco, when did you become so soft?" Ron laughed and smacked him on the back. Draco seemed to stagger from the smack and rub the back of his neck with a smile.

Harry spoke up, "Okay you lot, the girls agreed to meet us at Hogsmeade. Hermione said that they would apparate there and secure before we arrive." Each of them nodded at Harry in agreement.

He pulled out the Death stick and the Resurrection stone from his pockets. As he rolled the stone in his hand three times, he thought of his godfather, and within seconds, a ghostly white fog slowly formed out of the stone and materialized in the shape of a young Sirius Black.

"Sirius." Harry whispered as he looked at his godfather's form with teary eyes. "Sirius, it's good to see you again."

The look Sirius gave them sent a cold shiver around their bodies. "Harry, I shouldn't be here." Harry wanted to run over and hug his godfather, but he stood there defeated, "I know Sirius, but we need help with the Dementors. They have escaped from Azkaban. Do you have any idea why they couldn't find you when you broke out?"

Sirius frowned, "Escaped?", he whispered then looked at Draco with a dead look in his eyes."I went into my Animagus form."

"Animagus…" Neville said in a pained voice. "We never did learn that." Draco and Ron looked at Harry who asked his godfather then, "Sirius, is there a spell we can use?"

There was no answer forthcoming, so Harry called his godfather's name loudly, "Sirius!" Sirius was quiet at first then turned towards him saying, "Yes, of course, but Harry you must cast it on the others first and then uncast it since you possess the unbeatable wand." Harry looked towards the others, and each one nodded in agreement. "Right then, the spell please, Sirius." Harry quickly said.

"Calm your mind before casting, let nothing be in those minds when you cast it. To cast, say "Mi Ani Magnus", and to uncast it use "Homorphus". Once you do that Harry, it should be easier for the others to cast it for themselves."

His voice seemed to fade until he stood in front of Harry. Silently, his cool touch was on his shoulder and a quiet "Sorry." left his lips as he sank away into nothing. Harry closed his eyes as the tears inside wanted to break free.

"Harry." Neville's hand found his shoulder a few moments after. "Harry, come on, the girls will think we have slept in." Neville then removed his hand and Ron patted him on the shoulder as he tried to cheer him up, "Come on, mate." Neville had his left hand outstretched as Ron then followed his example by placing then his own extended hand on top of Neville's.

When Draco walked past he gave him a nod and placed his hand on top of Ron and Neville's joined ones. "Right then, we got everything." Harry murmured to everyone as Draco and Neville run their free hands on their gear before Ron's gruff voice filled the tent.

"Come on guys I'm hungry, once we deal with these guys I say we raid the Hogwarts kitchens" as he gave him a wink, Draco shuddered. Harry slowly put his hand on theirs and took in their faces.

Neville was still dirty from the Battle of Hogwarts, and his face had many scars. It was funny to Harry that Neville seemed to grow the most out of all of them. Harry wished he got to know him better during their time at Hogwarts, but at least he is a brother at arms now. As Harry nodded to Neville, the latter seemed to straighten up before closing his eyes.

Harry's eyes meet Draco's then. Somehow, he wanted to hug or punch him for some other reason, but his heart felt ripped and torn by Draco's hatred at him over the years. "Oh, Draco.", he remembered the Sorting hat's words all those years ago, You could have done well in Slytherin.

Maybe I could have helped him, maybe I could have shown him some loyalty, but it's too late for that now, Harry mused to himself.

Draco's image had definitely changed, his blonde hair is singed with burnt marks, and his face covered with soot from their escapades in the Room of Requirement. Harry's grin rose up, and he muttered "Friends?". Before him, the tension in Draco's form released as he nodded and closed his eyes.

Harry's smile meets Ron's, but Ron held up his wand hand for Harry to stop, "Not a chance mate, let's go get us some Dementors before I lost my appetite. Harry shook with laughter, "Never change, Ron. Never change."

The air around them twisted and turned as they were ripped and pulled through to Hogsmeade, and as all four of them landed with sharp crack and thud into the snowy grounds, Hermione, Luna, Ginny, Daphne had hands on their hips as they look at them with frowns on their faces. Ron spoke up first, "Bloody hell, let's not do that again. I still have nightmares from escaping the Ministry!".

Draco and Neville both agreed quickly before Hermione began to shout, "Oh for God's sake, Ronald, you weren't that hurt."

Then her eyebrows raised a few inches more, "Where the hell have you lot been?" Her anger seemed to melt the snow beneath her feet. Thankfully, Luna, while giggling at their situation, intervened, "Language, Hermione!"

Daphne spoke up next, " Yeah, we have been here for about twenty minutes now. We could have caught them if you guys had a turned up on time." she grumpily said as she crossed her arms.

Ginny seem to just stand there ignoring their plight as she looks coldly at the skies filled to the brim with Dementors.

"What are they doing?" Ginny finally murmured over Ron and Hermione's bickering. Everyone else looked up at this, and within seconds the Dementors had what seemed like a portal in the sky that was feeding off the magic inside Hogwarts.

"Looks like they are trying to escape.", Neville spoke with a shiver.

"I agree with Neville, the hoodsprinkles whispered in my ear that their time in this universe is at its end.", Luna said in her dreamy voice.

"Yeah, ah, sure Luna, I don't think we should let them torment another universe either." Ron's voice loudly echoed through the silence that permitted through them with Luna's usual unique perspective of the world.

"For God's sake Ron, they will know that we are here now!" Hermione raised a hand and smacked it over Ron's head. "Sorry! Sorry, guys!" Ron whispered apologetically.

Harry looked at the others before deciding to go ahead with their previous plan, "Right! Now, the wards of Hogwarts is still down, so we can apparate inside the castle grounds." Harry pulled out the Elder Wand, "I'll cast the spell for the animagus transformation on you guys first."

"Wait, Animagus?!" Hermione shrieked, "But we never learned that before!" She began to breathe heavily, until Ginny shook her hard, her hair going everywhere as a result which made them all laugh.

"It will be okay, Mione, Harry will cast it on us with the Elder wand, so you don't have to worry." as she released her, she moved her hair from her face as they both smiled at each other.

As Harry cast the spell on Neville, he turned into a massive black bear. Harry looked at Hermione with an amused look, "Mione, you think the wand enhances the form it creates?"

"I'm not sure, Harry. We will have to research it after." Harry nodded at this while he cast the same spell on Ron, who then transformed into an enormous wolf whose fur is coloured in the same shade as his fiery red hair. Harry hopes for his loyalty to be with his pack as wolf watched him earnestly.

Draco's Animagus form is of magnificent white lion much to Harry's surprise. He had been so sure it was going to be a basilisk.

Turning towards the girls, he started with Hermione. Her transformation was into a black panther. He was quite stunned that the only thing resembling her human form was her chocolate eyes.

Ginny transformed into a cheetah of the same shade as her fiery red hair. She immediately showed off her fast speed and amazing reflexes.

Luna transformed into a great colorful bird that Harry had no name to give because its beauty was so raw with colors.

Finally, Daphne transformed into a golden eagle that was of the same color as her strawberry blond hair.

When he cast the Homorphus charm, they all returned to their previous forms. Harry then casted the Mi Ani Magnus on himself. He quickly felt the sensation of falling and the distance from the ground seems to quickly decrease before he caught with his paws. The strange feelings of changing, climbing, and pounding stopped.

Harry didn't dare move until he could sort out where exactly he was. The sounds from the others in the vicinity and the smells from the snow and grass just below him slowly brought him back to his bearings. He is outside. Woods. Hogsmeade. Harry breathed in and out quickly, his chest heaving.

He opened his eyes and squinted. It was bright out. Had he been this close to the moon until dawn? It hadn't felt that long. That deathly quiet sounds were still singing, the owls still calling… it still seemed like night. And the night was loud. Harry looked up. He couldn't see the others. He strained his head down, to look at himself. He was massive. Turning his head, he found them standing a few feet away, looking down up at him… and a look of absolute shock on their faces.

Hermione then cast the Homorphus charm on him. Harry looked down at his paws and found the vines, twisting in the back of his mind. This time, the spell led him down, back to the snowy ground. He closed his eyes to follow it. But it danced away from the moon, out of the light to darkness.

His body weight shifted under him, and his balance tipped. Then he lurched and nearly fell over but Neville and Draco managed to catch him before this happened.

His eyes found the group still staring at him with awe in their eyes, and as the darkness of the middle of the night filled his ears he blurted out, "Bloody hell! What the hell was I?" Ginny smacked his head in response, "Language!"

"Ow Ginny, not so hard!" Harry ran a hand over his head.

"For someone being a mountain lion, you're a big pussy cat aren't you?" said Ginny as she laughingly poked her tongue at Harry who arched his brows in surprise.

"I was sure you were going to get bigger mate." Ron smacked him on his back, "I'm sure you were at least 7 feet tall, and your eyes were still green. Gave me the shivers, it did."

"Oh, you boys are such babies, come on I think we have to hurry now, the portal seems to be getting bigger" as Daphne pointed to the Dementor-filled skies.

"Okay let's go! Boys and girls," Harry started, "I believe we should split up first, apparate to the grounds…" Harry's speech was cut when the portal gave unnatural sound.

The sky then seem to explode inwards, there was no time to think as they were dragged by the pull of the magic that had gripped them. It was like the Devil's Snare all over again.

He heard shouts from the others as they closed in into the blackness. Once they were pulled through the portal, time became jumbled as they flew through the stars. It was then that the darkness took over their senses.

298 AC Westeros and Essos.

The calmness echoed throughout the known world as the blue sky opened up to blackness as the eyes of men, women, and children watched in awe and terror. When the darkness turned different shades, it seemed to dance between red, green and blue before settling on one vibrant color that filled their eyes full of white.

The ground started to shake with dread as the hole in the sky pulsated, eight trails of light shot out over the lands of Westeros and Essos.