Another big thanks to Fanelight for helping me with the story.

Somewhere near Winterfell.

Harry opened his eyes. Everywhere was gloomy and wet as trees and shrubs surrounded him. He immediately checked for the Elder wand and the bottomless bag that was still attached to his body.

He tried standing but only managed to wobble. He caught himself face to face with a tree that had a red face carved with blood on it. He sighed. Where the hell did we go?

My magic feels a fraction weaker now. As his thoughts clouded him, Harry performed wandless magic to attain his lion form, just in time to hear branches break behind him.

The change came quicker this time, and he felt the primal instincts of the lion grace his mind as his paws thundered the hard ground.

When he shifted around, his eyes caught the form of a large Stag watching him, something in its beating pulse sang for him as the lion took over his mind and a growl came from within his form. That made the ground vibrate.

Leaping at the Stag, his sharp claws caught the back of it as he used his weight to slam it into the tree with a sharp thud. It whimpered as its final breaths left its wounded body.

Harry stood and watched with curiosity. He didn't know what to do now as he looked at the corpse. His ears then caught the padding of another beast approaching. Hopefully, it's Ron.

When he found a streak of white fly through the trees, his howl became a whine as he tried to speak. Draco, please let that be you.

The beast came into view as it skidded out from behind the tree with the carved face. Harry saw the great white beast; it looked like Ron's wolf, but with a black and white fur around its body. It's pregnant. Harry realized as he saw the distended belly the other sported.

Harry considered this and moved the body of the stag towards the female wolf as an offering then moved away to sit and watch it devour the corpse.

It looked up at Harry and howled, but he couldn't quite understand it entirely yet. However, he could relate a few sounds here and there.

The mother wolf licked her lips, finishing up the Stag and padded over to Harry. It sniffed him thoroughly before slumping in front of him licking his black fur coat in thanks. His ears pricked up as he heard the hooves of horses approaching. He counted seven men among the incoming company; their breath counts giving away their number to his sharp ears. His current companion didn't move when she caught wind of the situation with her also keen senses, her grey eyes meeting his green.

The horses cleared the trees, before slowing down in front of them. One of the men shouted,

"By the old gods, that's a direwolf, but what the hell is that thing Ned? It's massive and looks like a lion from the East. How did it get here?" his loud voice echoed through the trees.

"Aye GreatJon, I believe you speak truly.", said the man Harry heard to be called Ned.

Harry rose from the ground, his towering form putting shocks and awe into the eyes of the men.

Harry then thought of the charm to restore himself to his human form. Performing it, his body weight shifted under him, his balance improved, and when his two feet hit the ground, he looked up and smiled at the strangers.

"My name is Harry Potter. Do you know where am I?"

One of the men dismounted from his horse while the others' mouths gape open with shock. "I'm sorry if I startled you," Harry said with a guilty look.

The man in front of Harry cleared his voice and spoke, "I'm Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell, and Lord Paramount of the North."

Harry's stomach lurched as he wondered if the others had made it safely. "Winterfell. Lord Paramount of the North." Harry whispered the unfamiliar words to himself.

"Did you fall from the sky?", one of the riders spoke as he trotted up next to Lord Stark.

"I… I don't know… All I remember is waking up next to that tree… How long since the sky opened up?", Harry asked as he pointed to the carved tree on it.

Harry watched them look at the direction he pointed at with concerned looks on their faces. As he surveyed the people in front of him, he noticed that not all were grown men. There were three who look far younger than the rest, though all were carrying swords and don heavy fur cloaks.

One of the three young riders advanced beside Eddard and spoke, "Two moon days, young Ser."

"Ser. Moon days." Harry muttered again confusedly at the terms the young man used.

When he tried to move closer, the one called Greatjon brandished his massive sword and pointed it towards Harry threateningly.

"Hold it right there, young lad! How do we know you're not waiting to ambush us with your friends?" he boomed.

Harry's eyes sparkled with excitement at those words. "So you saw the others who fell near me!"

"Nay, Ser Potter, we saw the hole in the sky followed by the appearance of eight lights which shot towards different directions. It can be anywhere in Westeros and may have even reached Essos. We cannot be so sure." Eddard spoke bluntly.

"Westeros? Essos? Where exactly is this place and what year is it?" Harry said frustrated by what he heard. The look GreatJon was giving him is so just like his uncle when something Harry did manage to anger him.

He was then so not surprised with what happened next. Pulling out his wand, his actions seemed to alarm his companions and they unsheathed their swords and took positions, as if anticipating an attack from him. GreatJon advanced towards Harry in a hostile fashion.

"Hold it right there! Put that down; you're outnumbered boy!" the GreatJon roared. That was then the time that the direwolf finally stood up and padded next to Harry. It bared its sharp teeth towards the others as if warning against attacking his companion.

"Come, let's not spill blood today.", Lord Stark intervened as he patted GreatJon on the back.

But Harry summoned GreatJon's greatsword to his left hand. "You were saying?" as he mockingly laughed, he wielded the sword and pointed it back towards them.

"Now that I have your attention, I need to find my friends. What you have seen is only the beginning and they must be found before something bad happens to this world. I assure you, whatever is coming, you would not stand a chance."

"Peace, young friend! We mean you no harm. Let us ride back to Winterfell and discuss this. We will negotiate your terms for concession. " Eddard moved closer with his hand outstretched towards Harry until he was just a few meters in front of him and the dire wolf.

Concession. Finally! They are comprehending the situation. Relieved, he lowered the stolen sword and patted the direwolf to stay put he approached the others. Harry got a closer look at Eddard's long face, dark hair, and grey eyes. He looked like he was in his thirties, his beard was beginning to grey making him think of Sirius. They were roughly the same height he realized as Harry's eyes found Eddard's, green meeting grey.

The both of them shook hands to signify their temporary non-aggression towards each other when Lord Stark exclaimed, "Your direwolf looks like it's ready to burst!". They had just released their joined hands and the shorter distance made the pregnancy of the direwolf more evident. "How far along is she?", he rubbed his chin as he ponders over the issue of the pregnant direwolf worryingly.

"I have no idea, Lord Stark. She found me just when I killed some stag. I think she likes me since I gave it to her." Harry shrugged his shoulders and shivered at the memories of the attack.

Lord Eddard Stark turned towards the GreatJon and both shared a cold look. Two of the younger riders then approached Harry. "How did you transform like that beast?! Are you some kind of warlock?" asked the red headed boy.

Harry laughed at this and responded, "I like the term wizard better." The boy's words however jolted something in his mind. "You know of warlocks? Does this world practice magic then?", he asked excitedly.

"Nay lad, there hasn't been magic in this land for centuries." It was Lord Stark who answered his question as he looked at Harry who sighed then and said, "Are you sure about that? I already managed to perform four spells since I've gotten here."

Harry examined the elder wand and spoke with emotion, "Expecto Patronum!". Out of the end of the wand burst forth a shapeless cloud of mist that shifted into a faint outline of a Wolf as its feet touched the ground. It faded after a few moments. Odd. My Patronus changed like Tonks. The thought circled in Harry's mind. It's like it's same but deadlier.

"How did you do that?!" all three of the boys said in unison. Harry laughed and said one-word. "Magic." The air seemed to swirl around them, and Harry had goose bumps as he felt as if someone was observing him from afar.

The three boys jumped as the Great Jon voice broke the deadly calmness. "Magic!" scoffed GreatJon. "A bunch horsetricky, they'll gut you down there in the South for doing magic."

"GreatJon, how valuable is your sword to you?" Harry asked with a sly grin. The sword in question still in Harry's hand. He figured it must be valuable with how beautiful and deadly it was when he wielded it a few moments ago.

"It was passed down to me by my father, so it's priceless," GreatJon spoke with proudly as if having the sword is both an honor and show of merit towards the wielder. Harry didn't see that before.

"How about a little wager then, GreatJon. If I can use magic to turn your sword into a… let's see…hmmm…a wooden sword! You have to help me find my friends! Yes! That should do the trick."

Harry waved his wand, the men around him stepping back in alarm as they watched the sword turn from glistening silver too brown bumps and splinters before them.

"Stick 'em with the pointy end." Harry muttered as he threw the sword over to GreatJon, who held it in his two hands like it was about to break, "What have you done, boy! " GreatJon shrieked.

"Look again." And as Harry said those words the blade returned to its usual self. GreatJon looked relieved and stared at the sword adoringly as if it was his new born child.

"So how about it? Will you help me find my friends?" Harry asked timidly. One of the younger lads approached his side, his red hair reminding him of Ron and Ginny. He sighed deeply. He missed them already.

A hand had laid on his shoulder before the boy spoke, "If you can do that, I hate to see what you can do when you're angry," he half laughed.

"You have no idea..." Harry voiced trailed off before the boy smiled and introduced himself, "I'm Robb Stark, first-born son of Lord Eddard Stark, heir to Winterfell and the North."

"Jon Snow." he pointed at the boy with black curly hair and grey eyes.

"Brandon Stark." he gestured to the smaller boy who looked towards Harry. He felt a slight bit force being manipulated from his core as the elder wand reacted with a little shiver. Odd. Maybe that one can be trained in magic.

"A pleasure to meet all of you," Harry stated while giving a small bow. "I wonder if it's not too much trouble if you can take in the dire wolf as well." Harry looked fondly at the dire wolf who gave him the feeling of ease just like Hedwig.

They all seem to chuckle at Harry words until he shot them a bemused look " So I'm missing out on the joke, come guys spill."

Lord Stark walked towards the dire wolf, they both locked eyes before he raised his hand for its trust. Some chill swam through the air and after what seems like an age the wolf laid its head against his hand in some new bond. When Eddard spoke next, the tension left the air.

"You see Ser Potter, the direwolf is the Stark sigil, and it hasn't been seen for over centuries until now. This makes me fear the answer to why have one has traveled this far south away from the north. Something is amiss. Winter is coming and the North Remembers." he said with cold steel.

Every one of the men around him muttered, "The North Remembers." Harry was confused, " What's so terrible about winter?". They all had looked at each other before Lord Stark answered,

"Come lad; you must be freezing. Let's ride to Winterfell, and we can tell the great tales over a hearty feast."

GreatJon roared "Let's get some ale into you boy!"

Lord Stark spoke again, "You can ride with Robb or... do.. that... the thing..." His words tapered off at this and Robb finished for him, "where you turned into a massive beast." Those at the ground mounted their horses. Robb jokingly said, "Come, Father! It looks like you need some ale too." The others chuckled under their breaths when they heard Lord Stark's whispered, "Aye."

Harry gazed eyes with the dire wolf. He calmed his mind and thought nothing but the last images of the wolf. The ground beneath him swirled, and he saw his black paws thudded into the soft ground.

He felt the presence of another enter in his mind. It was the direwolf next to him. She barked at Harry who understood her barks to be "Honorable, trustworthy, bonded."