Hermione felt in awe of herself, she was standing in front of the mirror with many reflections standing behind her. The sun had set on this gorgeous city and fabric that clung to her body felt a little bit too revealing. Hermione had dwelled all night on how a spirit had become attached to her, it boggled her mind that so many were with her .

"Don't be afraid child, everyone in Dorne will love you. I too have thought long and hard why my fellow people share a connection with you, it could be anything, it could be that your soul is limitless and I hope for you sake that we don't burden you..now come. I think that dress brings out everything you've been trying to hide" Hermione smiled and wondered what she meant about her soul, lots of research. It was exciting.

"I know Nymeria and thank you, what happens now, how do i make peace for you" Hermione turned from the mirror and looked into her eyes, they set in a cold glance towards the north and she turned away from Hermione.

"I know that I must seem real to you, I am still stuck between my world I walk and your world which is the present. I only see what you see and in time you will see what I see. Magic " Nymeria scorned " is frighting by nature and you were born of it, i was born of nothing which is why i found you. Be that of may we must find your friends, my peace will never come no sooner than the next sunrise and i won't allow you to know what needs to be done..not until we set things in motion. I've already felt the blood of the raven flutter his wings to the north" Nymeria turned back to Hermione, she noticed the moisture under her eyes and almost wanted to weep for herself when she vanished from sight.

Bang! Bang!

Hermione jumped a mile from someone knocking on the door, she was more wound up than anything " Lady Hermione, may I come in" a gruff voice asked her and her own voice quivered an adubible yes.

The door swung open and Oberyn swiftly entered the room and took one look and at Hermione and smiled, his smile was so infections she had to smile back.

"My lady, I have to say that dress makes you look absolutely beautiful..though I must impose that i already thought you were beautiful" he took her hand and kissed it, making her blush quite profusely.

"Sir Oberyn, thank you from the bottom of my heart, i feel as though i landed into a fantasy novel " she clasped her hands against her midriff flourishing in all the new fragrances that surrounded her.

"Lady Hermione, I hope you had a wonderful sleep and please don't not listen to my brother, he loves his beautiful women. We have a lot to do today" Doren said entering the room and smiling down at Hermione, he took her hand and kissed it.

"We found one of your friends" he leaned in and whispered into her ear, she almost lost it before a finger was on her mouth stop her " there are many ears and whispers that would do anything to find out what you and friends can do" Hermione bit her bottom lip from interrupting the man as she knew straight away what to do.

"One of scouts witnessed an attack" Doren spoke harshly and grabbed his right leg out of habit, Oberyn had a look of disgust on his face and turn to his brother and nodded in agreement.

Hermione stopped them right there " I don't know what you've found out and I can be sure I wouldn't like it either.. Wait im babbling aren't i" Hermione pulled out her wand from her sleeve and both men flinched at the sight of it " oh grow up you two, your worse than Harry and Ronald! You have no idea what I'm capable of..you may think i'm a little girl and i need protecting but you're forgetting what I am" Hermione said, then whispered protective spells around the room so they could talk freely.

The magic filled the room in ways Hermione had never seen before, the colours floated through the room like a heavy mist, attaching itself to the windows and doors. Hermione stood there shocked, she should of been writing this down, this was all new and the endless discoveries that were waiting on her to find had her biting her lip again.

"Gods, what did you do, I have never witnessed anything like that before" Doren had his hand clenched over his heart and Oberyn clasp his spear ready for anything.

" it was just a simple spell, to ward off any ears listening to our conversations. I never expected this kind of reaction" Hermione said then summoned her bag to her hand, pulling out a piece of parchment and quill. it started to write in mid air, much to the astonishment of the two men.

"It's nothing really, but this world...it manipulates magic different from my world...oh! let me try something" Hermione said and then thought of her happiest memory, in deep thought a spell filled the room with a blue haze " Expecto Patronum" she said and out of the end of her wand burst, not a shapeless cloud of mist, but a blinding, dazzling, golden animal. She screwed up her eyes, trying to see what it was. It didn't look like an otter but something much bigger.

"Gods" Obyren muttered staring at an ancestral beast that had awaken in front of him " may the gods have mercy on our souls.. heh hem hello there " Doran sputtered and fell to one knee.

The beast looked upon them and huffed Hermione squeaked when it turned its body towards her and bowed. It then vanished from sight at her loss of concentration.

"Well… that was different outcome I was hoping for. I can't believe I managed to produce a patronus of something im unfamiliar with. The golden winged horse looked like something out of a book." Hermione said shocked " I take it you have records of your history especially of Nymeria " Hermione asked pulling out her notebook and quill.

"Yes we do my lady, how do you know about Nymeria may I ask and pray tell me that beast was real, if we could breed it we could become unstoppable " Obyren asked sitting down in one of the chairs, stroking his beard.

"It's a long story, one I hope to figure out too. Now you were going to tell me about my friend, let me guess. Draco ?"

"Very well my lady" Doran nodded and Obyren spoke next

"Gods your a smart woman, how did you know…" Hermione smiled

"he was never good at being good " she huffed and they laughed before turning grim seconds later.

Obyren looked to his parchment he pulled out of pocket "I do have some bad news though he is working for them...the Lannisters attacked a group of northerners not two days ago. My scouts overheard two names.. Harry and Draco before they needed to leave. Apparently a storm came out of nowhere which is unsurprising since it's the north".

Hermione almost bounced out of her seat. "Oh no, we never should of taken Draco with us and Harry is good by the way, you can trust him. I'm sure he made it out of there but two days is a long time... I hope for our sakes I can get my act together before anything else happens "

'...two days, that means ive been here for a week and Harrys already fighting someones battles, i need move quickly' Hermione thought urgently

"The Lannisters who are they, apparently not good the way you almost snarled their name" she pulled her hair away and continued writing down stuff just in case she forgot with all this being new to her.

"The Lannisters " Oberyn hissed and slammed his fist down on the desk startling her "killed my sister and her two children " Doran placed his hand on Oberyn's trying to calm him.

Hermione shivered at the thought of someone murdering children and their mother " I'm sorry, words cannot fathom how sorry I am for your loss" she sadly and stopped writing.

"It's okay my lady, it wasn't your doing. I can only hope I can avenge them and bring justice to those who were responsible, " he said with steel then stood up " with your help of course"

Hermione frowned but understood his predicament and swallowed the words she was about to say, she needed to think before she talked out loud " if it means fighting against injustice then I would happily help, since you've taken me in and put a roof over my head...but I will not be used to start a war " she said firmly and crossed her arms.

"I can see that you have a strong heart and will not be manipulated so easy. I think we will get along just fine" Obyren chuckled "you are a brave lass amongst men, my daughter's would love you and no I do not intend to have a war. My people do not deserve that" he held his hand and Hermione stood.

"You have daughter's, you seem so…."

"Immature " Doran finished for her, laughing at her response shaking his hand in bewilderment.

"Men" she huffed

"Come on lass, enough talking let's take a walk around Dorne, ill introduce you to my daughters and a few of the important people around here, then we will make our next move" Obyren smirked and grabbed his spear.

"Alright, lead on"