Authors Notes: So for me after Ginny had her experience with Voldemort in the second book, i rated her close as powerful as Harry since she was touched by dark magic, she becomes sort of fearless and not afraid of death, also she wouldnt hurt to use deadly force if she had to protect herself.

This chapter is a bit dark if it feels too rushed let me know.

Somewhere near the bloody gate.

Ginny woke to the sound of movement around her; she pulled out her wand and crouched down behind a tree to see the on coming riders, six riders Ginny counted, all in thick fur coats, and silver swords.

Weird, Ginny thought, did we travel back in time, "hah Ron's going to fit in just fine" she snorted then covered her mouth with hast.

Shit did they hear me, she looked around the tree and saw a man pointing to her location "shit shit shit" she murmured to her self as she sat back, they only have swords she thought, and I have a wand, before grabbing a stick and turning it into a sword.

What would Harry do, run or fight but before Ginny could think about Harry heavy footsteps approached, she shot out from behind the tree, her red hair flying in all sort of ways.

She shouted 'Confringo' a powerful feeling felt beneath her wand as the spell hit the man approaching her, hitting him with a deafening thud, sending his body flying into a tree breaking most of his bones, Ginny looked at her wand.

"Jesus what the hell kind of magic was that" as the wind around her picked up and made her shiver as if someone was looking at her from afar, she shook out of her musings by a loud shout.

Ginny heard another one of the men shout "kill that freak" before two of them started running towards her, "I'm fighting Harry," sorry," she whispered to herself before her stance held the ground as Ginny shouted "Expulso" to the men closest approaching.

Ginny felt the power course under her wand as the spell left her wand, it sent her flying back into trees some twenty meters back as she heard the explosion come to deadly silence.

Ginny looked up, smoke and dust covered her view before a hand fell on her shoulder she jumped back with a scream and pointed her wand at a man.

He was tall and lean, his face was old and windburnt, long grey hair with bushy eyebrows and bright blue eyes, " don't move or you'll end up like them" she said fiercely, he moved closer to gaze at her face " who are you girl."

Shouting came from in front of them as a man stormed through the trees brandishing a sword " there you are you little cunt" his mouth foamed as he growled the words.

Ginny looked at the man with hatred, she felt the words on the end of her tongue it burned with every breath she held in until she muttered "Crucio" from her wand a green oozing matter latched onto the man and shot him up into the air.

His screams filled the air around them as he trembled as every nerve sent pain to his brain, " Call me a cunt again, and I will use the Avada Kedavra spell to kill you".

She spoke with venom as she let the spell go leaving the man to hit the ground with a thud, " now where were we old man" Ginny said as she turned to face him.

"Since you're the only one who hasn't tried to kill me or call me a cunt" she picked up a sword and pointed it at him " who are you, where the hell is this place... I ...why the hell are you dressed, like your some knight or something."

She babbled as the old man gaped at her " well, I'm waiting" as she flung the sword into the ground with a thud it rattled him out of his thoughts.

"Ser Brynden Tully or simply the Blackfish, Knight of the Bloody Gate for House Arryn" he had said with honor before he drew his sword " come, child, the other three will come back for you, let me help you, in turn, you will help me".

They turned to hear more shouting approaching; Ginny looked at the old blackfish then to the sounds of shouting, " fine old man deal" she took out her hand and clasped it with his, he smiled at her " really good choice las, now come this way to my horse."

They then made it a few steps out of the trees then they had the three men surround them " well look what we have here, an old geezer and his pet freak."

The ugly man laughs as they approach with their swords pointed at them " oo I'm gonna have my with this one " one of the shorter fat men laughed.

Ginny was getting angry; her temper was boiling as they all laughed, Ginny shouted 'Bombarda Exumai,' a trail of blue light shot out of her wand sending her hard into the trees again.

Ginny sent them and the rest of their body parts everywhere as the ground beneath the men burst open, and blood scattered the sky.

"Whoops," Ginny muttered before picking herself up as the blackfish ran over to her covered in blood" seven hells girl, you trying to get yourself killed." Ginny frowned " excuse me; I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself old man."

Ginny started walking off towards a small river in the opposite direction " wait, girl... not that way" as he said gruffly.

Ginny cleared the trees, then she saw them about a hundred riders in the clearing red and gold shown out in the distance.

Ginny crouched down behind some shrubs as did the blackfish "what is this, why are there so many men".she whispered.

Ginny looked at the riders there was a giant on a horse leading them, " ay girl, they saw you fall as did I, that's why I came rushing, you in the Lannister hands" he shuddered at those last words.

" Why are you helping me then" Ginny crossed her arms and looked at the old man.

" I... well at first thought you were my niece, I almost called out Catelyn before you did that voodoo with that..." as he pointed to Ginny wand.

Ginny giggled " its a wand you silly man; I can do magic," the air around them seemed to swirl and blew her hair around like a storm approaching, " not this again."

Ginny muttered to herself, before the blackfish put a hand on her shoulder" whats your name girl and are you fast, I don't think you could fight them all" as he said it the riders started moving faster towards them.

"I'm Ginny" as she took off running in the other direction " come on old man keep up" the blackfish groaned and followed running in her direction, as they cleared the mass destruction left by her wand.

Harry won't like this she thought to her self, as they made it out of the trees and on to a gravel road looking out onto a vast set of mountains unlike Ginny had seen before.

" This way Ginny" the blackfish gestured to a black horse hidden behind some shrubs further down the road " you ever ridden a horse" the blackfish unhooked his horse and patted it calmly.

"We won't be fast enough with two on a horse old man," Ginny said as she took out her wand, "I have a spell up my sleeve for times like these" she grinned at the blackfish as he got on his horse " let me help you out."

Ginny pointed her wand at him" I'm not sure if spells work on muggles, but here it goes."

"Rennervate," Ginny said as the cooling power under her wand flowed out and around the Blackfish, a shade of blue run down his face, as a light evaporated the wrinkles turning him and his features into a young man.

Ginny giggled and thought he resembled her favorite brother bill " what did you do to me Ginny" as he looked in awe at his hands.

"I feel healthy and alive again" he swung his sword with new found strength "I'm not sure if its permanent blackfish, don't get used to it" as Ginny turned and heard the dark shouting coming from the trees left by her devastation.

"Well, young Las I'm waiting for this spell to jump out of your sleeve." Ginny turned and pouted " jokes now old man " he laughed " can't call me that now " as he winked.

Ginny shouted " Mi Ani Magus" the whole world twisted around her; she felt so dizzy as trees and ground became blurs of brown and green, then she felt it course through her the presence of the cheetah run in her mind as her paws found the ground.

Ginny looked up; everything was it sharp in detail, she looked at the Blackfish his face was agape, and his smooth and unblemished features were carrying a light haze that made his eyes stand out like a sea of blue, " well... I wasn't expecting that young one, come follow me" as he reared his horse, Ginny picked up her wand with her sharp teeth and took off at an exhilarating speed down the road.

Ginny could see everything still as she was moving faster at every stride, they went flying off down the gravel road as blurs of red and black, Ginny ears pricked to a loud roar from behind them " get them." the massive giant pointed his massive great sword at them.

Two gold riders shot out from the trees in front of them, Ginny leap into the air with her powerful legs, and her sharp claws ripped into the neck of one man, taking him straight to the ground.

When his voice gurgled out blood like a fountain of water, the second man tried to swing his sword at Ginny.

Ginny dodged it by a second; she then leaps at a tree pushing herself gracefully at the second man taking his head in her claws and driving him to the ground with a loud crack.

Ginny looked up to the sounds of the giant roaring at the two of them like a freight train; Ginny bolted off with tremendous speed in the other direction with the blackfish closely behind.