Summary: After the events of "Pin the Blame on the Genie" Sofia's crush on Kazeem only grew she been crushing on him ever scene him and Sofia became friends. Can she admit it? Or will she blow it off. Read and find out!

Sofia and Kazeem have just put Omar's lap in the cage thing.

'Just tell him.' Sofia's heart tells her but she is scared that he will think she is to young to fall in love him.

'I guess I should try' she thinks.

"Ka-zeem" she curses herself for stuttering.

" Yes Sofia what is it." he asks.

'Here I go.'

"I k-inda have a- crush on you." she turns away with a huge blush on her face while Kazeem looks at her in shock.

"You have a crush on me?" Kazeem asks still in shock.

"Y-es." Sofia says completely embarrassed.

"I kinda liked you to" Kazeem says.

Right after he said that he kissed her and when he did Sofia eyes widened in shock. After the shock whore off she kissed back as she put her tongue in his mouth and it turn into a french kiss. When the kiss broke they hugged each other knowing that the will always have each other.

To be continued...