Sofia and Kazeem just woke up both naked they see this and blush because they realized it wasn't a was a little horny so she gently wrapped her hand around Kazeem's cock and moved her hand up and down his shaft making him rock hard. She then put her lips on the tip of his cock and opened her mouth and gave him a blowjob. While she was sucking him off he held her head steady for her. She started to suck faster and he was getting very close to cumming.

"I'm about to...cum!" Kazeem says.

"Do my... mouth!" Sofia says with her mouth almost full.

Kazeem cums in her mouth and face and she kisses him and shares his cum and he actually likes it. When the kiss breaks she licks the cum off her cheeks and smiles sexualy at Kazeem.

They both get dressed and Sofia's parents call her and Kazeem to come home with them.

When Sofia and Kazeem get there Amber and James ask "Who is that?"

"His name is Kazeem" started blushing "my boyfriend."

"You have a boyfriend?" They ask shocked.

Sofia blushes crimson and says "Yes."

"When did this happen?" Amber asks.


"How far did you take it?" Amber asks smirking.

"Uhh… nun of your business." She said embarrassed.

To be continued...