Five little facts about the Groms.

Note; I do not own Stoked or any of its Characters.

This is just a small piece I thought would be fun, if anybody likes it I'll continue it. Critique welcome, but please be specific.

Chap 1; Reef.

He was bullied ruthlessly as a kid, for being a band geek, so he remade himself from the inside out as an awesome surfer dude, (or at least what he thought an awesome surfer dude was).

He still feel a bit guilty about his chest tatoo, because he knows his mom would disapprove of it.

His fear of the dark comes from an incident, where his older cousins locked him in a closet overnight: He never was able to get over it completely.

He really does care about Lo, and is glad she ended up someone who would treat her right. He did warn Broseph about what would happen if he didn't (just incase).

He slightly resents Ty, for being the kind of guy he always tried to be, and managing to keep his passion. Him being able to do it all without trying didn't help.

I had a lot of fun writing this, and I just wanting say thank you for reading. If you want to see any more, leave a comment telling me who you want next. I know its rough around the edges and I want to improve so don't feel the need to hold back in your criticisms.