It was a peaceful day for Saitama. He was wearing his yellow and white hero uniform, and as his caped fluttered in the passing breeze he held up a small mountain of shopping between his hands. The bags were piled on top of each other precariously, as if they might fall at any moment, and as such Saitama was shuffling down the road at a moderately slow pace to prevent any accidents. It took him ages to get the bags in the right position so he could carry them at once, and that was a process he was NOT going to repeat.

"It'll all be worth it though," he thought to himself. "I mean a 90% off sale? That's insane! Dam, was I lucky to have been returning from the bank down in Vale, or I would never have found this! I'm gonna be fed for a week!"

Now, Saitama lived in Village Z, a couple miles away from the city of Vale. This meant that it didn't get as much protection as some of the closer villages and therefore had less people, shops, and just about anything that required a sizeable population, namely in this case, a bank.

On the other hand it meant that rent was dirt cheap.

The village was pretty run down as it was, and though Saitama didn't care for it he lived in the part of the village that was closed off for a reason similar to Mountain Glenn; too many Grimm kept passing through despite the lack of general negativity, and if it wasn't Grimm then it was bandits who needed to recuperate, and if not that then it was Saitama himself going back home. Needless to say, he didn't have many neighbours.

The Grimm weren't actually that much trouble to Saitama, even if he sometimes wished they posed a small challenge. His dulled emotions could barely make the Grimm even slightly curious, and they never put up much of a fight. When he felt like killing one for the sake of it, they would turn tail (quite literally for the few that had tails) and run in the other direction. Some weird old dude with a walking stick told him he released a killing intent that could scare anything with a head on its shoulders.

The guy needed to get a life. That stuff only exists in dumb anime shows.

But anyway, it was as Saitama was walking home that a couple of thugs spotted him. They were dressed in black leather armour, with red shoulder, elbow and knee guards. Their torsos were also covered in the same blood red defence to protect them from knife wounds to the gut, in case any other members of the group tried to prove they were the strongest with a sneak attack.

One could never be too careful in a bandit tribe.

They also had weapons of varying kinds hanging from their belts. About three had decided to keep it simple, with an ordinary red sword with a sheath that could also fire. One had a mighty double edged war-axe that could fire shotgun pellets from the top of the shaft, using the recoil to swing faster. The rest simply used either guns or normal non-transforming melee weapons. Each had a Grimm mask of either a Beowolf or an Ursa (there was that one guy who had a Boarbatusk mask) covering their facial and hair features (with the exception of one woman whose red hair spilled out on the sides), and upon seeing Saitama each gained a predatory smile.

"Well what do we have here?" called out one, as they stalked towards Saitama, quickly surrounding him. "Looks like someone wandered into the wrong neighbourhood." His head poking from the side of the huge pile of shopping, Saitama looked in confusion at the people around him. "What are they talking about? This is... oh, right, because this place is supposed to be closed off." With this knowledge in hand, Saitama knew what he must do.

"Look, I know this place is supposed to be closed off, but I still live here and the Grimm don't bother me, so it's cool." Suddenly feeling a little concerned, Saitama's brow furrowed. "What are you guys doing here though? And what's up with all the padding? Is there a bike tour I don't about, or is this another one of those safety demonstrations? I swear, if it's another one of those..."

"What?!" shouted the head honcho of the group, his face scrunching up in anger and confusion. Who was this weirdo in the strange clothing, calling them a health and safety group? "We ain't no health and safety group!"

"So you're bikers? Be careful then, these streets are kind of dangerous. Wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you before the race started." Wouldn't want...? Oh, he was in for it now.

"Stop looking down on us! We are the Branwen bandit tribe, who value strength above everything else! Tear him to pieces!" Huh? Weird name for a cycling team. But then again, what did he know? If that was their hobby, kudos to them. He was going to keep walking when he felt a shadow fall on him from behind. "What?" he thought. He turned his head only to see the same mighty war axe from earlier descending on him.

"Oh crap!" he panicked. "If he hits my food, there's no way it won't fall and get damaged! And the market place is guaranteed to have sold out by now, so I can't buy more!"

The other goons were pretty confident in their victory. Felix Hunter was the strongest in the group by a significant margin, thanks to his strength boosting semblance, and they'd all seen what his war-axe, or Backbreaker as he called it, could do to enemy huntsman and Grimm. This civilian in the weird yellow, white and red clothing didn't stand a chance.

Only two of the goons were unsurprised from the outcome, and that was only because Felix smashed into one of the other punks in the group hard enough to knock them both out instantly, aura and all. It was only when they woke up the next day did the events of this fight come into their knowledge.

The others felt the jaws drop at the sight of the Felix-and-goon shaped hole a hundred metres away. Meanwhile, Saitama's leg slowly retracted from his balanced kicking position until he was standing back in his normally again. Miraculously, not a single item had fallen from any of his bags, a fact which Saitama didn't want to change. He did, however, sigh as the other goons regained their composure and glared angrily at him. "I guess this does sorta give me a challenge... but if I drop anything, there'll be hell to pay." And with this thought in mind, he prepared himself as the group all charged at him at once.

In the street next to the ongoing fight

Raven studied the map as she planned her next attack. The numbers in her rank had swelled over recent times, which was hardly unsurprising. The attack on Vale and destruction of Beacon had led to many people moving to either other kingdoms (with the exception of Atlas, who had closed off their borders to all but the SDC) or to the nearby villages, where they hoped they would be safe from the White Fang. This meant that the villages had to be able to defend themselves, and therefore trained more, stronger guardians to protect them from the increased Grimm attacks.

All of this meant that when the Branwen tribe showed them how weak and useless they actually were... well there was a higher chance that some would accept the offer to become strong. And as long as they followed the rules of the tribe, then whatever petty reasons they fought for mattered little.

She had chosen city Z as her base of operations because of the lack of... well, anything that could hinder her. No one travelled through the closed off area, so there was no chance of them being discovered, and on the off chance someone did wander and discover them, their deaths and lack of a body would be put down to the Grimm. The Grimm themselves were more often than not weak, but they were frequent enough that they could train new recruits against them. This also reinforced a core idea for the tribe – if they failed, there would be no second chance.

She had just decided on attacking a port town to the far south of the land connecting Vale and Mistral, when one of her subordinates flew through the window and smashed her table to pieces. She did not recognise nor care for who the person was – they had proven themselves weak and would therefore perish – but who had they fought against? Studying the space that used to have been occupied by a wall, she could see several of her allies fighting one man in a ridiculous yellow outfit with a cape and... were those shopping bags?

"Why can't you crazy bikers leave me alone? I don't have a problem with your Bandwagon vibe or whatever it was!" What was the fool talking about?

As she saw multiple of her high ranking comrades knocked out on the floor, Raven growled. It seemed she would have to deal with this herself.

If the Line break doesn't work, then this'll do

Saitama was growing increasingly worried he'd have to spend another hour stacking shopping bags on each other, or worse, have to leave some bags here and make multiple journeys, and there was no way he was leaving his food to chance. But the crazy cyclists just kept on coming! Left, right, above, behind, even below sometimes, everywhere he looked another was coming! And some had weird weapons like machine-gun lances, or flamethrowers, and it was becoming extremely difficult to move fast enough to get out the way but not drop his shopping, or kick the people who got to close or even see everyone when his sight was blocked, and he REFUSED to drop his food, because a hero, even one for a hobby, can never fold in the face of overwhelming odds.

"Enough!" shouted a female voice. Instantly all of the bikers stopped what they were doing and retreated to a safe ("yeah, like there is one" thought Saitama) distance, sneering at Saitama with newfound confidence. A couple of the unconscious thugs were pulled away as well, but most were simply left where they were.

"What kind of club cares that little about its members? I'm going to have to talk to whoever owns it. Then there's why they were all attacking me..." All of this Saitama pondered as he failed to notice the woman on the building in front of him. To be fair, it was quite a tall building, and he still had a huge pile of shopping blocking his view.

"Okay, I'm not sure what this was all about, but I've gotta go, so good luck in your-"

"Silence!" It was only now that Saitama knew where she – and he was certain it was a she by her voice – was, but he couldn't look at her because the sun was behind her and he couldn't block it because his hands were full.

"Stupid dramatic poses. It's not like announcing your presence to the enemy is ever helpful." Thankfully she jumped, landing in another dramatic pose (think Iron man) before slowly pulling herself up, her hand on the hilt of a sword with an abnormally large sheath. Like the others, she too wore bike protection pads, the signature uniform colours and a Grimm mask (kids need to take that stuff seriously) covering her face, but hers seemed more aggressive, with the Grimm mask being more detailed and the elbow guard extended down to just above her wrist to give the maximum protection while still keeping the same amount of movement. She even wore a dress, further highlighting the difference between her and the others.

"I have raised these people to be strong. That is the philosophy of my tribe. The strong live. The weak die. That is the rule of the world, without prejudice to gender, colour, religion or species. That is how I know that they are some of the strongest in the land. Yet you, a simple civilian defeated them without a single injury. Tell me, what is your semblance? It must be strong, if it can single-handedly take out my more than capable subordinates. I can assure you, with one as powerful as yours if you join you shall be able to attain a high ranking position with ease, and we won't hold this encounter against you. You can rest assured; those who started this incident shall be punished accordingly."

Everyone stared at Saitama as they saw his face covered by the shadow of the shopping, a serious look being seen for the first time thus far. Everyone, even Raven to a lesser extent, held their breath in anticipation of what his reaction would be. He had managed to beat so many of the tribe with kicks alone, but they only had rumours to go on for Raven's strength. What would he choose?

They stayed in this state for a full minute. Saitama's face never changed, maintaining the same focus throughout. Slowly it started to lower, until it was in an almost subdued position. He was going to join?

"No, you can't take my house; I'll pay the rent I swear!" Everyone jerked back in shock as Saitama shouted out in surprise, his eyes blinking rapidly as he took in the sunlight again. "Oh, did you finish? I'm sorry I fell asleep, it's just that I've had a long day and it's getting late and you wouldn't get to the point, talking about how cyclists need to be strong to catch your vibe, so I'll just be on my way if you don't mind."

Everyone stared at him in shocked silence as he started to slowly meander along the street, keeping his tower of food supplies aloft. Raven's expression was unsurprisingly unreadable, given the mask covering her face, but if anyone could see it they would run for the hills, catch a bus, go to the airport, catch a plane, go to NASA (which unfortunately for the people of RWBY, doesn't exist), hop on a rocket, blast to Mars and promptly blow it up.

Needless to say, there's a good reason team STRQ didn't stay together.

Faster than anyone could see, Raven summoned a crimson portal behind Saitama and dived out, her sword sweeping out in a horizontal arc to separate his head from his shoulders. He thought he could simply run away after looking down on her?! Did he take her for a fool?! She was Raven Branwen of the Branwen tribe, who had taken down some of the strongest villages single-handedly, and whose people defeated the Grimm on a daily basis because they were strong enough to take on anything. And this one idiot, who probably never worked hard a day in his life, just waltzed in here, beat them up and thought he could get away with it? Raven growled as she willed her sword to swing faster. She would make him pay!

Saitama took an extra fast step forward, and her sword cut through the air in such a way that no one cared enough to notice the special way it cut through the air, only that it swung back again in an upward motion with just as much speed. "There's no way he can dodge that," thought Raven, smiling a maniacal grin.

He took another fast step forward, turning his head with some difficulty to regard Raven with an annoyed glare.

"Would you cut that out? I would have been home ages ago if your cycling clique hadn't bothered me, and there isn't enough time left in the day for me to cook what I wanted."

For a moment Raven's movements faltered from her rage and confusion, but she regained her composure quickly. He must have been trying to fool her with his words. So she would ignore them. Her sword rested by her side as she pulled out her sheath, removing the safety and immediately opening fire on the bald idiot. At point-blank range there was no chance of him dodging, and he would not be able to block in time while carrying the huge amount of baggage in his hands.

He rapidly moved to the side, struggling to balance his shopping by leaning against the tower, but as Raven continued to fire he had no choice but to block it with his body. He could only hope that his food would make it out unharmed as he speed-walked away, covering as much of his bags as he could. Unfortunately, he made a vital mistake – when the bullets ricochet, where did the go?

The answer was into his shopping. A bullet tore through the bottom of one of the bags, dropping the milk inside, which could no longer hold up the bags above, so they fell and pulled in the bags next to them, and then the whole mountain of shopping fell at once, leaving the edible rubble strewn across the floor.

The tension in the air increased to astronomical levels until it was so thick you could cut through it with an ice cream scoop. Everyone, even Raven, took a step back as they felt pure death seem to radiate off of Saitama, and all those present (with the exception of Raven) were glad that it wasn't focused on them.

Saitama glared back at Raven from the corner of his eye. Gone was the slouched position, the unsure footing, the sense of boredom. In its place was doom. "When I find this group online... I WILL make you pay for the food you just wasted." What?

Raven was still shocked from the killing intent, but if she wasn't she would have been extremely confused. He cared that much about his shopping? Either way, it wouldn't have changed the outcome. When she woke it was to find her mask in pieces (some of which had to be removed from her face), her clothes in tatters, her sword and sheath broken, and a frontline seat to two Raven sized holes in a row stretching across two streets. Lengthways.

"How... how did... but that's... no. I... I must become stronger... strong enough to defeat him... then I can lead my tribe again." Groaning in pain, she heaved herself up and, with some difficulty, stood on her own two feet. Summoning a shaky, flickering portal in front of her, Raven stumbled through.

"I have... to train... till I am strong!"

And that is it! A pretty long one shot as far as one shots go, but I guess that's just the way it is. It was an idea I had for a while, mainly because it occurred to me how Raven and Sonic are sort of similar – they think they are the strongest, and while I have to guess with Raven, I think that if someone proved to her that they were stronger than her she would try to become stronger herself. Honestly, at that point the difference between them may as well not exist. Anyway, hope it was worth your time. If you want, I guess I could continue it, but that seems an unlikely outcome.