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Victory was at hand for Cinder, and if it wasn't for the fight (if one could even call it that) she was having right now, she would have laughed out loud. As it was, she found it impossible to remove the smile from her features, despite the blade she was keeping at bay from her neck.

She had won. Months of planning, infiltration, making connections, changing her plans to adjust to the failures of her subordinates, incorporating new advantages given by her advisories, it had all paid off.

She still couldn't believe the foolishness demonstrated by her nemesis. To hide such a powerful weapon underneath the school? It was a mystery how he had resisted the might of Salem for so long. His predecessor was no doubt responsible for that, whispering in his ear what to do the whole time. But that time had passed. Now the fool would have to scare another innocent into a fight they would surely lose, giving Salem's plans plenty of time to succeed.

After all, who could possibly replace Ozpin? Glynda would have to adjust to the role of headmistress, fully in charge of the remainder of Beacon's students – provided Cinder left any when she was done. Ironwood thought he could keep his people safe, but in reality he was so predictable it was child's play to make the monkey dance however she wanted. And Qrow? Ha! A teacher he may be, but a leader he was not.

And so it was that while preventing Pyrrha's blade from embracing her throat she smirked as she saw the mighty Grimm dragon fly towards her, obeying her command as all things should. This child thought she could stand against her when she had the power of a goddess and control over the most feared army of the land?

Cinder almost felt sorry for the little girl. Almost.

Heating the inside of her hands till they were hot enough to melt through steel, Cinder shattered the Invincible Girl's sword before elbowing her in the stomach as hard as she could, sending her flying away to the other side of the room while the nightmarish dragon destroyed the clock tower, forever silencing the CCT and Vale's Beacon of hope.

She grinned. The Grimm would run rampant tonight.

Except something was wrong. The force that destroyed the tower did not come from the right direction. If the dragon had been in front of her then the rest of the rubble should have been thrown in the same direction as Pyrrha, who currently lay battered against the remnant of the wall of the office.

So why were some pieces still falling from the sky?

5 minutes earlier

Obliterating the Griffon with barely a passing glance, Saitama grew increasingly frantic. He knew he left it around here somewhere, but where? Ugh, if only all these Grimm would get out of the way, finding that shopping bag he dropped off would be so much easier. It had the time and location for a huge sale in it, and there was no way he was passing up on that. Slapping the baby Nevermore into the stratosphere (Did Nevermore's have kids?), he grew concerned. Why were there so many Grimm anyway? Village Z had been pretty quiet recently, what with that tournament happening over in Vale. Apparently it was vital for something, though he couldn't say he knew what.

Either way, there wasn't any reason for the Grimm to be attacking the place when all that was left was him and a couple of people in the bunker on the opposite side of town. Heck, they usually ran away the moment he felt like fighting them, so for these low-level Grimm to be coming after him was a mystery in itself. Were they low level? That elephant was pretty big, but he couldn't compare its strength to anything.

Wait... if more Grimm like those elephants came, they might trample on his shopping! And everyone knows a hero must be always be willing and able to protect what was important to him. Without a moment's hesitation, Saitama ran at speeds the eye couldn't follow, moving throughout the town and swiftly dispatching of any and all Grimm in sight. He even jumped up to knock away some of the flying types, using his "Serious Series: Serious Pinball" move to bounce between them and get back down to the ground quickly (sure, he could have just used the shockwave from a punch, but the destruction of the town would be guaranteed. Oblivious he may be, but stupid and impulsive he was not).

It was as he was falling that Saitama heard the ear-splitting shriek. Turning towards mountain Glenn (see? Not stupid) he could make out what seemed to be an explosion of rock before... was that a dragon?

Saitama practically vibrated in excitement. Those were always super strong in the stories right? Well, maybe this one could stand up to him? It was heading towards Vale, but distance was hardly a problem. Besides, as a hero, it was his responsibility to check up on the place now that his own village was Grimm-free. Picking up a brick and cleaving a Creeper in two from a couple hundred metres away with it (Village Z would REMAIN Grimm-free), he jumped at a speed far above terminal velocity, using a method he had perfected after countless times of accidently destroying random streets.

The method in question being landing at Beacon (it took him quite a few tries to get the distance right, but the old man with the cane had been rather forgiving), rolling a couple times to lose momentum, then getting into a standing position to truly lower his speed. It was pretty effective as far as landing strategies went.

So he was rather disappointed in himself when he heard and felt the tearing of metal around him. When he stood up he saw that he had ploughed through these two robots, but hey, they could be repaired right? Nevertheless, he saw he was directly underneath the Grimm dragon. Bending his knees to prepare for the jump, Saitama allowed himself to build up hope. Maybe this would be different?

Present time

"Are you two okay? I didn't hold back as much as I probably should have. I didn't hurt you did I?"

Immediately Cinder turned to face her new opponent. Wearing an obnoxious yellow one-piece costume with a shiny gold buckle, a flowing white cape and a pair of blood red boots and gloves, the man had the striking image of a lazily drawn super hero, even down to his perfectly bald head. Cinder narrowed her eyes. Just how had he gotten up there so quickly, and more importantly, where was the Grimm dragon?

At least one of her questions was answered by a humongous tooth slamming down beside her, missing her by scant inches as it continued to dissolve. Cursing herself for letting down her guard Cinder got into a fighting stance, using her newfound power to hover just above the ground and summon a flame into her hand.

She was promptly knocked to the side by what used to have been a support beam, courtesy of the semblance belonging to a recovered Pyrrha Nikos.

Diving to retrieve her shield, Pyrrha held it in front of her as protection while Cinder blew the remains of the clockwork off of her and flew into the air, blasting three streams of fire towards her. Pyrrha was able to leap out of the way of two of them but was forced to block the third. The force of it threw her backwards and set up a wall of fire between them, blocking both girls' view of the other.

"What the heck is going on here? Why are you two fighting, and what is up with the Grimm attacks?"

Turning to the baldy in a blazing fury, Cinder did not even try to keep her burning hatred hidden. "Be quiet! Wait for your turn to die. I have some questions I would prefer answered." Unfortunately for Cinder, this wasn't some dumb anime world in which when people are fighting and someone talks to someone else the fight magically stops.

No, this was a world where people didn't kill others despite saying they wanted to*, where people let their enemies walk past them if it meant they only fought one of them despite them being able to take on more*, where mistakes and problems get picked up on by You Tubers who make shows like "An honest look at RWBY*," in which fairy tales came to life in the form of monsters, heroes, dragons and knights.

In conclusion, Pyrrha's shield hit Cinder's unprotected and distracted in the back.

Once more Cinder cursed herself at her lack of attention before gasping in shock at the number of metal items floating around her. With her concentration fixed above her, she didn't notice Pyrrha's shield until it slammed into her legs, flipping her so that a clockwork cog could slam into her midriff and pin her to the ground. Summoning her shield back to her, Pyrrha strained at the effort required to hold so many heavy objects in the air at once before slamming them as hard as they could on the one responsible for the monstrosity occurring throughout the city.

In this brief moment of respite she saw the newcomer. His tacky uniform aside, the man was an opportunity that Pyrrha needed to use. But not one that could save her...

"Please," she begged him, her eyes pleading, "You have to run. I won't be able to hold her off much longer, so I need you to get help. Glynda, Ironwood, Port, anyone you can find, tell them the attacker is on the tower! Quickly, whi-" but it was too late. Cinder burst free of her metal cage in a shower of molten metal, blasting one of the cogs that trapped her straight towards Pyrrha. Unable to dodge or manipulate the metal in time, Pyrrha instead braced herself and held her shield before her as it slammed with the force of a truck, throwing her back from the strength of its flight and sending her into the remains of Ozpin's office walls.

Pyrrha felt the difference instantly. She was out of aura. Nevertheless, Pyrrha had to fight. For her friends – no, they were worth far more to her than that. Especially him. How she wished they could have had one last moment together...

As Cinder materialised and drew her bow, Pyrrha picked herself up, spinning quickly to gain momentum then throwing her shield with all her might at her adversary. Her aim struck true, shattering the arrow that would surely have deeply wounded her. Yet... it reformed? Pyrrha could do nothing as it flew towards her ankle except brace for the pain.

A pain that she never felt.

For instead the man stood before her, holding not only the arrow that had been fated to hit her, but also the shield she threw away. While Pyrrha couldn't see his face, she could feel the annoyance radiating off of him, from the way he held himself to the unseen force pulsating off of him. If only it wasn't aimed at her.

"Will you two stop fighting already? Someone could get seriously hurt!" Shocked silence ensued. What on Remnant was he talking about? And how did he get there so fast? Not noticing or not caring, he continued to talk. "I mean, there look to be a lot of Grimm out there and you haven't told me why, and you guys pick now of all times to have a training battle, without any instructors to stop you from going too far? What is wrong with your sense of timing?! Something serious is going on out there! What kind of trainee heroes are you?" Shaking his head in disappointment, he handed Pyrrha back her shield, which she automatically took despite her mind having shut down. What was with this man?

What did shake her from her stupor was yet another new face leaping onto the roof. The sight of her semblance and cloak meant Pyrrha knew who it was even before Ruby lifted her head and spotted her. "Pyrrha!" she cried, zipping over to her in a flurry of rose-petals and hugging her so hard that Pyrrha couldn't breathe. "I was so worried! Jaune said you were fighting someone on the tower and-"

Ruby's words seemed to catch up with her as she unfurled Crescent Rose and spun around, her battle stance shifting as she accommodated for the two potential enemies in front of her. Her eyes were narrowed in anticipation for the fight that she knew was going to ensue. "Who are you two? And why did you attack Pyrrha?!"

The bald man in the yellow costume was the first to speak, not even a hint of worry, anger, or any emotion at all in his voice other than boredom. "My name's Saitama. I'm a hero for fun, and to be honest I still don't know why the Grimm are here. Does anyone feel like telling me, or-?"

"I brought the Grimm," declared the older woman, forming two short swords from seemingly nowhere. "I first brought them in the breach, and then ordered my associate to trick the invincible girl into killing her opponent. For you see- ack!" Cinder collapsed as the bald guy slapped her on the check, and the hit would have sent her flying off of the tower if the same man hadn't then caught her. Turning to the two slack-jawed children, he raised his eye-brow in confusion.

"What?" he asked, not really understanding why they seemed so shocked. "We all heard her admit to murder and for releasing the Grimm. So let's hand her over to the authorities. Come on, before we catch a cold from the breeze up here. It's cold when you're this high up!" And with that, he nonchalantly jumped off of the tower.

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