Dark Love

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Chapter 10: The wedding: preparations.

Harry was fidgeting. He had returned to Japan the day before, and he was now being fitted for a tuxedo by a set of dark elementals, and a white light elemental, whom were making it out of 'elemental cloth' or cloth made of their elements solidified.

It was his preferred material for clothes, that any elementals who create the stuff are all too happy to make his clothes with it in exchange for some of his magical energy.

His fiancees were being treated to formal wedding kimonos made of the same material and were discovering why Harry loved the stuff.

Ibaraki-Douji was having an outfit created by fire elementals, which matched with her fiery personality and color preferences, while Shuten-Douji was working with a set of water elementals.

This was, of course, was in preparation for the 'small' wedding ceremony.

Harry snorted in humor. He had seen the plans for the 'small' ceremony.

The guest list was nearly three hundred and contained many of his fiancee's family and clan members, as well as the few friends they made in the school. Mina had volunteered to officiate the wedding.

A second reason for the double ceremony idea was that some the other Yokai clans couldn't send high enough representatives to the wedding of the Oni heiresses for the two not to consider it an insult, even if the clans knew that the two wouldn't take it that way, their pride wouldn't let them send a lesser representative than the event deserved.

The Open space that was being used was an outdoor shrine, and the seating would be impressive in a cathedral.

Harry had been informed that if everything was being done 'properly' the first time, the wedding would have thousands in attendance.

At least the outfits would be acceptable for the 'real' wedding as well. And Harry had already commissioned some dance outfits for the Yule Ball at Hogwarts.

Shaking his head, Harry noticed his outfit was done, and the inside was lined with Fire element cloth so that he wouldn't freeze at the high altitude that the oni clans live at.

Now he needed to start writing his vows, as it is Oni tradition for everybody to write their own.

An hour later he was looking at the blank piece of paper, not knowing where to begin.


Ibaraki-Douji shuddered as she felt the soft silk-like material being draped about her, and she vowed to thank Harry for introducing her to it, and then yell at him for not showing her the material sooner.

Her flame-colored kimono was taking shape quickly, and she made a mental note to pay the magical cost for more outfits in the future, as she didn't want to exhaust her future husband while replacing her wardrobe.

There are far better ways to exhaust him after all.


Shuten-Douji was having very similar thoughts as she was fitted with her deep blue kimono.

She always wondered why Harry's outfits seemed so tough, yet soft and smooth, and now she knew.

She wondered how much magic Harry was 'paying' the elementals for their outfits.

She would have to show her appreciation during their honeymoon.


The days between their return to Japan, and the wedding was filled with hectic preparations, despite the fact that many of the decisions were made without the brides' or the groom's input, as they were a quarter of a world away, and not available for quick consultation, which was yet another reason for a 'real' ceremony later.

The trio split up to make whatever decisions still needed to be made, as there was some wiggle room in the preparations, just not enough for everybody to work together.

Harry did something he hated, just to cut down on his fiancee's workload, he volunteered to vet the press.

Before him, he saw press from both Japan and Great Briton and scowled as he saw Rita Skeeter there as one of the representatives of the Daily Prophet.

The first thing he did when he noticed her, he said say, "Representative from the Prophet, thank you for coming, but if she is the best you have, your services will not be needed."

"Now see here you little," the director of that paper said angrily.

"No you see here, if you think I would allow a reporter internationally known to lie to make people look bad to my wedding, you have another thing coming. Now leave, and if she sneaks into the wedding, I will file a suit against you via the ICW."

The director scowled, first at the boy, then at the reporter, he brought with him, then stormed out with the reporter departing after shooting a glare at the boy.


Outside the director turned on the woman and snarled, "Miss Skeeter, you told me that you had developed a rapport with the boy during the weighing of the wands, and now I'm finding out that you lied to me, and cost us the story, now the only British paper that will be covering it will that rag of Lovegood's. I will have to check if what that boy said is true, my great grandfather did not create the paper to be an international laughing stock."

"But..." the tabloid reporter started in a panic, as she knew that anyone checking her articles for accuracy would come up very short, even those based off unaltered interviews.

Mainly because she only used the interview that served her purpose, and ignored any evidence to the contrary.

She would have to convince the director to abandon this idea.

"Be quiet, I'm thinking of who to send to try and get a representative at the wedding. To miss the wedding of the boy-who-lived when the Quibbler was allowed to attend would hurt my paper!" the man ranted as he departed the building.

The worried and angry reporter followed, in her eyes she had done nothing wrong.


"Sorry about that, I didn't want to have that reporter anywhere near my wedding, now may I get introductions?" Harry politely said.

As he was introduced to the Japanese papers, and the Quibbler he noted that they had brought their most accurate and well-known reporters, and he granted them all permission to come.

The fact that the people getting married were heirs to an important part of the magical community in Japan, made the wedding news enough to send the best.

And so a minor annoyance with the preparations was finished in only a few hours.


Shuten-Douji was dealing with the final decisions on the cake and food, the choices weren't what she would have chosen if she had been able to be more involved, but they were... adequate.

Shaking her head, she continued choosing the food, knowing that the others would be used later among the clan.


Ibaraki-Douji was in a similar situation with the decorations, although those could be changed easier than the food, but she really couldn't get into the kind of detail that she normally would have liked to have gone into.

She quickly made what changes she could, taking into account her co-wife's taste and her future husbands.


Sirius was looking at a paper in both shock and anger.

Shock because his godson, one that he hasn't seen in thirteen years was getting married, and he was way too young, in Sirius's opinion to get married, and shouldn't have been forced into it because of insufficient security on a magical artifact.

Anger primarily because he felt he should be there! He was the boy's godfather, and he couldn't even find a way to get close to him! He didn't know where the boy's school was, and since he had no reason to be there, he hadn't been told. None of his letters have been responded to. He couldn't go to England because they still had a kiss on sight order on him. Lastly, he had no idea where the wedding will take place.

He needed a drink, badly.

His hopes would be answered soon.


Harry, two nights before the ceremony, decided to look at the letters the man claiming to be his godfather had sent him. He had them, but he was feeling spiteful about being sent to the Dursleys, when it was this man's job to take care of him, that he deliberately ignored the letters.

Now, on the verge of one of the biggest moments of his life, a niggling feeling of guilt hit him, and so he started reading.

Three hours later he put down the last one and sighed. He didn't know what to do, he was resentful that Sirius had just forked him over to Hagrid so that Dumbledore could place him with the Dursleys.

The resentment burned.

So he did what any man would do when faced with a dilemma and had loved ones nearby.

Shu-chan, Iba-chan, Leilah, and Helina, I have a problem," Harry said, and then explained about his godfather, how he was handed over so he could go for revenge (and because there was a very big magically resistant man demanding it), and the fact that if Sirius hadn't handed him over, his early childhood could have been better. Then he told them the contents of the letters, letters that asked for an honest chance to be in his life.


Ibaraki-Douji was the first to respond, "My opinion is to burn him. He had his chance."

Shuten-Douji disagreed, "I say give him a chance, invite him to the wedding, and speak with him at the reception, where you have backup if things go wrong."

Leilah scowled and put her two yen in, "While I'm grateful for your situation drawing to me to you, the situation shouldn't have happened at all, I say ignore him."

Helina put her hand on Harry's shoulder, and Harry knew what her opinion was.

"Great, an even split. Okay let's do this the easy way," Harry commented sarcastically and pulled out a coin. "Heads I invite him, and attempt to forge a connection, tails I ignore him for now after sending a letter."

He then flipped a coin, that spun in the air, and then landed, with one side up.

Two of the four females looked at the coin in displeasure.


An owl flew away the next day, with a letter, one that had a former inmate cursing.

The letter was as follows.

To Mr. Black.

I have read your letters, and sincerest apologies for not responding sooner, there was a large amount of resentment about you abandoning your duty.

I will be, eventually, open to speaking to you, but I would rather not have a potentially disruptive at my wedding, I hope you understand.

We are leaving the day of the wedding to start our honeymoon, so we wouldn't have time to meet afterwards, and you can imagine the frantic pace of finishing up the preparations preclude us from meeting before the wedding.

After that, it's back to England for the rest of the tournament, which you still have a kiss on sight order in that country.

We will be having a 'real' wedding ceremony in July, as opposed to this rushed mess that we are forced to participate in because of our contract, we can meet after the tournament which is over a month before the 'official' wedding ceremony.

Just know that this is my life, and while I'll take advice, the decisions will be mine and not someone that is just entering it.

I will reply to your letters, just not for the next few weeks.


Harry James Potter.

The man, who wanted to curse up a storm was at least comforted by the fact that Harry was at least attempting to reach out to him in such a minor way, and if he played his cards right, he might be able to be a guest for what Harry referred to as the 'real' wedding ceremony.

Perhaps if he played his cards right he could be an actual part of said wedding, instead of a mere guest.

He could hope.


Meanwhile, a reporter from The Daily Prophet had arrived. She had been personally selected by the paper's editor because she's the most accurate reporter they have, that didn't devolve into an article that puts the readers to sleep by the end of the first sentence.

Seriously, that old reporter must have spelled the presses.

She was here in an attempt to get something for the Prophet, and her other employer, Witch Weekly, an article about the wedding of one of the biggest celebrities of the wizarding world, as well as attempt to get an interview on why he left the shores of his birth.

Approaching a table that was filled with paperwork, he cleared his throat to get the teenager's attention.


Harry was neck-deep in paperwork. This time it wasn't for the wedding. Gringotts had decided that now was the best time to dump both the paperwork that he needed to complete as the new head of the Potter Household on him and the paperwork concerning his finances.

He planned to drop the last section on some of the Oni Clan accountants, as soon as he found some trustworthy ones, or perhaps his headmistress knew of some other trustworthy Yokai Accountants.

He was not going to trust himself to see anything wrong with over a decade's worth of financial paperwork.

It was as he was sorting through the paperwork to extract the financial data, that he heard a woman clearing her throat.

He looked up and saw a young woman, and he simply said, "Yes?"

"My name is Samantha Wing, and I wish to convey the apologies of The Daily Prophet. Our owner wasn't informed about the nearly fictional accounts of Skeeter. They sent me to ask if I could be at the wedding to make an article for both the Prophet, and Witch Weekly," Samantha said calmly, and professionally. "and if at all possible, an interview about why you left England."

Harry sighed, and remained silent for a few minutes.

He respected a person or organization that admitted their mistakes, and after a moment replied, "One condition, I see the articles before you submit them. I will make time on my honeymoon to read them over and send them back. If I like them, and they printed the exact same way as the ones I approve, I will agree to the interview with the same condition."

"Deal," the woman replied while smiling. "Mind if I get some interviews here? I will leave your fiancees alone, but I'm curious at how other people think of the wedding."

"Fine. Just don't annoy them too badly," Harry said while glaring at a piece of paper he had picked up.

This one was an expense report as he had insisted he pay for some of the wedding preparations at least. He immediately signed and set it aside to be delivered ASAP.

The wedding was tomorrow after all.


End chapter.