A/N: Cissy is a lesser known character on Martha Speaks. Her only appearance is in season 6 episode 7 called The Mystery of the Missing Dino. So after Cissy solves TD's mystery she makes a new one for him. Our story starts with that very first clue:

Chapter One: A Mind Equal to His Own

TD walked down the front steps of Helen's house, Martha following behind.

"Cmon Martha! I have another mystery to solve!" TD exclaimed. They ran back to his house where he showed Martha the clue. He held it out for Martha to see.

"A pencil? How is a pencil a clue?" Martha looked at the pencil quizzically.

"But it's not just any pencil it's a mechanical pencil!" TD shouted.

"Uh… what's that got to do with it." Martha asked,

"Well, I don't really know but I bet there's something unusual about it." TD said. He popped off the eraser to see if there was any lead, a note flew out. "See I told you!" TD said proudly. Martha caught the rolled up piece of paper in her mouth and gave it to TD. TD read it aloud.

Your red token

left me pok'in

for the next clue

now I have one for you

"Huh?" Martha was confused.

"She's saying she has a new mystery for us!" TD smiled, he could read right through the poem into the message he was supposed to see.

"I don't get it, why is it written all weird like that then." Martha asked

"It's written in verse Martha. Verse is another word for a poem or song, this message is written as a poem. See how it rhymes?" TD explained

"Oh yeah! I see that now. But wait…. Who is 'she'? You said 'she' has a new mystery for us…" Martha asked again.

"'She' is Cissy, the girl who I made a mystery for remember? The Case of the Carnival Coin. We made it for her a few months ago and she solved it remember?" TD reminded Martha.

"Oh yeah, I remember that." Martha said, she poked at the note so it fell to the ground. Looked at it closely. "Wait a minute! She exclaimed, "This isn't a mystery for 'us' it says it's for 'you'! That means you TD."Martha nudged him.

"Hum…" TD murmured as he thought. His imagination went into overdrive, he imagined him finally solving the mystery and Cissy whispering to him, "You've finally got me. Now, do you want to know my secret?" then Cissy whispering to him, "I love you TD, I really do."

"Uh TD?" Martha asked, TD snapped back to reality. "Are you ok? Your face is kinda red." Martha remarked.

"Sorry Martha. Now, let's go solve this mystery!" TD shouted and marched out of the garage.

"Uh TD!?" Martha shouted to him, "You still don't have your first clue." TD raced back into the garage and flipped over the note. "Another call number!" He exclaimed.

It had been 6 months since his first mystery from Cissy. They had gotten one of their clues by finding a book at the library based on its call number on the back of a note. Martha bounded down the street, "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go find that book!" Martha called as TD raced after her.

TD rushed inside and went to a computer to look up the call number on note. He typed in SB176A422017c.1 and pressed Search. "A Book About Tomatoes?" TD remarked.

"Ooh so it's a book that's about tomatoes? Cool!" Martha responded.

"No look, it says the book is called A Book About Tomatoes, who calls a book something like that?" TD asked to no one in particular.

"Never mind if it's a good title or not, let's go find the book." Martha said and headed into the agriculture section of the library.

"Here it is." Said TD as he pulled out the book. He flipped through it and the next note fell out. Martha pushed it into TD's hand as he replaced the book onto the shelf.

"Read it out loud TD." Martha said. And so he did:

Look look look

You found your book

But you need to find mine

Before running out of time