"Welcome to Burpin' Burger, home of the Burpin' Burger, can I take your order?" Leni asked a random female customer.

"Let me get two Burpin' Burgers, with extra burp sauce." the female customer ordered.

"Yeah, this is me. Leni Loud. Working at Burpin' Burger." Leni narrated, breaking the fourth wall the same way Lincoln does. "How did it come to this? I'm not sure. But if you follow the words that are affected by the 'I' word thinny-thingie that make for a flashback, maybe you'll understand."

Lori and Leni were hanging out at the mall, the two of them walking through the aisle along with all the random passerby.

"So like, how can you afford those shoes without asking mom and dad for money?" Leni asked Lori.

"Because Leni, I literally had a job, which means I made my own money which means I paid for them." Lori explained.

"Ok, so where can I get one of these 'jobs'?" Leni asked.

Lori shrugged. "I don't know, but I literally heard they were hiring at the Burpin' Burger."

Leni cringed. "Eww! I don't wanna work with fast food! Especially fast food named after a bodily function! Gross!"

Lori thought for a moment, then smiled. "But it pays a lot of money! Like, literally, minimum wage."

"How much is that?" Leni asked.

Lori shrugged again. "I dunno, like, 7 dollars an hour?"

Leni gasped. "Seven dollars? That's a lot of money!" Leni smiled. "Ok, I'm in!"

"So yeah, being the dumb one of the family gets me into this kinda stuff. And my brain still hurts from figuring out who the dumb one is! Thank god Lisa finally told me before my brain exploded!" Leni finished narrating as she got the two Burpin' Burgers, then poured a bucket of Burpin' sauce on them."

"Excuse me, that's too much sauce!" The female customer complained.

"Uhhhhhh…..no." Leni trailed off. "Now how do I get these burgers to burp?"

"You don't make the burgers burp!" The customer continued to complain.

Leni took the soggy burgers and handed the to the customers, sipping off some of the sauce due to them leaving. Leni burped loudly in the customer's face, giggling. "Two Burpin' burgers, extra burp sauce! That'll be 8 dollars!"

"But you just- Ah forget it! I'm not eating here anymore!" the angry customer left.

"Burp on, sister!" Leni swung her fist. Then she was approached by another customer, a male teenager who looked like Josh Server. "Welcome to Burpin' Burger, home of the Burpin' Burger, can I take your order?"

"Yeah can you give me two Burpin' Burgers?" he asked, even sounding like Josh Server.

"But sir, I can't just give you two Burpin' Burgers, you have to pay for them." Leni stated.

"That's not what I meant!" Josh remarked, raising his voice. "I meant I'd like to order two Burpin' Burgers."

"Ok, in what order, sir?" Leni asked,

"What?" Josh's eye twitched, he was starting to get annoyed.

"Well, what order do you want them in? Which burger would you like to be first?" Leni pulled out two burgers.

Josh took a deep breath, despite Leni's ignorance pissing him off. "I would just like to buy these."

"Ok, in what order would you like to buy them, sir?" Leni asked.

"That's it!" Josh fumed. "Screw you and Burpin' Burger! I'm going to go have lunch at Fartin' Burger!" Josh stepped out.

"Ok! Bye!" Leni gleefully dismissed him. She stared into space, not noticing the next customer in front of her.

"Ahem." The next customer interrupted, but Leni wasn't paying attention to him. "Excuse me?"

"Oh, you're excused." Leni responded.

"I would like to order something." The customer stated.

"From where?" Leni asked.

"From here!" the customer remarked.

"Oh! In that case, welcome to Burpin' Burger, home of the Burpin' Burger, can I take your order?"

"Yes, can I have one Burpin' Burger with a side of Burpin' fries?" the customer ordered. "And make it to go."

"Go where?" Leni asked.

"To take outside." The customer responded.

"To where?" Leni shrugged.

The customer sighed. "Just give me my order."

Leni lifted her finger. "Oh right your order was one Burpin' Burger with a Burpin' fries side!" Leni stood there for a few moments.

"Umm, hello? My order?" the customer grew impatient.

"Oh it was a Burpin' Burger sided with Burpin' fries." Leni repeated, albeit differently.

"Yeah, so can you fill my order?" the customer asked.

"With what?" Leni asked.

"Lady! Just take my order!" the customer fumed.

"But you don't have a side burping burger and burping fries for me to take!" Leni raised her palms in defense.

The customer sighed. "Lady, I want you to give me one Burpin' Burger and one box of Burpin' fries for me to pay you for." he explained, trying to be as elaborate as possible.

"Ok sir!" Leni spoke into the microphone." One Burpin' Burger and fries!" then a random Burpin' Burger employee handed them to her and she put them on the counter. "That'll be 8 dollars."

"Eight dollars? Kinda high!" the customer complained.

"Sorry sir." Leni crouched down, speaking into the microphone in a deeper voice. "That'll be 8 dollars."

"What the hell is wrong with you?" The customer walked off.

"Stay burping!" Leni waved, then burped.