Josh Server, Lori Beth Lenberg, and even Kenan Thompson as Lester Oaks, Construction Worker, were all bickering in front of the Burpin' Burger, with Dan Schneider as the boss trying to get them to calm down.

"Hey Ed, where's that dumb blonde that we hired to take your place?" Dan asked. "Have you seen her?"

Kel Mitchell as Ed came out from the back. "" he responded.

Then, Leni Loud walked by, dressed in her normal home attire and putting her Burpin' Burger uniform on the table, which was neatly folded.

"Hey lady! Have you seen a blonde girl that looks exactly like you, but wearing that uniform you put on the table?" Ed asked, the other Nickelodeon celebrities and All That cast members all facepalming at Ed's stupidity.

"You guys, I'm quitting." Leni told them.

"What? Why in the wippity dig damn world would you do that?" Lester Oaks remarked, raising his arms.

"Because, I only took this job because I needed the money. But now I have a better job at the mall doing what I love, which is working with clothes! Which is basically it, yeah." Leni thought. "Anyway, Thanks for the stupid, dirty, greasy job that I only put up with for the money! Bye!" Leni waved to them and walked out the door.

"Heh heh. He just called all of you guys stupid, dirty and greasy." Ed chuckled, all the other special guests once again groaning or facepalming at Ed's dangerous stupidity.

"So what now?" Lori Beth brought up.

"Well, I guess we have to go back to doing All That." Lester Oaks shrugged, breaking character and going back to being Kenan Thompson.

"Yeah, dudes!" Ed cheered, the other cast members ignoring his method acting being part of his stupidity all they all left to go do a revival of All That, leaving Burpin' Burger deserted.