Jim was halfway dozing when they came out of lightspeed at their destination. He could see a huge, orange gas giant, but that was not where they were going. They were going to a small moon that orbited the giant…Yavin IV. The Enterprise was there also, and it stopped in orbit. Jim was glad to get off the Falcon. It had been a rough ride when they were escaping that Death Star. He stood there a moment as he felt just a little dizzy.

"Come on," Princess Leia said.

Jim went with her and the others and they met the leaders of the Rebellion, who were all glad to see Leia come back. She explained to them that the plans for the Death Star were hidden in Artoo-Detoo. "Let's just hope a weakness can be found," she said.

"We'll get on that right away," someone else replied.

"Jim Kirk, I'd like you to meet General Iblis," Leia said.

Jim shook hands with the general. "Pleased to meet you, Sir," he said.

"Kirk is the captain of a star ship, and they're willing to help us."

"That's wonderful," Iblis said.

"They're also lost, General. We must find a way to help them get back to their own galaxy."

"Galaxy? You're from another galaxy?"

"Yes," Jim answered. "We got here through a rift in space."

"Ah. I've heard of those. It is puzzling how they appear, however. It may be possible to open one if we knew what caused them."

"Are you saying it's hopeless?"

"No, but right now, we must prepare for this battle."

"He's right," Leia agreed. "They had to be tracking the ship. That Death Star will be here. You can bet on that."

"They're gonna come here to destroy all of you at once," Jim said. "Are you sure you can beat them? Shouldn't you evacuate?"

"We're not running. Do you know how many died to bring us that information? We won't let them die in vain. Come. I'll introduce you to our leader."

Just then, Jim's communicator beeped. "Excuse me," he said. He took the communicator out. "Kirk here."

"Captain, what is your plan?" Spock asked.

"I'm not sure right now, Spock. They're certain that the Death Star is going to show up here and try to destroy this moon to wipe them all out at once."

"It is logical. Captain, Mister Scott is analyzing the data we collected about the rift, and he believes we may be able to open another ourselves."

"Good. Keep working on that. I'm gonna listen to their plans here. We'll help them if we can."

"Yes, Captain. I believe we should do what we can. No one has the right to destroy a planet."

"The princess was from that planet that was destroyed."

Spock was silent a moment. "And there are not many left, I assume," he said finally.

"I guess not. Billions of people. I saw this Darth Vader. I don't think he's someone we want to tangle with. He killed Kenobi."

"He must be stopped."

"I agree. I'll contact you later. Let me know if Scotty has any breakthroughs, and let me know if that Death Star shows up."

"Yes, Captain."

"Kirk out."

Jim put his communicator away, and then followed Princess Leia, Luke, and the general to another room in the place, which looked a lot like a cave, but it looked like it had been inhabited in the past. There was a woman there who looked every bit as confident as Leia, but Jim could see the grief on her face with the situation, but also her determination. "Mon Mothma," Leia said. "This is Luke Skywalker, and Captain Jim Kirk."

"Welcome," Mon Mothma said with a slight bow of her head. She had a quiet voice, but when she spoke, one wanted to listen to what she had to say.

"They helped me escape the Death Star," Leia said.

"Then we owe you a great debt of gratitude."

"I'm glad I could help," Jim replied.

"Me too," Luke agreed.

"They risked their lives," Leia went on. "And now, they wish to help us. Captain Kirk has a ship of his own. I have not seen it but he assures me that it is quite a formidable foe. He also has technicians who might be able to enhance the weapons on our fighters."

Jim thought Mon Mothma seemed a bit overwhelmed with that statement. "We appreciate any help you can provide," she said in her quiet way.

"We'll do what we can," Jim replied. "I hope you're working fast so you'll be ready if they show up."

"We are."

"I'll get my people busy, and they'll let us know if anything drops out of w…hyperspace out there."

Jim turned to leave and took out his communicator as he went. Luke followed him. "Hey, wait a minute," Luke said. "What can I do to help?"

"I'm not sure right now," Jim replied. "You should stay with them and find out what they need you to do."

"You're trying to help people you don't even know…in a galaxy that you don't even belong in."

"We're all in this together. Something this evil shouldn't be allowed to continue."

"I'm afraid it won't be over just by destroying that space station."

"I'm sure it won't, but as long as there are those who keep fighting, things can get better."

"I just wish Ben were here to see it."

"I understand, but you have to find your own place in the galaxy, and figure out where you stand. Not just because someone else thinks it's right, but because you do."

Luke nodded. "If there's anything I can do to help you, just let me know."


Jim walked on as Luke ran back into the command center. "Spock," he said over the communicator.

"Yes, Captain," Spock answered.

"I want Mister Scott to see if he can help enhance their weapons and shields. You should see this. They're fighting against an advanced government regime in old ships that most likely don't have as many weapons modifications as theirs."

"I will inform him."

"Anything showing up out there yet?"


"Good. We've got time. Transport Mister Scott down here."

"Yes, Captain."

When Scotty arrived, Jim introduced him to Leia and the others who were in charge, and they were taken to the hangar where all the ships were stored. He saw that the Falcon was still there, but Han Solo was loading stuff into the ship. Jim went over to him. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm loading my reward," Solo answered.

"You mean you're not even going to help them?"

"I don't have to help them. I'm only obligated to one person, and that's me!"

"Must be a lonely existence. You're a great pilot, and you live in this galaxy. How long do you think you can keep doing what you want if that Empire wins this battle?"

"As long as I can stay ahead of them! Now, if you didn't want anything else, excuse me, cause I want to get out of here before this moon is blown to bits."

"Yeah, we wouldn't want the galaxy to lose any arrogant jerks."

Jim walked on. How could anyone be so selfish? He supposed he had been selfish before, but he had learned that he could not care only for himself.

Scotty was analyzing the ships when Jim walked up to him. "You think you can do anything?" Jim asked.

"Not much, Captain," Scotty replied. "I might could make the shields a little stronger, but I don't think I can enhance the weapons."

"Do what you can."

Jim stood there a moment thinking as he looked around that hangar at the ships. There were not that many, but with the morale around the place, one would think they were a flourishing army. He supposed that came with believing in what one was fighting for. No matter how dire the circumstances seemed, you could still find hope.

Later that day, there was a meeting and Jim was invited to attend. They had actually found a weakness in the Death Star that would allow them to destroy it, but it would not be easy. He had also been informed that the Death Star was orbiting Yavin, and would be coming into firing range later.

Jim had sent Scotty back to the Enterprise after he had done what he could to enhance the shields, and had taught the technicians there how to do it so that they could work on more than one at a time. He would be going back to the Enterprise to help them with this battle. He had promised the rebels that they would do what they could, and they would provide backup. However, he would not get the Enterprise destroyed by that monstrosity. He had learned the reason that the rebels intended to attack with small fighters, and that was because the death star was more of a long range attacker, and if they skimmed the surface, it would have a hard time deterring them, and one of the fighters would fly along a trench to fire a torpedo into a small opening that would cause a chain reaction in the core to destroy the whole space station.

Jim blew out a breath as he listened to that plan. Some were not very confident in the plan, but others were. Even Luke Skywalker would be flying a fighter…an X-Wing. Jim knew no one should underestimate a person just because they were young. No one had had much confidence in him when he was young, and he supposed they had good reason, but when it came down to it, he could figure out what to do.

When the meeting was over, Jim walked outside and took out his communicator. This battle had to get started because otherwise, the Death Star would destroy the moon. He started to call the Enterprise…

"Captain Kirk!" someone called.

Jim looked around to see Luke coming that way. "Are you leaving?" he asked.

"I'm going to my ship," Jim replied. "Don't worry. I won't be far away."

"Can I watch?"

"Sure." Jim opened his communicator. "Beam me up, Mister Scott."

Jim looked at Luke and smiled. "Good luck," he said as a swirl of light enveloped him.

Luke stood there a moment, amazed that the captain had just disappeared. "Wow," he said and hurried on into the hangar. He would be flying an X-Wing…Red Five.

Jim appeared on the transporter pad on the Enterprise, and he could not deny that he was glad to be there. Spock was waiting for him. "Captain, Mister Scott has analyzed the information about the rift," he said. "He believes he can open a rift that will take us back to our galaxy."

Jim nodded. "Good. Right now, we're sticking around here for a while to try and help them if we can."

"Yes, Captain. The Death Star is approaching them, and I am not certain that they can destroy it in time. It has strong defenses and shields."

"I realize that, but they have a plan. That's why they're using the smaller fighters. The Death Star has a hard time deterring small fighters like that."

"Perhaps their plan will work."

"Trouble is, they have to get a torpedo down this…hole. It's like the time we were hurling toward that dreadnaught and had to hit this…" Jim looked at Spock. "It's gonna take perfect aim."

"At least they will have tried, even if they fail."

"If they do fail, we're gonna see what we can do. The Enterprise can aim a lot more precisely than one of those."

Jim was sitting in the Captain's chair when he saw the fighters come up from the moon, racing off into battle, knowing that they might not return. "Turn us about, Mister Sulu," Jim said. "Let's go after them, but we're not gonna get real close until we see how we can help."

Jim also saw the Millennium Falcon come up from the moon. He supposed he could not blame Solo for not wanting to get killed in a hopeless battle, but he was not sure it was so hopeless. They had a plan.

As the battle progressed, Jim could see that many rebel ships were destroyed. They had destroyed some of the tie fighters, and had taken some fire from them, but the Enterprise had strong shields.

"Fire at will!" Jim exclaimed as a barrage of tie fighters came at them. They passed by, and the ship shook as they fired at the Enterprise. However, they did not fire again as they were vaporized in space by the Enterprise's phasers.

"Fire a torpedo at the shield generator on that Death Star!" Jim commanded. "If we keep firing, we might get through the shields enough to destroy the generator."

They encountered more tie fighters as they got closer to the Death Star. "Captain, we should be careful not to get into the line of fire from the main assault weapon," Spock said.

"We're ready to fire, Captain," Sulu said.

"Fire!" Jim ordered.

They watched as the torpedoes exploded on the shields, but then one of the torpedoes went through and made quite a crater in the side of the death star. "Fire again!" Jim yelled.

Luke Skywalker was in the trench that led to the portal that he had to fire the missile through, and he was followed by two others. "Just keep those fighters back," he said, but then he heard something that sounded almost like a whisper…Use the Force, Luke.

Jim saw the three tie fighters that were about to attack the fighters in the trench. "Aim phasers at them!" he said.

The phasers took out one of the tie fighters, and Jim realized these tie fighters were not like the ones they had been fighting. The one in the middle, especially. It was not even the same color, and it looked like it was enhanced a great deal. Whoever was piloting it dodged around their phaser fire as well, and continued on his track to stop the fighters in the trench.

"Captain, we can't fire at them from here," Sulu said. "We'll risk hitting the fighters."

Jim was thinking. He thought they might have done all they could do. However, just as he thought that, another ship appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and it was the Falcon. It turned at an impossible angle and took the tie fighters completely by surprise.

"Clear the Death Star!" someone shouted over the intercom. "The target has been hit!"

"Get us out of here!" Jim said. "That thing's gonna explode!"

The Enterprise and all the other fighters who were left rocketed away from the Death Star, and just as it was coming into range of the moon, it exploded in a brilliant light of particles. Jim and his crew just watched a moment.

"It worked," Sulu said and looked at Jim.

"I guess that shows you what team work can do," Jim replied. "Mister Scott?"

"Yes, Captain," Scotty answered.

"You ready to try that rift?"

"Yes sir. I think we're ready."

"Then I guess it's time we get out of here and let them enjoy their victory. Uhura, hail them."

Princess Leia appeared on the viewscreen, and she looked ecstatic. "Thank you so much for your help," she said.

"You're welcome, but we think we've found a way back to our own galaxy," Jim replied. "Good luck."

"Good luck to you as well. Is there anything we can help you with?"

"No. I'm glad we could meet all of you."

"Have a safe journey."

"Thanks. Kirk out."

The transmission ended, and the Enterprise moved away from the gas giant and would have to travel back to where they had shown up there in that galaxy. It took them six days to get there, so Scotty had plenty of time to perfect his idea of opening a rift using the warp drive.

"Okay, Mister Scott, let's try this," Jim said as they were once again on the other side of Tatooine.

"Jim, what if we end up somewhere on the other side of the universe even further away than we are now?" Bones asked.

"We have to try, Bones."

"I just hope none of us come down with some virus we picked up here and there's no cure for it in our galaxy."

"Go ahead, Mister Scott," Jim said as he shook his head with amusement at Bones.

Scotty fired and they watched as a rift opened that looked just like the one they had seen before. "Get us in there, Sulu," Jim said.

Sulu did not have to go far because the rift pulled them in the rest of the way…and they came out on the other side. "Where are we?" Jim asked.

"We're right back where we were before," Sulu replied with relief. He looked at Jim. "We're home."

Jim sat down. "Take us to Yorktown. I think we deserve some shore leave."

"Yes, Sir."