Hello, hello, my minions! Johnny Spectre here again with a brand new story. What is this story, you ask? Why, it's the Season 2 second ending fantasy AU, of course! But with a unique twist: the tale is told as a bedtime story for dear Eri by her Grandpa Toshinori! So let's get to it!

Toshinori has just tucked Eri in and said his good nights when the little girl asks for a bed time story. He thinks long and hard about what kind of story to tell her, before snapping his fingers when he gets an idea, "All right young Eri, let me tell you a story. A story about powerful magic and dutiful knights, of mighty dragons and fearsome beast kings, and about the young man at the center of it all, the brave hero -"


He laughs a little at her intrusion, though he's not exactly surprised, and continues seamlessly with her addition, "That's right, the brave hero Izuku, but before he was brave, he was just a normal scholar. In the vast world of magic, Izuku was but a bookish coward surrounded by powerful creatures that attacked his village."

"Grandpa, that's mean!"

"Ah, but no less true. Although his scholarly ways tended to get him in trouble. As such was this day, as he was dashing through the forest to escape a rather volatile Slime creature… a creature he tried to study in fact." Toshinori laughed a little before continuing, "He ran as fast as his legs could carry him, but still the creature caught him. Though even as the monster surrounded him and began to consume him, he fought with all his strength. But soon his strength began to fail him…"

Eri started to worry them hem of her blanket, "Grandpa, this is getting scary…"

"Fear not! For it was then that, out of the trees, came a brave knight in shining red, white and blue armor!" He stood up and puffed out his chest, "And with a single swing of his mighty blade, freed the young scholar from the slime's clutches!"

Eri started smiling again, bouncing a little in excitement.

"Izuku was gaping in awe at the knight, his golden horned helm and massive claymore was undoubted to be the Lost Noble Lord, the Great Sir Might!"


"Ehehehe… sorry, my dear. *Ahem* SO. Sir Might had been missing since he ventured off to repel the Monstrous Calamity five years ago, so Young Izuku was surprised to see him, so young Izuku bombarded Sir Might with question after question about the past five years, where he had been? Why did he disappear for so long? Did he defeat the Calamity?"

"Did he ask if he could get his autograph?"

"But of course! Young Izuku was a great admirer of Sir Might after all." He leaned in to whisper in Eri's ear, "One might even call him a fanboy." The two shared a small laugh before he went on with the story, "And Sir Might answered the curious youth as best he could, though his answer about the Calamity was interrupted by the great knight suddenly clutching his side in pain…" Toshinori's face fell a little, "You see, my dear. The Calamity was a dastardly cunning fiend, for he cursed Sir Might to lose his great strength when in the presence of the innocent, rendering him ineffective to protect those he wished to."

He paused to let Eri gasp and huddle into her blanket.

"Yes… now imagine Izuku's shock when he saw the legend wither away to be a mere shell, or rather, a skeleton.

"Izuku was of course shocked to see the kingdom's most brave hero in such a state, and the hero himself was ashamed to be caught in such a state, by someone he just saved no less…"

"But it wasn't his fault!"

Toshinori stopped to look at Eri with a sad smile, "Well… of course it wasn't, but Sir Might certainly didn't see it that way."

"But still!" Eri hugged her blanket, "He couldn't have known the Calamity could do something like that! And he saved everyone!" She put on a determined face, "I'm sure Pa- I mean the scholar thinks so too!"

His mouth twitched up, her words touching something in him, but outwardly he just laughed, "Want me to continue so we can find out?" The little girl nodded quickly, "Right, as I was saying…

"- Young Izuku gaped at the collapsed form of Sir Might, but stayed off his own panic to worry about the disheveled knight. So he carried him to his home, grunting as he lugged the enormous blade along with it.

"In short order, the mismatched duo came to Izuku's cottage, where his bereft mother aided them. After some time, Sir Might awoke to see he was in a bed, unfamiliar and still in his cursed form.

"No sooner had he woken up, did Izuku's mother rush to his side, fretting over him," Toshinori then adapted a slightly high pitched voice, "Oh good sir, are you alright?" Eri was laughing a little at his impression, and he kept going with a little satisfaction, "When my Izuku came back home an hour ago, I thought he had brought in a ghoul! Given me quite the scare he did."

"That sounds like Grandma Inko!"

All Might laughed, "Well, the hero's name is Izuku after all, so it fits doesn't it?" Eri kept giggling but nodded, "Ahem right then, "So good sir, could you give me your name?""

"Sir Might was hesitant to say anything, but the woman looked so earnest that his insides churned as he stayed silent. "T…Toshiri…" he said softly. "Toshiri Noyagi." He gave a false name, as his identity was still well-known, and neighboring kingdoms would no doubt take advantage of this.

""Toshiri…" the woman repeated, a small curious smile on her face. It put Sir Might at ease.

"He looked around and noticed his sword nowhere to be found. "Pardon my question, but where is your son? And my sword, for that matter?"

""Oh!" Inko said, bringing her back to reality, her face flushing as she fluttered her arms. "Izuku took out the sword to clean it up. It was looking rather worn, and quite large for your person…"

"Sir Might nodded and removed himself from the bed, stumbling slightly as he walked out to find Izuku…

"As he stepped outside, he looked around to find the young man, finding nothing until he started hearing the sounds of someone trying to lift something that was far to heavy for them from behind the house. He walked to the sound, and indeed saw young Izuku attempting to lift the massive claymore, only to shortly after fail to support the weight and fall on his back, with the large blade on top of him."

"Grandpa, you're being mean again."

"Don't worry for him dear, for just when Sir Might was about to help the young boy, he again began to lift the mighty sword from below, his face fierce and steely, "Just as expected from Sir Might's legendary blade!"" Toshinori began an impression of Izuku's voice, which made Eri giggle again, "Sir Might was impressed with the young man's spirit, but saw he was still having trouble, "Do you need help with that, my boy?"

"Young Izuku was surprised at Sir Might being up and about, so much so that the sword fell upon him again. A pregnant pause went between the two, until Sir Might reached down and grabbed the hilt of his great claymore, lifting it with astounding ease." Toshinori smiled at Eri's eyes popping open.

"But Grandpa, how could Sir Might lift it with his curse!? He was still skinny, right?" she asked a tad frantic.

Toshinori laughed. "Yes indeed, and Young Izuku asked the same, but Sir Might explained that the blade itself was magic. Izuku was still confused, muttering on how no matter the magic cast into a weapon, the weight would be the same. His rambling continued into detail about spells that could do such a thing before Sir Might walloped him on the head to stop."

"Grandpa!" Eri shouted at him.

"Well that's what happened!" Toshinori placated, with a restrained cough, leaking some blood from his mouth. "Anyway, Sir Might went on to say that his sword was special, forged in fires of the Cataclysmic Mountains and cooled in pits of monster blood. It was a weapon made long ago for the brother of the one that would become the Monstrous Calamity."

"Eeeep!" Eri squealed, digging deeper into her blankets, before poking her head out to ask. "T-t-the Calamity had a brother?"

Toshinori nodded. "The blade was meant bear power over the course of it's usage, so the Calamity could keep hold of his brother. But instead, the brother fought against the Calamity, starting what later would become the kingdoms of the land. The blade was not a simple weapon of enforcement. The sword would instead be used by One for the sake of All.

"And from there indeed was it named One for All." He paused, waiting to hear Eri gasp in amazement, instead he was greeted with silence, "…what? Isn't that a cool name for a sword?"

"…A little?"

"…bah, if it was cool or not doesn't matter, that was it's name." Toshinori grumbled a little before he heard the little girl giggling again, smiling he went back to his story, "Trusting the young boy won't go and tell of his woes to every person in his village, Sir Might revealed to Izuku that he was in fact the eighth wielder of the mighty blade, after inheriting from the previous holder before she died, and was now looking for someone to replace him and become the ninth, since he was no longer capable of defending the kingdom in his currant state."

"Wait!" Eri got up to her knees, tone hopeful and pleading, "Maybe Sir Might could get his curse -!"

"Sir Might had tried that, my dear," All Might began, a tinge of sadness to his tone, "For the past five years he had tried, but not even the most skilled doctor, or most powerful sorcerer could cure him, this curse would follow him to his grave." Eri dropped down to her mattress, the news bringing her a bit down, Toshinori was quick to correct that, "But! A hero is a hero no matter if they are cursed or not! Sir Might was determined to protect his kingdom as best he could! And find his successor as quickly as he could!"

Eri smiled again, once again paying her full attention to Toshinori as he continued.

"As Sir Might looked at Young Izuku, he saw a similar ember of flame to his own. The boy was curious in his own right, and while he had no apparent talent in magic, he did indeed have the heart to bear the burden of the blade.

"But, while Young Izuku had the heart, he would need to become physically stronger. So Sir Might took it upon himself to train Izuku, be it lifting stones and logs, practicing sword wielding, farming, and the like. To be a knight in all but title, one must know the people they intend to protect.

"This went on for a single year, Sir Might aiding Inko around the household as Izuku trained to the bone. Although no one voiced it, the three were as close as any family. One day, Sir Might called Izuku out to a small clearing in the forest, the Blade of One for All in hand.

""Young Izuku." Sir Might stated. "You have grown this past year. I have seen you try so hard and so much that it would be a fool's game to call you the coward I had come across. You stand as what I know to be the future bearer of Peace, and to that end, I Grant thee my sword." he held out One for All, and with a weary hand, Izuku grabbed the mighty blade.

"A flash of light came from the sword, enveloping the two and the clearing. When the light died down, Izuku was wielding not a mighty claymore, but a simple broadsword.

"It had no distinguished markings, no design; overall, it was quite unassuming.

"Just like it's new wielder.

"What happened to the sword?" Izuku asked lifting up his now comparatively small blade, "D-did it shrink?"

""Don't be a fool!" Sir Might shouted in exasperation, a bit of blood leaving his mouth before he wiped it, "One for All simply took a form that suited it's new wielder, as it has done many times before." Sir Might looked up into the sky, eyes filled with nostalgia, "Before it was a mighty claymore, it was saber, curved like the crescent moon, before that a spear, and in the beginning it was naught but a rusty dagger." Sir Might grinned, "Though I suppose you might think this sword isn't as powerful as it was?"


""Fine then," Sir Might pointed at a random tree, "Do like I taught you and take a swing at that tree there, as hard as you can.""

"Is he going to do something cool?" Eri interrupted out of nowhere, eyes shining in excitement.

"Only if you let me finish, dear." All Might laughed before going on. "Izuku readied himself, both hands along the hilt as he focused on the targeted tree. He took a deep breath and swung with all his might. Giving a great shout of -"

"- SLASH!" Eri yelled out smiling. All Might chuckled.

"Rightly so, my dear! The sword glowed faintly as Izuku swung, a cleave of air was sent forth, leaving a light groove in the ground as it sailed into the tree, splitting the bark and cutting into it only a small amount.

"As I bet you are, my dear, Young Izuku was confused as well. The withered knight commended him on his attempt, and explained that One for All's true capabilities would be revealed when protecting someone. The awesome power can only be harnessed when it's bearer had real need."

"So no explodos like Uncle Kaka?" Eri asked. Toshinori shook his head with a smile.

"That's right. No Explodos."

"He would get so mad." she giggled.

Toshinori chuckled. "Yes he would. But regardless, Sir Might placed a hand on Izuku's shoulder.

""My boy, you have the potential to become one of the best people of all the kingdoms, not simply a knight. You must go out into the world, and shout out that 'I AM HERE!', to save the world once again as I have. But most importantly -" Sir Might pulled Izuku into a one-armed hug. "Your mother and I are proud of you."

"Izuku was overwhelmed at this and warily embraced the man that had become a father to him, fearful that he would disappear and the past year had only just been a dream.

"They stayed like that for some time before Sir Might insisted that Izuku go and get ready for his journey."

"As he packed his bags, his mother hovered over him, making sure he took all he needed for his journey, did he pack food? And blankets? And so on and so on until the boy finally just hugged his mother, promising he would be back, safe and sound.

"His mother hugged him back, tearful at her son's through her tears she told him. "I believe in you, my son, go out there and try your hardest… home will always be there waiting for you."

Eri snuggled a bit deeper in her blanket, a warm smile on her face as she listened.

"And so, Izuku stepped off into the word, mighty sword strapped to his side, bag secured to his back, and heart full of courage for the journey. He walked along the path Sir Might had shown him, heading north, head held high as he imagined what adventures awaited him…only to trip and fall on his face, his bag's contents spilling all over."


"But just then!" Toshinori added hurriedly, "Another pair of travelers caught sight of him, and one of them, a young witch, reached down to help him up to his feet.

"And that's where we'll end tonight's tale." Toshinori said as he stood up.

"Wha- but Grandpa, we were going somewhere with it! I wanna know!" Eri puffed out her cheeks at the older man. Toshinori chuckled and pat her head.

"And no story is good without anticipation, my dear. And I need to think of how best to continue it. Tomorrow night, okay?"

"Okay…" the young girl sighed and laid back in the bed. "Good night, Grandpa."

"Good night, Eri my dear." Toshinori tucked her in again before leaving the room, to find Izuku and Ochako standing there with small smiles on their faces. "How much of that did you hear?"

"Enough to get pulled into it." Izuku said.

Ochako nodded fervently. "I didn't know you could tell stories, All Might."

Toshinori gave the two a wry grin. "Comes with providing excuses for secrets, just adjust the truth." He began to walk past Izuku before saying, "but I was telling her the truth about how your mother and I are proud of you, my boy."

Izuku turned around to look at his mentor before embracing him. "Thanks… Dad…"

Toshinori choked a tad on some blood before Ochako joined in the hug, the three of them staying like that before they all went to bed.

Tomorrow was another day, and this tale has only just begun.

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