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I personally consider the Genre to be General because there are many elements in this story.

Such as Humor. Romance. Coming of The Age. Friendship. Angst. Hurt/Comfort. Tragedy.

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Summary: A coming of the age tale about the PS118 gang playing baseball together for one last time the summer before becoming freshman in high school.

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First Day of Summer

It was the first official summer night. A warm wind picked up making a particular blondes hair fly into their face, with a annoyed swipe of her hand she managed to get the hair to stay behind her shoulders. Even with her futile attempts at placing her hair behind her, a vengeful wind had a mind of its own and golden strands flew back into the newly teen girl's face.

"Urgh!" She growled.

With her growl came a few chuckles from a young black teen of the age 13.

"Shut it, Johanson." The blonde tomboy spat.

"Not my fault your hair tie broke. Besides you look like a girl for a change." The brown skin male snickered.

"Gerald, that's enough." The third party spoke up. He adjusted his signiture small blue cap ontop of his football shaped head.

The blonde girl still slapped Gerald's shoulder which caused a yelp from the young man.

"Helga." The young teen chastised.

"Alright, sheesh." The girl crossed her arms and the three continued their walk on home with a baseball bat, two mitts and ball in hand.

The walk had been relatively silent from the park and soon the trio had come to the corner where they had normally parted for their seperate ways. All three had stopped and with a wave from Gerald and a pucker of his lips toward Helga, he ran off but not without hearing a monstorous growl from the girl. The boy with the childish blue cap smirked at the display and looked to his female companion beside him, her hands placed on her hips, ball and mitt in her left hand.

The girl with the azure eyes had finally looked up into the green eyes of the teen with the blue cap and had felt her heart momentarily stop and beat wildly but she had stopped the erratic beating within seconds and had given him her famous smirk.

"Guess I'll be on my way, football head." Helga had begun to turn to her side of the street when the football headed boy spoke out.

"Mind if I walk you?" He gave her his dreamy like smile and deeply she wanted to swoon but thoughts of friendship clouded that vison.

"Whatever floats your boat."

The street lights had littered the street and sidewalk with rays of yellow/orange light. Helga had looked at their shadows and almost believed they were holding hands from their shadows intertwining with each other but that wasn't the case. The football headed boy was walking a friendly distance from the blonde girl and had gotten quite comfortable with their silent walk to her purple duplex.

They were nearly three blocks away and Helga had let a yawn escape her pink pouty lips. The football headed boy had chuckled automatically at Helga's obvious exhuasten.

"What's so funny Arnoldo?" She stated smugly.

The blonde haired boy slipped his left hand in his pocket and looked to her quite calmly.

"Sorry we had you out so late but it was a good practice."

Earlier in the day, much of their oldest friends from elementary had practiced and played a few games of their favorite sport, baseball, Much of the team consisted of males and two females. One being Helga, the other an upperclass girl by the name Rhonda Wellington Lloyd but as of late the rich girl hadn't shown up to practices so Helga was the only girl left on the team.

"A much needed practice. I swear pinkboy couldn't pitch unless someone waved a Mr. Nutty bar in his chunky face." Helga had grumbled.

Arnold couldn't help but laugh even if the comment was a tad mean. Harold, being pinkboy, wasn't their exact best player but when he gave effort he was one of the best. His weight and laziness were his only disadvantages.

"Guess we should go to the store tomorrow before practice. Wanna come with me?"

Arnold hadn't missed the blonde girl's blush and almost immediatey he regretted asking her. They had just recently become friends this past year. In fourth grade, himself, Gerald and Helga had saved their neighborhood from being built into a shopping mall from a business figure named Sheck, While Arnold and Gerald had thought they were working alone with the help of a mysterious stranger, Arnold had figured out it was Helga helping behind the scenes even though her father Big Bob would have benefited richly from the economic change. When asked why she had done such a thing for him, especially because much of his young life she was his bully, she had confessed her love for him and everything changed.

In fifth grade it was as if nothing had happened and she continued to bully him but on a much worse scale and by sixth grade Arnold had grown tired and had embarassed her in front of all their peers in a fury. He immediately had felt bad and for nearly two years they hadn't spoken a word to each other until he had made it a point to apologize and ask for some kind of truce and a possible friendship in eighth grade. She had accepted his offer and soon they were the best of best friends, including Gerald. Now they had graduated eighth grade and were to become freshman in high school.

Arnold hadn't even noticed they were at Helga's stoop. He felt reluctant to leave strangely and Helga had caught the movement of his shoes and taping of his fingers and offered him to sit with her on her stoop. He had sat down gratefully and she had sat beside him, mitt and ball beside her. His baseball bat stood between his legs and he had begun to feel an awkwardness between the two approaching.

There was always a presence of an elephant somewhere whenever he and Helga were alone. There was much unsaid. Such things as her feelings for him and he had rather go without talking about it because he just didn't feel those things for her. He was almost postive he never would. He looked to her to see her fiddling with her hands in her lap and thought she wasn't bad looking at all. She looked kinda pretty with her hair down but she was his friend, a friend he had a long history of being enemies with.

"Gerald was being stupid earlier." His own mouth deceiving him. She looked up at him, her eyes seeming to sparkle.

"Which part, me looking like a girl?" She chuckled darkly but the insecurity was laced in her laugh.

"You look like a girl, always. He really meant to say you look pretty with your hair down." He watched as her eyes widened and he felt his were about to as well for his statement.

"Hell would freeze over the day Gerald thought I was pretty."

"Well, I think you look pretty with your hair down." He said a friendly smile placed on his lips.

Helga sighed sadly. Often times she and Arnold had found themselves in these awkward situations where he would compliment her in a friendly manner and her mind wanted to pretend he was saying it in a more romantic way but deeply she knew he wasn't. He didn't really think she was pretty, he didn't think much of her except as a pity friend. And she had accepted that role just to get closer to him.

"You don't have to lie Arnold. I know you don't think I'm pretty."

Arnold had watched her find her shoes more interesting than him. He couldn't believe what she had just said. He meant it!

"I did mean it. You look pretty with your hair up or down."

"Then why don't you like me?" She said sadly.

"I do like you." His eyes showed his confusion of her question obviously missing out on what she was really asking. She had gulped before speaking.

"Why don't you like me like me?"

There was a pause and his heart had stopped beating and he had wished this conversation hadn't come up, He felt awful. What could he say to her? Words she had used on him when his heart was broken from his still childhood crush Lila Sawyer back in fourth grade before Sheck? No, he couldn't do that to her. They were friends and he didn't want to hurt her feelings but he had to be honest.

"Helga...I just see you as a friend. I'm sorry."

Somewhere deep inside something broke. Be it glass or heart, or maybe her heart was made of glass, it had broken into tiny shards at those words, the true rejection leaving his lips,

"Why?" Her voice wavered, betraying the need to cry.

He paused and felt his insides shrivel. "I don't know." His voice equally low.

The sounds of city life breezed by. The honk of a taxi car, the sounds of heels clicking not too far away and music blasting from a neighbors home. And still the tension had seemed much louder. Helga tried her hardest to force the tears inside, Even knowing his answer before she asked, it still hirt worse than she imagined.

"Lila, right?" She caught sight of his face to see his teeth sucking in his bottom lip,

"I'm really sorry, Helga." His eyes looked to her, she saw the sincerity but it hadn't mattered just like her feelings for him.

She had stood up and grabbed her mitt and ball in hand.

"Just go home, Arnold."

He looked hurt but she could care less because out of the two her feelings hurt more. She had walked up all the steps and pulled her house keys from her jean short pocket and went to unlock the door. Arnold stood watching her back and wanted to stop her, say something but his honest feelings were that he didn't like like Helga. He shouldn't feel this bad for being honest, and he wasn't upset about that. He was upset he had hurt the toughest girl in their neighborhood. He stood, baseball bat at his side.

"Helga, wait."

She paused but hadn't looked his way. Arnold thought about waiting for her to turn around and face him but more than likely she wasn't going to turn around. She didn't even want to see him. Another pang of hurt hit his stomach.

"We're still friends right?" He felt like a little kid again, wanting to be accepted. For added measure he said, "I'll always be your friend."

"I've got plenty of friends, Arnold. Good night." Her door had opened and she walked in.

He looked at her door for a few minutes more before deciding to drag his feet away from her house and back to his own. He was heading to the boarding house, where he lived, to see if his grandma had eaten and if his grandpa had taken the med the doctor prescribed. Arnold was heading back to his reality.

A/N: Hello, it's been years. I lost something important and I'm trying to regain what I've lost. Some may remember my works, most won't. No matter. I miss Hey Arnold fandom. It seems to have disappeared. There were authors who put original stories out, stories that you took something morally from and now the stories are without effort and value. I wanted to do a Hey Arnold fiction of them being in the stages of childhood and young adolescence. A good story of romance, friendship, maturity and baseball. (What much of the show was about). Do enjoy.

Love Always