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It had rained for the past three days. Eugene had broken his arm sliding into third base after hitting the ball his first time. Which meant for the team that they were down a man. Eugene had proudly suggested at being score keeper/towel boy. Arnold accepted such an offer needing any help he could get at this point.

Literally and figuratively the bright side was fading but it hadn't stopped the blonde from continuing practice even in the unlikable weather. Majority of the boys just went along with it, ignoring the pestering pounds of water droplets falling on their heads. Sid on the other hand had had enough!

"Why are we practicing in the rain?!"

Arnold had sighed for the fifth time during the game becoming quite agitated with his ragtag group of friends and their complaints.

"Because, Sid, we need to practice in order to get better." He practically deadpanned.

"And kick Wolfgang and his mange of mutts asses!" Harold bellowed out.

Many agreed outwardly with their own cheers, and wild calls to the prior statement made by Harold. Even Eugene who was normally against swearing raised his good hand in a fist. Sid looked around at everyone in the group before his eyes landed on Arnold.

"Can we get on with the game now, Sid or do you have anymore questions?"

Arnold didn't wait for a response as he walked back toward his position as pitcher. He hadn't meant to come off pretentious but since the challenge had been presented Sid had become rather intolerable in attitude. And the blonde's patience was wearing thin by the day. The boys hadn't gotten any better and the weather certainly hadn't either. All in all there was no improvement. A bright side was looking farther away than before.

Stinky stood at right of the field while Curly did a grand jeté on the left. Arnold looked toward his best friend, Gerald, who was currently slapping a hand down his forehead watching Curly's ridiculous movements. Gerald grabbed the bat by the handle and with weary eyes walked over to heavy hitter, Lorenzo.

Sid, taking off his catcher mask stood tall and watched the exchange a look of dread spreading across his features.

"Oh god anyone but Lorenzo!" Harold cried with his arms raised to the grey skies above on third base.

"Please please please my brotha..." Gerald stood directly in front of Lorenzo holding the wooden bat out to him. Lorenzo tried to get a hold of it but Gerald brought it back to the ground again staring the Cuban boy directly in the eyes.

"Don't. Break. The. Bat." Gerald poked the bat with each word at Lorenzo's chest. "Capiche?" He finally left it in mid air for the taking.

"Alright alright." Lorenzo took the bat becoming rather frustrated with everyone's apprehensive expressions. They asked him to play not the other way around. And so what if he broke every bat he'd held so far? They were still hits weren't they?!

"Pendejos." He muttered under his breath as he stepped up to plate.

"We gotta heavy hitter up to bat back it up back it up!" Sid yelled out.

Lorenzo gave a quick glare behind him at Sid when he turned back the ball zooming by FAST. Lorenzo swung the bat wildly but missed the fast ball watching it go past him and into Sid's mitt.

"Strike one!" Sid called out.

"UGH WHAT?!" Lorenzo stomped.

"Pay attention, Lorenzo!" Arnold called from the pitchers position. "It's Sid's job to distract you from my pitches."

"I got that, Arnold." Lorenzo said with a rather clipped tone.

It was clear the olive toned male was getting agitated by the game and turned his full attention to Arnold. Arnold threw another fast pitch this time Lorenzo was prepared, he swung the bat hard hitting the ball with such intensity that wood pieces from the bat cracked and broke into splinters amongst the ground, scattering all around the home plate. Lorenzo took the opportunity to run to first base. The boys looked to the outfield watching the ball fly out far and descend down in a straight fall to which Stinky caught flawlessly.

"OUT!" Sid yelled.

"Goddammit!" Lorenzo yelled and began to curse to himself in Spanish.

Gerald walked over to home plate and picked up the wooden pieces scattered around, tiredly.

"My new bat." He moaned to himself letting the wooden pieces fall between his fingers.

"There isn't a snowball chance in hell that we'll beat Wolfgang! Face it, Arnold, we're goners." Sid took off his mask and slammed it on the ground.

"Is this what everyone thinks?!" Arnold looked around at his friend's who had all done as Sid, throwing their own mitts down.

None of the boys could meet Arnold's gaze, looking at the moistened ground. Rain steadily pouring down on them. Arnold looked to Gerald who had been the only one to not join them but his face practically matched theirs.

"Gerald?" Arnold asked solemnly.

The handsome boy with the high top fade grimaced with a slight shrug of his shoulders.

"I don't know, man. It's not looking good."

Arnold couldn't believe his friend's lack of faith. Sure his was dwindling by the day but he still held onto hope for the simple fact that this was their field.

"Guys... we can't give up yet. This field it's ours it belongs to us. Giving up now means giving this all away to the likes of Wolfgang!"

Still no one had spoken up. All eyes were shifted to the ground or the shoes on their feet. Where was the bright side?

"We just can't give up." Arnold said to himself.

"You may as well, Football Head." An alarming familiar voice spoke out. Immediately the blonde boy turned his body to find a face he thought he may never see again.

"Helga!" Sid nearly blanched.

Arnold could only stare at her as the other boys mimicked. She was wearing a Pink Floyd shirt and those shorts Sid loved to go on about. Her blonde hair was out and slightly damp from the rain. She held a victorious grin on her pouty lips that matched the dark determination in her azure eyes. He hadn't seen her in nearly two weeks and she appeared perfectly fine... better than fine even!

"Take a picture, it'll last longer." She smirked at Arnold who blushed on spot not realizing he'd been staring so long at her.

He noticed she wasn't the only person who interrupted the boys pity party alongside her were nearly all the PS118 girls. Phoebe was to her right and to the right of Phoebe was Nadine, Rhonda on Helga's left and to the left of her was Lila. The guys had begun to gather closer to Arnold and the approaching girls.

"Helga, you're back?" He blinked a few times unsure if this was really happening.

"Correction I'm back with my own team."

"Your team?!"

"What's it look like? doi." She rolled her eyes with a pop of her pink gum.

"Helga?" She pressed a hand against her protruding hip looking at the blonde boy with a rather bored expression.

"Can we um talk? Please."

"We're talking aren't we?"

His teeth grounded together in annoyance at her obvious attitude but maintained a calm tone.

"In private."

Phoebe had said something quietly to Helga whom laughed and was soon joined by Phoebe. He crossed his arms trying to remain stoic but she certainly made things difficult..per usual. She finally looked toward him a raised eyebrow and a slight hand wave to the left of him.

"Step into my office." She gestured to across the field, ushering him first. He shook his head at her antics and walked past her far enough that they weren't in earshot of the others. She had her hands clasped behind her back innocently a sweet dazed smile on her face but Arnold knew it was anything but innocent and to be careful of what he say to the ever changing girl. However having not seen her since their last incident he just ended up saying hi rather lamely.

"Hi." She shook her head at him utterly confused.

He wanted to face palm himself then. God why was it that when it came to her he messed up like this, he practically screamed inside his mind. She was standing there waiting, impatiently at that, and he quickly said the first thing that came to mind in a foolish attempt to not piss her off.

"How are you?"

"Fine." She deadpanned. He paused a moment waiting to see if there'd be any other response but it was clear that was the end of that so he continued this horrible torture in pursuit to...well he had so easily forgotten his intention.

"What have you been up to?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary."

Her lackadaisical responses were really making him apprehensive. His palms started sweating and the words he wanted to say to her were becoming a jumbled mess inside the oblong head of his. Her eyes didn't show that same sorrow or deep feeling she often held for him and he really really didn't like it.

"What brings you-" Making another attempt to try to make conversation she interrupted him mid question and thank god she had.

"If we're gonna do small talk we could have stayed where we were you know."

Ouch, he blinked. He hadn't seen this side of Helga in a really long time. No that wasn't true. She was never this cold. He wrinkled the bottom part of his damp shirt in his hands, twisting it nervously.

"Yea, um I didn't bring you over here for that." His voice almost whimsical and he questioned why the heck he was whispering at all.

"Then get the crap out of your mouth." He still hadn't spoken stuttering over the words he wanted to get out but she just rolled her eyes and snorted rather unladylike.

"I don't have time for this. I got a game to get started." She began stomping away toward the others and he had nearly tripped over himself to follow her.

"Then join the team again!" He blurted. She paused abruptly having him run into her back and tumble backwards on the wet grass.

She twisted her body around and looked down on him pitifully.

"No thanks. I've got a better one."

He lifted himself up with his palms, his eyes staring at her blue.

"Helga, what are you saying?" His first genuine question since his previous attempts.

"I'm saying I found a better team." She stated rather blandly.

No longer were they out of earshot from their friends whom had heard the previous stated conversation.

"With a bunch of girls?" Stinky tilted his head at the girls in front of him.

"Sissy girls." Harold cackled in that annoying way he often did when he found something funny.

"What did you say, Harold?" Rhonda's pretty face twisted and her amber eyes narrowed down at the tubby teen.

Helga had completely moved her attention to Harold and began walking toward her friends. Arnold silently cursed seeing the situation turning sour quickly. He stood up brushing off grass stains and could only watch the reactions.

"Um sissy girls.." he scratched his head not sure what he'd done wrong.

"Yea, well these sissy girls have what it takes to beat Wolfgang and his goons." Helga proudly stated standing in between her group of girls.

A moment of silence passed between everyone on the field. The boys all looked to each other, wide eyed, and all of them with the exception of Arnold laughed loudly. The laughing grew in volume and intensity with each passing second. Tears leaking from the corner of Harold's pinking face.

"Oh that's a good one." He wiped his eyes, then slapped a hand down on Sid'd back who was bent forward still chuckling like the other boys.

"I'm sorry but I don't understand what's so funny." Lila quipped looking genuinely confused at the laughing boys in front of her.

"You guys!" Sid emphasized with both hands.

"That we're girls?" Nadine's mouth scrunched up in annoyance, her long blonde dreads flipping to her right shoulder.

Harold, Stinky and Sid looked to each other chuckling unbelievably at Nadine's statement.

"That and that you think you girls can beat Wolfgang." Stinky drawled.

"That's stupid." Rhonda rolled her eyes, her arms crossing across her shapely chest frustratedly.

"Not only is that ignorant like Rhonda stated it's rather sexist and very misogynistic." Phoebe pressed the edge of her glasses down looking to the boys in annoyance.

"Oh c'mon, Pheebs, don't be like that. If we can't even get it together what makes you think you guys can beat them?" Gerald smirked toward his longtime crush who's mouth hung agape.

"If I were you, hairboy, I'd shut my big fat mouth." Helga brought her right hand up in a fist.

While Gerald had distractedly looked to Helga he hadn't noticed Phoebe walking toward him. She had been a few inches from Gerald looking up at him as she were shorter than him. He jumped slightly surprised by the proximity.

"Gerald are you saying we can't beat your team?" Her pretty brown eyes looking into his own brown.

He looked to the left and right of him then behind him at all his boys and saw the disappointed shake of Arnold's head. With a confused shrug he looked back at the ivory tone girl.

"Well yea." He chuckled offhandedly.

Phoebe gave him a reassuring smile that he inwardly gushed over until he felt her firm finger press hard into his chest.

"GERALD, I CHALLENGE YOU AND YOUR TEAM TO A BASEBALL MATCH!" She spoke with an alarmingly authoritative tone.

Gerald stumbled backward being held up by his friends who all looked at the girls in front of them. They then turned to each other too stunned to speak so soon.

"You can't be serious, doll." Curly's voice broke out walking toward Rhonda. "You and your girls against my team? Ludicrous." He cackled manically.

"Watch us, freak." She gritted at him with utter disgust to which he winked at her heading back toward the guys.

"This is what you came for, Helga?" Arnold asked finally having an opportunity to talk.

She looked at him no remorse in her eyes.

"Yup. Whomever wins will play against Wolfgang's team in the fight over Gerald Field."

He hadn't spoken to her in nearly two weeks. In that time he had been so unfocused being concerned about her, her feelings, replaying her sorrow filled expression that night and her combative words toward his already bruised heart. And she had the audacity to come to the field pretending their exchange hadn't happened, quit and challenge the same team she quit in one day?! He heatedly stared at her walking toward her, his sneakers smudging into the wet grass with loud heavy steps. She looked stunned momentarily but held her ground as they were a foot apart.

"You want a challenge, Helga? You've got one." The girl smiled malicious intent her eyes to which only angered Arnold further.

"Gerald Field, Saturday."

"That's in two days!" He said rather surprised by such a short time.

"Chicken." She smirked. The girls behind her began to cluck playfully and imitate flapping wings with their arms. Arnold growled low beginning to become angrier than he already was.

"Never that." He gritted.

"Good. I can't wait to wipe the floor with your stupid football shaped head." She sneered stepping closer to him.

He inched up toward her face, slightly shorter than her still.

"Bring it, pinkie." He seethed.

The two stood rooted refusing to glare at anything but the other. Their unrequited thoughts rising the heat behind their intensity. Arnold's heart was beating sporadically, making his flat chest pound in an uptempo. Helga furrowing her eyebrows till a drip of sweat fell from the corner of her forehead. It soon began to become rather uncomfortable for the others as Gerald coughed loudly breaking the two blondes apart. They looked to the teens around them and then back to each other in slight embarrassment. Both their faces flushed.

"You die on Saturday." Helga stated to Arnold before walking away from the lot altogether.

The remaining girls began to follow Helga out of the lot but not before laughing at the stunned guys mocking them by blowing raspberries, and skipping playfully away. Gerald tried to approach Phoebe but the girl placed a hand up to pause him and turned away from him, anger masking her normally meek face. Soon no girls were in distance of the lot nor across the street.

Arnold stood before the boys, back turned to them and hands to his sides clutched in fists. Gerald languidly took the remaining steps forward to his best friend and placed an unsure hand on his shoulder.

"You okay, buddy?"

"Sleepover at the boarding house." He spoke. "Tonight. We've got to plan."

"Hell yea!" Sid fish pumped the air in triumph.

"Oh! My first ever sleepover!" Eugene gushed talking to himself quickly and quietly about what snacks and movies to bring.

The other boys began to talk amongst themselves about what had just happened all the while Gerald looked worriedly to his clearly angry blonde friend.

"I can't believe she'd do this to me."