Prue-14 Piper-12 Phoebe-10

Summery- Prue, Piper, and Phoebe go on a trip, but they are in for a big surprise.

A/N- this an AU fic and this is my first story with forgive me if I portray her character wrong. I have not seen enough of episodes with her in it to get a good idea..but I have read enough stories to get the jest of the way this is mostly dialogue but it gets better well now on to the Story!

A/N- WAIT NO! hold on...ok I decided to put this in POV's. Starting off it will be in Gram's POV and you will see when the POV is changed.

It was a quiet afternoon in the Halliwell manor. Prue, Piper, and Phoebe are at school and Grams is at home relaxing. She was sitting in the arm chair drinking hot tea and enjoying the peace and quiet which was interrupted by the phone ringing. She strolled over to the phone and picked it up.

"Hello?" Grams asked into the phone.

"Hi, is this Ms. Halliwell?" the woman nervously asked.

"Yes, who is this?"

"This is Mrs. Matthews, its concerning your granddaughter"

Penny let out an exasperated sigh "Are you some new teacher Phoebe has? What did she do this time?"

Mrs. Matthews just chuckled "No Ms. Halliwell this is not concerning Phoebe. It has to do with your youngest granddaughter"

"Is this some sort of prank call?" Grams asked irritated.

"No not at all Ms. Halliwell. I am." She paused trying to think of a way to explain this without freighting her. "Perhaps you remember August 2, 1977? St. Gabriel's Church?"

Grams froze realizing who she was talking about. "You are her adoptive parents?"

"Yes, we had looked you up. We first found Patty Halliwell listed as her mother but it said she had died, and you were the next name we saw"

"Okay, but why? I mean why contact us after all these years?"

"Her name is Paige, and she started having dreams about her biological mother. She told me it gave her a sense of peace and comfort. She describes it as being in a bright lit room, and her mother being dressed in a white robe. These dreams are reoccurring and in them her mother continuously tells her to go home."

"How does she know it's her mother?" Grams asked, mentally noting to talk to Patty later that night.

"She said she can just feel it"

"Oh, well how old is she?"

"She is 8 years old, I think it's a good idea for her too meet you. Just to get some questions answered"

"I think it's a good idea. She also has 3 sisters; do you think she would want to meet them?"

"Oh yes! She is an only child; she will be thrilled to know she has sisters. I think we should bring all of them to the you know hang out, surf, swim and just get to know each other. Does that sound alright to you?"

"No, I don't want to force this on them. We have to do this gradually. I think I should bring my girls to the beach, and you bring Paige. We won't tell them bout it. Just act like it's a normal trip to the beach. Trust me they will find each other on their own"

"I think it's great! So would this Sunday be good?"

"Yeah that's Fine. Well I have to go; the girls would be home any minute now"


"Thank you Mrs. Matthews for contacting me about Paige"

"It's no Problem, and me Julie"

"Alright Julie, thanks again, oh and you can call me Penny, by the way what is your number?"


"Thanks Julie, Bye now" Penny said as she hung up the phone. She went and sat down in her arm chair to think about things. I am going to meet my granddaughter she kept thinking. The more she said it, the more unreal it seemed. She was excited yet scared at the same time. She just wanted to relax, so she decided to think about it later. She sat back in her chair and started to close her eyes but she was interrupted yet again, by the sound of her granddaughters coming in.

"GRAMS! WERE HOME!" Penny recognized the voice as Phoebe, her youngest not anymore.