Chapter 7

Paige and Kim orbed to the school. They looked outside the nurse's office window to see police cars, within a couple of minutes an officer came into the office. He looked at the little girl in the woman's lap and asked. "Are you Paige Matthews?" She nodded.

His face turned grief stricken, and Paige quickly took notice.

"What's wrong mister?" She asked.

"I'm sorry, but your parents are dead. They died in a car accident" HE said slowly, Paige gave him a blank stare. So, he said it again. "Honey, your parents are dead…"

"Lying is bad you know" She said getting off Kim's lap.

"I wish I were lying sweetheart, the accident happened not too long ago, the care caught on fire and…" Kim signaled him to stop, because going into details wouldn't help. Paige walked toward him slowly, then her blank face turned to rage and she started pushing him out the door screaming. "GET OUT! GET OUT! THEY ARE NOT DEAD! LYING IS BAD! LYING IS BAD!...lying is bad…its bad Kimmy it's bad…" Once she got him out the door, she crumbled on the floor in sobs mumbling "there not dead…there not dead…" Kim took no hesitation to come and comfort her, she held her tight while Paige struggled in her arms. She started rocking her back and forth kissing her temples, it was slowly calming her down. Once she got her settled she picked her small fragile body up in her arms, and carried her over to the chair and they just sat there.

The detective came back, sensing that everything was calmer now.

"We are going to need to put her in foster care…" He said this with uncertainty, knowing the girl was still raw with emotion. Paige eyes widened, and Kim felt her tense up, she quickly said. "No need, she was family she can stay with, she was adopted and just recently found her biological family…and I have a feeling they will not mind taking her in" She smirked, but Paige still looked skeptical, but at least she is a little looser and seemed more open to the idea.

"Ok then, I just need you to inform me of where she will be staying, even though they are family, we will just call this a foster home, for the sake of the paper work, because she has not been adopted" Kim nodded.

"I have the information, it's..." She was interrupted by a gut wrenching sob coming from Paige.

"Shh babete, you're going to make yourself sick now" She rubbed Paige's back and cooed in her ear. "Can I give it too you later, I really need to get her home…to her family, this is too much right now" He nodded.

"It's too much for anyone" he responded "but yeah, sure, her is my care" he reached into his back pocket to retrieve his business card. "My home number in on the back, call sometime in the next couple days" He turned around to walk out, but glanced back at Paige and said "Bye Paige, good luck", he then walked out.

Paige looked up at Kim "Kimmy?"

"Yes Paige?"

Paige looked down and asked "Why does everyone Leave me?" She looked into Kim's eyes, her innocence piercing her conscience.

"No one left you babete…" Kim started.

"TO HELL THEY DIDN'T!" Kim slapped her thigh, "Watch it" she warned

" I sorry but first my birth parents gave me up, not my other parents are dead! I tried to be a good girl, but they left me anyway! They know I was such a bad girl that no one can stand me, so they just leave?" Paige yelled as more tears tracked down her face. Kim just held her close.

"Sweetie, its was there time to go, there was nothing you can do about it, and your not a bad girl" As she was saying this, Paige was playing the hem of her skirt, somewhat taking it in. "Babete look at me" Paige kept her eyes downcast "Look Paige" She gently grabbed her chin and pulled it up so that they were eye to eye. "You are the sweetest most beautiful girl that I know, you are….and not ever were the reason your parents died or your birth parents gave you up. They both loved you so very much, you got that?" Paige nodded and rested her head on Kim's shoulder.

"She's right Paige" came voice from across the room. Kim immediately became alert, and Paige looked up startled too. "I do love you oh so very much". The figure stepped from the shadows, and Paige then recognized her as the woman from her dreams.

"Mo…Mom?" Paige stuttered.

"Yes honey it's me" "Paige grinned as she slowly got off Kim's lap.

"Patty," as her griped loosened on Paige.

Paige walked over to her cautiously and just stood there right in front of her. Her eyes were glistening with tears. Patty smiled that award winning smile.

"Mom" Paige breathed, she ran into her arms, and started crying. Patty rubbed her back in an attempt to sooth her, and it worked. Then Paige lifted her head from Patty's shoulder. "Why did you give me up?"

"Oh honey, that's a long story" Patty set Paige down. "What's important is that you get back with your sisters"

"What if they don't want me? They didn't look all that happy when that old lady…I forget her name, told them that" Paige said franticly.

"I know they will, it will just take time" Patty soothed.

"Patty we have to go now, I'm going to bring her back to her house to pick up something's and then go back to the manor" Paige's eyes got wide

"I don't even know them!"

"Don't worry babe, I will be with you" Paige nodded and raised her hands to indicate she wanted to be picked up. Kim walked over and took her in her arms.

"Goodbye Mommy" Paige whispered as they orbed out. Patty smiled as they left, proud of Kim, she made a good choice.

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