Here's a new challenge for all the writers out there. This story is crazy crossover with naruto and splatoon 1'2

this will span both worlds so be creative with this

now the rules 1 each ink color has a special ability or element ( please provide the list in disclaimer/first page of story/ post script for each chapter

2 squids and other sea creatures can swim in water but can't breath the stuff

3 squids can change color and form as per the game but can only henge with ninjutsu

4 all splatoon weapons can kill but function as they do in the game ninja weapons and skills work just like the series so have fun with this

5 Naruto is to be taught the shadow clone jutsu and sealing will have wind and water as his elements he can be either a human or a squid must be with hinata and the squid sisters and maybe the disk jockey from game two not pearl

6 team 7 can be changed but only after at least the wave arc bashing is totally doable but be believable

now lets see what you can do with the challenge and stay creative