Isekai Shokugeki

Sorry about the shortness of the intro chapter, and thank you to all that have given this new category a look and have read my story so far. Isekai Shokudo is a new anime, but it has existed for a while as a Light Novel and Manga, so I'm hoping that all of you like how I write here.

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First Course: Mincemeat Katsu

It was bright and early Saturday morning that the staff of the Western Restaurant Nekoya arrived to set up shop for the day.

"Oi, morning Tadokoro, Nikumi," said Soma as he saw the two girls walk up to the shop.

"Good morning, Soma-kun," said Megumi as she and Ikumi walked up.

"Takumi's already inside with Hayama," said Soma, "we should get set up for the main rush. It is Saturday after all."

The two girls nodded and the three of them headed inside to get changed into their uniforms. Once the group had changed and washed up, they quickly helped the master to clean the kitchen and the dining area so that it would be ready for the stream of customers from the other world.

"You gonna be helping as a server again today, Tadokoro?" asked Ikumi as she cleaned off one of her butcher's knives.

"Well," said Megumi, "we have been short on staff, but Soma-kun volunteered to help out today so I could work in the kitchen."

"That's nice of him," said Ikumi.

"It's pretty much like working at Yukihira's back home," said Soma.

The group of young chefs once studied together at an elite culinary academy, grouping together as the Jewels Generation, a group of the best students in that year, but near the end of their first year, several drastic changes happened and, because the Jewels fought against this new regime, they were ejected from the school in the form of an extended training trip to this small town. In fact, if they hadn't found Nekoya, they would have been in a bit of a pickle.

"Morning," said the master as he walked in, "everyone ready for the rush today?"

Getting nods from the youths around him, the man started handing out assignments to the teen chefs. He had to admit, with them around, the quality of the food he served had gone up, and he happily accepted their help in dealing with the crowds. Especially the ones on Saturday.


For an Adventurer that chose the life of a Treasure Hunter, life could be quite dangerous at times. However, the risks were certainly worth the rewards. Treasure Hunter Sarah Gold understood this fact quite well, and it was the reason she was now venturing through a set of old mining tunnels, following notes left by her late grandfather that hinted at a great treasure that the old adventurer had kept secret.

"I should be getting close," said Sarah as she rounded a corner of the tunnels, coming face to face with a group of angry monsters that wielded makeshift spears.

The creatures charged at the Adventurer, forcing her to draw her dagger and retaliate. Sarah dodged several thrusts from their weapons before cutting down one monster and disarming another by slicing through the shaft of its spear. She finished by stabbing the creature with her knife and using the fallen monster's spear to impale the final attacker.

Climbing to her feet, Sara cleaned off her knife and walked over to an inconspicuous piece of the stone wall and gripped one of the mine's torches, pulling the torch downwards to reveal it to be a hidden lever, causing the wall to slide to the side. Sarah stepped into the secret room and gazed upon a wooden door standing on a small island in a shallow lake.

"This is the treasure?" Sarah said in surprise as she approached the door.

Cautiously, she opened the door and jumped back upon hearing a bell jingle, thinking that a trap had been sprung. It was then that a male voice cut through her tense state.

"Welcome to Restaurant Nekoya," said a male teen with red hair wearing a black and white suit, "feel free to find a table and we'll be right out with a menu."

"Restaurant?" asked a dumbfounded Sarah, "What is this place?"

"This is a Western Restaurant," said the teen, "my name is Soma Yukihira and I'll be your server today. I don't know which door you came through, but this place is special in the fact that its door links to your world once every seven days on what you call the Day of Satur. We'd be happy to provide you with a good meal now that you're here."

Sarah thought about it and decided that she was hungry and that was curious about this so called Western Restaurant, so she pulled up an empty chair and sat down. Soma quickly brought a menu out and handed her a glass of lemon water, getting a protest from the Treasure Hunter.

"Oi!" she yelled, "I didn't order any water."

"It's on the house," said Soma with a smile as he cleaned some of the other tables.

Shrugging, Sarah Gold sipped the cold beverage and marveled at the refreshing flavor before going over the menu again. Most of the dishes seemed quite foreign to her and she didn't want to order something she wouldn't like and be stuck paying for it, so it was by chance that she glanced to the side and saw the words 'Daily Special' written on a black slate hanging on the wall with a cheap price written below.

"Excuse me," said Sarah as she called Soma over, "but what is today's Daily Special?"

"Hmm," said Soma, "let's see, today's Nikumi's turn, so let me ask her what she decided to whip up."

Sarah watched as Soma headed into the kitchen calling this 'Nikumi's' name, getting a loud shout of protest in response, before he eventually returned with a grin.

"Well you're in for a treat," said Soma, "today's special is Mincemeat Katsu."

"Mincemeat Katsu?" mused Sarah, "I guess I'll give that a try then."

"Alright," said Soma before he headed back to the Kitchen, "One Mincemeat Katsu!"

"Got it Yukihira," yelled Ikumi as she quickly got to work.

As she waited, Sarah thought about her Grandfather's Journals and realized something. If this restaurant was the secret treasure that the legendary Treasure Hunter William Gold kept all this time, then could this place be better than all of the restaurants in the Royal City? Just the prospect made her mouth water.

Soma eventually returned with her order along with a roll and a bowl of some sort of soup. The Treasure hunter then eagerly dug into the meal and almost could not hold in a moan as the food brought her to new realms of culinary bliss.

Truly this was a treasure worthy of the Legendary Treasure Hunter.

And that's chapter 1. I hope you liked it and I hope it made you hungry.