Isekai Shokugeki

So, I've decided to start bringing in OCs from other fandoms to enjoy the cuisine at Nekoya, making this a sort-of mass crossover fic, though the focus will be on the Shokugeki gang in Nekoya. Please send me suggestions of who to include and what their favorite dish would be (in their canon universe). If I can make it work, you'll see them in an upcoming chapter.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

It was a moment of anticipation for the shipwrecked Admiral Alphonse Flügel. For the past few months, following a run in with a Kraken, he had been stranded on a tropical island populated by several dangerous monsters. While the Admiral had been able to defeat these beasts, the lack of edible materials on the island left Alphonse's survival at a questionable state. Just as things were looking bleak, Alphonse discovered a certain door with a cat logo sitting within the lair of a fallen griffin.

Entering through the door, the Admiral found himself in a strange building filled with tables and chairs made from varnished wood with what looked like glass lamps lining the walls and hanging from the ceiling. Looking around at this strange place, the shipwrecked admiral was at a loss as to how it could exist within the den of a wild griffin on this tropical island, and kept his hunting knife ready in case any threats appeared.

"Welcome," said a male voice from behind him, and Alphonse whirled around to see an older gentleman wearing a white outfit reminiscent of that of the ones the chefs wore in the galley back home, "this is the Western Restaurant Nekoya, my humble establishment. We're still a bit new, and don't have a whole lot of customers, but I'd be happy to whip something up for you if you'd like to have a seat?"

A restaurant? Out here in the middle of the ocean? It was a rather outlandish claim, but the building did look the part and Alphonse now noticed an appetizing smell coming from what looked to be a kitchen area that made him realize just how hungry he was. Having survived the past few days on roasted monster meat and boiled river water, the shipwrecked Admiral was eager to enjoy a decent meal for once and picked out a table to place his things as he sat down.

"Owner," said the Admiral as he placed a bag of gold coins on the table that had managed to survive the wreck with him, "please provide for me your most popular dish."

"Sure thing," said the man as he placed a pitcher and cup of ice water and a warm towel on the table, "coming right up."

As the owner headed to the kitchen, Alphonse took the opportunity to look around at the place, noting that it was rather well furnished and different from any place he had seen in the Kingdom. The owner of this establishment must be quite well off to afford a place like this. Picking up the towel, he wiped the sweat and grime off his hands and face, marveling at the comfortable warmth and softness that it had, before taking the glass of water and sipping it, wondering how the owner acquired ice out here.

"Here we go," said the Owner as he walked up and placed a plate of what looked to be a kind of stew with rice on the table along with a plate of bread and a bowl of soup, "Curry Rice. The most popular dish here. Enjoy, and also there are free refills on bread and soup so dig in."

"Curry Rice?" mused Alphonse as he looked at the stew-like dish. Picking up his spoon, he scooped up some of the aforementioned Curry and placed it in his mouth.

Immediately his eyes shot open and he quickly reached for his water and took a long drink as the spices hit his palate.

'Such flavor,' thought the Admiral, 'but not in a bad way. The intensity of the spice has reawakened my soul!'

Taking another spoonful of the dish, this time with the rice as well, the Admiral tried it again, this time steeling himself for the spices of the Curry, and once again his eyes widened, but not in a bad way.

"Hoh," breathed Alphonse, "so this is Curry Rice. Alone the raw spice of the Curry burns bright, but when paired with the rice it's true light shines through."

The Admiral began to eat again, this time with more fever and found himself enjoying the dish more than any he had ever had before. Truly this Curry Rice was perfection incarnate.

Maybe his time on this island wouldn't be so bad after all.


For 20 years, Alfonse survived on the deserted island, his visits to Nekoya and his meals of Curry Rice being what kept him going. Near the end of his time on the island, after the first owner passed on his legacy to his grandson, the restaurant took on the group from Tootsuki and he had to admit, thanks to Hayama's knowledge of spices, the servings of Curry he had from then on were better and more flavorful than ever before.

However, all good things must come to an end.

The Admiral was standing on a bluff overlooking the ocean, preparing to head to the door to Nekoya when he noticed something on the horizon: the white sails of a Naval ship heading toward his island.

Knowing that his time on the island was coming to an end, Alphonse headed for the door to Nekoya, entering the restaurant with a somber look.

"Ah Alphonse-san, welcome," said Megumi as she greeted the shipwrecked Admiral, "your usual as always?"

"That sounds perfect," said Alphonse as he found a seat.

"I'll be sure to tell Hayama-san," said Megumi with a smile as she placed water and a hot towel in front of him, "he knows how you like it."

Alphonse nodded with a wistful smile, "I must thank you for taking care of me for all of these years. My visits here have made my time on this island bearable. Alas though, it now comes to an end."

"Did something happen?" asked Megumi in a concerned tone.

"No," said Alphonse with a smile, "nothing terrible that is. Before coming here, I sighted the sails of a ship coming to end my long exile. I'm afraid this could be my last meal here at this wonderous restaurant."

"Well then," said Megumi with a smile, "perhaps we can make your last meal with us one to remember? I'll ask Hayama-san if he could whip up an extra special curry for you today in addition to your usual."

This caused the Admiral to smile, "I would like that very much."

"I'll get right on that then," said Megumi as she headed to the kitchen.

As Alphonse waited, he thought back to the many visits he had made and how they made his many years of exile not just bearable, but survivable, for without the meals he had here on each Day of Satur, he would have been forced to survive on wild plants and what fish he could catch each day. Indeed, compared to the delicacy that was Curry Rice, those foods would have been like ash and sand.

"Here you go, Alphonse-san," said Aletta as she arrived at the Admiral's table and placed a plate down, "with compliments from the chef. I think Hayama-san called it, Naan Pot Pie Curry."

"Naan Pot Pie?" repeated Alphonse as he looked down at the dish in question.

This new Curry was surprisingly served not on a plate, but in a dish resembling a small cup that was capped off by some kind of bread. Curious as to what mysteries it hid, Alphonse found himself picking up his spoon and breaking the bread that capped the dish off.

"Oh!" exclaimed the shipwrecked Admiral in surprise, for breaking the cap that covered the meal released a delicious explosion of aroma that erupted from the now revealed curry dish, "This is sure to be something else. If the smell is anything to go by, this will be a true delight."

Alphonse scooped up some of the curry soup with his spoon, making sure to include some of the naan shell, and brought it up to his mouth, eager to sample this new dish.

The moment the food touched the Admiral's tongue, his eyes widened in surprise. If the released aroma from earlier could be equated to a flavor explosion, then the actual flavors permeating the dish would be akin to a supernova. Spices surged across his palette, blazing through his senses and invigorating his spirit, as he automatically moved to take a second bite. Then a third. And then a fourth. Alphonse soon found himself scraping his bowl to try and get another taste of the wonderful new dish, a satisfied smile on his face.

"Please convey my thanks to young Hayama," said the Admiral, "this truly was an exceptional last meal."

"Would you like seconds?" asked Megumi.



While one may think the visits end here, the Admiral heard about a young Knight that owned a castle in the Duchy who often raved about a spectacular dish of Fried Shripe he partook in once every seven days. And thus, Alphonse's trips to Nekoya continued, and he gladly tried the many new curry dishes they offered him.