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(!)- author commentary

'Ossan/One part of Zangetsu'

'Shiro/Other part of Zangetsu'

'Ichigo mind speak'

Chapter one- New World

` What the hell is going on! The last thing I remember is the third war that I had fought in for the Shinigami had just ended and we were having a feast. Uryuu was reading as always, Chad was playing the guitar, Orihime was gossiping with a gaggle of girls about Kami knows what, and me I was eating.

Now, now I'm staring up at a woman's face, don't get me wrong she's truly beautiful. She has bright orange hair like me, big baby blue eyes, and furry animal ears on top her head. Oh, did I forget to mention that the ears move! (Shocker right) Oh here comes another person.

"Madam, how is Ichigo doing?" As the woman came into view I could see the she had Pitch black ears and those were defiantly cat ears on top her head. She too had baby blue eye but hers were more narrow than the first woman's.

"Oh, Lila! Hello! Ichigo is doing great it seems he has inherited his father's race mare than mine thankfully!" The woman addressed the second woman 'Lila'. I repeat WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!

'Ichigo you must remain calm. Well your soul slept I have had time to gather information not only from Shiro but also from what our new parent and maid has said.'

'New parent? Why Shiro?'

'As like our last life Shiro is our instinct thus knows things better than we do. And yes, a new parent, During the feast it looks like a fraction of the surviving enemy bombed us as a last-ditch effort to make a statement well dying, meaning we've been reincarnated, thus the new parent. From what I gathered the world is like those fantasy MMORPGs that Keigo and Mizuiro loved to play. We are once again a mix breed between human and beast kin, thus we look human but are not able to use what human call magic, we have no mana.' That was a long and dizzying explanation but okay.

'Then what does my father look like and why is mom in a maid outfit too?'

'Neither Shiro nor I know what or where your father is, either it was a one night stand, he's married, or he left. The maid outfit is because, that is her job. From what we gather she works for a nobleman. Beast kin are seen as less than human here and we are located at a border town between the giant and elves thus the beast kin are used as warriors as well.'

'Okay, so what can we do and how old am I?'

'The easy answer is two years old, Shiro and I let you sleep till you could walk and could feel your bladder.'

'Thank you'

'As for the second question, no matter what breed you are all being have a main job a sub-job and a level. Your main job is eater your sub-job is well us, Zangetsu.'

'So, I'm useless?'

'Far from it King. The eater job is a unique skill so it took us a while to understand but basically you eat something and you gain its abilities, so your only useless right now. Also, having us is not useless, we help you understand this world better and I have what's known as bloodlust a sub form of berserk that can eventually become just that well Ossan here has wind speed which with time can make you like flash speed, without all the lightning.'

'Cool, What about Chad, Orihime, and Uryuu?'

'Yes, it seems our connection to them is still there, Uryuu is very close but Orihime and Chad are most likely one town over. In opposite directions.'

'Ah, then let's find Uryuu!'

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