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Welcome to Arcadia Bay

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the start of an adventure

9th of October 2012

Harry drove into the village of Arcadia bay after hearing some suspicious comments on the american news. Apparently it had snowed in the area just two days ago, an unplanned solar eclipse yesterday, apparently fish had been abandoning the bay since the start of the week as well, and now whales had stranded on the beaches of the village.

It was time the Master of Death took a look in the area, well, it was not like he was far away from the area anyway. After the battle of Hogwarts he had left the country and ever since, he had been roaming around the world. He had been in the states for about a month now, and really, he was only 20 miles from Arcadia Bay when the snow fell in the area.

The moment he drove into the village proper he felt a change in the atmosphere. He could feel the hairs on his neck standing up.

"Okay this seems serious…" He muttered to himself. "Now then, to find some food and get a place to stay for the upcoming days."

He drove down the main road where he noticed a giant sign with a whale depicted on it next to a diner.

"That was fast." He muttered again. He drove into the parking lot which was mostly deserted but for 2 vehicles standing there, one of which an RV, and a fisherman behind a table with flyers laid out on it.

After checking himself in the mirror he found his looks were as usual, his face was well shaven, messy black hair, and worst of all, he still looked no day older then 18, which had got him in quite a bit of trouble with police agents, customs officers and the like, because really, a 32 year old should not be looking like he just passed his 18th birthday, and not to forget about driving a car in the countries where you had to be 21 to start driving…

He picked his bag from the trunk of his jeep, checked his wand holster which was attached to his belt after which he locked his car and walked into the diner. The first thing he noticed were the missing person posters of one Rachel Amber. She seemed to have been missing for a while already.

'definitely not a connection to the weather pattern changes then, I should still write down all of the information in my notebook, maybe I come across her on my travels, that is of course if she isn't already dead.' Harry thought to himself before collecting his notebook and a pen from his bag.

Missing from arcadia bay.

Rachel Amber.

Date missing:23th of April 2013.

Age: 19

Height: 5 feet 5 inches (+- 1.67m)

Weight: 110 Lbs(+-50 kg)

Hair: blonde

Eyes: hazel

Tel. Arcadia bay police department: 555 388 6020

After he was finished writing everything there was written on the poster in his notebook he put it back in his bag and walked further inside, not noticing that quite a few people had seen him writing over the rachel Amber poster.

A woman walked over to a man in the other corner with some food and a can of coffee in her hands stopping halfway to greet Harry.

"Ah, good morning sir, welcome to the two whales diner, take a seat, and I will be with you in a bit."

"Thank you madam." He walked over to one of the empty seats on the right and sat down.

He pulled his notebook and a pen back from his bag and started listing everything that had happened the last few days and possible explanations for it.

October 7th

Snow in the region, should be impossible in this time of the year, temperatures were well above the limit of snow being a possibility.

Possible explanations

A storm is near, but I have not been able to find anything about a hurricane or tornado or such happening in the area, nor could I find something heading in the direction of Arcadia Bay. No tornado warnings have been given in the area in over 25 years, and none of the tornado's they have had in the last 150 years where strong enough to warrant any extreme changes in the weather patterns during the weeks nor during the days before it happening.

Climate change is out in this one, snow falls when the temperature between all three layers of the sky is low enough for it to form, and we can happily say that that was not the case last Monday, and these things do not change one day after another.

October 8th

Unplanned solar eclipse

The question here is why only arcadia bay had seen it, it should have been visible to about half of the US, so why did only the people in Arcadia Bay see it? This feels very foreboding.

A girl had been talked down from the roof of the local college dorm by a local girl around mid day during a heavy downpour(may not have anything to do with nature acting up, but it may have something to do with Rachel Amber).

October 9th

Whales strand on the beaches of Arcadia Bay.

Possible explanations

Water quality is getting worse(which it is), polar switch thanks to global warning, earths magnetic field may have had a powerful solar flare hitting it, I will have to check for this.

Explanation for all of the above

Someone is tampering with the time stream on a massive scale, and the combination of time and fate are trying to reset the order of things. If this is the case though, I would have guessed the American magical community would have noticed and interfered, so this is one of the least likely explanations.

He was interrupted in his musings when the lady from before walked towards him with a can of coffee and a mug.

"The first is on the house." She said smiling. "I haven't seen you around here, are you new in town?"

"Thank you, madam. And I have just come into town, so yeah, I guess that would make me new here, huh. Do you know of any motels or such in the area by any chance?" Harry said with a small smile on his face.

"Well, there is a small hotel just down the road, I guess they will have a few rooms free, so you could look there." The woman said with a smile on her face. Before giving him his coffee and turning around to walk off before suddenly stopping and turning around, "oh, and call me Joyce, and call me when you have decided what you want to eat."

At her words Harry's stomach made it clear for him that he had forgotten about that little thing.

He put his notebook to the side and picked up the menu.

"Oeh, they have the old fashioned bacon and eggs, it's been ages since I had those." He muttered to himself again, far to used to being alone.

He almost jumped when he heard chuckling coming from nearby, a blue haired girl seemed to have heard his exclamation.

"I'll let my mom know that you want beacon and eggs." She said with an amused smile on her face before shouting to her mom what Harry wanted, ofcourse she turned back to him. "I've never seen you here before, you new, or just visiting?"

"Just visiting, I'm here to try and find out what is going on in the area, snow, unplanned solar eclipse, stranded whales, what next? 2 moons?" Harry chuckles.

The blue haired girl just looks to Harry before saying anything.

"Well, good luck with that, most other scientists can't even think of a theorie. Have you got one?" she asked a smile creeping back on her face. "Oh, I saw you writing down the information of Rachel's missing person poster, did you know her?"

"Well, I've not got everything written down yet, but I do have a theorie what kind of event or events it may be foreboding… but I really need more information before I can be sure." Harry said before giving an answer to the more pressing matter at hand. "No, I did not know her, but I travel a lot, so I generally write down the missing persons, so if I do come across one I have a bit of information and all that, I found a few missing persons in the past by accident, so since then I decided to write them down when I come across a poster or advert in a newspaper or such things."

Harry noticed the girl was once in a while looking to another smaller girl standing on the left side of the door talking with a man who was sat down eating, this girl had shoulder length brown hair and was wearing a red checkered blouse, and ripped jeans.

"Who's your friend?" He asked her.

"Oh, that's Max, she's dealing with some shit."

"I see… You don't trust that guy?" he finally asked nodding his head towards the guy with whom Max was talking.

"No, I do not trust Frank, hell, he threatened us yesterday."

"And after that guy threatened you you just go ahead and let your friend flirt with him? She's not the best in that field, huh, I've seen worse though." Harry smiled up at the blue haired girl.

"She's what?" Her expression had suddenly turned very dark. At this exact moment the brown haired girl walked away from the guy holding up his keys.

"Well, nice talking to ya, Name's Chloe by the way, see ya'round?."

"Harry, it was nice speaking to you too Chloe, and I will probably spend quite a bit of time here, so probably."

Not three minutes later his bacon and eggs arrived.

Harry walked outside to the sight of Max and Chloe walking out of the RV that was parked there, Chloe seemed very upset. The two walked to one of the pickups that were parked there and chloe sat down in the driver's seat before racing off god knew where completely forgetting about the fact that she was not the only driver in town.

"Well, this can only mean that they found something, I guess I should follow them huh…"Harry said to noone in particular. He looked towards the ring that was on his left ring finger, "Keep an eye on them Death, I know there is something about Chloe, but I can't place it, I also get a weird feeling with that friend of hers."

"Of Course master, and you are correct there is something about both girls." The reaction seemed to come from said ring.

"Of Course, you say that much, but won't elaborate, I know, I know…" Harry sighed.

"You are learning fast master" the voice came again from the ring.

He swiftly moved to his car threw his bag in the passenger seat and started his car, not 10 seconds later he pulled into the road in the same direction as the girls had, receiving directions as he went.