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The start of the end

Harry didn't know how much time had passed before he could hear the police sirens closing in on their position, and it took another few minutes before the officers moved around the corner with their weapons out.

"Those two are the ones you're looking for." Harry said without any other greeting. "They are the people who are responsible for the murder of Rachel Amber, abduction and mistreatment of Kate Marsh."

He took a small pause before continuing. "Further they are responsible for drugging that girl over there, and shooting the other one." At their questioning stares, Harry continued. "The bullet didn't connect, David's however did." He finished, motioning towards the other man.

"Mark Jefferson was hit by three of his bullets, he's alive, the bullets are out of his body thanks to our medic over there," he continued motioning towards Luna sitting next to Jefferson. " but he has lost a lot of blood, my suggestion would be to bring him to the hospital under 24/7 watch." Harry finished his report. He was really getting far to used to this…

"How did you get that gun?" one of the officers asked David.

"I got it from him." David simply stated, trusting Harry to clean all of this up.

At that moment Harry's world went black.

The crackling of a fireplace was the first thing Harry heard.

As he opened his eyes he saw a man in black sitting in an armchair across from him.

"Finally up I see." He said. "Sorry I had to do it like this. We need to talk."

"Death." Harry stated. "Please tell me you're finally going to explain what the hell is going on out there."

"Well, kind of I guess…" Death said. "Look master, I am not the only one keeping an eye on this world." He began.

"There is an entire group of entity's keeping the balance within the world." He began his explanation. "Max received her powers by the entity who goes over time. She did this without convening about this decision with us."

"And she used her powers not exactly responsibly, I get it, but we're trying to fix the damage done Death, so why are they threatening me, when I'm actually trying to find a way we can fix this without getting people killed." Harry growled at the godlike entity in front of him as He stood up to his full height.

"I'm not the one you have to assure about this master, trust me, I just don't really have a word in all of this."

"I call bullshit, all of this started because Chloe Price survived, which makes you the number one choice on the matter who has everything to say about this matter." Harry continued. "And why have you chosen now to convene with me?" Harry growled, "Just so your friends can end the life of an innocent girl when I'm unable to help them?" Harry finished, small sparks of magic circling him.

"I assure you, the moment I notice one of your friends is in danger I will make sure you're awake on time to protect them master." Death tried to assure the younger man.

"That's the least you can do." Harry spoke as he tried to calm himself down a bit.

"So those other being are threatening an entire town for one girl?" Harry asked as he had calmed down a bit.

"That's the gist of it, yes." Death spoke from his seat.

"Know how I can offer them an agreement?" Harry asked looking the immortal being in front of him in the eye, a mischievous smile creeping onto his face.

"I believe you are able to get into our conference room." Death said, a hint of amusement flashing in his eyes, "What are you thinking of proposing them?"

"Nothing much, they keep to themselves, I don't interfere in their matters, simple as that." Harry said, the elder wand materializing in his hands. "What do you say, in for the biggest bluff ever performed?" Harry asked a huge grin on his face.

"I'm not sure, how are you going to assure them you are able to follow up on your threats?" Death asked just the slightest edge of amusement in his voice.

"hmm… maybe use this?" Harry asked as he unshrunk the scythe of one of the water creatures that attacked him earlier in the day. "You got an army as well right?" Harry asked.

"definitely, I think the hunt would love to help in your little prank master." Death said, a huge smile on his face. "Master, I would like to present you with the hunts main weapon."

With those words death handed a whip to Harry.

"Do not worry about getting caught on something, even an idiot can use it without any issues." Death stated before continuing at Harry's questioning look. "Its spelled that way. Once you receive it willingly you will be able to wield it without any difficulty, or I should say, as if you have been using it all your life."

"Something tells me there's something special about it you aren't telling me." Harry stated as he stared the other man in the eye.

"Of course there is something special about it master." Death laughed. "But you will have to find out for yourself what that thing that is special about it is. After you."

"Sometimes I really hate you." Harry spoke with a fond smile on his face. Before stepping into the portal Death had opened up for him.

Earlier in the scrapyard

Luna was listening in on the conversation Harry was having with the two police officers when she suddenly saw a flash of green light in the corner of her eye. She immediately turned around to see Harry falling to the ground, his ring glowing with a sickly green light.

The light seemed to slowly move up onto his arm. As she moved closer.

"Harry! Say something!" She yelled. "Harry! Neville, help me get him to a car she ordered her friend as she summoned the car keys from Jefferson's pocket."

"Chloe can you take her?" Neville asked.

"We're going to the two whales." Luna said as they moved passed the police officers, ignoring their questions.

"David, make sure this gets handled properly." Neville yelled back over his shoulder.

Half a minute later the group was piled into their respective cars, Chloe and the still unconscious Max in Chloe's car and Luna and Neville with the unconscious Harry in Jefferson's(Luna at the steering wheel), as they had noticed it had more seats.

"Hermione, get my supplies ready, we're returning as fast as possible, without instant travel, we do not know what is going on with Harry, I will need you to call madam Pomfrey, I'll need her expertise!"

"On it!" Hermione's voice cracked through their earpiece.

"It's gonna be okay Neville." Luna stated, as they drove off, all signs of her panic disappearing.

"Then why did you react like that?" Neville asked.

"No one may know what is going on right now, the stage has been set for a battle we can not win alone, but he may have just found a way how we can win without a fight ever breaking out." Luna spoke quietly.

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