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Izuku smiled as he looked at his phone. His mother would always be a hero to him in her own right, now he had to be the same for another.

He walked over to the kitchen to find Ochako and Eri sitting on the stools in front of the counter, the little girl's feet dangling below the seat. They were sharing a small platter of chocolate covered strawberry slices Satou had made the day before. Eri's eyes were wide as Ochako was making several of the slices orbit around them like little planes before the brunette teen snapped one from the air into her mouth. Eri giggled, a light sound that Izuku had the strangest feeling it had been a long time she had done so.

Ochako smiled brightly and maneuvered the flying slices to surround Eri, giving a small nod. Eri blinked for a moment before returning the nod, steeling herself. The slices slowed a bit, and when one came close to her, Eri mimicked Ochako's motion, biting into the floating treat.

Instantly, Eri clapped her hands over her mouth and let a muffled whimper escape her, sending both teens into a panic.

Izuku bolted over and looked Eri over. "Eri-chan, are you okay?!"

"What's wrong, Eri-chan?" Ochako asked, just as worried.

"My mouf…" Eri whined, the start of tears in her eyes forming. "It hurts…"

Izuku looked to Ochako, both having a vague idea of what was ailing her. "Eri-chan, let me take a look." He said, reaching for her hands covering her mouth. Eri rapidly shook her head, but a calm hand on her leg stopped her. The little girl looked at their faces and saw concern - nothing like the impassive gaze of Chisaki - and slowly lowered her hands and opened her mouth.

Pieces of the strawberry and chocolate rested on her tongue, but Izuku and Ochako looked at the top of her mouth. A partly melted ring of chocolate surrounded a bicuspid, and Eri's easing breath was making the tooth move.

The teens sighed in relief, Ochako smiling back. "Well, Eri-chan, it looks like you have a loose tooth!"

Eri closed her mouth and swallowed, wincing at the slight pain. "A… loose tooth?"

Izuku nodded. "Everyone loses their teeth in childhood, so new ones grow in place." He placed his hand on her head. "Everything is going to be alright."

"Because you are here?" Eri muttered quietly. Ochako looked to her green haired friend at the girl's words, a smile on both their faces.

"That's right." Izuku choked out, his heart clenching slightly. "I'll always be here for you." A pregnant pause surrounded the three, before Izuku continued. "I'll be there with you when Recovery Girl is doing her tests as well… okay? "

Eri froze for a moment, shivering in her seat. She didn't know what to think, it hadn't been long enough to ease her worry, but she was… calm around him. At ease.

"Okay." she said quietly.

The air in the meeting room was thick enough to choke on, Gran Torino has been to his fair share of meetings between heroes to coordinate a joint effort or operation, and quite a few nation wide meetings of heroes from all over Japan to discuss matters of national security, but he doesn't think he's ever seen a bunch of heroes this bunched up in stress.

Something aught to be done about that, he reckoned.

He looked left, then right, and considered the head of his cane for a moment, utterly silent. Sir Nighteye, who had just finished giving a shortened explanation of the situation was watching him with a passive face, though the way he clenched and relaxed his hands betrayed his anxiety, "…So, Gran Torino-san?"

The retired Hero leveled a steady eye on his junior, "So? What?"

Nighteye pinched the bridge of his nose and exhaled a thin breath through clenched teeth, "What do you think about the situation as it stands?"

"What I think is that it ain't standing at all," Was the gruff reply, "It's a mess."

Nighteye stared at the aging man for a moment, not missing the weak chuckle that come from his right from Ryuukyuu, but he pressed on, "I know that -"

"Well if you knew that, why ask me what I think about it then?"

Another chuckle, this time from the direction Fatgum and his interns, Nighteye was starting to feel a headache pulsing behind his ears, the stress of the day, of the phone call, of the reporters hounding his office starting to pain him, "What I'm asking you, Gran Torino-san, is what you think we should be doing about it?"

"Ah!" He said with a jovial smile, laughing a little, "Well why didn't you say so?" He chuckled a bit, "You should be a bit more clear with me young man, I'm getting a bit on in years," He motioned with his cane to prove a point, "Not that I have much in the way of bird hunting tips mind you."

Nighteye heard another chuckle limp through the room and he felt something snap, and before he could stop himself he slammed both hands on the table, "Don't joke with me!" He shouted, his heart beating and his vision of the girls future pounding in his skull, empty, bleeding eyes burning holes in his mind's eye, "We are facing an organization with potentially dozens of connections in every criminal facet in the prefecture breathing down our necks because we managed to unwittingly get a hold of the most important element in their plan," A frustrated breath escaped him, "A plan that we have no idea as to what it entails, and if we don't stop them thousands of people will die!"

"And how do you think getting stressed out to high hell and screaming your damned head off is going to help the situation?" Was the cold, measured reply from the aging hero, his hands on his cane laying perfectly still, "I understand this is a high stress situation, but letting it build up inside will cost you."

Nighteye felt his breath hitch, his anger flowing out of him as he looked around the table to see everyone looking at him with alarm, the heroes in training more so then the pros, he slowly relaxed his posture putting one hand to his forehead to rub at the creases forming there, "I'm sorry…"

Gran Torino clicked his tongue and waved a hand, "Don't bother with that, getting stressed and shouting at a meeting is to be expected, no one can keep their lid on in a situation like this hanging over their heads for too long," He gave him a hard look, "Just make sure it doesn't happen while on the field, then people will die."

Nighteye took a deep breath and let it out through his nose, adjusting his glasses carefully, "I know."

"And really," Gran Torino picked up the file with Chisaki's picture, "Do you really want to be remembered as being killed by this guy?" He pointed his cane at the picture with a incredulous look, "I mean look at him! He looks like he fell asleep drunk on Halloween, woke up with that mask on in the morning and never figured out how to take it off!"

That was the last straw, the sheer audacity of the old man broke the tension expertly, and soon the whole room was laughing, Fatgum pounding a fist on the table as he guffawed without restraint, even Aizawa and Nighteye letting a few chuckles out at the utter ridiculousness.

Gran Torino alone was the only one silent, simply smiling to himself as he calmly put the file back down and waited for the room to calm down, as the laughing quieted down he spoke up again, "Everyone good and calm?"

"Oh man," Fatgum wheezed, grabbing at his gut as he wiped a tear from his eye, "Dang I needed that, thanks a bunch old timer."

"I ain't that old!" He snapped almost on reflex, ignoring the ghost of a whisper in head saying you actually are, waving his cane threateningly, he then looked back to Nighteye, "And another thing, that part where you got all panicked about the girl running off along with the boy?" He motioned with his hand in a relaxed manner, "Well, you shouldn't, the boy may act without thinking but he ain't stupid, he's probably just making sure she stays on school grounds is all."

Nighteye cleared his throat, pressing down his smirk as he nodded, "Yes, my reaction was just a bit… much," He adjusted his glasses one more time, turning to Torino with a serious, though significantly less stressed, expression, "But, I honestly do want your opinion on our plan of action, please."

The aging hero steeled his features as he thought back to all the things the younger pro hero mentioned, prefecture wide reconnaissance, careful combing of suspected shell companies, tightening security around various police stations and hero offices around key locations.

His conclusion was unerring and confident, "Too big."

Nighteye raised an eyebrow, "What?"

"You're all thinking too big," He looked intently at the files on the table detailing all these operations, "Casting the net too wide, spreading yourselves too thin, raising the alarm too high," He looked back to Nighteye, "This isn't a bunch of rag tag scoundrels, you're dealing with yakuza."

"I know that," Sir said tightly, "I know exactly what I'm up against, I fought with yakuza before alongside All Might-san," A twitch in his chest went unnoticed, sentiment had no place right now, "And together we wiped them up until there were barely any left."

"You may have fought yakuza," The old man said unflinchingly, "But, I grew up alongside yakuza, during a time where you could throw a stone into a crowd and hit three of the bastards before it went half way," He sighed, thinking back to the old days of his youth, using his quirk to mess with a few of them and running when they saw him, "Back when they had positions of power in every store and pachinko parlor, back when they were…" He stopped to consider his next word, "…back when they were quiet."

Kirishima tilted his head in confusion, Tsuyu along with him, the older heroes in the room began to understand what the old man was driving at.

"You and that pupil of mine drove those criminals up the wall you did," He chuckled, letting a drop of pride slip out, "And that changed them, they were facing certain destruction and they had to abandon all previous methods in order to try and stay alive," He pointed at Chisaki's picture, "This one… is hidden, quiet and calm, and more then anything else, confident in his plan."

He scratched his chin, "If he's going to retaliate, it won't be big, it will be small, precise, and painful..." His eyes hardened as he remembered some of the favorite ways yakuza back in the day took revenge, fingers cut and faces burned, and houses ruined, "And more then anything else…personal."

Tsuyu listened intently, and as she did a terrible lump grow in her throat, a creeping shadow landed on her mind and refused to leave, the thought utterly convincing but too horrible to contemplate, and yet she found herself turning to her classmate, "Eijirou-chan?"

Kirishima met her eyes, his own reflecting a dark thought as he cleared his throat and tried to sounds calm, "Y-yeah, Tsuyu-chan?"

"M-Midoriya-chan… he keeps talking about... his mom back home," She croaked nervously, "And how she lives on her own now that he's moved out right?"

He nodded, "W-well yeah but-" The redhead's face went pale, "No…" He shook his head, "N-no way! They-they wouldn't do something l-like that!" He stopped and looked at Gran Torino with a not too confident look, "…w-would they?"

Gran Torino was distressingly silent.

"Oh…oh jeez…"


"I have her address from his student file," Aizawa said quickly, speaking to the room but looking at his students directly, "I'll give it to the nearest hero office and police station so they can fortify her house as soon as possible."

The two looked at their teacher and nodded, though their faces showed no sign of relaxing.

They only hoped it's not to late.

After all, it's been less then a day, surely they still have time don't they?

Inko was used to have to look up when talking to people, being as short as she is, but looking up at the hulking brute in front of her door, she couldn't remember her neck aching as much as it did now.

"Um… yes? Is there something I can help you with, sir?"

The large man shifted his head about, looking for something. "Is there anyone else here?"

Inko felt her spine shiver, the way he asked was eager, if bored. "N-no, there's no one else here…"

The man stood straight up and raised his masked head to the sky, forearms spread out in aggravation, much like Inko had seen in Mitsuki's boy. She braced herself for the outburst.

"Oh come the fuck on, Overho! You give me a damned retrieval job, and there's not even a guard!? Goddamn Shit!"

The small woman started to back away into the apartment, only for a leather-bound hand to completely wrap around her arm.

"Nuh-uh, lady. You're coming with me."

Inko panicked, trying to pull away from this monster that just appeared on her door step, a scream lodged in her throat making it hard to breathe as she felt her arm budge not even an inch as it was held in the massive man's iron grip.

"Lady," He growled, standing up to his full height, the sheer difference between the two causing her to be pulled up slightly with the motion, "I've had a really shitty day, and the last thing I need is for you to make this assignment any more of a pain in the ass then it already is."

"What…" She continued to struggle weakly, the menace in his voice making her knees and stomach weak, "What do you want f-from me!?" She pulled one more time, receiving another tug on her arm and a growl from the man, she swore she felt her bones grind against each other where he grabbed her, "I-I don't even know you! P-please just let me go!"

Another growl left him as he rubbed the back of his neck, "This is why I hating dealing with civvies…" He looked at her, "I ain't the one who has a problem with you lady, hell, nobody has a problem with you."

Inko stopped struggling to catch her breath, tears pricking at her eyes as panic continued to build in her chest, "Then why are you doing this to me?"

Rappa growled again and roared, "For fuck's sake calm down!" He took a deep, rugged breath as he looked at her, his grip becoming just slightly less tight, "I'm not here to hurt you, alright? All I'm here to do, is bring you over to my shitty boss, so he can have a friendly goddamned conversation with you," Something in his voice made it sound like he was trying to be civil and reasonable, "In fact, I'm under orders not to hurt you at all, just to get you in that car," He pointed to a pitch black van with no license plate that Inko could see with his free hand, "So just do me a favor and just come quietly would ya?"

Inko considered his words as carefully as she could, forcing down her panic to look at things as objectively as she could, chances are people are seeing this and are calling the police, who will call some heroes to help, and as scary as this hulking man looked like, he seemed honest in his words when he said he he wasn't gong to hurt her.

What she needed to do was stay calm, and do as he said, "O-okay," she hiccuped, if he didn't want to hurt her, no need to give him reason, "I'll-I'll come with you, but could you just… let go of my arm, please?"

He was silent as a grave, watching her down the beak of his mask without a single word. Slowly, painfully slowly, he let her go, "You won't try anything stupid." Not a question, a statement of fact, a command.

"I won't." She said, rubbing the feeling back into her forearm, he straightened up, and turned slightly, waiting for her to start walking, and as she slowly started to walk to the car, the man slowly followed behind her.

A chuckle left him, "Ya know, if I'm being honest, I was expecting a bit more out of you."

She kept walking, but turned her head to look at him, "W-what do you mean by that?"

"Well," He started clenching his fist, "First of all, I was expecting you to be a bit more… feisty, I guess, to have a bit more fire in you." He shrugged, "Eh, but don't mind that, I'm just a bit antsy, haven't had a good scrap in a while you know?"

She, in fact, did not know at all, but if it kept him talking and allowed her to stall for as much time as she could as police rushed towards her, the better, "Y-yes, of course, I suppose that could make someone restless."

He laughed, the sound rumbling the concrete under her feet, "You don't know the half of it!" He kept walking calmly with her, the car becoming closer and closer, the door shone black in the setting evening sun, "But ya know, today is especially shitty for me."

Inko gulped, "H-how so?"

"Well," He started, "First I hear my boss gets hoodwinked by some brat, which made my day," Some of his words made something itch in the back of Inko's head, "Then he calls me over, says he has a job for me, and now," He gestured vaguely at her without actually looking, "Now I'm stuck with you," He shook his head, "Ah well, here's hoping your son is as fun as Overhole makes him out to be."

Inko's blood runs cold, the possibility that this was all a plan to hurt Izuku completely escaping her until now, but some irrational part of held out hope that it wasn't true, that she was sleeping and all of this was just some horrible bird faced nightmare -

"Doubt it though, ah well, kid shouldn't have messed with yakuza, he would have lived longer."

Inko's legs moved before she could think.

"Hey - wait - don't run you fucking bitch!"

She rushed to her door in a mad blind dash, the thoughts of the few precious seconds it would take for him to open the door to chase her down and the opportunity they would afford her to call Izuku, call the police, call anyone keeping her focused.

Just as she was about to grab the door knob, an iron grip descended upon her once more, the bones in her wrist scream in pain as pressure surrounded them, she whips her head up to see the horrible bird faced visage of his mask peering down on her.

"I fuckin' warned you."

She couldn't think, some primitive instinct making her pull helplessly at his grip trying to reach the door, she's almost there, she just needs to -

"I don't think so." The man flicked his arm, his hand clenched in a fist, and suddenly her house had no front, a large chunk of wood and cement ripped to pieces and laying somewhere to her left.

The sight made her legs buckle under her, she couldn't move, couldn't breathe.

She was trapped.

"That's more fucking like it." Another hand grabbed her roughly by the waist and lifted her as if she weighed nothing, "Now, let's get you to the bo-"

Something hit the man on the side of the head, Inko barely saw a small stone fall at his feet.


Both she and the criminal looked towards the voice, and there they saw two people, a brunette man and blond women, both around Inko's age and glaring at the brute holding up Inko.

Horror etched itself deep into Inko's bones, but even then she could only barely whisper, "No…"

Mistuki Bakugou glared at this behemoth nearly twice her height and covered in muscle, she stared with death in her eyes towards this monster that punched like a bullet and hit like a cannon, she gave her best scowl to this asshole trying to kidnap her friend.

"If you don't let her down in the next ten seconds you're a dead man."

Rappa looked at her quietly, before his chest started to shake, and soon he exploded into a cheerful, bloody laughter, his fists clenching at his sides.

"Well well, aren't you feisty?"

Eri continued fidgeting on the cot in Recovery Girl's office, half the fiber of her being demanding to flee with everything in it as the older woman sat at the desk, scribbling out on paper after paper. The other half was being figuratively held down by Izuku's reassuring hand in hers. He sat down next to her while the bright lady - Ochako, if she recalled - sat in a nearby chair, her brown eyes wide, but comforting.

The old lady sighed, grabbing their attention as she hopped down from her chair, steadying her weight on her large syringe cane, before grabbing a smaller, slightly metallic pen-like syringe.

"Now, my dear. I assure you that this will only sting for an instant, and everything will be fine." Chiyo said.

Eri shivered looking at the needle, but Izuku squeezed her hand in reassurance. She looked at him, remembering that it would be alright, took a deep breath, and braced herself.

A short burst of air following a prick in her calf nearly made her jump and shriek, but she started feeling tired as the seconds passed, before she passed out onto Izuku's side.

"Lay her flat on her back," Chiyo said quietly as she put the needle in the waste and went looking for another one, "Make sure that her arms are at her side with her palms upwards." She opened a drawer, looking inside for a moment before closing it, "And make sure her head is propped up, use the pillow."

Izuku followed her instructions carefully, slowly placing Eri on the coot with her head on the pillow, placing her arms as he was told. He looked at her for a moment, her face calm and relaxed.

"Move," He was nudged out of the way by the nurse, who held a needle in her hand, connected to a tube and with two pieces of plastic attached near the needle, with a plastic cylinder on the other end that brought some memories back to him.

"A butterfly needle?" Izuku laughed a little despite himself, "Haven't seen one of those since I was 8."

Chiyo laughed a little herself, getting up on a short stoop and taking a cotton swab and rubbing some alcohol on the pit of Eri's elbow, "I thought it appropriate, considering my patient this time," She carefully inserted the needle into the girl's vain, holding down on the plastic "wings" of the butterfly as she taped it down, stepping down from the stoop to get a clear syringe, "I always keep a few handy, since quite a few high school kids don't like needles any more then she does."

Izuku watched her walk a short distance before coming back to the young girl with the syringe, removing the plastic cylinder on the end of the tub before placing the syringe inside, and began drawing blood ever so slowly from the girl.

"I work better when people aren't peering over my shoulder."

Izuku flinched and walked to sit next to Ochako, his eyes glued to the prone form of the little girl under his care.

(Oh god under his care, he has the life of a a girl probably less then half his age on his head, he'll need to get her clothes and feed her properly and oh god how did his mom raise him without getting a heart attack -)

"Deku-kun," Ochako whispered next to him, poking him on the cheek, making him jump, "You're worried for her, aren't you?"

Izuku opened his mouth on instinct to say no but he closed it and sighed, "Y-yeah… I guess it's only now setting in that I'm… responsible for her," He rubbed his head and sighed, "Just... the idea of every thing I need to do is… dawning on me."

The floating hero smiled, "Don't worry, Deku-kun," She clapped her hands together, "You won't be alone on this, I promise." She pumped a fist up and down, "We'll make sure she's happy and healthy together!" She blushed a bit, "I-I mean we - you know me and the rest of the class! All of us together!"

Izuku blushed a little too, but smiled with her, "T-thanks, Uraraka-san." He looked away, the blush still on his face, he looked aside to see Recovery girl replace a glass tube in the syringe as she continued to take a bit more blood out of Eri before looking back at Uraraka to see she too was still blushing, before quickly looking away again.

"You should have told me! …That your girlfriend was this protective of you!"

He gulped, Mirio's words still echoing in his head along with the wink he gave him as he went back to Nighteye as they walked to Recovery girl's office, as embarrassed as it made him he was sure it made Uraraka feel worse, so he owed her at least to talk about it.

He cleared his throat, "Um… Uraraka-sa-"

"Midoriya," Chiyo spoke up of a sudden, turned towards the two with a critical eye, "Did Eri-chan faint again after you ran off and before you got here?"

"Huh?" He shook his head, "I mean, yeah once, why?"

Chiyo nodded her head as she hummed to herself, looking at the last blood sample that she took from Eri, "So it seems I was right."

Ochako raised an eyebrow, "Right about what?"

"I think that our dear girl is anemic."

The teens felt an unnerving chill pass through them at Recovery Girl's words.

"A-anemic? Like she doesn't have enough blood in her body?" Ochako asked.

Chiyo nodded slightly, before her face tightened. "I can't say for sure at the moment, but the amount of cells in her plasma is lower than it should be for a girl her size and age. Not by much, but enough to limit any activity…"

'Like escaping torment…' Izuku thought grimly.

"Aside from that, her body could be healing itself in a way I've never seen…" the old woman pointed to where she had stuck the needle in, and the little blood that was there was… receding into the wound?

"Wha-?" Izuku blinked. This wasn't Regeneration, or any sort of healing Quirk he knew of, his mind reeling at the possibilities…

"If I could hazard a guess, her Quirk is trying to put things back as they should be, but the constant effects of Chisaki's… experiments…" Chiyo spat out the distasteful word, "have faltered it, or worse… damaged it."

"Maybe… she doesn't know how…"

Izuku and Chiyo looked at Ochako, who was deep in thought. She took notice and continued. "Maybe the yakuza have never taught her how to use her Quirk."

Izuku stared for a moment. "That… makes sense. If she knew how her Quirk works, then she'd probably be in a better state, at least health wise, though anything could be possible, and I really don't know what Chisaki has do- gyak!" He was stopped by Chiyo's cane striking his shin.

"None of that now, child." She stated. "Now with her body as is, because of this… forced anemia, I can give her ion tablets, but she will need a transfusion."

"I'll do it." Both teens said at the same time. They looked at each other before their faces flushed red. Chiyo sighed with a light chuckle at their expense.

Chiyo turned back to face the young girl with a muted smile, "I appreciate your enthusiasm kids, but that's a long ways for now," She removed the tape holding down the needle, then slowly took the needle itself out, putting another ball of cotton in it's place, "For now I need to find out her blood type before that, which will take a while," She looked over her shoulder at Ochako, "Uraraka-chan, you're B type right?"

Ochako nodded, still trying to suppress her blush, "Y-yeah, B+."

Recovery Girl then turned to Izuku, "And you're O."

Izuku rubbed the back of his head, "Yes ma'am, O-."

She nodded, "I have a few bags of each, but finding out her blood type will take a day, though I'll probably hurry it along since I'll have many more tests to do on the samples," She reached into her pocket with her other hand while still keeping a finger on the cotton ball, face screwed in thought, "I need to confirm the anemia, first off, then do a blood culture to see if there's anything else to be concerned about, not to mention a complete physical to get a full picture of how well she is in general."

Ochako could feel her head spin from all the details, and a slight clenching in her chest at the thought of Eri going through all of it, "Will Eri-chan be okay through all that?"

"She seemed perfectly fine with you two here." The old woman said easily, making the teenagers blush a bit harder, she smiled to herself when she found what she was looking for in the pocket of her medical jacket, a small stack of band-aids.

She sorted through them before picking one, and replaced the cotton ball with it, removing her hands revealed the band-aid had an image of a cartoon unicorn with flowing white hair.

The two teenagers gawked at the bandage for a moment before turning to the nurse, who had a grandmotherly smile, "I've had to take care of younger children many times before in my career," She said, "So I stock up on a few types of these kinds of band-aids just in case."

Ochako was looking at the band-aid with shining eyes, 'It's so cute!'

Izuku was smiling himself, "I think she'll like it Recovery Girl-san." He looked at her face for a moment, seeing her breathe calmly and steadily, "So… how long until she wakes up?"

Chiyo scratched her chin in thought, "Not much longer now I think, though considering she's pretty young she might wake up in another ten -" A quiet groan stopped her as the young girl in question slowly sat up, "…minutes."

Eri rubbed her eyes, "Is the test -" She yawned tiredly, "Is it done?" A minor pressure on her arm made her look at the pit of her elbow to find the band-aid, the cartoon animal smiling back at her brightly, "Is…is this for me?"

Chiyo smiled, "Of course it is, dear! I thought you might like it," She pointed to her own head, "Considering."

Eri looked between her arm and the old woman, a small blush on her cheeks, "T-thank you."

"You did great, Eri-chan," Izuku said with a smile, putting aside any theory he might have about why the girl shook off her anesthesia so soon (maybe something to do with her quirk?) and walking over to her and bending to to be eye level with her, "You were very brave."

The girl averted her eyes from his, a smile lighting up her face.

"Midoriya," Recovery girl called, her face calm yet serious, "Nighteye-san asked be to directed you to the meeting room so you can be briefed on the situation." She looked at Ochako, "You too, Uraraka."

The two looked at each other before nodding, Deku turning to Eri once more, "Eri-chan, do you want to come with me? Nighteye-san might have some questions for you," He saw her eyes widen a little before he hurriedly added, "You don't have to say anything if you don't want to!"

Eri worried her fingers for a moment before nodding and muttering, "Okay."

"Alright, now let's get you -"


Izuku stopped, whipping his head towards the door, he'd know that voice anywhere, "Kacchan?" He looked at Chiyo and Ochako who were themselves looking at the door from where the yell came from, "Why is he -?"


Instinct drove his feet forward, knowing that Bakugou never joked around when he was angry, and he had never heard him be this angry, walking out the door to find the explosive teen looking back and forth in the hall before the sound of the door made him snap his sights to him, "Kacchan! What's wrong? Did something -?"

The boy was suddenly grabbed by the scruff of his costume and slammed against the wall by Bakugou, who looked absolutely wrathful as he stared down at him, "Did something happen?" He asked through gritted teeth, "You're damn right something fucking happened!" He pulled his phone out of his pocket and tapped the screen a few times, before shoving it in Deku's face, "This is what fucking happened!"

It was a news video, the time stamp showed it was from five minutes ago, "- those of you just joining us, mere minutes ago a neighborhood in Tokyo was viciously attacked by a group of masked thugs," The news caster said, adjusting his glasses as he delivered the news with a disturbed look on his face, "Although only two people have been injured, one man in critical condition and a woman in mild condition, and several houses and cars were damaged, the most horrible detail of all, was that during the attack a local woman was kidnapped before local police and heroes could arrive, leading authorities to suspect the worst."

A pit formed in Izuku's gut, the news casters speech was accompanied by pictures of the place in question, and Izuku recognized the place where he grew up instantly, his eyes were frozen on the screen as the video went on.

"Although the incident came and went before any of our people on the scene could arrive and capture footage, several concerned citizens were able to capture a video of the criminals in the act, one of which we will be showing you now," The newscaster's face darkened, "Be warned that the following video might disturb and distress some viewers, discretion is advised."

The video that was being shown was shaky for a few moments, obviously being caught on a phone camera along with the sounds of whoever was recording swearing under their breath, but soon focused on a black van where about four people were gathered, one of them significantly larger then the rest, and trying to push something, or someone into the van.

Some distant part of Izuku's mind noticed that they were all wearing bird masks, and the pit in his stomach became an abyss.

The large criminal stopped his efforts to look behind him for a moment, before he stared straight ahead, right into the camera that was recording him, the one holding the camera barely had time to mutter a horrified 'oh my God' before the criminal shoved an arm into the van, and pulled out whoever they were trying to push in, and lifted them-her into view of the camera.

Izuku bleary noted that his mom actually had pretty long hair, she just kept it in a ponytail to keep out of the way of house work so he never had much chance to see her with her hair down.

He would give anything to not see her like she was in the video.

"Hey a**hole!" The massive criminal shouted, his curse censored by the news, "Zoom in! Right here!" The one recording did as the man instructed, mumbling terrified mutters all the way, zooming in on him lifting up Inko Midoriya into the air by her arm.

His mom was a sensitive soul, it didn't take much to make her cry, it was a trait she passed down to him among a million other things, but this time was different, the tears running down her face as she struggled against her assailant's grip felt like a stab in the gut.

"Take a good Godd**ned look!" He shouted again, "This is what happens when you stick your nose into yakuza business!" He lowered Inko back down, throwing her into the arms of his partners who quickly shoved her into the van before closing the back doors, before pointing a finger into the camera, "EXPECT A CALL YOU BRAT!"

Katsuki pulled the phone away and used both hands to hold Izuku by the collar against the wall, snarling like an animal, Izuku too shell shocked to try and resist his grip, "This is all your fault you piece of shit!"

Izuku tried to gather his senses, all the information being flooded into his brain, leaving him almost speechless, "Why -" He started as he tried to pry Bakugou's hands away, to no avail, "W-Why are you so angry, Kacchan?" He tried to take a calming breath, make sense of this nightmarish situation, "What did I -"

"My parents, you fuck!" Katsuki yelled, and for the first time, Izuku could swear he sounded scared, "Those two people that got hurt!? Those were my parents!" He gripped the collar harder, "My dad's in the ER with a shattered rib cage and my mom nearly got her head smashed in by a fucking car because they tried to help clean up your fucking mess!"

"M-my -"

"The stupid shit you pulled in the morning, Deku!" Katsuki growled, "Everyone knows you messed around with the fucking yakuza and now my parents are in the hospital because you don't fucking think!"

"Leave h-him alone!"

The two boys slowly turned their heads to see Eri, having flung aside the door to the nurse room to stare at Katsuki with anger, anger that quickly faded as the boy glared at her with renewed rage, making her cower and freeze up where she stood.

"Is this her?"

Izuku didn't like how Bakugou was talking, didn't like the way he was looking at Eri as he did, suddenly something started to burn in the back of his throat.

"Is she that fucking brat?" He growled, taking one hand off of Izuku to take a single heavy step towards her, eyes dark and blind with wrath, Eri was shaking by now, tears of fear forming in her eyes as Ochako exited the room and bent down to wrap her arms around her, "IS SHE THE REASON MY PARENTS ARE IN THE HOSPITAL!?"

The image of his mother, held up in the air by her arm, clearly in pain and terrified, solidified in his mind, the phone call he received from Overhaul crawling forward to rest on his nerves.

It was all too much.

Before he realized what he was doing, Izuku grabbed Katsuki by the wrist of the arm that held him against the wall, pulled Katsuki away from Eri, and snarled, "Leave her out of this!" before his other hand delivered a smashing haymaker into the blond's jaw, sending him careening down the hall.

A muted silence covered the girls as they watched the scene. Izuku stood protectively between them and the angry teen already staggering to get up. "I did what I thought was right - like a hero should, Kacchan! And I have to bear that responsibility, and I do with all my being!" He all but screamed.

"Deku…" Katsuki growled viciously as he got to his feet, glaring them all down. "You ba-" his retort froze on his throat as his body seized and collapsed.

The air felt heavy with tension before a quiet whimper pierced it. Izuku turned to the sound and felt a small body around his leg. Eri had slipped from Ochako's arms to Izuku, unsure of why, if only to feel safer from the explosive man.

"It's okay, Eri-chan." Izuku said, patting her head. "He's just worried… in his own sort of way." Her only response was to hug him tighter.

Ochako got to her feet unsteadily, partly from the shock of what had just happened, and walked over to him. "We…we should probably get to the others…"

"Ah- right." Izuku said, still not registering what he had done, only picking up Eri in his arms (and her refusing to stop the embrace) and make their way to the meeting in silence.

When they entered the room, Gran Torino glanced at the scene, and despite the chance to tease them, noticed more the look of concern on the boy's face. "Oi, brat, something happen out there?"

Izuku stiffened at the address, before readjusting his hold on Eri. "We-well, you see -" he was cut off as his cell phone began to ring. Taking his free hand, he looked to the caller ID and immediately answered it. "Mom! Are you alright?! Are you okay!?" Silence was only on the other end, until -

"I'm sorry, but your mother can't come to the phone right now." An unnervingly familiar voice said casually.

Izuku froze, his grip on Eri tightened. "Chisaki!" he seethed gaining everyone's attention.

"Oh, no, no, no," the man on the other end sneered. "You lost the right to call me that by gaining my ire, hero. My name is Overhaul."

Overhaul slowly paced back and forth, holding the phone to his ear as he menaced the boy on the other end, "Judging by your tone of voice, I gather that you've managed to catch the evening news."

He could hear the boy grind his teeth against each other as he snarled, "What are you playing at? Where's -"

"And what an evening it's been," He continued, ignoring the boy, "Traffic jams all over Kyoto, a fire in Osaka, and a kidnapping in Tokyo!" He chuckled mirthlessly as turned slightly to look at his guest, sitting in a wooden chair with out any binding to speak of, but flanked on both sides by one of his grunts, glaring at Overhaul with her hands in her lap, "What is the world coming to I ask-"

"Stop messing with me!" He shouted, his voice carrying out of the phone and reaching Inko, making her bunch up the fabric of her skirt and bite her lower lip, "I know you have her -!"

"Interrupt me again," Chisaki said slowly and calmly, "And the next time you hear from me is after finding one of your mother's limbs in a small brown box." Silence ruled for a moment, the only sound coming from the woman covering her mouth with her hand, Chisaki let it sink a bit deeper for a moment before he continued, "Now, as you know, I had Inko-san brought to me, so we can have a long conversation about your transgressions against me."

The boy growled but said nothing, Overhaul could just about hear more voices from the other line, muted and muffled.

"And she had every right to know about them of course," He laughed a little, "A duty in fact! As when a child misbehaves, it reflect poorly on the parent," He looked more closley at Inko, taking a few steps towards her while keeping eye contact with her all the while, making her tense up, "And she must be your mother, Izuku-san, you have her eyes after all."

"Stay away from -!"

"Do you want me to send them to you?" He hissed quickly, the scar above his eyebrow twitching, when a few moments passed he relaxed and continued, "You are in no position to make any kind of demand Izuku-san, all you can do, is listen and do as your told, like a proper young man," He leaned over Inko, the tip of his mask and inch away from her nose, pulling the phone a bit away, "Is he a proper young man, Inko-san?"

Inko narrowed her eyes at her captor, clutching the fabric of her skirt a bit tighter, "Don't use my first name so brazenly, Chisaki-san, you don't know me that well," Her voice was level, polite, but with an undercurrent of fire, although it shook in select places betraying her fear, "And my son is more a man than you will ever be."

A few minor chuckles and mummers passed along the room, but Chisaki only raised an eyebrow before returning to the call, "Inko-san has a lot of faith in you Izuku, I would suggest you don't betray it, understood?"

The other line was quiet.

"I asked you a question, do you understand?"

"Yes!" was the hurried response, the boy continuing in a far more subdued voice, "I understand… Overhaul, sir."

"Good," He motioned with on of his hands towards one of the grunts, who handed him a piece of paper, "Here's what going to happen, I'm going to let you talk to your mother, who's going to tell you exactly what to do, and you'll do it, got it?"

An angry breath was heard, "Yes, I got it."

Overhaul grunted, then looked back at Inko, handing her the paper, after a moment she took it with an unsteady grip, and took a look at the contents. The script was tight and clean, every letter precise and easy to read, if it wasn't for a few places where she could see more pressure was placed on the paper, she would have thought it was printed straight out of a computer.

"Say exactly as written," He said mildly, "Try and do anything else Inko-san, and there will be… consequences."

Inko glared at him for a moment before putting the phone to her ear, "I-Izuku? Can you hear me dear?"

"Y-yeah mom," He tried to sound brave, but she could tell, he was trying his hardest to keep his composure and stay calm for her sake, it broke her heart to hear him be so scared, "I-I can hear you."

She gulped, forcing a smile to try and help him, and herself, stay focused, "Everything is going to be alright dear, j-just listen okay?" She cleared her throat as she took a closer look at the paper and started reading, "Izuku Midoriya, you are suffering from a disease that has plagued the world for years," As she read a bit ahead, the words started to leave a bad taste in her mouth, "A chronic, terminal sickness that must be pulled at the roots, an illness called heroism."

She stopped, bile rising in her throat as she read a bit more ahead, Izuku noticing her prolong pause, "It's okay mom, keep going," He tried to reassure, "I'm not blaming you for this, just keep doing as he says, I promise I'll get you out."

Taking another deep breath, Inko continued, "You mind is rotten and your spirit fetid and weak, and in your folly you took away something that is worth more then your life," She could picture Eri as Izuku described her, a little girl with ruby eyes and ivory hair, the thought that anyone could think of a child as a something disgusted her to the core, "And because of that, you owe me recompense."

She stopped again, the next few words shocking her still, Chisaki leaned down to be at eye level with her, "Keep reading, Inko-san."

"Y-you -" She stuttered, gulping down more bile, as she glared at the yakuza, anger pricking at the side of her eyes, "You have a high debt on your head, and I will have it payed," She felt her throat tighten and tears falling as she kept going, "And you will pay it, either with Eri, or…or w-with your h-h…"

"Mom?" Izuku asked, hearing the panic rising in his mother's voice, dread lacing his tone, "Mom, please just -"

"I'm somewhere old!" She shouted quickly, dropping the paper as she clutched the phone with both hands, unwilling to finish it, "Somewhere that hasn't been fixed in-!"

She didn't get to finish, Overhaul snatched the phone out of her hand, glaring down at her with with dead, pitiless eyes, "I warned you, Inko-san," He looked up at the two men at her sides, "Hold her up."

"What's going on!? Mom!? What's Happening!?"

The boy's panic filled chattering reached Overhaul, who returned the phone to his ear, "Your mother disobeyed me, so now you both must suffer the consequences."

"Chisaki! Don't you dare hurt her or I'll -!"

"Put me on speaker," The criminal said calmly, "Put me on speaker… and make sure Eri can hear me."

"What!?" Izuku shouted, sounding impossibly more angry, "You're out of your mind! If you think I'm going to let her listen to whatever garbage you have to say then-"

"You have until the count of 10," He continued, utterly unaffected by Izuku's shouting, "Or you will never see your mother alive again."

"Y-you can't be-!"



"Two, three."

"J-just hold on! Let me just-"

"Six, seven, eight,"


"Nine, te-"

"Please don't!" A different voice this time, soft and terrified, Overhaul smiled under his mask, on some small way he missed it, "Please just stop hurting people! PLEASE!"

"Eri," Chisaki said calmly, "You should know better then anyone, I never hurt anyone without reason, all this came about because you ran off."

"Stop it!" Midoriya again, sounding supremely angry, "Just do what you want and -"

"Quiet boy," He said impatiently, before returning to a calmer voice, "And keep quiet, trust me when I say you don't want to miss this, and Eri," He started speaking slowly, kindly even, his voice pitched low and calm, "I want you to listen harder then anyone else who might be in the room with you, listen closely and carefully, so you can remember this for the rest of your life."

"P-please…" She sounded close to crying, he hated it when she did that, always gave him a headache, "Please don't…"

"And while you're listening, I want you to keep one thing in mind," His voice turned cold and rotten, his eyes narrowed into slits, "All of this, every last bit of it, is your fault."

He turned to Inko, who was looking at him with tears of anger and fear running down her cheeks, he let her squirm a bit in the grasp of his two henchmen before turning to one of them, and giving him a clear, simple command.

"Break her arm."

Everyone in the meeting room felt their blood freeze at the sickening twisted crack of marrow in flesh, and the screaming thereafter rattled their veins.

Fatgum balled up his fist on the table, the wood splintering beneath it. Ryuukyuu covered her mouth to halt any bile, though her skin began to become rough and scaly. The interns gaped with hollow eyes, unsure of how to respond. Only Nighteye, Aizawa, Nedzu, and Gran Torino sat solemnly.

But Izuku? He was feeling his world crash around him and be sucked down a whirlpool. His mother screaming in pain… it was worse than when he was diagnosed Quirkless. He collapsed on all fours, the phone falling speaker-up.

"Expect a call in a week." Overhaul stated before the line went dead.

No one said anything, just silence echoed in the room until a strangled whine pierced through. Everyone looked to the sound, and saw Eri curled into a ball, her tiny hands digging into her hair as she stared into nothingness and the whine was becoming a garble of words.


It was repeating over and over again, and no one knew what to do, but then Izuku wrapped his arms around her gently, soothingly on her back.

"It's okay, Eri-chan."

Those words stopped her panic, but soon started mewling, trying to escape his grip out of some unnerving fear.

Inko bit her lower lip hard enough to draw blood, after the initial flare of pain in her arm made a scream of utter agony tear through her throat, a need to stop herself from making more noise had risen in her mind.

The thought that Izuku heard her scream hurt almost as much as the broken bones in her arm, and as she laid on her knees with her one good arm still held in a vice grip while her broken arm hung uselessly at her side, a flare of defiance went off in her mind, making her bit down as hard as she could to keep her mouth shut.

As she heard him step forward towards her, a thought made it through the blur of pain in her mind, 'This is the last time he'll hear me scream.'

"Thank you for your cooperation, Inko-san," He said mildly, pocketing her phone like he owned it himself, "Your reaction was about what I expected from you, I'm sure Izuku got the message perfectly."

She looked up at him, glaring through the tears falling down her cheeks, a thin line of blood running down her chin from her mouth.

"Don't worry though," He continued, as if they were talking over tea, "So long as you and your son behave yourselves and do as I say, this will be the last time you'll need be hurt." He looked up at the two minions who were at her sides, "Take her away, she'll need medical attention."

"Uh, boss," The one still holding her good arm started, "The only room with any vacancy is um…the place where…" He rubbed the back of his head, "You know is staying, you sure it's okay?"

Overhaul didn't say anything for a moment, a strange look passing in his eyes, "Like I said, our guest needs medical attention, and preferably the best we can offer."

He said no more after that, the two getting the message while picking her up from the floor, "Easy there miss," The one who broke her hand said, kindly, gently holding her up by the waist as he kept her broken arm steady as he walked with her, "We'll need to get you in a cast…"

She didn't listen, didn't listen to any word any of them said as the lead her away. All her strength she reserved for keeping what ever cries of pain might come out of her from doing so, and in her mind she could only pray for her son, pray that he didn't blame himself for this.

In some bleary part of her mind, she could only hope that girl Eri didn't do the same.

The way she begged Chisaki to stop, the way he talked back to her, the things he said.

It was almost enough to make her cry all over again.

As the grunts dragged her along, her mind wondered in an attempt to ignore the pain in her arm. And she had plenty of time to do so, seeing as the henchmen kept turning corner after corner, walking through over a dozen hallways that she swore all looked the same, made up of plain, white walls that were all the same height, the ceiling and floor flat but regardless she felt like she was going up and down several feet every few hallways.

Or maybe that was just the pain, that was certainly an option.

After who knows how long, at least ten minutes though the pain in her arm as she was dragged along made it feel longer, they came upon a door to a room. It was as simple as the rest of this place, but Inko thought it looked significantly cleaner then the rest, almost new.

"Get in," One of the grunts said as another opened the door, pushing her lightly to quicken her pace, the inside of the room giving her pause. It was obviously a room meant to serve some medical purpose, a few cabinets filled with pill bottles, and a half dozen hospital beds lining the north wall.

Only a single one of those beds was taken, the person on it, attached to all sorts of life monitoring machines, not stirring to the sounds of her being pulled towards the bed right next to them and roughly put on it.

"A doctor will be here in a minute to get you in a cast, so just stay put." The one who broke her arm said, though she didn't have much choice, as the other one produced handcuffs out of nowhere and used it to bind her good arm to the bed.

"I'll try." She muttered, trying to get as comfortable as she could on the bed with one broken arm and another bound in cuffs, watching the two slowly leave and close, and lock, the door behind them.

She looked at the room again, only one fluorescent light was on, and even then just barely, the walls were cracked all over and there were no windows at all, the only sounds to be heard in the room was the steady beep of the life monitor and the breathing of the two people in it.

She thought back to the call she got from Izuku right before it all went crazy, where he said Eri was scared to death of needles and doctors…

"Well no wonder," She said out loud, scowling at the state of the room, "If this is the best medical care she got, of course Eri-chan would be scared of doctors."

Suddenly, the beeping of the life monitor sped up, the person on the bed stirring, and whipping his clouded over eyes to stare at Inko, "Eri?" He wheezed, coughing up a storm right after, only to continue to stare in Inko's general direction, as if he could only barely see her, "W-where's Eri?"

Izuku was dashing through the halls, a fraction of a percentage of One for All coursing through him. His mind unfocused, but determined to seek aid from the only one who could help. He had to find All Might.

After Eri had passed out again from the struggle in his grip, Izuku had left the room, asking his classmates to look after her while he went out. He didn't even hear their acknowledgement of his request, but he trusted them. He was about to pass the shoe lockers when he spotted the oh so familiar skeletal form of his mentor. He was in a fitted All Might track suit, doing some leg stretches. Izuku stopped running, but skid across the wooden floor before calling out. "ALL MIGHT!"

The man nearly jumped out of his suit as he spun around, a stream of blood swirling into the air from his mouth. "WHO IS THA- Oh! Midoriya, my boy. There you are." Izuku took a moment to catch his breath, but he did not meet Toshinori's sunken eyes. This set off some warning bells in his head.

"All Might." The younger man said evenly. "When Sir Nighteye was your sidekick, was his Foresight infallible?" The silent answer pressed him to raise his head, the eighth bearer of One for All felt a chilling determination in Izuku's red, tear-stained face. "Was there any point that his gaze faltered what happened?!"

Toshinori gaped at his appointed successor, a twisting in the pit of where his stomach once was began to churn. After a moment, he sighed and answered.

"No… not in the time I worked with him." He stated, regret at having to tell Izuku as such. He saw the boy's scarred hand clench before he continued. "before we went our separate ways six years ago, he told me desperately that if I continue as a hero… I would be killed in action." Toshinori sighed heavily as he slumped onto a nearby bench. "The deadline for that is less than a year away, not that it mattered to me then. I figured I would continue as is, doing what I was driven to do, but then I met you." He saw Izuku tense up at the reality of his words. "I saw the same embers that I had when Nana saw me, but it also scared me, thinking about the possibility of leaving a fresh bud of heroism break down in the outside world… for the first time, I didn't want to follow her experience." He straightened himself as he held out a fist, before shifting into his iconic muscular form. "I would twist the hands of fate, if I could ensure that you can grow as an exemplary hero."

Izuku felt a warmth surge in him as All Might withered back. His hero's words filling the hollow gap of the chaos in his mind. Truly, even retired, he was the Symbol of Peace. He gazed at his hand before speaking.

"Right before I left to find you, Sir told me about the vision he saw of Eri-chan -the rescued girl's - future." His fingers shuddered as they became a fist. "He said there was a fissure in his sight, one in where she's safe with those who care about her, and in the other…" he stifled. "- worse than anything we could imagine."

Toshinori felt his tired muscles twitching in vigor and dread, but he stayed silent as the boy continued.

"Whatever Chi- Overhaul, is planning, whatever he's done, he's confident and can't be taken lightly." Izuku tightened his own fist and held it out just like All Might did earlier. "I know that we still have so much to do, so let's bend that fate together, for everyone's sake!" His voice rose as the air stilled in the twilight sun. "And that's why I need to speak to someone…"

A few days later, a heavy door opened in a cell, catching the occupant's attention. Senses dulled and limited, the man straightened himself up as much as he could in his restraints, a low chuckle wheezing through the tube in his throat as a weary grin graced his scarred visage.

"Well, well. So the torch has passed again…" All for One sneered as a boy in green sat in front of the plexiglass barrier between them. "Welcome to my parlor, Number Nine, what can I do for you?"

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