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I look up. It's completely black.

"Ethan? Is it safe?" I look over to the sound of Benny's voice.

"Benny? Can you cast a spell that makes light?" suddenly a light shines through the room.

"I just used my phone" I shake my head and look at the girl beneath me. Sarah is shaking.

"Sarah? It's okay, we weren't hit. The cover and apparently Benny's spell protected us."


"Sarah? Sarah? Benny she isn't responding?" Sarah just lies there underneath me shaking. I get up and pull her to me. I look over at Benny. He's poking Jesse.

"Jesse isn't responding either; I think we need to get them to Grandma."

"How? We're not strong enough to carry them and they can't get up, let alone walk to the car!"

Benny shrugs then snaps his fingers. "I know! A wheelbarrow! There might be one in the garden shed outside the building. I'll go look." He gets up and turns towards me.

"Are you going to be okay by yourself?"

"Yeah I'll be fine, I have my babysitter to watch me" I laugh weakly and Benny nods and leaves. I look down at the beautiful girl in my arms. I try to remember how we got here.

We ran as fast as we could. Jesse and Sarah were still weak and couldn't use their super speed.

"We need to hide! He isn't going to be able the hold all that power, it's going to blow like a bomb!"

"Ethan, where are we going to hide?!" Sarah yelled at me.

"Here in this Baptism alcove. It will protect us from the blast" Jesse told us before we all went in and hunched against the wall. I covered Sarah with my body for extra protection. We heard a scream and only seconds afterword a powerful blast of black magic came through.

"Hey Ethan, I found the wheel….are you okay?"

I shake out of the memory and nod. "Okay how about I grab his upper half and you take the lower half?"

Benny nods and we lift Jesse up and dump him not so gently in to the wheelbarrow. We're both panting.

"Wow that guy is heavy!" Benny says, I roll my eyes and go for Sarah. We lift Sarah and put her on top of Jesse. I don't like it, but it's okay for the time being. Benny says a strength spell and gets behind the wheelbarrow. We take them out to the car and put them in the back seat. I get behind the wheel and start the car.