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The ship was quiet, Allura and Coran seemed to be discussing somthing with Shiro near the controle panel.

The other Paladins, Lance, keith, Hunk and Pidge stood mostly impatient.

Lance was tapping his foot and looking around for somthing to do while he waited, Hunk looked nervously at the others not entirely sure why they had been called, Pidge was trying to listen In on the conversation, while keith was lost in his thoughts.

Shiro suddenly turned sighing in defeat.

"Alright , this probably won't be the best of news for you all but...we are going to have to make a pit stop at Earth for suplies, it's the closest planet and we're running short on suplies".

Three of the four paladins looked excited

"wait why would it be bad for most of us"?

Lance finaly asked, only to be discouraged by Shiro's frown.

"Lance, we can't visit any of your garrison obviously knows somthing about the galra, so if we show up there they might not be too welcoming"

Lance , Hunk and Pidge imediately deflated.

"Now keith this is the part you might not like" Shiro seemed to pause as he looked at him "We will be landing in an area of Japan, it's secluded enough that if we take the red lion and green lion we won't be seen".

The other paladins watched in confusion as keith just stood anger clear on his face.

"Why the hell do we have to go there"

Shiro looked nervously at him obviously thinking before he spoke "because it's the only other language I can fluently speak along with you" he said trying to avoid a more in depth answer, keith seemed to growl,

"I know about four diffrent languages and can speak them fluently and you decide to go there"?!

Shiro laughed slightly "Well you have a lot of connections there and Hikari or Asuki wouldn't mind helping you " Shiros face suddenly became sad "after all you and them were un separable" shiro smiled sadly.

Keith looked like he wanted to expload, he looked, to the others suprize, beyond pissed.

"Shiro, you know damn well why I cant go back there, Hikana-sam-"he cut him self off before continuing "you know what my grandmother would do she found me" he said the title with pure distain obvously not likeing the woman it refered too.

Shiro looked guilty as he tried to reason wigh the Red paladin "keith, you know neither Asuki nor Hikari would help us unless you asked them too, you of all people know how they both work"

Keith looked slightly guilty but still pretty angry, he let out a exasperated breath before turning and walking away, he needed to cool down.

Pidge looked confused as all hell.

"the fuck was that about".

Shiro sighed looking at where keith had disappeared, "keiths family is from Japan, though his father moved to America, his family wasn't to happy about it at all"

(I'm pretty sure that's where they were(america), seeing as head cannons about lance living in Florida and crap also keith lived in Texas at one point and no one can tell me other wise)

Lance glared at shiro "Why does keith get to see his family?, why can't we call our parents!?"

Shiro sighed, looking to Pidge and Hunk who had confused and calculating expressions.

"The last thing keith wants is to see his family, and the people I mentioned earlier, Asuki is an influential person in Japan, and Hikari knows keith better then even I do, they both could easily hide us from the garrison. Besides Garrison has little to no controle over the area because everyone there is so traditional".

Everyone gave him confused looks including Allura and Coran " what do you mean by traditional?" Allura's thick strangely British accent questioned.

"Keith was born into a powerful and influential 'clan' or family, they basically act like a small village , they have two family heads as far as I know that would be keiths grand parents at the moment, they usualy keep to themselves unless for business relations or the all to common arranged marriages ".

Allura looked shocked as did Coran "Altea had stopped doing Arranged bondings forever ago, it was considered illegal to force such a thing on anyone" claimed Coran as he knew more about it then Allura as it was banned only a few years before she was born.

The the other paladins looked confused "that doesnt explain why he doest want to see his family" hunk said a slightly worried look almost as if he had an idea of what had happened.

Shiro sighed "Its not my story to tell, if Keoth wants to tell you he will"

With that the conversation was over.

They had four days till they reached earth, four days till they learned more about thier closed off teammate.

Four Days.


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