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Akira's whole head swung to the left as the old woman stood, her hand slightly red from the contact.

"Akira. Do not. talk back to me."

The boy named Akira was maybe 10, his eyes were slightly puffy and his face now bruising slowly, hesitantly he held a slightly bloody hand up too his face cradling his cheek.

Lessons with Hikana-sama were painful, she would hit his hands with a metal ruler if he was sitting wrong , or if he answered incorrectly.

He had said something she didn't like, that something being about how harsh her lessons were, she seemed to take offence.

"go to your room, lessons are over today do not expect dinner, you did very poorly and your hands hold our proof"

Akira grimaced hiding his hands from view as he stood and bowed before walking to his room.

He hadn't eaten a proper dinner in weeks, he had only been able to survive on small snacks that his caretaker Gyan-san could sneak him. It obviously wasn't enough given his under average weight and his sickly appearance in natural light.

Akira sat on his futon pulling his injured hands out of his kimono wincing when the cold air of his room brushed against the open wounds.

He pulled out a small first aid kit from his dresser, after cleaning the wounds he wrapped them carefully, he'd become very experianced in treating these wounds lately.

He wished he didn't have too...


Today was Akira's 11th birthday.

Since he was 10, the lessons only got harder and punishments even harsher, he'd learned to go long periods of time without food, and even without medical attention when his rib had gotten broken during his punishment.

They were throwing a party, for publicity of course, they had to show they cared for there dear grandson , the one that they beat and abused.

The punishments had slackened in preparation for the party so that no one would suspect anything too bad.

How ever he had heard a rival family were going to be appearing at the party, another publicity stunt, Hikana-sama, his grandmother, had mention they were bringing their older son, he was 16 at the moment a little old to be friends with an 11 year old.

When Akira had been introduced he had been given the task of escorting the other families son around the building, give him a tour before the party actually went into full swing.

The Daishi family seemed kind enough, if not a little stern. They had greeted Keith politely, the mother smiling at him as she handed him a small gift wrapped in silver wrapping paper.

Akira couldn't help but smile shyly back as he thanked them.

Their son Siju seemed a bit standoffish, he obviously didn't want to be there, but he listened when his parents suggested he go on a tour guided by Akira.

" is there anywhere in specific you would like to see Daishi-san"?

The older boy thought for a moment.

"you have a garden? also you can call me Siju, no need for the professionalism and all that Akira-chan "

Akira was slightly startled and flustered at the pet name his grandmother had never prepared him for this type of situation...

" w-we d-d-do have a garden but i'm not usually allowed out there, we can ask my grandfather , he should be in the library.."

Siju smiled his dark suit wrinkling lightly as he stretched his arms to rest behind his head, Akira wasn't allowed to wear suites, he wasn't sure why but his grandmother was very vocal about what he wore and did.

On their way to the library Siju asked questions about Akira, a lot of questions.

Siju asked things like his favorite color, food, animal and things like that.

Akira unsure how to answer gave short simplistic answers only going more in-depth when Siju requested.

while entering the library he spotted his grandfather, Akira like his grandfather a lot more then Hikana-sama, -his grandmother- as he allowed him to call him by his family title, but he also spoke often with Akira not just yelling and screaming if he did something wrong.

"Sorry grandfather , but we were wondering if i could give Siju-san a proper tour of the garden..."

The old man smiled as he put down his book, "ah Akira, of course you may just be careful not to leave the garden you know how upset that makes your dear old grandmother"

Akira nodded and bowed before leaving the room with Siju in tow said boy began to ask questions again.

00000000.(3 years later)-

Since his birthday Akira and Siju had become close friends, the now 14 year old and 19 year old were an odd pair, Siju would help Akira get out of the house when Hikana-sama was being harsh, and of course Hikana-sama was overjoyed that they were getting along as it would benefit the companies relations with each other.

They had even made friends with a boy named Shirogane Takashi! Shiro was really nice and often taught Akira about things his grandmother deemed unimportant, or common wealth knowledge.

But something made Akira worried, his grandmother had started acing strange, and so had Siju,...

Siju had become what most would describe as possessive, not that Akira noticed the behavior as he'd never experienced anything of the sort he just assumed something was going on with his family, but Shiro had.

Siju would often glare at Shiro and anyone else who Akira took a liking too or even spoke to, he had even threatened another boy who helped Akira when he tripped. Not that Akira knew of course Siju would act like a perfect fairy tale prince whenever Akira was around, gushing over the younger boy when he was hurt or sad, even buying him things even though Akira could buy it for himself.

Shiro never trusted Siju, he only stayed because he worried for Akira. That's why a little under a year ago Shiro began teaching him self defense in case something happened and he wasn't around.

0000000000(few months later)

He was now 15 and three days old and he wanted to cry, he was going to get married, married at 15 to his seemingly best friend... you would think he was lucky it was his friend and not some random old rich man.. well he thought the same thing but that was three days ago.

0000(three days ago)

"m-married?!" Akira had never been one to yell in front of his grandmother but this was ridiculous, he was 15!

"yes, the Daishi family found it beneficial to our families future, you and their son are good friends anyway. The decision is finalized there is nothing you can do about it Akira, now go to your room"

That was it? just like that? He knew it would happen eventually but now? when he was 15 years old?

he, despite his anger stood and went to his room.

He hated this.

Akira crawled onto his bed and curled under the blanket, well at least it was his friend, maybe it wouldn't be too bad?

He was wrong so very, very wrong.

000000(next day)

Siju, it was all Siju, he was the one that suggested the marriage, why? why would he do such a thing, they were friends right?

The now 20 year old stood in front of him a sad smile on his face as he gripped Akiras wrists a little to tight.

"look Akira, i suggested the marriage for you don't you see? They were gonna marry you off anyway"

Akira struggled between Siju and the wall behind him, a frighteningly tight grip on his wrists bringing him to focus on the man in front of him.

"Siju i'm 15 , I don't want to marry, yes you're my best friend but i really really don't want to get married, please just call this all off"

Akira pleaded but it only seemed to anger the person he thought was his best friend,

"tch, I try to do something nice for you and this is how i'm repayed? damn brat"

Siju pulled him closer using his other hand to grab Akiras hair and yank so that he was craning his neck to look up.

"now we're going to go through with this wither you like it or not, you have no choice after all, your grandparents already signed you over to me, so legally you belong to me, simple as that, all that's left is a ceremony but thats just for the public"

Siju smiled, he held Akira close and let go of his hair, gently caressing his face as if he would brake it.

"So Akira darling are you ready to change your last name? I bet it would sound beautiful would it not? Akira Diashi...hehehe i like the sound of that don't you?"

Siju the threw Akira against the wall and left warning him not to leave that bed room until he came back.

And for the first time since he heard the news, he cried.


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