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Nightwing ducked under a thug's swinging metal pipe and thrust an escrima stick under said man's chin while sweeping his legs out. As the person toppled to the ground heavily the vigilante quickly knocked him unconscious with a sharp fist to the temple. With that opponent down, Nightwing whirled to face several more goons preparing to attack him.

"Miss Martian, mind link!" Nightwing hollered towards where he thought (and knew) where the martian was. Sure enough, a soft presence brushed gently against his mind. Allowing it to enter shallowly just enough to be able to communicate, Nightwing proceeded to kick thug butt.

"Mind link is up," came M'gann's mental voice.

"Great. So, 'Wing, what do we do? We're pretty much surrounded by, like, fifty goons! And not to mention: no closer to where the actual child auctioneer (is that really a thing? Eh) is," Beast Boy complained.

"I have a suggestion," Robin suddenly said.

"What? We need a new plan right now, and currently my mind is completely empty of those very things," Nightwing mentally responded as he made quick work of the men in front of him. He scanned the battlefield and spotted each of his teammates: Batgirl, Robin, Miss Martian, Kid Flash, Impulse, Beast Boy, Aqualad, Artemis, Superboy, Blue Beetle, and Zatanna.

"A group will create a diversion - say, an explosion at the far side of the field - and knowing that these men are kind of dumb-looking, they will obviously run to the explosion to see what happened. Meanwhile, the other group can run into the building to go deal with the boss."

"I hate this dude," Impulse whined in everybody's head. "Too much protection! So not crash."

"Well, he is a big boss person," Artemis reasoned. "If I were one, then I'd totally want to have as much protection as I can from vigilantes in tights and from rival dealers."

"I don't wear tights." Superboy grumbles at Artemis's comment. Then he caught sight of Professor Ivo who had just joined the fight with his MONQIS. "I HATE monkeys!" He roared (luckily he roared out loud and not mentally, or everyone would have been distracted) and began attacking the small, madly giggling robotic monkeys in a frenzy.

"Alright! Impulse, Batgirl, and Kid Flash, set off some explosions far away from the entrance, next to those crates under the weird dead trees-" Nightwing mentally sent a picture of crates under scraggly, bare trees straight out of a horror movie- "And Miss Martian, Superboy, Robin, and Aqualad, follow me in. The rest of you, keep fighting."

Following Nightwing's orders, Impulse, Batgirl, and Kid Flash quickly arrived at their designated area next to the creepy trees and began sticking mini explosives everywhere they could as fast as possible (which wasn't hard in Wally's case). The remaining eight covered them as best they could, driving the men away from the busy three. Then, a few seconds later, the trees and crates went BOOM in an epic explosion.

Calling out in a foreign language, a big buff dude - most likely the leader - waved a bulky arm at the explosion.

"Stupid idiot. He just ordered half his thugs to go check out the explosion because apparently whatever was in those crates were important." Nightwing rolled his eyes both mentally and physically. "Okay. You guys know what to do now."

And with that, he shoved the goon in front of him to the ground, and jumping over the man, quietly ran into the building with Robin, Miss Martian, Superboy, and Aqualad following on his heels.

"The dealer is located in the seventh room on the right in the left passage," Miss Martian informed the others in the building with her.

Nightwing mentally nodded. "Superboy, how many heartbeats can you hear?"

After a few seconds, Superboy replied, "Twelve."

"Okay, here's the deal. Aqualad, Superboy, and I will go in to take him out. Robin, go through the vents and hide in the opening in that room in case we need backup. Miss Martian, just follow us in invisibility mode."

"Roger," everyone muttered in their heads, and as Robin swept into a nearby ventilation shaft while Miss Martian disappeared from view, Aqualad, Superboy, and Nightwing soon approached the door.

Dramatically kicking down the rotting, wooden door, Nightwing stomped grandly inside. "Ha! I opened the blast doors!"

"..." was intelligently thought by the thugs and the child auctioneer inside the room and broadcasted into the vigilantes' heads via M'gann, before Nightwing and the two male heroes beside him charged without warning. Instantly a battle broke out, and meanwhile Miss Martian and Robin still hid.

"Do you need help?" Robin asked, worried, when Aqualad was nearly brought down by three thugs attacking him simultaneously.

"No, it is alright," Aqualad replied as he threw the thugs off and began kicking their butt. "I am maintaining this fairly well."

"Yah, this is nothing~" Nightwing cheerfully cut in, whacking a goon in the head with an escrima stick while hurling the other one with its electricity crackling on at another man attempting to sneak up on him without even turning around. "Gotham is ten times worse than this."

"That's true," Robin agreed.

"Professor Ivo is still here. I wanna kill his effing MONQIS - every single one of them! They make me mad." Guess who said that. (Superboy.)

For the rest of the short fight, everyone was silent on the mental link. Out loud, however, there were small groans and gasps of pain as Nightwing, Superboy, and Aqualad fought their way through the group of goons to the panicking child auctioneer. Said person was wielding a RK-47, but seemed to not have a clue how to use it. Unfortunate for the dealer and his goons, but fortunate to the heroes. Finally, unconscious bodies littered the room.

The child auctioneer, who should have left during the fight, didn't, and was now regretting it as now Nightwing was striding briskly towards him while Superboy and Aqualad began tying up the lifeless men. Miss Martian and Robin were still in hiding.

"Alright, where are the children?" Nightwing demanded, Bat-glaring at the the auctioneer.

"I-I-I ain't telling!" the auctioneer stammered fearfully. He stumbled backwards.

"Really?" Bat-glare intensifies, borderline deadly.


"You know, that some way or another, you will tell me? Or, of course, I guess there is the option of just blowing up this building - which is oh so conveniently your base which took a lot of hard work, too - and finding out the more… difficult way. So what's your choice?" Bat-glare intensifies even more, barely fitting the casual, almost joyous tenor that Nightwing took on in his voice.

"Okay! Fine! I'll tell!" The child auctioneer was trembling in his boots, sweating profusely as the vigilante's glare made its point. "They're in the boxes… behind you."

The Bat-glare fades away (for now). "Good." Nightwing turned- and the guy's RK-47 suddenly hit his head in a very powerful hit, causing a sharp crack to echo around the room.

Falling down, Nightwing dimly heard a "NIGHTWING!" before his head impacted heavily with the ground and empty darkness swamped his vision.

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