Chapter 1.

It was a cold, wet Thursday night in San Francisco. Inside the Andersen's household, the mood was just as somber for the family of three that were sitting in the lounge room. In fact the tension was so thick in the air, that you could have cut it with a knife!

12 year old Riley Andersen was seated on the sofa and glaring angrily at the TV, a massive frown was scrawled across her face and her brows were knitted so tightly together that it gave her the impression of a mono-brow.

Inside her head, the console was lit up red as Anger pushed some levers as far as they could go, screaming his rage at the screen while flames erupted from the top of his head.

Today had been a day straight out of hell for the normally happy and upbeat teen. First she had woken up with a bad toothache. Then as she had gone to the bathroom to wash her face, she discovered that she had sprouted a pimple the size of a small margarita pizza on her chin!

"There is NO WAY we are going to school looking like THAT!" Disgust had demanded while Joy did her best to convince her green friend that it wasn't the end of the world, and how it would probably be gone by tomorrow. Besides she doubted that mom would let Riley stay home from school just because she had a pimple (albeit one of monstrous proportions like that!)

Disgust had eventually relented although she kept obsessing over it the whole day, stating that people will call Riley a freak and it will tarnish her image forever.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Riley had gone to school only to realize that she had a math test today which she completely forgot to study for. And finally to top it all off, she ended up twisting her ankle during hockey practice after school, and just like that she was told that she would have to miss the finals!

And Riley wasn't the only one who found herself in a bad mood right now…

Across the room from her, her dad Bill was sitting in the armchair and drumming his fingers irritably on the coffee table. Work had been crazy busy today and he had barely had time to stop and take a break. Then on the way home the car's radiator had blown up, leaving him stranded halfway between his workplace and his house during peak hour traffic and he was forced to have the car towed away for repairs while he took the bus home.

Then there's poor Jill to consider as well...she had spent hours preparing a roast for dinner when Riley had burst through the front door limping and slamming her hockey stick on the floor in frustration. When Jill had asked her daughter what happened, Riley had started shouting how "Everything is so unfair and how much her life sucks!"

Then the grumpy teen had stormed off to her room and slammed the door shut, leaving her mother shocked and confused. Then a short time later, her husband Bill came barging through the door with his face looking redder than a tomato and immediately began complaining about his troubles with work and the car to his wife, who was beginning to feel overwhelmed about listening to everyone's problems and soon found her own mood beginning to sour.

In fact she was so preoccupied with trying to make everyone else feel better, that she completely forgot about the roast in the oven…that is until the shrill sound of the smoke alarm going off reminded her! Cursing she rushed to rescue the meal that she had been slavering away over for hours, hoping that it could still be salvaged somehow.

But as she pulled the tray out of the oven, she discovered all her hard work was now burned to a crisp… Growling with frustration she shoved a kitchen chair out of the way and declared how "Enough was enough! If anyone wanted to eat tonight, they would have to prepare something themselves because she was over it!"

Now as the Andersen family were gathered in the lounge room watching the nightly news on TV, the headlines were doing nothing to improve their moods. The top stories tonight covered a range of 'cheerful' topics from an economic crisis and a huge forest fire burning across the Californian wilderness, to scientists proclaiming that climate change is getting far worse and stories of wars and famine becoming more serious in other parts of the world.

Inside Riley's mind, her Emotions were also watching the news through the main monitor and they too were feeling as optimistic about the current state of affairs as their young host.

Anger had worked himself up into a rage and was now pacing in front of the screen, grumbling about how "The world is going to the dogs!"

He stopped his agitated pacing only to kick any unfortunate piece of furniture that happened to be in his way and the top of his head was sprouting flames as he declared, "Can this day get any worse?! All we need now is one of Iceland's volcanoes to erupt and create chaos for air travel to put the icing on the cake!"

Fear was cowering behind the couch and whimpering softly as he watched Anger's tirade. As if Riley's disaster of a day and now the news on TV hadn't been enough! Now Anger was flying into a serious rage and the sight made the scrawny purple Emotion tremble like a sapling caught in a windstorm. Fear could sympathize with how the furniture must be feeling…he himself was often the target of the short red Emotion's fury and he was terrified what might happen if Anger decided to take his frustrations out on him…!

Disgust was rolling her eyes and shaking her head at her red coworker's antics. First Riley was forced to go to school with that monstrosity on her face (which she shouldn't have allowed no matter what the other's said! Now Riley's social image would probably be scarred forever!), and now Anger was overacting and being a jerk!

Over in the corner, Sadness was bawling her eyes out and wailing in between sobs about how "Everything is so awful!" She was crying so much that her tears were leaving small puddles all over the floor of Headquarters…and it didn't appear as if she was going to stop anytime soon.

Even Joy, standing resignedly in the center of the room was watching the drama helplessly. It was her job to quell any tension that arose in the day and try to find the positives in any situation. But even she was struggling to find anything positive to focus on at the moment and all she could do was look on dejectedly while her friends tried to cope with their predicament as best they could.

Anger had momentarily stopped his rant and now had his newspaper rolled up in one hand. With a final grunt of contempt he started to make his way over to the reading section of the room, a small flicker of residual flames still burning from the top of his head. Unfortunately his path happened to go straight past Sadness, who was still weeping bucket loads, and Anger didn't notice the impressive puddle of tears she had created around her until he stepped in one and his foot slid out from under him, sending him sprawling flat on his back with a spectacular splash!

For a few tense moments, all the short red Emotion could do was stare at the ceiling in stunned silence. There was steam billowing out from behind his head as the water extinguished his embers and his newspaper was lying beside him, now completely soaked from the tear puddle and useless.

Slowly a low growl began working its way out of his throat as he prepared to unleash another volley of rage. "This is the last straw…!"

But then something very unusual happened. Lying there in the Sadness puddle on his back, the fiery Emotion suddenly felt a wave of calm wash over him. The cool water actually felt strangely soothing and…comforting?

Anger had no idea what was happening to him but for some reason the urge to unleash his temper had unexpectedly abandoned him, and instead he found himself gazing blankly at the ceiling as the shocked silence of his Co-Emotions hung in the air.

Then from beside him Sadness dropped down to her knees and in a pleading voice started babbling, "Oh Anger! I'm so sorry! What have I done? Please tell me you're alright!"

Slowly, Anger looked into her big blue tear-filled eyes, and he noticed how they sparkled like stars. And not just any stars, but the brightest, most beautiful star in the night sky; Sirius. The faintest of smiles started to tug at the corner of his mouth as the little blue Emotion took his hand in hers and sobbed in despair.

"Oh no…I made you hurt yourself didn't I?! I'm always messing things up…" She was taking shaky ragged breaths and dripping fresh tears all over him. "I'm so awful! Riley and everyone else would be better off without me…!"

But Anger didn't hear any of this. It was as if a switch had gone off inside his head and he was lost in his own little fantasy. In his mind he saw himself as the big, red, powerful Roman god of war; Mars…though he actually preferred the Greek version; Aries (Anger-Aries had more of a ring to it!) While above him, he saw his beautiful blue star winking down on him, filling his heart with desire with her teary brilliance…

The other Emotions had gathered around them by now, staring at their red companion with various degrees of concern.

"Nice going Sadness! You broke Anger!" Disgust stated mockingly as she looked down pityingly at the red Emotion, who still had that far-away look in his eyes and was grinning stupidly.

Joy kneeled down beside him and waved her hand in front of his face, but received no response. "He seems pretty out of it." She said worriedly.

Fear approached hesitantly and inquired, "He must have hit his head pretty hard." Then he added with more concern, "Do you think he'll be alright?"

"He has to be!" Wailed Sadness, her tears beginning to soak the fallen Emotion's shirt.

Anger was still daydreaming, his eyes glazed over and mumbling something about how fire and water complete each other when he registered that someone was shaking him rather firmly by the shoulders and calling his name.

Why does my shirt feel so wet anyway? He thought as the shaking grew more persistent.

Suddenly he felt a sharp pain spread across his face as someone slapped him, hard.

"Holy smoke! What is happening?!" He declared irritably as he sat bolt upright, trying to identify who had dared to hit him.

The other Emotions all cringed and back away from their volatile friend, relieved that he was okay but unnerved by his explosiveness at the same time.

But one Emotion was still kneeling beside him, seemingly unfazed by his outburst. Sadness had stopped crying and was looking at Anger with relief written all over her chubby face.

"Oh thank goodness you're okay Anger!" she said shyly. "I'm so sorry for making you fall over from my tears. Please forgive me!" She was still holding his hand and her grip grew a little bit tighter as she begged.

Anger just looked at her in silent contemplation. He should be feeling furious with her right now for making him look like an idiot in front of everyone. But for some bizarre reason, he just couldn't seem to get angry with her. What was happening to him? Ever since he gazed into her soulful blue eyes, he felt a strange new sensation come over him and he couldn't understand why it made him feel this way.

"Anger?" Sadness asked worriedly.

Slowly and gently the red Emotion slipped his hand out of hers and got to his feet with a grunt. Then without saying a word to anyone he turned and marched off towards his room, leaving them all feeling stunned and speechless by his odd behavior.

After they had watched him disappear from view, Disgust was the first to break the silence. "What on Earth did just happen? I've never seen Anger go so gaga over anyone before!"

Fear was rubbing his sore hand gingerly and replied, "Maybe I shouldn't have hit him so hard! I just wanted to slap some sense into him!" The purple Emotion couldn't help smiling inwardly to himself despite his concern. He thought about all the times Anger had used him as a punching bag and a smug thought entered his mind. Revenge is a bitter sweet feeling my friend

Joy stood there quietly, staring at the door to the private sleeping quarters that Anger had slammed behind him and smiled knowingly as the realization dawned on her. She glanced over at Sadness, who was looking miserably at the puddle where Anger had been lying in, although she was no longer crying.

The yellow Emotion turned and addressed the others with her cheery voice "Oh don't worry about Anger guys. I think he's just feeling a little humbled by this whole ordeal and he'll be back to his usual fiery self by morning."

She put on a convincing smile and the others all mumbled their agreement. Disgust pointed out that it was quite late and Riley had already gone to bed before announcing that she was ready to retire to her room for the night as well.

Fear said that he wanted to make himself a relaxing cup of tea before he went to bed and still nursing his sore hand, he made his way over to the kitchenette.

Joy looked back at Sadness as the little blue Emotion bade her goodnight and walked over dismally to the console to take her shift at Dream Duty.

Joy began walking to her own room feeling relieved that this crazy day was over and they could all begin again tomorrow with a fresh outlook. She smiled warmly to herself as she thought about what had taken place between Anger and Sadness back there.

She wasn't sure if Fear or Disgust had noticed it, but she felt pretty confident that she had seen it right. The way Anger had looked with fondness into Sadness' eyes, and how he seemed to have enjoyed the way she had expressed her concern for him. She couldn't help getting the impression that Anger was more than just alright…

'I think Anger has fallen in love…' Joy mused to herself happily.


Author's Note:

Adam + Eve

Romeo + Juliet

Kim + Kanye…?

Is this mission impossible actually possible?

Do opposites really attract?

Stay tuned till next time to find out!

I want to send out a special thank you to Orangebird124! Thank you for being one of my biggest supports as a new author on Fanfiction! This story was requested by you and I hope that you are enjoying what I've put together so far…things will only get more interesting for our little red and blue friends from here on!

I also want to thank everyone else who is reading and enjoying my stories so far! If I can make even one person smile with my work, then that is reward enough for me!