Hi Guys! Thanks for reading my first fic. As a DJ fan, I really think he's underrated, so I'm writing a fic about him! Hope you enjoy!

DJ woke up. Like any other day in Jamaica, it was incredibly hot. He had been lying on the beach, staring at the sea. The last events that had occurred weren't the best. After their failed TV show, him and his Mama had no money. He tried to fix that by entering the next season of Total Drama, but things seemed to go downhill from there. Surprisingly, he was hit with an Egyptian curse: one which made him hurt any animal he went near. For DJ, this was scarring. He loved animals more than the world, and for this to happen to him? DJ sighed. Another thing that happened was that he lied. To everyone. He said the curse was gone, but after doing some research he realised it might never go. He got up and didn't wince when he stepped on a crab. It became natural for DJ to step on animals. He went inside, ducking under the door. DJ was incredibly strong and tall, but he was a wuss. Well, used to be. DJ was scarred from what had happened.

His mother thought he was a disappointment and he would hurt any animal he saw. He thought his life couldn't get worse. He went to his room. He looked at some of his trophies. It was the only thing that made him proud. He had some for ribbon dancing, for football and even some for go-karting, from when he was little. He smiled. He went up to one and picked it up. It's gold was smooth and cold. He started looking at each one individually to make him feel better. He reached for an especially odd football one. It was bronze and the shape didn't look like a football at all. He didn't actually remember getting it. He reached for it and tried to pick it up. It wouldn't budge.

Even with his enormous strength DJ couldn't lift it. Was it that heavy? DJ stopped trying. "Why on earth is it not moving?" He thought to himself. As he spun round to look at some others, he knocked the bronze one over. He heard a click and then a sudden rumbling. The wall then started moving, knocking all the other trophies off, apart from the bronze one, which was, still knocked over? DJ shrieked. Finally, it stopped. DJ quickly grabbed a flashlight and a pillow and tip-toed in to the passageway that had just opened. All he could find was a chest, with an oak structure. He slowly opened it. There was... a bracelet? DJ winced. He didn't know why, but he felt a strong surge of energy from the bracelet. He reached for it...


Well, that ends chapter one! What do you think will happen? You'll have to wait to find out more!