Chapter 14: Still Unbelievable

Lorelai couldn't believe it. She had managed a hiking trip. It sounded like a joke to her; a very bad one with an even worse punch line. Lorelai Gilmore had accomplished a hiking trip. She had come up with the idea by herself, even though no Hello Kitty booth had been involved, she had hiked it till the end. She couldn't believe it. The longer she thought about it, the less she could actually wrap her head around this.

All of it would not have been possible without Luke, her partner in life, who had fought in the first place to be with her, but still, the miles she had to walk by herself. Luke didn't have to carry her some of the way. Every mile of the 211 she had hiked on her own. She was damn proud of herself, but very tired too. She was looking forward to a bed and a proper shower.

First, she and Luke had to fetch a little package from a near-by post-office. The package was filled with fresh clothes and some hygiene products and razors, which they had sent ahead, but soon after, they were in the hotel, which Lorelai had booked in advance. With their dirty clothes and the backpacks, they did not match the other guests, but Lorelai paid them as little attention as possible, making her way straight to the front desk with Luke in tow.

"Hello. We have a reservation," Lorelai said. "Gilmore."

"Oh, here you are," the young man behind the counter said, a big smile on his face. "Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore."

Again, they were mistaken for husband and wife, just like at the motel, where they had started their "Wild" trip three weeks ago. It happened again and again. Lorelai suppressed real laughter and just smiled. She turned to Luke and bumped her elbow into his side. He returned the smile, but neither of them corrected the receptionist and just played along, filling out the forms, which were handed to them.

After they had gotten their keys for their room and they were on their way to the elevators on the other side of the lobby, Luke hissed to Lorelai, "I'm not taking your name."

"Oh, why not? That name has history," Lorelai reminded him.

"So does Danes," Luke countered. The debate about the last names was on. It was something they had not considered. They had decided they would get married, but the details yet needed to be discussed, they were not important, after all, they were just details.

"You mean those sheep in the valley?" Lorelai raised an eyebrow, as she pushed the button to call the elevator. "The Gilmores came over on the Mayflower. I am a daughter of the American Revolution."

"Without being a member."

Luke's comeback was good, but Lorelai had one too, even though, it was drowned out by the loud ring, which indicated the elevator had arrived. "My mother and my daughter are; that should be enough."

Without any further banter, Luke guided Lorelai in the elevator, which brought them to their floor and therefore to their room. Lorelai couldn't wait any longer. She had dreamed of this room for three weeks. As soon as she had entered the room, she was dropping the backpack on the floor, not even thinking about if it would stand in the way and stepped up to the bed. Just when she was about to flop on it, Luke held her back on her biceps, which had grown over the last weeks.

"What do you think you're doing?" He asked.

"Lying down," she answered, irritated by his question.

"Not looking like this," he said, and he had a point. She was still wearing the clothes of the trail and they were smelly and dirty. A freshly made bed should not be entered like this. She should get clean first and change in her pajamas for the night. All fresh in a fresh bed, that sounded like a dream.

"Alright, alright, Mr. dirt police," she said, raising her hands in defeat.

"Hurry, I want to go the bathroom too." He smacked her butt playfully as she went to the bathroom, taking a towel and some body products from the package, they had fetched in the afternoon.

"You know-" She turned around at the bathroom door as a thought crossed her mind and said, "-you can join me if you want."

Luke did take her up on the offer, but in a different way, she had implied. While she was in the shower, he stood at the sink taking care of the beard, which he had grown over the last three weeks. When Lorelai stepped out of the shower, she was pleased to see he was all smooth again. She could not resist bringing her hand to his cheek, smoothing over it, feeling for herself how his face felt without the jungle on it anymore.

During Luke's shower time, Lorelai took care of her eyebrows, which she had complained about on the trail. They were one big horror, which would need to be taken care of properly at a later time. The bed was calling her name, and after she had settled against the big fluffy cushions and the duvet was placed over her legs, she decided to call the room service, ordering them dinner. She would not leave the bed this day, in the last days they had walked enough. Their feet needed some rest.

Even Luke had no objections to that, and settled next to her, falling limp on the mattress, stretching out, his arm folded behind his head. He looked relaxed with his eyes closed.

Lorelai mimicked him, scooting further down, so her head could come to rest on the pillow. She was drifting off to sleep when suddenly a thought crossed her mind, which made her open her eyes widely. "Luke, hon." She reached out to poke a finger in his arm. "One of us has to get up and let the room service in."

A deep sigh came from Luke, he mumbled something incomprehensible, but judging by his tone, Lorelai assumed he would get the door later. In the meantime, Lorelai rolled onto her side, so she could snuggle against Luke, who buried his nose in her hair, taking deep breaths. "Your hair finally smells like you again," he said.

"Did you miss the peach after all?" She teased; talking about her peach scented shampoo she liked using.

"I like peaches."

"Like?" Lorelai challenged him, chuckling against his chest.

Luke was burying his fingers in her hair, patting it. "Will you still go and cut it?"

"Yes, It's just too much work," Lorelai answered. "The ends are damaged after these three weeks. All dried out. I thought about the length I had when we first got together. Do you remember? After you came back after that horrible seven weeks in Maine."

"Vaguely." Luke said, "'I liked that hairstyle on you."

"I remember, someone couldn't keep his hands out of my locks," Lorelai said, very well aware that Luke was playing with her hair just now, she added. "Still can't."

"You can't blame me for that," he answered, a yawn escaping his mouth. "Did they say when the room service will be here?"

"Half an hour."

"Let's take a power-nap. Can you set an alarm on the phone of yours?"

Lorelai was about to protest because her phone was still somewhere packed in her backpack, but since Luke finally acknowledged the good sides about a phone, she decided to get it without complaining. Gary was leaning against the bed anyway, so she wouldn't have to get off the bed.

The power nap did them good, maybe it was the real mattress, which made the short period of sleep so relaxing and helped them recharge their energy level. The food helped with that too, which made it easy to engage in a real conversation over early dinner, which they spent having on the bed because Lorelai refused to leave the bed.

"Will you come with me when I go see Sookie?" Lorelai asked.

"You will go see her?"

"I think I need to go up there if she doesn't move her butt here." Sookie's latest updates did not sound like she would be coming to Stars Hollow anytime soon, she was swept up there.

"Right," Luke chuckled at her choice of words. "If you want to. But if you want to go by yourself, that's OK too."

It made Lorelai sigh, not out of frustration, but out of happiness. Luke always was the considerate one, the one, who didn't want to intrude, the one, to make her happy and play by the rules she set. "We could make a little honeymoon out of it, you know. Spend a few days at Sookie's and then go somewhere else there. Maybe even hike."


"We were pretty good at it. Doesn't have to be as extreme as this one, only a few miles, without huge backpacks like Gary and Mary. Might be fun," she suggested. There was something about hiking, which sounded intriguing, giving her a kick, which she was eager to experience again. After some time to relax and recover though.

"Honeymoon? Aren't you getting ahead of yourself? We haven't set a date yet," Luke reminded her, frowning.

"We agreed on this year, right? So, I would say November, maybe the middle of November, since in 10 days, it's already November, which would grant us a month to plan. December is out of the question; we don't wanna compete with Christmas, do we?"

"That's still very soon," Luke pointed out.

"Already getting cold feet?"

"No. I'm just wondering how we'll manage to organize a wedding within four weeks. Without the BFOTB." Luke frowned, spelling out the abbreviation very slowly, "Did I get it right?"

At the memory of Sookie and Luke's discussion all this time ago, Lorelai smiled, and said, "We can make it without the best friend of the bride. You and me. I want all of your input. And we might ask my mom for help, she has organized a party or two in the past. And I'm pretty sure Stars Hollow would be up for help."

"Kirk will be our first volunteer." Luke rolled his eyes, probably thinking of all the times Kirk had made a mess out of things with his help. His intentions were always good, but not good enough.

"We'll need volunteers if we want to invite all of Stars Hollow and don't want this to get too expensive. This trip has cost a fortune, there is no money left for a big wedding." They were certainly not in money trouble, but with the trip and the possible annex for the inn, Lorelai assumed it would be best to save money where it could be saved.

"All of Stars Hollow?" Luke grimaced. "Why don't we keep it simple? Just family? And close friends."

"If you're willing to take the townies' complaints, I'm in," Lorelai said, already imagining Babette's face when she learned she would not be welcome at their wedding. Lorelai was not sure if Babette would be eager to take in Paul-Anka anytime soon.

"They will nag us quite a bit, will they?" Luke said, bringing his hand to his neck and rubbing it.

"Half a year for sure, probably a year. And you know how they can get. There will be a big discussion at the town meeting and snarky comments whenever we'll see them on the streets. Don't you remember how they reacted when they found out we had to cancel Rory's graduation party for Yale?"

"Fine. A Stars Hollow wedding it is," Luke gave in, but he did not refrain from rolling his eyes. She could not blame him for doing so, sometimes others dictated their life rather than them deciding for themselves. That, however, was part of living in a community.

"It's alright if you suffer a little, in the end, you'll get the grand prize," Lorelai cheered him up, flashing him a big smile, hoping the prospect of marrying her would lighten his mood.

"And what will that be?"

"Me," she deadpanned.

"Yeah," he said, reaching out to pat her knee a few times, eventually, stopping and drawing circles on her knee and moving down her calf.

"That doesn't sound convincing."

"Don't worry." He let go off her leg and got rid off their plates, which had been still sitting on the bed. He put them on the tray, which the room service had left here.

Afterward, he didn't settle back on his side of the bed, but on hers, putting an arm in the middle of the bed, leaning on it. She looked at her hip, which was trapped under his arm and then moved her gaze up to his shoulder, over his neck to his lips, finally coming to rest on his eyes, which looked at her somehow amused. She could not help but notice his aftershave filling her nose, which brought a chill down her spine. His face was so close that she could feel the puffs he drew against her sensitive skin. It did not help her maintain her composure either. She had not expected him to come this close to her, being all sexy, or she was hoping he tried to be sexy. Her thoughts definitely had long gone that way down.

The seconds they remained just sitting close stretched to minutes and Lorelai couldn't bear the tension anymore. Luke didn't act on the thrill of the moment, not even licking his lips in anticipation like she. Lorelai could not sit still anymore and bent her knees to gain more balance.

Finally, a smile stretched on Luke's lips, and he asked, "The no-sex-rule is off the table, is it?"

"Don't play games, Butch," Lorelai answered, flipping her hair over her shoulder, leaning back on her hands, which brought her breasts out further.

It was the start of rearranging on the bed, the discarding of clothes, and some further movement on the mattress. It was getting intense, after all, these kinds of emotions had been held back for not only three weeks, but also the weeks and months before the trip. There had been touching, but not like this. Not with the knowledge they could seal the deal, go all the way.

The skin on skin contact felt good. His hard chest pressed on her torso, rubbing up and down, teasing her in the right way. She didn't mind their lower parts still separated by layers and layers of clothes. There was no rush. They had all night.

"Luke, honey," Lorelai said in between kisses, sneaking her hands between his body and hers. She pressed them against his chest, pushing him away from her. "Stop for a second, please."

Luke pulled himself up on his forearms, framing her face. "What's up?"

"Do you-" Lorelai hesitated. It was ridiculous to ask him for that, "Do you have a condom?"

"What?" Just like Lorelai had expected he frowned at that.

"I wanted to ask before I forget and my brain gets clouded with lust and distracted by your fiery kisses," she said, making a point by pressing a kiss to the corner of lips.

"Why would we need a condom? Aren't you on the pill?" He leaned down to kiss the sensitive skin behind her ear, which made her twirl under his touch every time. It was her Achilles' heel.

"I am, sort of," she giggled.

"Lorelai?" He growled against her neck, which made her body get covered in goosebumps.

"I forget about it once or twice on the hike and then, I thought why bother taking the rest? It gave me another excuse to not sleep with you," she told him.

"Ok." He stopped nuzzling her neck and instead looked her in the eyes, waiting for some further explanation.

"I will take the pill again back in Stars Hollow. It's part of my routine. I can't get rid of that," she assured him when she saw some uncertainty and worry in his eyes. Once that was gone, there was a frown forming again, "Alright."

"So?" Lorelai prompted, taking in a sharp breath, widening her eyes.

"I don't think I have a condom," he said and detached himself from her. He moved to the other side of the bed and sat up to reach for his wallet on the nightstand. He always placed his personal belongings within reach. He looked through it and muttered, "I can't even remember the last time we used a condom."

"That's a couple of years ago." Lorelai sat up too, watching him going through every of his wallet's pockets.

"It will be weird," Luke stated, checking one of the secret pockets of his wallets in the backside.

"A good weird," Lorelai reminded him. Condom or not, making love with Luke was always good, no matter what.

"Yeah. I don't have one with me. Never thought I need one here; 3,000 miles away from home." He went with his fingers through his hair. "I think I saw a drug store across the street when we arrived."


"No?" Luke asked again.

"I don't want you to leave this bed." She pouted, tracing her fingers along his arm.

"You know what this means then?" He settled down on his side, facing her.

"Yeah, I do," she sighed, bringing her finger down his chest, drawing circles there. His chest was still one of her favorite parts of him.

"Suppose it has to wait until we're home tomorrow." He caught her hand on his chest, enclosing her fingers in a fist, right above his heart, which was still beating fast from the excitement. His jaw was fletching, a sign he was uncomfortable, probably trying to chase away any compromising thought.

While she studied his features, the defined chin, the soft lips she could finally see without looking for them beneath the beard, the fine lines around his blue eyes, a thought crossed her mind. "Why don't we risk it?" She asked.


"I mean it's not like it's a real risk. The pill is still sort of in my system and we're not the youngest anymore. The doctors said even with special treatment chances were slim I get pregnant easily with peri-menopause. So what I'm trying to say is that one time without protection won't hurt." Lorelai tried her best to sound reasonable.

"But what if?" Luke threw in. It was a solid argument, which had to be taken into consideration. Even if changes were slim, there would be a chance.

"Then we'll get the fresh kid after all." Lorelai shrugged, to her it was no big deal.

"I-" Luke started, but she cut him off, by saying "It's not like we're trying, Luke. I'm pretty much aware of that and I won't get upset if get my period. We decided no kids anymore. All I'm saying is that we should have unprotected sex right now and don't care about it. If it happens, fine, then we'll get our miracle baby. And if it doesn't, that's fine too because you're enough for me."

"There won't be tears if you're not pregnant?" Luke asked; he wanted to be sure before he agreed to it.

"No, this is not trying for a baby." Lorelai insisted, scooting closer to him, her right leg got trapped between his and soon at least Lorelai took off where they had left things. Luke was warily responding to her kisses. Between two kisses, he was able to utter, "It feels like trying."

"Didn't you listen?" Lorelai moaned against his shoulder, where she had been caressing his skin. "I don't waste a perfectly fine hotel room because we don't have protection around."

"I told you I could pick some up," Luke shot back, which made Lorelai throw her head back, moaning in frustration again. "Please, Luke, let's do this. Let's give faith a chance. Destiny."

"There no such thing," he mumbled, the words falling flat because Lorelai had her lips pressed to his throat.

"They, you don't have to be afraid," she chuckled, drawing the thin skin on his throat between her lips, biting down lightly. Luke groaned in response, which was a sign to Lorelai she had worn him down. Finally. It took a lot more persuading to coax him into sleeping with her. Eventually, after some easing, and being extra nice to him, showering him with attention and love, he gave into the pleasure, returning the favor, caressing her in the way she liked it best, worshiping her body, finally giving into the tension, which had risen and grown over weeks and weeks.

When he drew back for some air after a very deep and long kiss, which had their limbs intertwined, with Luke atop and Lorelai firmly pressed to the mattress, Luke said, "Let's turn this into trying."

"Wait, what?" Lorelai did not grasp the said right away, she was lost in the feeling, in the heat of the moment and the lust, which had been building inside of her. There was less blood in her brain, which made thinking straight harder.

"Let's pretend we're actually trying for a kid," Luke said. "We have kids, Lorelai, but we never got to the part where we make one together. Let's experience that for once. We'll make it special and give our bests. Let's pretend we don't know how slim the chances are for me to impregnate you."

Because her head was so clouded with lust, she took her time to think about Luke's proposal. At first, it did not make any sense to her. Trying for a baby when they were not really trying for a baby. It was like role-playing, which she had failed to persuade Luke to join so often in the past. And now he was the one suggesting it. Trying for a baby sounded tempting, only in winter, it was something she had wished for so badly, but a week ago they had agreed that no little kids in their life were a good thing. What they were about to do now went against everything they had discussed, yet it sounded reasonable. They had kids, they had experienced the raising of kids, some of it even together, all they lacked together was the making of a baby. They could easily catch up on that tonight, then they had the full experience of raising kids together.

"Just tonight," Lorelai whispered, the words falling from her lips, washing over her as the revelation and the significance of the moment hit her.

"Tonight only," Luke assured her before he locked his lips with hers again. They stayed locked for a long time, only parting, so they could catch their breaths. But within seconds, they were pressed to each other again. They were giving everything into the kisses they could, and they had so much to offer the other.

Kissing each other on the mouth soon seemed not enough anymore, there were other parts of their bodies, which desired the attention of their lips, which both of them were willing to give.

Making love and trying for a baby felt entirely different. It was a once in a lifetime experience, for the both of them. Neither Rory nor April had been planned. When they had sex with their partners at that time neither Lorelai nor Luke had been aware they would be creating a new life right at this moment.

Trying for a baby was indeed more intense, whenever they locked eyes when they were connected in the most intimate way possible, Lorelai thought she would explode because of all the happy feelings, which filled her. She felt like this was the moment they were finally after two decades of knowing each other becoming one. Truly connected.

In that moment, it didn't matter if they really created a new life because with this trip they had created a new life for themselves. It was not important if it would be filled with a baby with their shared DNA, as long as they were together, a life without a baby could be just as fulfilling.

Even when it was long over, the trying for a baby, Lorelai could not leave her hands off Luke. She still sought his warmth and his kisses. She still locked her lips with his because she wanted to prolong the intenseness of the moment. Luke didn't seem to mind either, engaging into the kisses, maybe with a little less enthusiasm than her, but he responded well enough. He was lying on his back, while Lorelai was snuggled half on top of him and half on his side. One of her legs was between his, her fingers were cupping his cheeks. "I forgot how nice it is to kiss you," Lorelai said in-between kisses. "We don't kiss enough."

"We kissed plenty in the past," Luke said, his arm loosely wrapped around her, his hand coming to rest on the small of her back.

"But not anymore. New rule. At least one kiss a day from now on, no matter how stressful things get."

Luke chuckled, but let her go on with her request.

"And I'm not talking about a quick peck. A sweet kiss that lasts at least three seconds."

"Got it." Luke leaned in to capture her lips between his. After exactly three seconds, he pulled away. "So, we're done for today with the kissing?"

"Add-on to the rule. It is a minimum of three seconds, always open to prolonging the fun," she told him, smiling at him widely, pursing her lips for a kiss, to which he eventually gave in.

The kissing came to a natural end sometime later; only partly because they had to leave early tomorrow morning to catch their flight from Sacramento home. Flying made Luke uneasy, Lorelai knew, that was why she was keeping him busy with some talk about the hike, hopefully taking away his worries. It seemed to work just fine, talking and holding his hand, making sure he knew she would not let him down, being there for him, just like he had been there for her.

"Have I said thank you?" She asked softly while he gripped her hand tightly. The take-off was long over, but they had hit a rough patch somewhere over Nebraska. She tried to distract him with a conversation.

"For?" Luke asked, his voice sounded hoarse.

"For coming with me. For making me let you tag along." She shrugged with one shoulder. "For fighting for me."

"Well-" Luke exhaled and cleared his throat in the process.

"Thank you," she said, looking him deep in the eyes. "For everything. For listening to me. For being there for me. For offering advice."

Luke opened his mouth slightly, he was about to answer her, when the plane hit another air pocket. So instead of what Lorelai thought would have been sweet words, he hissed, "Not again."

His discomfort grew again, he leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Lorelai brought her right hand to Luke's hand, which was clenching her left hand. She pulled his hand up to her mouth so she could kiss his knuckles, which were turning white. "It's alright, hon. We'll be back home soon."

Once back in Connecticut and in the familiar truck of Luke, Lorelai tried to keep him awake after the long journey back home. She did so by talking about everything and nothing. To other people, it would sound like rambling, but to her, it was some serious thoughts she was sharing with him. "I don't know what to do first. Shower? Watch TV? Sleep? Eat? Order food? Get Paul-Anka?"

Luke did not contribute anything to her thoughts, not telling her what to do or what he wanted to do, which prompted Lorelai to ask him what he would do first once they were home. His answer was vague. "I know exactly what I want to do."

"And that's?" She asked, hoping she would get some more explanation than that.

"You'll see." he said, not even looking at her, but concentrating on the road, his hands on the steering wheel.

All of Lorelai's attempts to make him expand on his answer failed. He was deflecting or giving even vaguer answers, which would not make sense to Lorelai. She would have to wait and see, and soon, sooner than she thought the Stars Hollow sign was there greeting her. First, they passed Luke's diner, which was her second home, then the gazebo, which was filled with all those memories of her relationship and then the old folks home with the to-sell-sign in front, which she hoped to buy soon. First thing tomorrow, she mused.

Then Luke pulled the truck up on the road, which was familiar and a first sign of being home without being in their actual home. The house was still standing, it looked the same, yet different, maybe they were different people now. She got off the truck and took a moment to take it all in. The house seemed friendlier than when they had left. When they left, seeing the house for the last time had left a sour taste, now it was the home of a bright future. She could not wait to get back in and start the rest of their life together, fully committed.

One hurdle had to be overcome before that though; the old truck, which Luke could not get rid of, had drawn attention, Babette had made her way outside, running towards them with such happiness, her arms widely stretched from her body and loud shrieks of greeting filling the air. She gave first Luke a hug because he was standing closer to the Dell's house and then she embraced Lorelai in a bone-crushing hug. The second Babette had let go of her, she started talking, telling her about her time with Paul-Anka, asking her about their trip, but not giving her time to answer, and giving her the latest update on the events in town.

Apparently, there had been an invasion of some gorillas, who had taken over the town for a night, leaving the city in a chaos. They had broken into several stores, even in Doose's market, which had left Taylor furious. His mind was set to find the troublemakers. Measures to prevent another incident like this happening in the future had been discussed already at the last town meeting.

It was a wild story Babette was presenting her, but Lorelai was sure her and Luke's past three weeks had been wilder. She excused herself from Babette, telling her she would get Paul-Anka in an hour after settling in at home again.

While she had talked to Babette, Luke had rushed with their backpacks to the house and was already sitting on the couch, turning his head, when she exhaled deeply as she stood in the living room again.

"Sit," Luke said, patting the space next to him on the couch.

"It's good to be home," Lorelai said after flopping down on the couch, on the side, she had long ago claimed as hers. She closed her eyes in content, and just was for a moment, not doing anything, just taking everything in.

She felt Luke reaching out for her knee. It was nothing unusual, he usually put his hand there, but this time around it didn't stop there. His hand reached for her left hand in her lap, and then she felt something cold on her finger. She opened her eyes and lifted her hand to inspect it. When she saw her old engagement ring sitting there, she gasped.

"This is what I wanted to do first thing we're back home. Not showering, not watching TV, not sleeping or eating, not ordering food or getting Paul-Anka. All that was on my mind was getting that ring on your finger as soon as possible. There's no way out of this, Lorelai, maybe in a body bag," he joked, but carried on more seriously; he had reached out for her hand again, fumbling with the ring on her finger. "I won't ever leave, and to make it very clear to you, I love you."

There it was the big love declaration slash proposal of Luke she had been waiting for. It was unbelievable. Not in a bad way, it was unbelievably beautiful and better than Lorelai could have ever imagined it herself. She believed every word he said, she knew he meant them. She could see it in his eyes, the way he looked at her with adoration, the way he held onto her hand, the way his shoulders were all tense, the way his jaw clenched because she still had to react to all of this.

She started off by flashing him a smile, the widest she had ever given anyone before, it hurt in the corners of her mouth, it felt like she would rip her face in two. She felt how her lips went wobbly, but she managed to return the love declaration before bringing her lips to his for the first kiss as an officially engaged couple.

All in all, Lorelai couldn't believe any of it. She was so damn lucky.


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