Chapter One

My name is Jessica Ames. My parents are Sam and Austin Ames. You probably remember Mom graduated from high school a year early and headed off to Princeton University with her Prince Charming (my dad).

Anyway, I'm sixteen, living with my parents and younger siblings (Landon and Gillian), graduating a year early from North Valley High School and work at Hal's, the diner that my family runs. It's the best diner around. My parents' best friends: Uncle Carter and Aunt Astrid, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Coralyn, are the parents of my best friends: Carlos, Adonia, Brooklyn, CJ, Lucky, Candi and Capri. Carlos, Adonia, Brooklyn and CJ are the Farrell quadruplets and Lucky, Candi and Capri are the Henson triplets.

This story is about my life, my love life and how I met the guy of my dreams (even though i have known him since we were younger). He's my own Prince Charming.

On with the story.