"What were you thinking?!" Aunt May yelled.

"I was just trying to help," I argued.

"By leaving Mary Jane alone to go into a war zone?!"

"She was safe-"

"-I don't care Peter! What you did was whole irresponsible and dangerous! You were lucky to be alive! I don't understand why you did that!"

"I...I wanted to help-"

"-Are you the police?! Are you the army? You are just a child Peter and-"

"-And because of me one man is going home tonight to his family!" I snapped, "I saved his life, and many more. I don't regret what I did."

May looked horrified, I don't' think Peter ever snapped back at her like this, but then again I'm not Peter Parker.

"May, maybe we should call it a night," Uncle Ben spoke softly, "gone on, go to bed. I'll handle this."

"But Ben I-"

"-it's alright May, just go," Ben gently assured her. She nodded sadly as she turned and left, leaving Ben and I alone at the dining table.

"I didn't mean to snap," I apologized.

"It's alright Peter, I understand," he said softly.

"I was just trying to help I didn't mean-"

"-I understand Peter," he repeated, softer this time, "you have too realise, you're all May and I have, if we lost you..."

"I saved someone Uncle Ben, isn't that what you always taught me to do? If I can help someone, isn't it my duty to do so?"

"Yes, I suppose it is," he smiled, "go to bed Peter, we'll talk about this in the morning. Don't' forget you have school tomorrow."

I nodded, "right...night uncle Ben."

"Good night Peter," he replied as I walked upstairs into my bed and locked the door behind me. I sat down on my bed and sighed, talking out my busted web shooter. I had one working and the other one is a complete mess.

I worked on it for a while before giving up, it was broken, I needed to make a new one. Actually, if I was serious about the whole hero business I neto upgrade these things. I needed them to be more durable and hold more webbing. Maybe even try and make different types of webbing. That would have been so useful against Abomination.

Suddenly there was a knock on my window, I swiped by desk clear pushing the web shooters on the floor before I looked up to find MJ waving at me.

I blinked in confusion as I opened the door, "Peepers? How did you-"

"-Climb up you tree," she pointed to a large tree next to my window, "can I come in?"

"Yeah, sure," I stepped aside letting her in, shutting the window behind her, "so what's up?"

"Nothing. Did your aunt and uncle yell at you a lot?"

I sighed, "yeah, but I deserve it. You?"

"No, aunt Anna understood it wasn't anyone's fault. If anything she thinks I should have gone with you. Honestly though, she wouldn't stop talking about how amazing you are," she said rolling her eyes.

"Hm, not amazing, maybe spectacular," I snickered.

"Don't go growing an ego on me Parker," MJ hissed, "but yeah, you're pretty cool tonight. Especially the way you saved that man's life. That pole must have weighed a ton!"

I shrugged, "maybe. But I didn't really notice, too busy trying to save him."

"Hm, you're really skinny for a strong guy," MJ noted, "you barely have a muscle on you," he noted my skinny frame.

I gulped, "well you know how it is. Adrenaline and all that," she was being suspicious, not good, not good at all!

"Maybe," she ated trailing off, "anyway I too make sure you were alright."

"Thanks, I'm fine. If anything I'm a little tired."

"Really? Because I can't sleep," MJ grumbled, "too nervous."

"Why? The Hulk ran anyway and I'm pretty sure the army has the other dude locked in ice."

"No, not that," she grumbled, "school. I'm starting my first day tomorrow!"

I chuckled, "oh, that. Relax MJ, there's no reason to panic. It's just classes, you'll do fine."

"Yeah but I mean...what if they don't like me?"

I shrugged, "who cares? Beside I doubt they won't like you're hot and smart. The guys will be falling head over heels for you and the girls will want to be your bestie."

She smiled "you think so?"

I nodded, "I know so. So relax, high school it's the end of the world." MJ smiled, we talked into the night, just me and her. When she left I was glad to have made such a nice friend, Peter needed more of them. Maybe one day she could be more, but for now, a friend was enough.

The next day:

I was in the Daily Bugle the very next day. Well, not me, but they did have the Hulk's fight in the front covers and a grainy picture of me off in the side. It looks like they had no clue who I was, people just calling me 'Webs'.

The article itself was fair and balanced, which was surprising considering it was the Bugle we were talking about. But to be fair I did save the lives of soldiers, even they couldn't label me a criminal for doing that.

The report actually called me a hero once, saying how impressive it was for someone like me to stand up to a monster. From various statements from the scene it seems the people there mention the fight was like seeing David and Goliath.

I smiled, maybe this time Spider-man won't end up being labeled a bad guy. With that done and a health breakfast, it was time to go to school.

MJ and I took the bus to school, we talked about what subjects she was talking and the people she would meet, needless to say she was nervous. We arrived with ten minutes to spare, students were crawling all around the campus, talking to each, gossiping or just halving fun.

I lead her into the crowded hallways, "welcome to Midtown high," I announced gesturing to the large crowded halls where people yelled, cheered, fought and generally just did teenage things.

"I think I'll fight right in," MJ said with a smile.

"That you will Peepers."

"Please stop calling me that."


"I didn't even mean to pep."


"I hate you."

I smirked, "no." I lead her down the hall introducing her to the various cliques and factions one could find in the school. There were the jocks, the cheerleaders, the techies, the nerds, the dancers, the theatre maniacs, the weirdos, the normals and of course me. The kid too smart to be a normal geek and too desperate for acceptance to be a hipster.

We had first period together, so after a visit to the councillors office I guided her to our first class. The moment we entered the room Flash Thompson seemed to notice me.

"Hey everybody check it out! Punk Parker's back!"

"Ha! What's the matter Parker? Did you finally recover from the itsy spider bite?" mocked Kong, Flash's right hand man and a heavy fellow.

I rolled my eyes, "wonderful, bullies. Like this place wasn't stereotypical enough."

Flash grew enraged, "what the hell'd you say-" he stopped as he noticed MJ standing next to me, he gulped and wished, "woah."

MJ turned to me, "are they always like this?"

I shrugged, "not, just with me. Though I think it's because Flash has a crush on me and is too scared to admit he's gay."

That snapped him out of it, "what?! Listen here Parker I ain't gay!"

"And what's wrong with" being gay?" Asked Zack, an openly gay kid in our class.

"N-nothing! It's just I ain't gay is all!"

I shrugged, "whatever," I put down my bag and stretched my neck, really hate that thing.

"So ah, you new here?" Flash asked MJ in the most subtle way possible, note the sarcasm.

"Yeah, I'm Mary Jane, nice to meet you," she smiled.

"Hey Mary Jane, I'm Flash, this Kong, if you need anything babe, anything, just ask us," he ended wiggling his eyebrows.

I gagged "truely Flash you mastered the art of seduction."

"What's it to you Parker?" Flash growled.

I shrugged, "nothing, please, continue, I believe you were flirting with the new girl."

"Shut it Parker!" Flash yelled, his face red in embarrassment.

"Stop it Tiger, you're embarrassing him," MJ teased.

"Fine," I rolled my eyes.

"So where are you from?" Liz Allen, blonde, blue eyes and head cheerleader asked.

"I'm from upstate, but I recently moved in with my aunt," MJ explained.

"So what are you into?" asked Crystal, another cheerleader asked.

"Well, I like fashion, singing, theater, that sort of thing."

"Oh! Did you see the new Channel line? It's so good!"

MJ nodded, "yeah, but I don't like their perfumes, too strong for my taste."

"I know right!" Liz's eyes twinkled, looks like she just found a new BFF. I watched as MJ mingled in perfectly with the popular crowd. Flash, Liz, Kong, a couple of side characters I didn't really care about but apparently were considered Gods of popularity according to Peter's memories.

"So wait how do know Parker?" Liz asked looking at me in disdain.

"What? Oh, he's my neighbor," MJ explained.

"Oh, okay. Hey sit with us MJ, we'll show you around after class."

"Thanks but Peter already promised me-"

"Parker? Please, that wimp wouldn't know where the toilet is!" Flash snorted.

"No Flash I do, after all you tried to give me swirlies in there plenty of times," I snapped back.

MJ's eyes went wide, "he what?"

He turned to me and glared, whisper in a quiet voice, "don't blow this for me Parker or I'll make sure next time I won't flush before I dunk you."

I raised a single eyebrow, "did you just threaten me?"

"And what if I did?" he growled.

I looked down at him and snorted, "I would like to see you try."

Flash growled, "today, after school, in the park."

I remember this, in Ultimate Spider-man Flash challenged Peter to a fight, Peter kicked his ass, broke his arm and in return Flash's parents sued aunt May and uncle Ben for all their money. It made things difficult for them, and I don't plan on repeating that mistake.

"Sorry big guy, but I have no intention of having a dick measuring contest with you. I don't need too."

"Why you little-"

"Settle down class!" the teacher walked in stopping Flash in his tracks, "that means you Mr. Thompson."

Flash growled at me, "next time."

I snorted, yeah, no.

"Come on MJ, sit with us!" Liz dragged MJ to the back, away from me. MJ looked like she wanted to protest but couldn't say a thing as Liz dragged her away, leaving me once more alone.

I sighed, sat down in my seat and listened with half a mind to whatever the teacher said. It was English class, not my favorite.

At the end of the class I got up to try and talk to MJ, but before I could even try she was swept away by Liz and the others into their next class. Witches actually fine, I had AP chemistry and MJ had basic math with the rest of them.

As I walked to my next class I realised I was alone, Peter didn't have anyone. Even the one friend I some how managed to get was swept away in a matter of moments. Maybe it was best just to accept I was going to be alone.

During chemistry I had problem following whatever they said. It was honestly a little boring after a while, didn't even bother taking notes.

But near the very end the teacher mentioned how graphite chains were strong and changing the structure determine their tensile strength. I got an idea on how to improve the webbing formula.

The rest of the day turned out to be the same as the first couple of classes. I was ignored or shunned by everyone there and the teachers didn't bother me even if I was crealy day dreaming, since they knew I knew everything.

Honestly by lunch I was wondering why Peter even bothered with school. He was smart enough to start college any time he wanted, so why in God's blue Earth did he?

And when I sat down alone in the table furthest away in the lunch hall and right next to the trash cans I knew. Peter didn't want to leave because he was lonely, so damn lonely and stupid that he thought college would be no different from high school and that people would shun him wherever he went. So it was better to stick with the devil he knew rather than the one he didn't.

I suppose I understood after high school is supposed to be an important formative year for a child's social skills, Peter was hoping his would kick in, but sadly no luck.

As I bite into Aunt May's homemade tuna sandwich I realised MJ and her new friends had just entered the lunch hall. They all laughed and chatted like theres no tomorrow. MJ didn't even look at me.

I didn't understand it, was she really that shallow? Did she really not care a bit about me? Was the week we spent making googly eyes at each other all just a time pass for her? What the hell man, did I just get played?

Just then I noticed another kid walk up to them. He wore expensive clothes and a stylized haircut, one look and I knew who he was, I didn't even need Peter's memories.

"Harry!" Liz smiled, "come sit here! Meet the new girl!"

Harry grinned, "gladly, hey, I'm Harry Osborn," he winked as he sat next to Mary Jane, very closely.

MJ blushed at the forwardness, "h-hey. I'm MJ."

Liz grinned, "careful Osborn, I think she's in love!"

"Liz!" MJ shrieked, her face as red as her hair.

Harry laughed, "I don't mind, I've never had someone so cute falling for me before, so it's a real boost to my ego."

I couldn't stand the sight of them, all the positive feelings I had with MJ turned bitter quick, guess I was stupid that way, but it just wasn't fair. I stuffed the rest of the sandwich into my mouth and left, not looking back even if my ears picked up her melodious laughter.

I walked down the corridor, pissed, alone, I hate being alone. And idiots, I'm surrounded by idiots. I wasn't a genius or something in my past like, nothing like that, but fuck even then I had trouble with people. And now? With Peter's IQ? Fuck finding a friend who I can treat as an equal, I would need to hang out with Tony Stark for that to happen!

No wonder Peter had been holding back so much, if he didn't he would have gone made being surrounded by these shallow people eons ago!

I walked to the Chemistry lab and found it open and empty, like I knew it would be. Peter used to retreat her to escape Flash, and now it would seem it would become my haven as well.

I began to work on a couple of chemicals, trying to work in the new graphite chain into the webbing formula like I theorized. I spent all of break there and soon classes began again.

The school day ended with history last period, which MJ and I shared. She laughed and joked with her new friends,and when school got over she walked up to me like nothing ever happened.

"Hey Peter!" MJ cheered as we walked towards the school bus.

I felt anger pour through my veins, but I kept it in check, she's just a little girl, she didn't understand what she did was wrong, it was pointless getting angry at her.

So I put on a cheerful fake smile, "hey MJ."

"I swear this was like the best first day ever!" MJ cheered, "I didn't think I would meet so many people who liked me! Liz was amazing Pete! You should see the way we just got along!"

I shrugged, "I'm glad you made friends, told you there nothing to worry about."

"Yeah, you're right. Anyway I talked to her about the theater program you guys have and wow was I impressed! Did you know they put on three plays year?! I should totally try and score a part in the one on December, what do you think? Do you think I should?"

I nodded, "try it out, you might not get something important, but everyone does have to start somewhere right?"

And like that I had to sit and listen to her brag about how great her life was. Was I being petty and silly? Maybe, but fuck it man where was the loyalty? I didn't like the fact she didn't even realise she did something wrong, it's like she couldn't understand!

We were dropped off at the same stop and walked home. We reached out neighbouring houses and I turned to go to mine.

"Hey Pete, do you want to come over?" MJ asked, "aunt Anna probably made some cookies if you want."

"No, I'm fine," I waved her offer off, "I'm honestly just tired, guess the stress of yesterday is finally getting to me. I'm going to bed, see you tomorrow MJ!"

MJ blinked, "what? Are you okay Peter? You sound kind of dull."

"I told you just tired," I shrugged, "don't worry about it, I'll be fine tomorrow."

"Well...if you're sure, bye," she replied weakly. I waved her goodbye and walked into my house slamming the door behind me.

"Peter? How was school?" aunt May asked from the kitchen.

"Fine, just fine. I'm going to my lab aunt May, call me if you need something," I yelled out as I walked down to the basement throwing my bag at my work station.

I took out my notes for the new formula and began work on the new web serum. It took me all day but I finally managed synthesis a proper batch. I then began to experiment.

This formula reacted to pressure. The more pressure it feels the harder it became. So I began test it out. I found I could create weak webbing that was basically like glue, strong one that was hard as concrete and somewhere down the middle which had a balance of elasticity and tensile strength.

I didn't know what got into me, but the time just seemed to slip away. Aunt May came down to ask me what I wanted for dinner and, after I made sure to hide all my webbing formula, I told her I wasn't hungry.

Maybe it was the fact that I didn't like being forgotten, maybe as just my anger at be ignored, but whatever it was it gave focus. I knew what I had to do and knew how to do it.

It was 2 in the morning when I completed all tests on the new formula including drawing up plans to make the mark two web shooters. These ones would be more powerful than the last, but they would take time to make.

I tried to go to bed, but I wasn't sleepy, no, I was restless. I looked outside the window and saw the quiet sub-urban area I lived in, but just near the horizon New York shined at me, calling me forth for adventure.

I couldn't go all the way into the city, but I sure as hell can't stay here. I put on a set of dark clothes and opened the window, jumping out and did a perfect landing, thanks spider powers!

I began jog, slowly at first, just to keep my heart rate up, but soon I got curious, just what co this body really do?

So with a grin I kicked off with full speed. The houses went by quickly, I found I was fasting I had ever been, maybe 20 miles an hours? Maybe more? It was honestly impressive, considering I never ran professionally before in my life! Or Peter's life for that matter.

I ended up running all the way out of the suburbs and into town. I ran past deli's still open and a few super markets. People didn't bother looking at me, guess they were used to seeing people jog at all hours of the day.

But soon I found myself at the abandoned train yard a few blocks away from home. Peter used to come here for when his experiments had a more...explosive intention. He always found climbing the 30 feet tall fence the hard part, but now I could clear it with a single leap.

The place had one giant hangar rusted over and overgrown with weeds. People didn't come here often, even kids who were looking for a place to crash avoided it thanks to the fence and lack of comfort.

I however came here for another reason.

I went up to the hangar and grabbed the doors. I pulled with all my might and they groaned as slowly the doors were pushed to the side.

Inside I found several types of machineries. There was a stack of railway lines off in the side, some were ten feet long, others thirty feet and beyond. There was even an abandoned train car in one corner as well some chains hanging from the ceiling and what looked like a generator off in the side.

This place honestly made me feel like it could be my secret hide out, my home away from home. It just needed….well it needed a lot of work.

But first, maybe it was time to see what I could really do? I walked up to one of those ten feet railway lines and grabbed hold of it's sides. I gripped it as hard as I could and in one swift motion tried to lift it up.

To my immense surprise, I found myself holding up the beam of metal over my head, a victorious grin on my face.

I threw to the ground and panted, this was amazing, it must have weight what? 500 pounds? Maybe more? I could military lift that over my head straight off the bat! One could only imagine what can do with some actually training.

I couldn't be a muscle builder though, Spider-man was always more of a gymnast than a brawler, like Nightwing, he was….exactly like….woah.

Just then I had an epiphany. Who were the two most popular comic book characters in Marvel and DC?

Spider-man and Batman. They didn't have comic power or some kind of deus-ex machina to give them what they need. Well, Batman did have his utility belt, but that's besides the point.

Spider-man and Batman were very much alike. They both suffered great loss which gave onto them a duty, for Bruce it was vengeance, for Peter it was responsibility for the powers he now possessed.

They were also focused on small time crime, while other heroes faced aliens and other shit, Batman and Spider-man always seemed to stick to their cities. Sure they would often venture out, but always came back.

There were a lot of things different about them, true, their attitude, the fact that Peter was piss poor and Bruce was rich as balls.

But there were a lot similar as well. They both mainly fought with their fists and minds. They were both highly valued despite being a slightly advanced human, Spider-man did have his powers, but they paled when compared to those like Thor.

Heck even some of their villains were the same! Joker and the Green Goblin. Black Cat and Catwoman. Sandman, Clay Face. The list went on. But I was starting to see a pattern here.

Peter and Bruce were reflections of each other. One had powers to help him out while the other had his training and his mind. If I wanted to be Spider-man I couldn't just repeat what Peter did, no, I had to be better, I had to be superior to him!

….God that makes me sound so much like Otto.

But getting back to the point, if I was to improve Batman, I would give him spider powers to make him even more combat savvy than he already was. I would also give him Peter's amazing engineering mind to help think of solutions he wouldn't even begin to question where possible.

But if I was to improve upon Spider-man? That would be a taller order.

I would need to learn to fight like Batman, master so many types of combat people would lose count. Be smart about fighting crime, not just swinging into battle all crazy, hoping for trouble. I would need to know everything I possibly can to fight crime, learn things I previously thought pointless.

I couldn't have the gadgets, to expensive. But I could build my own, make them from scratch. It would be difficult, maybe even pointless, but….but if I could, it would be so cool!

I felt a great big smile coming on my face, I imagined myself as a mixture of Spider-man and Batman, a hero unlike any other. A hero who could surpass the call of justice and fight the good fight, protect people.

But….but it was just too much.

I leaned against the hanger wall and looked around. Why should I go through all this trouble? For people who I don't even know?

Why...no, I can't think like that. I remember what the battle between the Hulk and Abomination did. I need to be a hero, I have to be. I always wanted to help people and now that I can why should I be a mediocre hero? Why just be a wall-crawler when I can be so much more?

I stood up with a confidence I didn't know I had. I had a goal, to be the greatest hero of both worlds, not because of some fucking death in the family bullshit, but because if I didn't, I knew what would happen. I knew that people would die. They need me, and I need to be my best.

I got back home and turned on my computer. I began to search online for the skills I would need. Kind of stupid I know, but I needed to start somewhere.

I made a list, things that I would need to learn to do to become the best. To become the Spider-Bat!...yeah, no, maybe I should just stick with Spider-man.

I found a dojo that taught mixed styles of martial arts. Karate, Judo and Taekwondo, each for a period of two hours, from 3 to 9 in the night. Usually people would register for one class, but I wasn't ordinary people.

I wouldn't be able to start going out and saving people immediately, I didn't have a suit ready or my web shooters. I didn't even have a plan of attack. So I needed to be patient, to bide my time and learn, grow. Spider-man wouldn't be born anytime soon sadly, no, this will require patients.

I would also need to learn everything could, mechanics, chemistry and physics would be my core subject to focus on. Maybe...maybe I should also focus on other things as well, like languages?

With mind made up I began feel sleepy. With a smile I went to bed, strangely enough that night I had a dream of bats and spiders, needless to say I woke up screaming for my mommy.

The next day at school I tackled classes a bit differently. I had gone to the library before class and took out a guide to learning french. While the teacher taught us history, I snuck in bits of french.

It was difficult at first, but after I began to actually think upon what I learnt...well, things got a lot easier. Thank you God for giving me the mind of a genius.

With Peter's advanced neural network I was able to learn a few phrases in french in a day. I won't be impressing any french super model passing by, but it was a start.

I also began to pay more attention in class, I even bombarded the teachers with questions asking detailed questions. They smiled in appreciation at first, but I think they came to loath me by the end of the class.

I ended up filling up several pages with notes, good, no reason to remember all this in my head now and waste storage space.

I didn't go home with MJ on the bus instead I took the train to Manhattan to visit that dojo I found last night. I told Aunt May and Uncle Ben what I was going to go before I left for school that day. Needless to say they were surprised.

"Peter, why do you want to take such classes?" May asked worried.

"I want to be able to protect myself Aunt May," I replied, "if I get into a tough situation I want to able to handle it."

"But Peter-"

"-May let the boy do what wants," Ben spoke out with a reassuring smile, "he wants to protect himself, and that's fine. Besides, it's a good thing that he's finally got himself a hobby."

'Not really a hobby, more like an agenda,' I told myself but nodded externally, "yeah. Besides, life's getting kind of dull, I need something interesting to do."

"Surely you and MJ can figure out something," May suggested.

"No, MJ's...she's busy with other stuff," I shrugged, "no biggie. But I do want to do this Aunt May, please."

The woman meet my gaze for the longest time before sighed relented. She warned me not push myself, I kind of lied and told her I wouldn't. I also told her classes were from 5 to 9, and it consisted of only one class not three separate one. No need to worry hen more.

I arrived at the dojo in Chinatown, people were already going in, I saw so many kids being dropped off by parents, it was honestly worrisome. Would this place even teach me anything? Or was this just a giant dump for money?

I sighed, I was about leave in frustration when I noticed a sign down the road hidden behind a neon sign for a chinese restaurant. I paused blinking at it, it sounded so familiar.

'Chikara Dojo'

And I realised why. Colleen Wing, she owned that dojo. She was Iron Fist love interest and she...she was currently a member of the Hand that brainwashed kids into becoming killing machines.

And like that I was at an impasse. One, I could try my luck in another dojo and pray it wasn't a money dump as well. Or two, go to the Chikara dojo, learn what I could from Colleen, and make sure the Hand doesn't become aware of me mooching off their techniques.

It was a dangerous gamble for sure, the Hand were a league of assassin in this universe, ninjas that had no equal. It was crazy to think I could learn from them, but at the same time...Bruce Wayne in one universe learnt from Ra's-al Ghul himself.

Fuck it, I want to be a ninja. But if they even think I'm joining their little clan then they have another thing coming.

I walked into the building and found a staircase leading to the first floor with a sign for the dojo. The place looked exactly like it did in the Netflix series, yellow hallways and all. I found the dojo easily and stopped, peeping in to see students already in a uniform standing before Colleen, who I have to admit, looks so fucking amazing!

She looked up and noticed me, nodding to enter and with a gulp I did. I took off my shoes and walked into the dojo.

The students turned to look at me, I meet their gaze, I turned to Colleen, "I wish to learn. Please."

The female ninja smiled, "you came to the right place. Though ah, you don't really have to sound like you're in a kung-fu movie you know."

I chuckled rubbing my hair, "sorry, nervous."

"It's fine, my name is Colleen Wing, and you are?"

"Peter, Peter Parker," I put down my bag and took off my shirt revealing the exercise clothes I had on underneath, "can I start now?"

Colleen looked impressed, "no, not today. For today I want you to stand to the side and watch. Think you can do that Peter?"

I nodded, "sure," I sat down to the side, watched them closely.

"Right, now then let's begin," Colleen turned to her students. They went into basic movements of the blade, it seems she taught them kendo for now.

Maybe more advanced classes learnt ninjutsus and stuff liek that? Maybe only the really advanced recruits were even considered for such a training? I needed to learn that as well, I need them to want me, and maybe I can leave them blinking how it all went so wrong.

But for now I sat down and watched. I used Peter's amazing mind to break down the swings and the foot positions, understanding how it moves and why. I learnt the various strikes by watching them move, and I even noticed their mistakes.

By the end of the first session everyone there was sweating, kendo was hard, it wasn't just swinging a sword. It also involved a lot of hand to hand movement that required stamina, though I don't think I'll suffer for it.

"Alright class good work for today, I'll see you all around tomorrow, same time. Joey! Don't be late!"

"I'll try sensei Wing!"

She smiled as the rest of her students left leaving her and I alone. She sat down before me and smiled, "so what do you think? Think you can keep up?"

"If I do will you advance me ahead of the class?" I asked her. She looked surprised, confused even, so I explained, "they're way to new at this to be you're best class, I'm assuming there are different levels, probably at different times. I was wondering if I learnt them well enough you wouldn't hold me back."

Colleen looked surprised, "I would never hold back a promising student. If I believe you are worthy then yes, I would advance you. But don't get you're hopes up just yet Peter, it isn't as easy as looks."

I smirked, "I think I got it."

Colleen chuckled, "really?"

"Yup," I got up and walked over to the sword stands, picking up a wooden bonto, "can to try me?"

Colleen looked unsure before shrugged, "why not. Show me what you got."

I nodded as I proceed to show her the three katas she had taught the students today. One that was a basic attack and block combo, the next one added leg movement and turning the body and the last one added more complex swings that were difficult for some to do, but thanks to my agility I managed my own.

Colleen started, "w-what?! How did you do that? Have you been trained before?"

I shook my head, "no, I just saw how they moves and copied it. Well, I also noticed a few mistakes, so I corrected that a well."

Colleen's eyes went wide before she smiled, "I would be honored to teach you Peter."

I bowed, "thanks you Wing sensei, I won't disappoint. Will your next class be coming soon?"

Colleen nodded, "yes I have three more classes after this. Why? Do you wish to stay?"


"Alright, but you mustn't practise the techniques I show them today, understood? They are extremely dangerous and only a master can perform them without issues. So no getting greedy, understood Peter?"

I smiled, "wouldn't dream of it."

I spent the next three hours watching students come and go. Colleen had pretty good system to be honest, kendo taught to the beginners first then more advanced techniques and combat for the second batch.

The third was taught several hand to hand combats and the fourth group, which had only seven people for Colleen to teach, was trained into the ground to be fighters. I knew this wasn't the full Hand ninja training program, the fourth class kids were still too full of opening for one to exploit.

No, these guys would be taken to the facility where they wou further trained and brainwashed, I remember the Iron Fist mentioning the compound was in New York, but I don't remember where. Damn me and my stupid brain!.

I payed Colleen for the month and reached home earlier than I thought that night. May was pleased I found a dojo with much more sensible timings, though she didn't realise how I basically just made a deal with an army of fucking assassins. If she did I don't think she would be standing.

The next day I got up bright and early and went for a jog. The very mention of physical exercise seemed to have brought my aunt, she looked at me like I was a foreigner to her before smiling, "MJ is a wonderful influence on you Peter."

And I got pissed, "I'm not doing this for her or anyone else aunt May," I hissed with hostility she wasn't expecting, "I'm doing this for me."

I had two hours to work in some kind of exercise before school started. I ran for half the time and spent the rest in the hangar where I swung from chain to chain. It helped me with my balance and control, giving me some experience swinging large distances.

Unfortunately it seems I spent way too much time there. I had to run back to my home at full speed and got ready. I must have taken a bath and changed in record time. I came downstairs and saw breakfast ready for me.

"Morning Peter," Ben greeted as he looked through that morning's paper.

"Morning uncle Ben," I wished him before stuffing my face with breakfast.

Ben blinked, "slow down Peter! You're going to-"

I coughed.

He sighed, "chock. Here, have water, don't rush."

I drank it, "can't late. Need to catch bus."

"Well then I'll drop you," Ben told him, "now finish your food."

I nodded as I quickly did just that. I walked out of the house in a few seconds with uncle Ben following slowly.

As I stood outside though I noticed MJ waiting outside her own house. I smiled, 'did she wait for me?' But before I could say anything though I found a convertible driving down the road stopping before MJ's house.

My eye widened as I saw Harry in the driver's seat honking, "MJ! Come on!" he yelled.

"Coming!" MJ called out as she got out and ran to Harry slipping into the front seat. She smiled at Harry who took off like a bullet.

I couldn't help it, I growled. I fucking growled.

"Peter," Ben sighed, "she's not abandoning you."

"Really? Because it sure feels like it," I spat back, getting into the car, "come on uncle Ben, I'll be late."

He sighed as he got the car and ignited it, "Peter, she's just happy she has friends. Can't you understand that?"

"No uncle Ben I do understand that. I also understand that the moment she did, I was completely ignored and forgotten."

Ben took the car out of parking and drove out to the street, driving slowly to the school, "Peter, just because she doesn't talk as much doesn't me she see's you as less of a friend."

"Maybe she doesn't, but I do," I sighed, "honestly I don't understand why I'm complaining, I don't even have friends. But damn it uncle Ben it hurts being ignored."

Ben smiled, "I know son, I know. But it will get better, I promise you." I didn't reply, I just looked out at the passing scenery and wondered, 'should I even bother being her friend anymore?'

That day I got to school and didn't bother with talking to people in general. I wasn't looking forward to any of the classes, I barely survived them. I did take notes and the like, studied french the best I could, I didn't break from schedule.

After school I went to the Chikara dojo where Colleen allowed me to participate with the rest of the beginers, though it became obvious I was far more skilled and graceful than them. Spider powers for the win!

I arrived at Queens via train and as I walked out of the train station I heard some scream.

My eye went wide, 'a mugging'! I realised as I shot out the door like a bullet and looked around. I saw someone being pushed into an alley by three guys across the street. Wasting no time I put on my hoodie and charged.

"You're jewels and money rich guy, or I'll fucking stab! You where you stand!"

"Okay please don't hurt us!" a man said standing protectively before his girlfriend as three thugs stood around them with knives.

"Hey ass face!" I yelled out.

The one closest to the street looked away, "what-" and connected his face to my boot, breaking his nose and sending him flying backward.

"Get him!" the other thug yelled out as the last one tried to take me on. He thrust his blade forward, trying to rip my stomach open, but I managed to dodge them all, my spidey senses helping me to predict what was going to happen.

Suddenly he roared and charged forward, trying to grab me, but I jumped over his head, landed on the other side and sent a kick into his back than landed him on the ground.

Before anyone could react I charged the last thug still standing and grabbed his knife, I got it to stick to my hands, pulling it out of his grip before throwing it away.

"What the fuc-" my punch connected to his face so hard I felt his nose crack under the impact. He went flying back.

I turned to the last thing getting up, kicked him in the stomach, hard. The air in his lungs got knocked out, he rolled around holding his solar plexus in pain.

"T-thank you," the man replied.

I didn't turn around, my face being obscured by hoodie. I looked at them both before running away as quickly as I can. I may not be a superhero, but a single skinny kid beating up and thrashing three thugs? Yeah right, like I can explain that!

I got him that night with a smile.

"Oh, had a good day at the gym?" May asked.

"It's a dojo aunt May, and yeah, I did," I smiled remembering the muggling I stopped, the people I saved. I was right, if I actually knew how to fight I could be so much cooler!

"Well that's good. Wash up Peter, we're having your favorite tonight! Pizza!"

Oh this day just gets getting better and better!

In case it wasn't obvious, this isn't going to be an MJ and Peter Parker thing, not right now anyway. No prize in guessing which pairing it's going to be.

Also yes, I am going into a vague area of the Marvel universe with Colleen and all, but that's the point.

I hope my compression of Batman and Spider-man were accurate.