With Superior Spider-man and the MCU Peter Parker:

The portal closed behind Superior and the younger Peter Parker. They had landed on a rooftop somewhere in Queens, Peter recognized it right away, looking around in surprise. He didn't think another reality would end up looking for...familiar.

"Stop sightseeing, we are on a mission," Superior scolded as he moved to the edge of the rooftop, activating a holographic display.

"Woah! That's so cool!" Peter cried out as he leaped forward and joined Superior, "I so gotta get me one of those."

"If you are even half as brilliant as some of your counterparts you can do so with ease," Superior replied smuggly, "now let me focus boy. We have a dangerous individual to find and not much time to do it in."

"Well...I mean, if we're looking for another version of us, shouldn't we just ask ourselves where we would be?" Peter asked.

Superior paused, turning to Peter, "alright...where would you be right now?"

"At home, with aunt May."

"I see," Superior typed something into his gauntlet as slowly the picture changed from a map of the city into a newspaper article, one titled, 'Queens widow dead at 78'. "I hacked a nearby wifi signal...it seems in this world May Parker is dead."

"Oh…." Peter looked downcast, the article said she died of heart failure, at least he didn't have to worry about that with his own aunt...for some time at least. "Well then what about Peter Parker? In this world I mean?"

Superior worked on it a bit more, "it seems in this reality Parker decided to keep following a career behind the camera. He's a newspaper photographer. One well respected in the right circles. He won a prize for it apparently," Superior scoffed, "honestly, who gives a prize for a picture?"

"Hey, some people spend hours taking the right picture you know. They deserve some respect."

"Awards are to be given to people for achievements that far exceed the natural limits of humanity, like creating vaccines or discoveries in physics and chemistry. Not taking a picture."

"Geez, who hurt you as a kid?"

Superior snorted, looking back to his screen, "it seems this Parker has a gallery opening tonight. We will be attending, obviously."

"Alright, sounds good," Peter nodded before stopping, looking down at his costume, "we may need a change of clothes first."

A few hours later:

Peter and Superior has stopped by a charity store and took some clothes from the donation bin. The pair had stripped in a dirty alleyway and did their best to look presentable, though Peter suspected that ill-fitting hoodies, jeans and sneakers wouldn't do much.

They swung by the building where the gallery exhibit was happening, some run down warehouse that was now repurposed into the art exhibit, inviting many of New York's finest and wealthiest, judging by the cars parked outside.

"So, how do we get in?" Peter turned to Superior.

"I see a vent," Superior pointed out, "in buildings with old designs like this one the vents lead to a central heating system. We can get in through there. We need to make contact with this world's totem and then talk to him...how we are going to do so will need to be decided later on."

Peter nodded, following Superior's lead as they landed on the side of the building, wall crawling into the nearby vent. A simple flick of his finger was all it took to break the vent open. Superior went in first, Peter closing the vent behind him.

As they moved inside, Peter couldn't help but take notice of Superior's face, he was...odd. He looked like a mix of the Amazing Spiderman and Hope's dad, but his haircut and demeanor all looked...alien. Like he wasn't even a Peter Parker.

It was a large multiverse after all, Peter knew it was unreasonable to expect all versions of him to act the same but...it just felt off.

Soon they ended up over a vent opening that was inside a janitor's closet. They easily broke the vent open and dropped down, walking outside, closing the door with a click. They were in a long hallway, brick walls and dim lighting, though the sound of pleasant classic music rang down the hall. They both moved towards the music, sure it would lead them to the gallery.

"So, did you give any thought on how we are going to convince him?" Peter asked, trying to strike up a conversation.

"As I said, we'll need to wing it… I suspect we appeal to his sense of self preservation. No man wishes to die, his best chance of surviving is by teaming up with us against the Inheritors."

Peter shrugged, "don't quote me on this, but seeing that guy, something tells me he'll be fine."

"He's ruthless, true, but not unbeatable. No one is. The Inheritors are a threat to all totems and we cannot beat them alone."

"I don't know, Ben seemed to take them out easily."

Superior turned, an eyebrow raised, "Ben?"

"Hope's dad," Peter replied, "since most of us are other versions of me, or, I mean, I'm also another version of Peter Parker, ah….I mean, it's just something we decided to call him. Ben was easier than calling him Peter….or Hope's dad."

Superior frowned, "yes...the sorcerer of the Web is a powerful figure no doubt, but I doubt even he could fight and win against Solus...or his children together. Remember little spider, no one, and I mean no one is unbeatable. And believing you are a fool makes you a character ripped right out of greek tragedies."

"Which character?"

"The tragic hero."

The hallway led into a massive room, the warehouse floor was converted into a beautiful exhibition, the images that were being exhibited were hanging from the ceiling on wires, surrounded by glass.

The people there were a mix of well dressed fashion forward New Yorkers and everyday men and women. So while Peter and Superior didn't stick out too much for their choice in clothing, they were noticed for how familiar their face seemed to be.

The two walked around the gallery, looking at the photos, many were about superheroes and cosmic battles and events that happened in New York, which in the Marvel world was like 85% of them.

The pictures themselves were properly lighted and lined the room, creating hallways, leading people from the edge of the room to the center, where a massive rotating picture was hung for display.

From the way people were talking about it Peter gathered this was the prize winning photograph that nabbed this world's Peter the fame he got. And it was a damn amazing image.

The picture had Captain America, on the ground, beaten and bruised, and standing over him, lifting what seemed to be a massive slab of stone and debris was a teenage boy, dark skin with a simple white t-shirt on his person. He was struggling, the sweat on his forehead was captured onto film perfectly, each droplet refracting the light of a distant sun set. The boy was saving Captain America. And he was doing it alone.

"Okay...that deserves a prize," Peter whistled, admiring the picture. Superior snorted, looking around, obviously disinterested.

Just then the two of them froze as they felt their skin crawl, their spider sense activated. Something was about to-


The ceiling exploded, people screamed as hanging pictures dropped down shattering upon impact.

"Get down!" Superior cried out as people began to run away in droves. Peter looked up and gasped as a familiar figure flew down from the ceiling, one with giant mechanical wings, though he didn't look anything like the Adrian Toomes he personally faced.

This one wore a free exoskeleton instead of a brown leather jacket and while he did have wings, these were much smaller than the one his reality used, they were also green with yellow glowing highlights.

Without a word the man dived, circling the room. Peter's eyes followed him as dived into the crowd, grabbing a richly dressed woman out of the crowd.

"HELP!" she screamed as she was carried away. Peter turned to Superior who was already stripping, pulling on his mask. He leaped out, shooting a webline at the Vulture's feet, flying up when the webline became taut.

"Wait for me!" Peter cried out as he quickly pulled on his mask as well, shooting a webline and pulling himself out of the broken sunlight. Landing on steady legs he looked around, spotting the Vulture in the air, somersaulting through the air, trying to get Superior to let go.

Panicking Peter moved, jumping into the air and web swinging to the trio, the female hostage screaming her lungs out the whole time.

Peter wondered what the hell was going on, the Vulture didn't just kidnap people out of the blue like this, he always acted with a reason, but then again this wasn't his vulture. But just as he was coming to accept this new reality, he saw the woman push her hands against the Vulture, and Superior, seeing his chance, swung himself forward, placing a kick right into the Vulture's throat.

"KACK!" Peter could hear the Vulture choking from here as he watched him drop his hostage.

"KYA!" she screamed and Peter moved.

"Get her!" Superior cried out as he began to tangle with the Vulture in midair.

"On it!" Peter cried, already moving as he carefully swung his way to intercept the falling woman, but inches away from grabbing her, a massive dark figure passed by him, grabbing her body in his arms before landing on a nearby roof.

Peter quickly adjusted himself, flipping onto the rooftop and watching as the figure stood up, the woman in his arms now on firm footing. She looked up at him in awe, and Peter didn't blame her.

The vision Karn showed them didn't do this Spider totem any justice. His black and red suit made it look like his entire body was made out of metal fibers as it seemed to accentuate every single muscle on his person. The suit was pure black with a red spider on the front and dark eyes, which were now slowly turning towards Peter.

Peter gulped, leaning back a little, ready to pounce out of the way, this person didn't activate his peter-tingle, I mean, spider-sense, but he did seem dangerous.

"ARGH!" Just then a cry rang out as a heap of broken metal wings and person landed on the roof beside them, the Vulture was covered in a cocoon of webs and standing proudly on top of him, riding him to the ground like a surfboard to the beach, was Superior.

Superior stepped off the Vulture and looked at the Spider-man of this world, "we need to talk."

Some time later:

The three of them stood in the Empire State building's viewing balcony, it was empty this time of the night and Superior had taken the liberty of webbing up the security cameras to give them some privacy.

"So, what do you mean to tell me that these...Inheritors are coming after Spider Totems?" this world's Spider-man seemed to be picking these things up fast, "and I'm one of them? As are the both of you?"

Superior nodded, "yes, and we are also," he pulled off his mask, "Peter Parker."

Peter could see the massive figure stiffen for a moment, before turning to Peter. Superior elbowed Peter, "oh, right," he reached up and pulled off his mask, "hi, I'm Peter, but, ah, you already know that."

"...Fuck," the costume then moved, slithering off his face. Peter's eyes widened to nearly twice their thing almost looked alive! Totally not the same as how the nanobots Hope's dad used!

"I see, in this reality you kept the Venom symbiote," Superior hummed, analyzing the suit.

"You know about the symbiote?" this world's Peter asked, surprised. Peter looked at his face for the first time and was a little surprised, this world's Peter was blonde...and didn't really look like any Peter Parker he ever knew.

"You...are not Peter Parker," Superior narrowed his eyes.

"No, I'm not," the figure shook his head, "the name's Eugene Thompson."

"FLASH?!" Peter's eyes winded, "your blonde?! And tall?!"

The dark totem looked at Peter, a small smile, "you are definitely Peter. Was a brunette in your world?"

"Ah...something like that, yeah," Peter nodded, he just couldn't shake how unnerving it was talking to a white Flash Thompson….and one so swol, his world's flash looked like a toothpick in comparison.

"I see, so in this world you became Spider-man instead of Peter Parker and you did it with the help of the suit," Superior hummed as he eyed the black and red suit.

"Close," Flash replied, crossing his arms, "Peter also got his powers from the suit. But after some time he retired. He passed it onto me after...certain incidents occured in my life. I don't know what you mean by symbiote though," he looked at Superior, "this is a specialised organic combat suit made by Peter's father. It's lab made, not alive."

"I see, very interesting," Superior nodded, "well, either way, you are still a totem, meaning your life is in danger from the Inheritors. It would be in your best interests to come with us, now."

Flash looked at the two of them, he looked at Peter and then Superior before taking a deep breath and letting it out, "no."

"No? What do you mean no?" Superior narrowed his eyes.

"I mean, no. I'm sorry but I will not come with you. Find someone else, maybe another Peter Parker, he won't fail you," Flash turned, the suit came alive around his face again as he moved away.

"You utter doily!" Superior cried out, "do you not understand?! They are coming for us all! If you don't join us you could die!"

"I'm fine with that," Flash replied, looking over his shoulder.

"What?! Did you suffer one too many concussions in this world you massive buffalo?!"

Flash snorted, "maybe."

"You insufferable bastard!"

"Hey!" Peter cried out, Superior snapped to him, "n-no need to call him names."

"Boy, if we are not united against this threat, then we are all dead, do you understand?! Kern said we needed him! Which means we need him!"

"Yeah but...he doesn't want to come."

"Because he's a selfish asshole," Superior hissed, "we know what happened to you...about your family. How-ACK!"

Flash leaped, grabbing Superior by the neck and slammed him against the wall, "you don't know anything about my family!"

"I-ack-I know they died," Superior choked out, "and more will if we do nothing."

Flash growled, for a moment the suit began to slither as his grip tightened, Peter quickly grabbed Flash by the arm and pulled him off, straining to pull the massive figure off.

"Stop, please!" Peter cried as he pulled him away, Superior dropped to the ground, rubbing his neck. Peter put both hands up, pleading, "I'm sorry he said that, okay, but people are dying and we need to stop them before it's too late!"

"You don't know anything about my family!" Flash cried out, "nothing! So don't pretend that you do!"

"You're right! We don't! But he wasn't wrong," Peter replied as moments passed, Flash turned to Peter, waiting, "the Inheritors are after children," he began, recalling the prophecy Karn told them about a child of the Spider and a red haired woman, "they are going around multiverses killing children of Spider-men, okay? Hundreds of them."

"Why?" Flash growled.

"We don't know," Superior grumbled, picking himself off the ground, "but they are targeting children of a Spider totem and women with red hair because of some kind of prophecy."

"Prophecy?" Flash snorted, "like magic?"

"You are talking to two alternate versions of Peter Parker, does magic and prophecy seem that far fetched to you?"

Flash paused, looking at the two of them. For the longest moment it seemed like he would just walk away again, but then, he nodded, "alright...I'll come with you."

With Johnny and Spider-UK:

As the rift closed Spider-UK looked at Johnny and sighed, rubbing his mask, he really picked the short side of the straw on this one. They had arrived in what seemed to be a simple alleyway and Johnny was currently bent over into a trash can.

Dimensional travel did take some getting used to, Spider-UK himself needed a moment to adjust, but he never found himself vomiting out the contents of his stomach like Johnny was currently doing.

"Oh that sucks," Johnny grumbled as he shut the lid on the trash can, walking on shaking feet, "how do people do this?"

"Practise," Spider-UK replied, "now pick yourself up, we need to find this world's Peter Parker and get him to agree to help us."

"Shouldn't be too hard," Johnny replied, "if he's anything like my Peter he'll drop everything and come the moment we say 'people are dying all over the multiverse'. And if he's also picked up some of Captain America's habits he won't even wait to say goodbye before coming with us."

"This world's Spider-man is the leader of an entire generation of Superheroes, I doubt he would willingly give up his duties," Spider-UK replied.

"Sure buddy, sure, I was his best friend but you totally know him best."

Spider-UK sighed as they set out, Johnny flying next to him as they swung across New York trying to spot this world's Spider-man. It took a while, but luckily they managed to stumble into some trouble in Chinatown.

An armored vehicle was speeding through traffic, almost hitting several people along the way. The police were giving chase, but it seemed the situation was only escalating as the people inside the vehicle were firing back with guns.

"We should stop them," Johnny replied as he got ready to send out fire blasts.

"No," Spider-UK replied, "we wait. This is bait."

"Bait? For...oh," Johnny then looked to the side and smiled, "and there he is."

And sure enough, there he was. He flipped through the air, shooting a web line out and swinging low into the air before pulling up from the nose dive. He flipped in the air, landing a good few feet in front of the armored vehicle.

It looked like the car was going to run him over. "Shit!" Johnny cried out, moving to help, but then he took out his shield, planted his feet deep into the ground and placed the shield in front of the car, "no wait...he's not going to…." the car came faster, they were going to run him over, "oh shit he is!"


The car crashed into his shield, he held his ground, bending his knees before rotating his body, pulling the armoured car up into the air with his movement, flipping it over itself, landing on its roof in a dead stop.

Johnny's eyes widened, "holy-"

"-Shit," Spider-UK completed. The two blondes looked at each other and nodded, yeah, he was who they were looking for.

They watched from on top a nearby building as the police officers came and arrested everyone inside the armored vehicle, thanking Spiderman all the time. Soon after he took off, swinging away again. The two interdimensional guests follow after him.

"Ah, excuse me?" Johnny cleared his throat as he flew next to this Spider-man.

He turned, "woah!" the totem was shocked, he quickly slipped away and landed on a nearby building, "dude! You're on fire!"

Johnny chuckled as he levitated next to him, "yeah, I know, it's kind of my thing."

"Spider-man," Spider-UK called out as he landed next to the totem, "we need to talk."

"Woah, okay, first off all, love the costume," he pointed at UK's Union Jack, "totally won't sue you for copyright infringement or something. And second, it's Spider-USA now."

"Hey that's so cool!" Johnny chuklled, pointing to his fellow blonde, "he's Spider-UK."

"Yeah, I figured," Spider-USA replied, "so, can I like to help you two? You new heroes and want tips or something?"

"We may need some time to explain," Spider-UK said in a serious tone.

A while later:

"So...basically a cult of interdimensional vampires are coming to eat people like us," Spider-USA points at himself and Spider-UK, "and any kids I could potentially have. Also you are here," he points at Johnny, "because your best friend, who is also Peter Parker, was kidnapped along with his kid."

"Basically, yeah," Johnny nodded.

"So, will you help us?" Spider-UK asked, "I know you have your duties and responsibilities in this world, but-"

"Yes, I will help," Spider-USA nodded.

"...I'm sorry?"

"I said I'm in," Spider-USA nodded, "people need my help, of course I'm coming. When do we leave?"

Johnny smirked and leaned towards the UK whose mouth was currently open in shock, "told you so."

With Wanda and Spider-Gwen:

After arriving in this world they had quickly changed clothes to blend into this era. It was the middle of the night right now and they had arrived in the woods and little ways away from the village they saw the totem live in.

"We'll have to keep ourselves quite, not draw to much attention," Wanda said as they moved to the village Karn had shown them, "two mysterious women arriving in town just after a failed witch burning will get the wrong attention on us."

"Agreed," Gwen nodded, turning to Wanda, "hey...you know I won't let anything happen to you right?"

Wanda blinked, looking at the girl, "I know...but what brought this on?"

"Well...you know? Witch trials...you're called the Scarlet Witch," Gwen replied, running her fingers through her hair.

"Yes...but that's just a name, I'm not an actual witch."

"I know..."

"But I mean I do practise magic, so the technical name would be Sorceress," Wanda shrugged.

"Neah, Scarlet Sorceress doesn't have the same feel to it."

As the town arrived, they found it deserted. The doors were all closed, not a soul was outside, the windows locked as well with only a sliver of light coming from inside through the space between the blinds.

"This place is deserted," Gwen whispered as they looked around. The clouds parted and a full moon beamed down into the dead village center. They were alone, the howling of the wind was all that was heard.

"Something's going on," Wanda whispered back, "I know it's late but...did people really go to bed this early in the past?"

"I guess so. I mean, no electricity to give light...no netflix, so I mean why not go to bed early?"

Just then they heard a rustle in the shadows. They both turned and saw something pass behind a nearby building.

"Okay, you saw that too right?" Gwen whispered as they stood back to back.

"Yes, I did," Wanda nodded as she looked at the houses, this time spotting something odd. White lines were drawn on every entrance to the house. Every window sill, every door front was covered with it, "someone has awarded the houses with something."

"Warded? Like magic? With what?"

"No sure," Wanda replied, the shadowy figure, once more she saw it pass by a nearby house, this time she caught a glance of eight red burning eyes, "but I think we are about to find out."

"SCREEE," it screamed as a massive brown black fur leaped out of the shadows. Wanda was shocked, but Gwen's quick reflex kicked in as she bent Wanda over and leaped over her, sending a kick across the monster's face.

It landed next to them, rolling across the muddy ground before getting back on all fours. It hissed and for the first time they got a good look at the creature. It was a giant spider monster, the same kind they saw this world's totem fighting.

"Okay, guess we know what they were awarded from," Gwen replied as she quickly took out her web shooters and slid them on.

"We need to wait," Wanda replied, "if the totem is really a huntress, she'll be after this thing. Which means she will be here any-"

In the middle of her words an arrow seemed to fly through the air from nowhere, piercing one of the monster's eyes.

"KREE!" the monster cried out in pain. Following the path of the arrow the two women spotted a cloaked figure standing on a nearby rooftop, a bow in hand.

"Get inside! Now," the figure replied as quickly another arrow was fired, this one however missed the creature completely who had grown wiser in pain, dodging away and back into the shadows.

"We can help!" Gwen cried out.

"I don't need help!" the figure growled, "now get inside or stay there and act as bait! I don't care, just don't distract me!"

"I like her," Wanda smiled. She looked and spotted a bundled up length of rope in front of what looked to be an empty stable. She summoned it telepathically and turned to Gwen, "drawn it here and I'll bind it."

"Got it," Gwen nodded as she leaped, clearing several feet with the jump, landing on the nearby bell tower of the local church.

"What the hell?" the cloaked figure commented watching these two new women. They seemed distracted by the way Wanda summoned the rope around her, but quickly regained their focus to the creature in question.

The shadows seemed to cover for it as it moved all around town, a rustle here and there being the only indicator it was even there. The night seemed to drag on, silence settling down on the village.

"There! Behind the stable!" Gwen suddenly cried out.

The hooded figure turned and sure enough it was there, getting ready to sneak up behind her. She released an arrow and struck it in the shoulder.

"KREE" cried out before launching itself up and at the hooded figure, tackling her to the ground.

"Shit," she threw her bow away, it had its arms around her and was too close for it to be of any use.

She then grabbed two short swords that were strapped into the back and drew it out of their sheath. She brought one down, cutting one of the four spider limbs on his back while she used the other to push against the ground to roll down the slanting roof.

The monster lost it's balance with a cut off limb, unable to stop itself as it rolled to the ground, landing hard on the ground, the air sucked out of his lung as the back of it's skull was broken.

The hooded figure then swiped at its arms, cutting into it, allowing her enough time to pull herself free and move back, her steps hobbled, the pain of dropping to the ground was muffled by the creature taking most of the impact, but she was still feeling the effects on herself.

Wanda moved, sending the rope across the courtyard and around the slowly recovering monster, binding him quickly in the bindings.

The monster screamed in pain from the cuts on it's arms, it slowly got to its feet as Wanda bound it's arms together. It roared, flexing its arms as the ropes began ripping away the rope, but just as it looked ready to free itself, Gwen came down, landing on the monster's back, pushing him down once more to its knees.

She then shot out some webbing down, binding it to the ground with her webs, wrapping it in a cocoon.

The hooded figure looked surprised at the web, but she didn't let that stop her. She moved, swords at the ready, Gwen jumped off him, backflipping away. The hooded figure swiped her blades across the monster's neck, both cut into the thick slab of meat that was it's neck and stayed there.

Immediately the hooded figure freed her left hand and reached into her robes. The monster opened its mouth and roared, the air blew her hood back revealing a silver haired green eyes woman with scars all across her face.

"Eat this you overgrown bug," she hissed as she tossed a clump of silvery sand at its eyes. The monster cried in pain and in that same motion she pulled her right blade across it's neck and now, almost as if cutting through butter, the head came clean off.

It dropped to the ground, thumping as it rolled away.

The woman pulled her blades out of the corpse and turned. Her face and cloak covered in blood and gore. She turned to Wanda and Gwen who both felt a little unnerved at the casual beheading.

"Who the fuck are you?"

Wanda and Gwen began to explain but the silver haired woman told them to wait, noticing people were slowly coming out of their homes.

She then escorted them inside an abandoned building and locked the doors, telling them to stay there and be quiet. She then went away and from the space between the window blinds Wanda and Gween could see her talking to several villagers, all of whom had now come out, spitting on and kicking the corpse of the eight limbed spider creature that was slain.

The woman argued with a few of them, loudly, before getting handed what seemed to be a pouch of coins. She snorted and pulled her hood up, walking back to the building, opening the door and shutting it behind her.

"Cheap bastards," she spat, kicking a nearby chair, breaking it into pieces. She then turned to Wanda and Gwen, "talk, now."

"We need your help," Gwen spoke up.

"Doing what?"

"Hunting monsters," Wanda replied.

The woman narrowed her eyes, looking between the two women, "from what I'm seeing you two seem to be capable of handling yourselves...what are you? A witch?" she asked Wanda.

Wanda shrugged, "something like that. Though I don't do curses...I mean, I know how too, but it's not my style."

The woman snorted, turning to Gwen, "and you. How did you make those webs? Are you affected by the curse too?"

"No, it comes out of these," she lifted herself revealing her web shooters, "and what curse?" Gwen asked.

"The curse of the Spider," the woman eyed Gwen's web shooters for a moment before she reached into her reddish leather armor and pulled out a spider pendant, "my father called it 'Totem-hood', said it grants those afflicted the ability of a spider. In my family's case we inherited the strength, speed and agility."

"Yes, actually it's exactly like that!" Gwen replied, her eyes widened in surprise, "I'm a totem too, name's Gwen! This is Wanda, she isn't a totem but she' here to help!"

The woman narrowed her eyes, "help in what?"

"A group of individuals named the Inheritors are coming after totems," Wanda explained, "they feed on the energy produced by the totem's lives, a sort of energy vampire if you will. They are jumping from world to world, eating them all. We learnt they are amassing an army, and we need your help."

"Wait, jumping worlds?" the woman blined, "explained. Now."


It took staying up all night till the sun came back up to explain everything to the silver haired woman.

Being from an era where technology was only advanced enough to make advancements in metallurgy and other basic things, she surprisingly picked up things very quickly.

She understood what other realities were and how they traveled. The Web, the Inheritors, Totems, she managed to understand them all. And after she did, she had only one thing left to say.

"I'll do...but I want payment."

Gwen blinked, "I'm sorry."

"You wish for my help, yes? Well then pay me."

"I don't-"

"-Done," Wanda cut her off, "how much do you want?"

"Hmm, do you have gold?"

"Yes, not on my person, but my boyfriend is rich enough. How much?"

"I want 5000 gold pieces," she pulled out a simple gold coin, "around this size and weight."

"Done," Wanda held out her hand, the woman shaking it, "so huntress, what is your name?"

"Fiona Parker," she replied, "but Huntress will do."

"Parker," Gwen blinked, "was your father's name Peter by any chance?"

"Yes, how did...oh, I see, is my father another totem you recruited from another world?" Fiona asked.

Wanda and Gwen shared a look, "yeah...something like that."

With May and Anya:

They leaped out of the portals, costumes in place, landing on the soft grass of the graveyard. Anya looked around, "I can't seem him, can you?"

"No.." May whispered, "find my grandparents-I mean...Richard and Mary Parker's graves, maybe we can find a clue from there."

"Oh yeah, they're technically your grandparents too right?" Anya shivered, "you okay? I know since what happened-"

"-I'm fine Anya," May snapped, "I'm just….let's focus on finding him."

Anya nodded as they moved through the graveyard, keeping an eye out on the gravestones they saw in Karn's vision. It was Anyay who spotted it first, "there!"

They moved quickly, arriving at said gravestone, but surprisingly the patch of grass around the graves was...dead, turning brown and barren. Anyay bent down, touching and pulling some out, "what could have done this?"

"Radiation poisoning?" May asked, turning to her, "Karn said he was in some kind of experiment, dad once said our powers came from a radioactive spider. Stands to reason that's what happened to her."

"Okay, then," she got up, looked around, spotting a trail of dead grass leading away from the graves, "we have a trail."

The two spider-girls moved, following the trail. It ended at a large iron fence which separated the graveyard from what seemed to be a dense forest on the other side.

"Shit, we may have lost him," May whispered.

"Maybe not," Anya replied, "actually...more flora might mean a better trail", she pointed at a darkened spot on the ground, "we just need to follow him."

Agreeing with her, May and Anya leaped over the iron fence, easily clearing it with a single leap, before jumping from tree branch to tree branch. The trail of dead plants led them to what seemed to be a small lake. And sitting at the edge of it on a pile of broken rocks, was the massive hulking figure they were sent to find.

"So, how do we do this?" Anya asked.

May turned to her and then the creature. He was holding his legs next to his chest, the sound of halting breath clear in his breathing. He had been crying.

"Like Karn said...with compassion," May reached up and removed her mask, "stay here."

She jumped off the tree branch and landed on the soft ground. She slowly moved towards the massive figure, clearing her throat, "hey big guy..."

The figure, for a moment, stiffened. He then turned, slowly. His eyes going wide in shock, "ARGH!" she cried out in surprise and he crawled away, moving back, "stay back! Back!"

"It's okay! I promise, we aren't here to hurt you!" May replied, just as Anya dropped down, her mask also removed. The figure looked between the two teenage girls, his breath stable, controlled, "I'm May, what's your name?"

"P-Peter," it replied, "I'm Peter."

"Hello," May smiled, taking another step towards him.

"No! Don't! You'll get hurt!" he cried out.

"Okay, okay," May stepped back, "I understand...Peter, what if I told you, we can help you. Help fix whatever did this to you?"

"Y-you can?" he blinked all eight eyes, "b-but whatever did this to me was because of my dad, can you really fix me?"

"Yes...we can. I promise, I know someone who can help, I promise Peter, we can help," May smiled.

The massive figure looked at her and slowly stood up, now towering over her frame, "okay..."

With AMZ Spider and MCU Wanda:

Peter quickly changed into the street clothing Karn gave him, a simple pair of jeans and a shirt with a jacket over his costume, and he and Wanda then stepped out of a dark alley, adjusting their clothes. A couple of guys passing by whistled, winking at the two as they did.

"Real mature guys," Peter snorted, as he turned to Wanda, "hilarious."

"Well, I mean, two people walking out of a dark alley adjusting their clothes? What's more believable? That we were making out or that we just came from another reality?"

Peter blinked, "I see what you mean."

"So, where's the bar?" Wanda asked, looking around, it seemed they had arrived in the more lively part of town as people were all over the place. There were neon signs everywhere with some even acting 3-dimensional.

In fact, now that they were able to get a better look at things, the entire world seemed different, more advanced, judging by the cybernetic limbs people were sprouting. And also more blizzards, looking at the alien beings walking casually down the street.

"Okay, don't freak out, but I think I just saw Yoda," Peter whispered as he eyes a short green creature walking round the corner.

"Did the Weaver say this Totem belonged to a more advanced society?" Wanda asked.

"Certainly looks like it," Peter replied. He looked around some more before spotting a large neon sign with the words 'Arachnos' written on it with a giant spider symbol on top, "want to be that's the place?"

"Must be," Wanda nodded as they moved, walking across the road, just as a levitating car passed by, driven it seemed, by itself. AI drivers, the world of Tomorrow indeed.

They moved to the bar, which seemed to be packed with people outside, a couple of bikers along with some casual city goers. It was an odd mix as a biker bar usually isn't a place casual people would also visit.

Walking inside it resembled the vision Karn showed them. A classic Irish bar, packed with people moving around chattering loudly, however hanging on the walls were several pictures and closed items, serving as memorabilia.

Peter looked around, spotting what seemed to a broken piece of a Glider as well as a pair of gauntlets that were broken. Newspaper articles were framed all over the place with titles like 'A New Hero?' 'Who is the new Spider?'

"Peter, here," Wanda led them to a small table at the end of the bar with two free seats. They quickly sat down and as soon as they did a floating robot shaped like an egg with a digital smiley face floated down to them from the bar.

"Hello! Welcome to Aracnos! What can we do for you today?" the digital voice asked.

"Ah, some beer please," Peter asked, unsure, he wasn't much of a drinker after all, "and for the lady."

"Water," Wanda replied, "also, if possible, could we speak to the owner?"

"O-oh, is something wrong with the service?" the robot asked.

"No, it's just,we need to talk to them, about something," Wanda replied.

"Well, I'll ask, but I'm not sure if the Boss is free right now. Meanwhile I'll bring you your order!" the robot pipped as it floated away.

"Okay, this is definitely not normal," Peter whispered, looking around.

"It's an advanced society, it's expected," Wanda shrugged, "once Stark offered to make us a robot butler, it was a tempting offer."

Peter smirked, "robot butler? Let Rob-"

"Robotler," another voice picked up. They turned and stood over their table was a tall older woman, greyish hair tied back dressed in a black leather jacket and a robotic arm. The totem they were searching for. On her lips was an electronic cigar, she took a drag, letting it out, "now, what's a group of interdimensional travelers doing in my bar?"

"W-what?" Peter blinked, surprised.

"Please, I felt you two arrive the moment that portal opened," the woman grabbed a chair that was currently occupied by another patron and pulled it away. They were about to yell, but when they saw who took the chair shut up. She sat down next to the table and took her cigar out, "please tell me the world is collapsing again. One convergence event was enough for me thank you."

Wanda narrowed her eyes, "I'm sorry, but how did you feel-"

"I'm a totem," she waved her hand as a magic circle appeared before her causing silvery sparkles to glitter off Peter and Wanda, "with some training in sorcery. I knew who you two were the moment you arrived in my bar. Wanda Maximoff, if I was to guess," she looked at Wanda, "or another version of the one I know. You're much younger, and you," she turned to Peter, "another totem...Spider-man...Peter Parker?"

"Woah," Peter replied, "but how?"

"I've lived a long life and have basically seen everything, twice," she snorted, "so what's it this time? The Inheritors acting up again? Or are we fighting evil Owl totems again because I did not enjoy the last one. Fuckers have sharp talons, scars still sting when I shower sometimes."

"The Inheritors," Wanda replied, "have you...have you already-"

"-The multiverse is a massive swirl of reality Wanda, many things people consider impossible can happen. I have faced so far three versions of the Inheritors and come out on top," the woman sighed, rubbing her neck, "though the last time Solus did get my arm," she flexed the robotic arm she had on now, "though I made sure to end him and his family for that. Fucking bastards."

"Wait, if you already killed them then how are they alive now?" Peter asked.

"I killed a version of the Inheritors from one reality, you are probably facing another version from another reality which is doing the same shit," the totem sighed, "relax, they aren't that bad, you don't need me for this, I'm retired. Finish your drinks and leave, it's on the house," she moved to getaway.

"W-wait!" Peter cried out, "if you have faced them before, can you tell us about the Originator?"

The woman stopped, "what did you say?"

"The Originator...you said you faced the inheritors three times before right? So you must have faced him too…."

The woman turned, her green eyes landed on Peter, "the Originator…..fuck...oh fuck!" she jumped to her feet, kicking her chair into a nearby wall.

"What happened!" Wanda asked as she and Peter got up as well.

"I'm coming with you," the woman snarled, "fucking hell, of course it had to be him. Blood shit stain won't stay dead!"

"Do you know who the Originator is?" Peter asked.

"Yes, I do. Bane of my fucking existence is what he is, Morty!" the woman cried out, "I'm going out! Don't know if or when I'm coming back!"

A robot that kind of reminded Peter of C-3PO from Star Wars, nodded as it finished serving a bottle of beer, "understood master."

"Come on you two, I assume Karn is the one who sent you?" the woman asked as she was already making her way to the door

"Y-yeah," Peter replied as he and Wanda walked to the door, right behind the woman. They quickly exited the bar as she turned down an alleyway.

"Karn! You infernal shit eater! Open up the Web!" the woman cried, the alley was silent, she sighed, "give him a second, he's always fucking slow."

"I'm sorry, but how do you know Karn?" Wanda asked.

"Helped him out a few years ago," she shrugged.

"I see...what's your name? You know ours...in fact, you seem to know a lot about us," Wanda replied.

"No you, a different version of you," the woman replied, "and call me...Carrie."

Just then, a massive ripple of purple portal energy surged alive before them. Carrie turned to them, "come on, we need to hurry. We won't have much time."

Peter and Wanda looked at each other before nodding, following the older woman through the portal.

Back at the bar, on a lonely bar stool was a man with a nearing empty mug of beer. But just as he finished his last sip, he was handed another by Morty, the bartender.

"Thanks Morty," the man slurred his speech, "say, where's Hope? Need to talk to her. It's my daughter's birthday tomorrow and I would love it if she came."

"Oh dear, it seems this timing is quite unfortunate, you see Master Hope has just informed me that she is off on another one of her adventures. I do not know when she will be back," the robot replied in a saddened tone.

"Ah, damn, that's too bad," the man shrugged, "oh well. To THE PRINCESS!" he shouted, raising his drink.

And immediately the entire bar, almost at once, raised their drink as well, "TO THE PRINCESS!"

And there we go another chapter out. And hey, I didn't take a full year to realize this one, progress! Anyway, you guys, I'm glad you're enjoying everything I'm putting out, I may eventually try to publish some original works, later on, I am working on something high fantasy related and just wanted to share the news with someone.