The corridor was short and fairly narrow, cut into rock. It was also pitch black and currently mostly filled with what appeared to be a 1960s police telephone box from the planet Earth. Earth was, however, a considerable distance away in space, just as the 1960s were in time.

Three people stepped out, their feet crunching in the gravel.

"Where are we Doctor?" asked Amy.

"In a corridor or tunnel, I should say," the unhelpful reply informed her. "There does not appear to be any sort of lighting, so it's very hard to say anything else for certain."

The air was a little stale, but perfectly breathable. That wasn't their main concern, though. The TARDIS was. It had chosen to land here, then simply shut down. No indications of why. There was energy, but it wasn't getting to any of the systems. So, devoid of options until they understood what was going on, they moved forward. Slowly and carefully.

Only a few yards from where they had started, they reached an electronic doorway, slightly narrower at the top than at the base. There were no controls for opening it and it wouldn't slide manually.

The Doctor reached into an inside pocket and fished out his sonic screwdriver. "This door looks rather old and may require a bit of help. I'll take care of the lock. If it doesn't open immediately, Rory, I want you to see if you can force it open."


The other guy in the group, Rory, limbered up as he waited. He didn't seem to mind the jabber of The Doctor, just as long as he didn't have to add much.

The Doctor examined the door carefully before stepping to the right hand side of it. Activating his screwdriver, he scanned slowly down the side of the door frame. Aside from a slight wobble by the door, nothing happened.

Using that as his cue, Rory pushed the door to the left. It slid just enough for him to be able to get his hand into the gap and force the door fully open.

Rory, followed by Amy and then The Doctor, entered cautiously.

This room had emergency lighting. Visible were three skeletons in twentieth century human clothing, two with very visible injuries to their backs. The third was difficult to see. A mosaic of shapes of differing colours occupying much of the floor, a control panel on the far wall next to another door, and a smashed plant pot, were the only other objects in the room.

The skeletons were close, so The Doctor went to examine them. Weapons fire would tell him something about where they were, how these victims ended up here and whether the danger they faced was present now.

It didn't take long to figure out that the three dead people had been there for decades. Rolling one over revealed the clothing was emblazoned with the logo of some sort of galactic archaeological society, but these three were not obviously archaeologists and certainly not galactic explorers. A crystal in his hand, packed with Atrtron energy stumped him further. It was simply not possible these could be time travelers. Not unless The Master had tried to one-up him on companions, but it wasn't remotely likely The Master would tolerate even one human for any length of time. Pocketing the crystal, in case it would be helpful, he turned to the other aspect of the puzzle.

The weapons fire was unfortunately easier to determine. "Daleks!"

"Daleks?" Amy was not happy with this news. Neither was Rory. The TARDIS had no forcefield, there was no cover in the room, lighting would give the Daleks an advantage even if there was, and daleks would likely be in large numbers.

"Yes, Amy, Daleks. And that mosaic, if I'm not very much mistaken, is why we're not dead. It is some sort of trap."

" do we get across?"

The Doctor frowned. He hadn't thought that far ahead.