Prologue: The start of Dumbledore's end


Harry is sitting in his room back in number four Privet Drive, his whole body hurts due to his uncle's previous beating. Even with the pain-relieving potion it still hurts so much.


He had spent the entire day doing chores- from cleaning every inch of the house to cooking food for his so-called family AKA an army with how much his uncle eats. Dudley, however, is having a diet for some reason so thankfully the number of food he needs to cook is cut down by about half. Every time the list of chores is always longer than before and more difficult as if he doesn't finish them all before his uncle comes back or the level of the work did not reach his expectations Harry would get beat up horribly.


Of course having to do chores nonstop doesn't give him time to take a bite and it's not like his aunt is going to let him touch any of their precious food besides cooking it and having to cook so much food doesn't help either. The only thing keeping him going is water from the garden hose and the small amounts of food Hermione manage to send him. The last time he'd had a proper meal was back on the Hogwarts Express.

Hurt, tired and hunger mixed with irritated and angry are the only emotions he feels when staying with the Dursleys, from the first eleven years he had lived in this hellhole before receiving his Hogwarts letter to the past four summers he had suffered at their hands. Shaking his head to ignore the Dursleys, he turns to think of the past four years study at Hogwarts. Even though his body is in pain Harry's mind is clear- all the evidence he was able to collect points to how Albus Dumbledore had screwed his life over completely. How three first-year students managed to get past a test that was set up to stop someone as powerful as Tom Riddle or how three second-year students could find out where the so-called infamous Chamber of Secret was when even Dumbledore was unable to. Even when all they had to do to open it was ask the ghost of Moaning Myrtle. Or how an illegal animagus managed to get away from Dumbledore who is a master of Transfiguration for three years or how he doesn't notice his so-called longtime friend is actually someone else in disguise. Yes, it was all a setup, a big chess board manipulated by Albus 'too many middle names' Dumbledore to test him and bend him into his perfect little Golden Boy. Item One: Hagrid was the one to pick him up the first time to guide him to the wizarding world. Though a kindhearted person, Hagrid is not a fully-educated man and had a personal guilt with Slytherin due to Riddle framing him back when he was a student and worshipping Dumbledore as if he is God himself. Item Two: Mrs. Weasley said the word Muggle in the middle of the station full of muggles then asked Ginny what number the platform was, despite having five sons study in Hogwarts already. Item Three: The Weasleys are commonly known to follow Dumbledore's way. All of that and what both Harry and Hermione had overheard last year had signed the bill.

~~~~ flashback ~~~~

Harry and Hermione are hiding under the invisibility cloak from Ron and Ginny, both of whom had become extra annoying after the Triwizard Tournament. As they walk around the empty hallway with the Marauder's map as a lookout they come across the two dots of Ronald and Ginevra Weasley in an empty classroom facing each other. Feeling curious, Harry and Hermione decide to secretly listen to the two siblings talk. Later on, in their lives, both were glad to have followed their instincts that time. To their utmost surprise, it was not just Ron and Ginny in the room but also Mrs. Weasley, on what seems like a communication mirror- something their family should not have the money to have.

"Mum... why do I still have to be friends with bratty Potter and know-it-all Granger. I hate them so much with Potter's moaning about his home life and Granger picking at my brain. Why can't we just take the brat's money- I mean you do have his vault key from Dumbledore," Ron said in his whining voice.

"Oh, Ron, I don't know what you keep in that head of yours since obviously, you don't have a brain in it," Ginny said in a bossy voice. In the background, Harry and Hermione had to use their hands to cover each other's mouths to keep from laughing out loud.

"Those are just the trust vaults his parents made for him to spend before coming of age when he will get access to the family vaults and those would be a hundred times more than ten trust vaults combined. What we want is those, not even Dumbledore could get us into those- not just because the goblins wouldn't let him, but it also has numerous wards to keep people who are not the family out."

"Ginny is right Ronald. Once she marries the Boy-Who-Lived, our family will be famous for being his family-in-law! We could make money from it and take money from his vaults, those would let us live in luxury for generations! Ginny would only need to give birth to one of his kids, then the other could be someone else's. Then after he and You-Know-Who kill each other the Potter family's property is our to use as we like," Mrs. Weasley said through the mirror. By now, both Harry and Hermione were as pale as ghosts after what the elder Weasley said.

"Now, Dumbledore said he would make a marriage contract between Ginny and that boy, so if he ever dies everything he owns would be Ginny's. Remember you two- don't let your father and brothers know about our plan. They don't know that you're not Arthur's kids. Percy too, but since he refuses to listen to me, he could not know about this. Be extra careful with the twins as they follow that Potter boy."

"But mum what if the filthy half-blood survives You-Know-who again? And what about his dog father and the wolf?" Ron continued to whine, making Harry and Hermione want to punch him in the face.

"Don't worry Ron, Dumbledore has planned it all out. If he did survive it's Azkaban for him. As for Sirius and Remus, Dumbledore is thinking of getting rid of the dog first next year and he's been sending the wolf on dangerous missions. He'll die sooner or later. Now I have to go- Arthur's coming home soon. Be careful!" And the mirror turned back to a normal mirror.

"Bah, mum's just too paranoid, we've been sneaking behind those two's backs for four years and they never even notice. Potter, well, obviously not because he's so much of an idiot and Granger- well she's too stuck up to even suspect us."

"Well I for one have to keep my eyes on the dirty mudblood so she stays away from MY Fiancé, the Potters don't need any more mud in their blood. He needs a Pureblood and who's better than me? I'm smart, beautiful and have red hair, just like his mother! We're perfect for each other, so NO ONE is more suitable for the title Lady Potter than me!"

Both Weasleys walk out of the empty classroom, just as Harry and Hermione move away from the door. When the two redheads are out of vision the two friends step into the classroom lock it and cast a silent charm on the door removing the coat at the same time. Both were pale and shaking with anger. After what seems like hours they both have calmed down enough and sit down on the empty chairs.

"What now?" Hermione asks quietly. Between the two of them has always been unwavering trust and brother-sister love for the other, since both had been alike before Hogwarts- outcasts, loners and friendless. She trusted Harry with her lifelong secret. At the same time, Harry trusted her with his. Even though they both considered Ron and Ginny as their friends before, being hurt for so long in their life both are still wary of the two youngest Weasleys, but it still hurt because they had started to trust them before Harry's name came out of the goblet.

"I don't know." It was a simple answer but was the only thing Harry could say then. No thanks to the Dursleys, Harry would always be conscious and wary of everything happen around him how people act their action their words before coming to Hogwarts that what make him a Slytherin but ever since he set his foot in the wizarding world in first year it like he was a different person and many things doesn't make any sense at all, but one thing is true that he never tell trust Ron 100% maybe around 50/50 but between Ron and Hermione he would always choose Hermione.

The two Gryffindor is in deep thought until they both decide to speak up.

"Who can we trust now?" asked Harry.

"Definitely not Ronald and Ginevra, especially not Dumbledore. The three traitor Weasleys said the other Weasleys could be trusted as well as Sirius and Remus, Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, Professor Sprout. Oh, and Professor Snape!" Hermione exclaimed.

"What! Hermione, he hates me! Even if we could trust him not to tell Dumbledore, that doesn't mean he won't tell Voldemort!"

"He saved you many times in the past four years- obviously he cares, last time I spoke with Professor McGonagall she said he and your mum were best friends- he couldn't hate you to the point of killing you. As much as he hates you for being your dad's son you're still your mum's son too"


"Now on to the next step. Gringotts. We need to go there to do an important ritual and talk with your account manager to see how much money Dumbledore has taken from your vault, and for how long. Then we should ask for a cleaning ritual... who knows how deep Dumbledore can sink to control you."

"If I have to do it, you do too. From what I heard you're not supposed to be my friend in the first place so we need to check you for compulsions as well." Harry asserted.

"Good idea. Next, we have to find a way for Sirius to have a trial but we can't have that if Fudge decides to let him be kissed on sight by a Dementor."

"Yeah, we need someone who could get through Fudge's thick head."

The two friends sank deep in thought, then suddenly their eyes shot wide open. "Malfoy!"

They shot up from their seats, put on the cloak and ran out of the room.

****Some deserted corner of Hogwarts****

After capturing Draco Malfoy when he was alone, the two Gryffindors dragged the Slytherin into the corner, casting some privacy charms and locking the blonde in the wall.

"Malfoy, I know it's sudden but I didn't really answer your offer in first-year so I'm going to answer it now."

The Malfoy heir was surprised- it's not every day he suddenly gets kidnapped by two of Dumbledore's Golden Trio and Harry Bloody Potter decides to answer his offer back in first-year after four years. But he decides he should be glad and not look at the gift horse in the mouth.

"Why the sudden change of heart Potter? I can't help but wonder what did Dumbledore do that his golden boy has to run over to the dark side like that."

He wants my/his death, " Hermione and Harry said in sync.

Malfoy's eyes are wide, looking at the two muggle-raised teens like they just grew second heads.


"He has been manipulated my entire life since the very moment my parents died planning my death to take my money"

"He also planning to marries him off to Weasley so the two youngest rotten brats could become famous for being his 'best mate' and wife despite Harry's interest in another person who, coincidently, is male"

"Hermione! You swore you'd never tell!"

"I didn't say who it was, just their gender!"

"That's not the point!"

"Would the two of you get to the point already! Potter, why did you wait until now to agree to my offer?"

Harry just looked at the blonde. His face showed next to nothing, but his bright green eyes glowed, just like the very spell had taken away his parents and Cedric's lives- cold and cruel. Draco Malfoy felt glad that he was not the one those eyes were 'looking' at. "Because I'm choosing my own life. If some meddling old fool thinks that he can control me like some mindless puppet..." the fourth-year Slytherin looked at the Avada-green eyed teen then sighed heavily. "What did you two want me to do? Obviously, you didn't kidnap me just to say you're turning dark."

"No Malfoy we're not turning dark, more like gray a bit lean towards the dark but not completely. What we want you to do is to ask your father to have Fudge give Sirius Black a trial,"

"Black? Sure"

"And if you're going to... wait, what?"

"I said sure. I'll tell father to get Black a trial. Really, not giving him one was illegal in the first place, so it should be quite easy."

The two Gryffindors were very surprised at his answer. "Why?" Harry asked worriedly. "My mother was a Black, Sirius Black is the current head of the Black house it's just that simple"

"Really? That's it?" Hermione raises an eyebrow

"Yes, Granger that's it. I suppose a Muggle-born like you don't know much about pureblood families, we stick together you see, it's a type of magic in and of itself"

The two friends look at each other than turn back to young Draco Malfoy with their hands put out.

" Deal ."

~~~~ End of Flashback~~~~

Harry look at the small clock on his table which read 11:00 p.m he gathers all of his important items into the bag with un-detective extension charm that Hermione made for him earlier that summer. Casting a wandless Alohomora he walks out of his room open the door to his aunt and uncle's room, takes out his wand, not the Holly wand from Ollivander but another one he and Hermione purchased to get away from the Ministry trace and cast a powerful curse on the two elder Dursleys so that every time they speak a single lie about him or his parents, they would suffer pain both physical and mental- the only exception is information about magic. Then Harry cast a much more powerful version of the Obliviate charm so that no Muggle will remember a boy named Harry Potter, closed his no-longer-guardians room's door and walked down the stairs. What waited for him at the bottom surprised him. Dudley Dursley is standing downstairs with a trunk by his side. At first, he thought that Dudley was going to run away or something until he saw two letters on the trunk. 'L.E' he raised an eyebrow then looked at his cousin with a question.

"So are you leaving for good now?" Dudley asked nervously.

"Yes, you sound like you don't want me to go. You seem different this year Dud', care to share what been on your mind lately?" Harry is amused with this new side of his cousin. "Aren't you feel scared of me? What changed?"

"Not anymore. My horizon is bigger this year, I like a girl in school she's kind, smart and pretty- at least to me she is. The others just said she looks normal but she isn't my parents' definition of 'normal' so I hide it. One day we actually talked with each other and I found out what I been taught to believe all my life is a lie, a very dirty lie. I really like her Harry, I do and I found out I can't have everything in my life. I need to earn it fair and square, so I've been going on a diet and working out. I thought back on my life and saw what I was was not something good: I was lazy, fat and horrible especially to you. I know no amount of sorry I'm going to say is going to let you forgive me. I found this trunk in the attic and found out it was Aunt Lily's old trunk back when she was young and managed to dig out old letters that she sent to my mum. I saw that she was not the type of person mum had told me growing up. Harry, I don't want to be like my parents I want to be proud of what is right and admitting my own mistake not blame it on a kid like my dad or being so bitter about not having some fancy magic and take it out on a family. Everyone is different and it's stupid to expect everything to be the same!"

Harry just looked at his cousin, not the same obese, spoilt kid, but a grown man.

"I'm proud of you Dudley, you become different from your parents. And if all of this is for a girl I have to say she's a keeper."

"Yeah, I thought so too."

"Farewell cousin. If our paths cross in the future, we should go out for dinner."

Harry takes the trunk from Dudley and leaves number four Privet Drive in the dark of night. Dumbledore would pay, he'll pay for every single second in the past fifteen years and when he has done with the old goat, not even death could help him.

****Some mysterious location****

"Dumbledore has pulled the last straw with the Triwizard Tournament. He shall be removed from his Supreme Mugwump position and from now on the International Confederation of Wizards will take control of Britain's Ministry of Magic"

"I concur."

A flash of lightning shows three people- two female and one male, and then everything fades to black.