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Chapter 3: Trial, The Elder and Weasley sneaky

****At Riddle Manor****

Voldemort takes one last look at the resulting paper in his hand showing the long list of potions, blocks, and manipulations that the old Headmaster had used on him. He takes a look around the room and sees all of his inner circle also wearing bitter faces, glaring at their papers with obvious anger and hate for the old Warlock as each and every one of them has at least two to three memory seals, compulsions, and potions.

Snape himself is more focused on the name of his Soulmate and inheritance then the long list of other things.

Name: Severus Tobias Snape-Prince




Tobias Mattew Snape [Father] (Deceased)

Eileen Harp Snape née Prince [Mother] (Deceased)


Lord Prince (Maternal)

Heir Venom (Maternal)

Creature Inheritance:

Half-Vampire (Dominant)

Soul Mate(s):

Harian Jameson Potter (Submissive)


Advanced Defensive Skills

Advanced Dueling Skills

Advanced Healing

Indomitable will

Logical Thinking

Non-verbal Magic

Master Potioneer

Spell Creation



Wandless Magic (Block)


Severus Snape's personal Vault

Lilly Potter's gift vault

James Potter's gift vault

Prince Vault(s) including (Lord) (Heir) and (Family) Vaults.

Venom Vault(s) including (Heir) and (Family) Vaults.


Creature Inheritance block (By Albus P. W. ) (Since the fifth year of Hogwarts)

Soulmate block (By Albus P. W. ) (Since the first year of Hogwarts)

A memory block (By Albus P. W. B. Dumbledore)

Loyalty Potion: keyed to Albus P. W. B. Dumbledore (By Albus P. W. B. Dumbledore and Molly Bertha Weasley née Prewett)

Loyalty Potion: keyed to Order of The Pheonix (By Albus P. W. B. Dumbledore and Molly Bertha Weasley née Prewett)

Hate Potion: keyed to Harian Jameson Potter (By Albus P. W. B. Dumbledore and Molly Bertha Weasley née Prewett) (Half Void due to being mate)

Hate potion: keyed to Jameson Chalius Potter (By Albus P. W. B. Dumbledore and Molly Bertha Weasley née Prewett)

Hate potion: keyed to Sirius Orion Black (By Albus P. W. B. Dumbledore and Molly Bertha Weasley née Prewett)

Hate potion: keyed to Remus Jonathan Lupin (By Albus P. W. B. Dumbledore and Molly Bertha Weasley née Prewett)

Hate potion: keyed to Gryffindor House (By Albus P. W. B. Dumbledore and Molly Bertha Weasley née Prewett)

Love potion: keyed to Lilian Rose Potter née Evans (By Albus P. W. B. Dumbledore and Molly Bertha Weasley née Prewett)

Looking at the list actually explained some of his mixed feelings toward the young green-eyed Gryffindor, how he wants to protect and love the boy yet feels great hate for him at the same time. Now that he knows the hate was due to the potion and not his real emotions, relief washed over him. He had no doubt that Harry already knew about this, maybe they could take out some time in the school year to talk things out? Yes, that would do the trick. And Lily- Lily, when- why- Lily . He missed her so much but was that really...

"Severus." He was shaken from his thoughts by the sound of his name.

"Yes, my Lord?"

"Prepare some Cleansing Potions. I don't want any of us to have any strings tied to Dumbledore after today."

"Everything has been prepared already, my Lord." He was glad he'd already made some- though what spurred him to do so he couldn't quite remember.

"Good. All of you should take your result papers. We could use these later to get rid of that old goat once and for all. You are all dismissed." Severus went back to thinking about those words, his silence unnoticed in the clamour of the others.

"Yes, my Lord" Well... mostly unnoticed, anyway. A shadow chuckles and slips out of view, leaving only the faint sweet smell of flowers. As everyone grabs a bottle of Cleansing Potion and Apparates back to their respective homes to clean themselves of the 'benevolent' influence of their 'dear' Headmaster, they have no idea that what awaits them the next day is something that will be written down in the history books for generations afterwards.

~~~~The next day~~~~

Every member of the Ministry, Wizengamot, and Lord of Olde House was summoned early in the morning via the magical oath that they had made when joining the Wizengamot. The oath made them all go unless they wanted to lose their magic. Those not present were all accounted for, in cells in the Ministry's high-security jail. As they all gather in the meeting room, they whisper and gossip with with each other, every one of them wondering why they are here today.

Within the crowd Harry, Hermione and Sirius are hiding under a Disillusionment Charm. They don't know that Neville is also eavesdropping on the meeting using a special type of plant. He'd gotten the seed from an anonymous sender a few weeks before school ended, and the flower's buds allow him to see, hear (even talk!) through them if he wants to. He put a few flower buds in secure nooks in the meeting room one of the time his grandma had to bring him here, (with much melodramatic dismay). He's relieved that no one's come across it in the days that passed. On the other side of the room, Tom Riddle is standing in a secure corner under a Disillusionment Charm of his own. Rita Skeeter is also in the room sitting in her usual chair as a reporter.

As the noise starts to become louder, an echo of a woman's voice comes out of nowhere.


All those who were talking found their mouth closing involuntarily as they all sit down at their respective seats in the meeting room. As everything falls into deep silence, right in the middle of the meeting room a large blue runic circle appears, moving up and down. Three figures fade into view in the middle of the circle.

There are two women and one man, one of them is a tall young(?) woman with pale skin and black hair. She wears a black and dark red dress, and weirdly enough wearing no shoes but multiple bell anklets that ring with every step she makes. What really makes people focus on her is her sharp heterochromatic eyes. One is a poison green while the other is indigo and scale-like markings shimmer under her eyes and on her cheeks. Her aura is overpowering and dangerous, demanding that everyone submit, leaving everyone else in the room shaking.

The other woman is surprisingly short, around 144cm with bright blond hair tied in two pigtails that reach her knees and big red eyes. She wears only a simple orange tunic dress and high-heeled boots. Though her appearance is not as overwhelming as the first woman's, there is also an air of authority and power that makes no one want to mess with her.

Last is a tall man with slicked-back black hair and golden slit pupil eyes hidden behind thin rectangular glasses. He's wearing a formal black suit, and simply appears in the room with a smile on his lips, but the aura of danger lingering around him dares others to speak.

The black-haired woman says nothing and just flicks her finger. Everyone else in the room can now move their bodies freely again, but no one makes a move to ask who the three people are. The man pushes up his glasses and clears his voice.

"Good day to you all, Wizengamot council of the British Magical Community. You all may wonder what is happening that gathers you all here today, correct?" He takes a look around the room, taking notice of Harry, Hermione, and Sirius under a Disillusionment Charm, Neville's flower buds and Riddle in the corner. As no one makes a move to talk he continues.

"It seems like no one is absent from today's meeting, including our guest of honour. Let us begin today's court then, with introductions first. For all of you here who may not have guessed by now, we are the Elder Mages."

As the entire council gasps out loud with a mix of fear and surprise, Skeeter herself is greedily writing down everything she sees and hears. Somehow, there are people who are bold enough to go again that statement.

"That's IMPOSSIBLE! The Elder Mages are just a child's myth used to scare magical children when they misbehave! I demand you tell us who you really are and release us this instant!" Of all the people in the council room, everyone is surprised to see Augusta Longbottom yelling. Everyone was wondering whether she had become crazy due to the loss of her son and daughter-in-law. (The rumours had been running around for a while, saying that she treats her grandson like her son, giving the boy his father's old stuff and even calling him Frank instead of Neville.)

"What was that?" Again, a voice seems to echo around them, but no one can identify the source. They all could hear the ringing sound of bells just for a second before Augusta is suddenly yanked out of her chair and throw into the accused chair, somehow unnoticed in the centre of the courtroom. It bound her with a rattle of chains and the (more) terrifying female Elder landed gracefully next to it with only a slight sound of ringing bells.

The next thing they know is that multiple pillars of ice materialize in thin air and point at Lady Longbottom. No one dares to move or make a sound while the Elder is staring down at the woman.

"A myth we are? Perhaps I should rip off your Magical Core and destroy it for good since you don't even bother to remember who gave your bloodline magic in the first place!" The echo of her voice carries across the room, filled with tones of murder and heavy pressure, forcing everyone to bow down in their seats. But the pressure lessens when the other female Elder puts her hand on the tall woman's shoulder.

"Lady Thanatos, please allow me to have a word with her- after all the Longbottoms are my descendants. It is my job to 'teach' her what is right!" Said the blond with a kind smile on her face. From the look of her cold blood-red eyes, anyone would be able to tell that she was not happy.

"Aversa Themis. I would expect that those who carry your blood in their veins would have more intelligence than to marry people like this." The black-haired Elder now known as Lady Thanatos sounds angry at Augusta. (She was so very, very close to making the witch suffer if the other did not interfere.)

"My lady, it was BECAUSE of the British Magical Community's lack of brains that we are here today, isn't it? To reduce the magical energy of Mother Magic to create this level of imbalance, leaning on only one type of energy then the other, magic in England will run out soon enough in the next few years come. But as Magic herself still pities the younger generation who fight for the balance we've been sent here to 'educate' the so-called adults." Said the lone male of the three. Slit pupils become thin and glow slightly looking at the spot where Sirius is standing in hiding with his Godson as he sends a silent message to his descendant.

The very moment the man appeared in the courtroom Sirius knew that this person was the origin of his entire bloodline, the one who gave them the infamous Black Madness – The ability to overpower their opponents in the physical and magical fields when they either lost control of their emotions or when they manage to take control of it as well as their abilities as Metamorphmagi (before all the inbreeding, that is). As the man himself has both incubus and devil lineage that helped him to master elemental fire magic and was chosen by Lady Magic to be one of her judgments – Xander Noir. The very presence of him seems to sooth Sirius's nerves from the pressure of the other Elders even just for a bit. As Noir looked his way, Sirius could hear a thought sent directly into his mind.

'You have done well. Leave the rest to me'

Pride grew in the former Gryffindor's heart to hear such a compliment from his powerful ancestor.

Lady Thanatos still keeps her emotionless mask as she waves her hand and makes all the pillars of ice disappear. The pressure she radiates lessens to a degree where the other witches and wizards in the room can move and breathe easily again, but nonetheless it still there to remind them all not to step a hair out of line.

"Well then as I was saying before being so rudely interrupted, we are the Elder Mages of the International Confederation of Wizards' High Court, and by the order of Lady Magic from this very moment forward, the British Ministry of Magic has lost its privilege of autonomy. Britain's Ministry of Magic will be under the Oversight Act of 1112, due to the government's ... unfortunate inability to organize any event, international or otherwise without the event in question devolving into chaos. By Her Will and Command, so mote it be." said Elder Noir as he pushed up his glasses. As the light reflected on them, it hid away his eyes.

As he stops talking, the entire Ministry building shakes violently and every Ministry logo is breaking apart, replaced with the symbol of the High Court, a scale carrying both the sun and the moon on an even ground which represents the Elder's job, maintaining the balance of magic. In Fudge's old office, the door with runes appearing and spreading along the wall began to change as the single door warps into a large golden double door with the High Court's symbol on it. Strangely, the wall seems to have vine designs running along it.

Back inside the courtroom the Ministry's logo on the floor also changes into the celestial scales as banners fall down from the ceiling, showing The World Tree with a seven-circle symbol around it.

"Shall we begin the meeting then?" said Elder Themis as she clapped her hand together.

"Before we begin. I expect those who are in hiding should reveal themselves now. Or do you wish to be dragged out by force?" Elder Thanatos's voice projects no feeling even though she knows two of the people in hiding are her descendants.

Not wishing to get on the female Mage's bad side, Harry, Hermione, Sirius, and Tom step out from their respective hiding places. Many people in the room gaps in shocks when they saw Sirius standing next to Harry since they still think of him as a criminal out for revenge for the Boy-Who-Lived, some even yell at Harry to get away from him. On the other hand, the said Boy-Who-Lived could only feel his face twitching in annoyance; while part of him is grateful that they at least feel the need to warn him of danger, the other half is just disappointed at the majority of the people who are still tied to their chairs for their ignorance.

Many Death Eaters in the room were not aware of their Lord's appearance today and were surprised to see him step out of the shadows, but keep a neutral face; they could see that today their true goal would be made clear to the public instead of the lies Dumbledore kept throwing around.

Neville while standing in his greenhouse wondering what he should do now since technically he is listening in the meeting. Then he sees the twin tailed Elder- His family ancestor- look right at him through the screen nodding her head slightly and mouth a few words that looked like 'it's okay'. Her action cements his suspicions that she was the one to send him the seeds to view today's meeting.

Neville Longbottom is not a fool, despite what most people believe him to be. He had grown up with his grandma's delusion that he was her bedridden son and his uncle's abusive actions which taught him that he needed to hide most of his true nature and abilities. He had to blend into the background. He's one of the few people in the magical world that could see through Harry's Boy-Who-Lived façade and see the real Harry- a kind-hearted snake in lion's skin underneath.

The first time the two had a real face-to-face conversation was around third year, just after Harry and Hermione rescued Sirius. Neville overheard them whispering in the empty common room. It was then that Harry found out Sirius is not only his Godfather on paperwork but also in magic, which should have been more than enough to prove that he is innocent as every half-decent magical godparent swears on their magic and life to never intentionally cause harm to their godchild, either directly or indirectly. The fact that Neville knew of this was because his mother is Harry's Godmother and vice-versa Harry's mother is his, from there the two boys started bonding over their bad childhoods and exchanging tips on how to hide their real natures better.

Quickly snapped out of his line of thought, Neville turns his attention back to the meeting. By now Elder Noir had waved Sirius to sit in one of the accused chairs in the middle of the room, his grandmother still locked in her seat as she wisely keeps her mouth shut in fear of ticking off the taller female Elder any more than she already had. The two female Elders each conjured a chair each to sit on the sideline, Elder Thanatos no doubt made hers out of a beautiful clear blue ice with fine delicate details while Elder Themis's chair seems to be trees grown into the shape of an elegant throne.

Elder Noir reaches inside his suit pocket and drew out a clear vital.

"This vital here contain a potion known as Verum Immutatae it is a much more powerful truth serum than your average Veritaserum as you can only tell the absolute and unchanged truth, not half-truths or facts. This potion is brewed by Elder Venom, so it will be 50% stronger than a normal potion."

As he finishes with his speech, the male Elder tips the vital and drips two drops of the potion in Sirius's mouth ('Oh, strawberry' Sirius thought in his head.) as the effect immediately kicked in his entire body melted into the chair and his pupil widened with his whole face set in a daze.

"Now then I've heard many good things about the current Head of the DMLE as a fair and unbiased person from the annual International Auror's League meeting and I would like you to ask him some questions." Elder Noir said with a charming smile at Amelia Bones.

Amelia was surprised that the Elder had called her out and shocked to have gotten praise but she pushes her thoughts away for now and put on a professional front.

"It is my pleasure to be acknowledged by you, my Elder." She pulls out a recording quill and a long parchment and set them in front of her.

"We now begin the Trial of Sirius Black. First question, what is your name?"

"Sirius Orion Black."

"What was your relationship with the deceased Lord Jameson Chalius Potter?"

"James and I are best friends since our first year at Hogwarts and we have sowed an oath to become brothers in magic. I am also his son's oath-bound Godfather and Blood Adopted father"

His answer brings in shock gap and whispers within the crown. As they all start to question why was he got lock away in the first place.

"Sirius Black you are accused of betraying the most Ancient and most Noble house of Potter to You-Know-Who and the murder of Peter Pettigrew and twelve Muggles, how do you plead?"

"Not guilty." Even though his voice sounds distant it has a firmness in it.

"what were you doing on October 31, 1981 before the attack?"

"I was spending time with my cousin Andromeda Tonks asking her for relationship advice in how to confess my feeling to my crush Remus Lupin after he gets back from his task given by Dumbledore" Although it not very clear under the light of the meeting room but if one look close enough they could see a faith blush glowing on Sirius's cheek. Elder Noir coughed lightly into his hand to hide a small chuckle.

"What happened after that?"

"After the alarm told me that the wards had fallen, I understood that Peter has betrayed us so I rushed over to Godric's Hollow to help my brother, only to see the house in ruins. As I stepped inside, the first thing I saw was the body of my brother lying there cold and unmoving, eyes wide open." He stops to release a shaky breath, James death still hitting him really hard even after fourteen years of grieving.

"I was standing there in disbelief, not knowing if what I was seeing was reality or illusion or a boggart that Voldemort set as a diversion or not. My hand was shaking as I reached out to confirm the death of my best friend- my brother- hoping it was merely an illusion, that he was still alive, just playing a prank on me. I hoped beyond hope that he would just suddenly jump up to surprise me. His body was cold, so cold, not a sign showing that he survived, no signs of life no movement just… death." Sirius stops to close his eyes and takes another deep breath to steady his racing heart, as he could feel the despair taking over his mind, walls closing in.

Everyone else in the courtroom keeps quiet as they also understand the pain of losing loved ones in the last war. Some people sniffle and blow their noses, trying to stop the tears while some wipe tears away, remembering what they lost.

Oh, how Sirius longs to be in his mate's arms right now, to feel his warm and comfort, but he needs to be strong to help his godson and make Dumbledore suffer for his many, many crimes. As he reopens his eyes, only determination can be seen in them.

Elder Noir saw the change in his descendant and couldn't help feeling proud, his lip slightly turns up into a pleasing smile but quickly turn back into a professional business smile. The only people in the room to have noticed the momentary change in his smile are his fellow Elders.

"I broke out of my trance when I heard Harry crying up in his room. I carefully moved upstairs while staying constantly vigilant, unsure if there were traps set. When I reached the nursery, what greeted me was Lilly's body lying on the flood with eyes staring blankly upwards. Harry was still in his crib, crying nonstop for his mom with his forehead bleeding." When in Azkaban that scene constantly replays itself in his mind, breaking his heart every single time. His pup orphaned as such a young age.

"After healing Harry to the best of my ability, I carried him out of the house and met Hagrid. He asked to take Harry because Dumbledore ordered him to come and get him. I was hesitant at first as I didn't want to leave my godson, but my rage toward Pettigrew got the best of me. I left Harry with Hagrid and went to chase down that traitor. It took me a day to corner him on a busy street, hoping to Stun him and get him into custody, but Pettigrew dared to start to yell how I betrayed Lilly and James to the Dark Lord. I should have noticed there was something wrong then. He started throwing out spell after spell that I could easily dodge and deflect, but one hit some pipe on a Muggle building. It caused a massive explosion and killed all those Muggles, so Peter used that as a diversion to change into his Animagus form –a rat- and fled. I was in shock back then, with the of pain seeing my brother and his wife's death, the shock of finding out one of my friends for so many years was a traitor that led to the death of my sworn brother. The realization that I was indirectly responsible for it for suggesting changing the Secret Keeper broke me. The next thing I know the Aurors arrived- I was almost catatonic from the explosion and the guilt. After that, I woke up in Azkaban to suffer for the past thirteen years."

Elder Noir nods his head and lets him drink the antidote. The courtroom is buzzing with people whispering and talking about how could they have let such injustice happen but after receiving a glare from Elder Thanatos they all settle down. She claps her hands and opens her mouth to speak.

"Well then, according to Mr. Black's testimony, we are missing someone," Said Elder Themis with her hands clasped together "We should make sure we get the full story~"

Elder Themis raises her hand and snaps.

A runic circle appears and with a zap, a confused and fearful Peter Pettigrew appeared in the middle. Realizing where he is, Pettigrew turns into a rat to make a run for it but hit an invisible wall at the edge of the circle. As glowing chains shot out and tied him kneeling down to the floor he started babbling frantically,

"What's going on!? Let me go, let me go!" The rat starts struggling in vain

"Welcome, welcome Mr. Peter Pettigrew! My, my, you're surprisingly energetic for someone dead for the past 5 years" Elder Noir slowly clapped with a smile on his face. It wasn't a nice smile, and anyone with half a half brain could feel the vindictive and malicious aura basically pouring off of him.

"I also wish to know why is he still alive after supposedly BRAVELYdying trying to capture the so called "traitor" Sirius Black," echos Elder Thanatos. Discomfort and hatred just drip from her posture and voice (despite there not being a single hint of emotion in it).

Finally, understanding the situation he's in Pettigrew, starts shaking like the pathetic rat he is and looks around gingerly with pitiful eyes hoping anyone from the Dark Lord's side would somehow help him. But since basically everyone in the dark faction despised, him no one really wanted him to get out of this. Why? Loyalty is something run deep in their minds; they take loyalty to their beliefs and their lord seriously so Wormtail's betrayal of the Potter was a cause of major distrust. If he could betray the Light side one time, that means he could betray the Dark side a second time too. They all gleefully enjoyed Pettigrew's suffering.

Sirius just blankly looked at his once friend and wondered what went wrong with their life. Did Peter ever think of them as friends? He doesn'r know, but now with his mind clear from any outside influence, Sirius understand that they could never go back to those days even if Pettigrew did think of the four of them as friends. James is gone, the old -arrogant, stubborn and naive- Sirius is gone, The Marauder foursome is down to two. His mind is clear now clear from all the poisons and potions that Dumbledore had drowned him in for the majority of his school years and a decade into adulthood, clear from the influent of the foul creature that is the Dementor. When looking at Pettigrew he no longer feels that burning rage and betrayal anymore, he no longer cared about what happened to this stranger, but he still cared about James and Lilly, he still cares about Harry his pup his godson, his son!

That was why the rat must pay for his betrayal.

One way or another.

"Well then, just to make sure words that come out of your pathetic mouth are the truth, we shall also use the Verum immutatae." Said Elder Noir as he roughly poured the potion down Pettigrew's throat. "Ms. Bones, please do continue with the questioning."

Amelia Bones starts with the question again, this time a little more maliciously

"What is your name?"

"Peter Pettigrew."

"Where did you go to school?"

"Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry"

"What were you doing on October 31, 1981?"

"After lying that I need to take care of my sick mother, I met up with the Dark Lord to tell him the address of the Potters and followed him to Godric's Hollow. But different from my expectations, the Dark Lord simply knocked James unconscious then moved on upstairs. I feared that James was just pretending to be down and would jump up to kill me anytime. So I decided to finish the job for him."

Large gaps of disbelief and shouting could be heard from both the Light Side and the Dark Side. Harry fist his hand so tight it turned white trying to keep a hold of his rage so he wouldn't lash out at the Rat. Seeing this, Hermione was afraid that he would hurt himself if he continued and took his hand and start rubbing it until he calmed down. Harry gave Hermione a pained smile then turned to look at Peter with a cold and murderous look that brings shivers to the rat.

Next to the two Gryffindors, Tom is boiling mad. Sure, he was somewhat insane, then dulled to the side effects of having too many Horcruxes, (Now that he is sane again, he has to admit it was not one of his brightest ideas) but he was still logical enough to understand that there's not much magical blood left in their world anymore, after the first Wizarding War happened and Wizards got caught in the Muggle World War II. That's why he specifically ordered his Death Eaters to be mindful to not spill more magical blood than needed.

Sure, there were some families that had been wiped out because of him, but he did not actively seek them out to kill them. Some families weren't even his fault, but being the Dark Lord suddenly made everything bad that happened automatically your fault. He knows for sure that the death of the Prewett was not his doing because Fabian and Gideon had actually come to him themselves to learn what was really going on with the war. The Light Side's argument that he wanted to wipe out all Muggleborns was idiotic, given that Tom thought he was Muggleborn for the first three years of Hogwart and he knows that Muggles aren't helpless and weak or that Wizards are the superior ones. He saw what they could do first hand, and made sure all of his followers knew it too.

But Tom would bet his entire fortune their death is due to Dumbledore's actions, the two of them were bright young men that could have gone very far if they were still alive. The Weasley twin are the spitting images of their own uncle; after teaching them for some time he could tell they are also talented in their own rights, but living with Molly Weasley would no doubt will destroy their chance to shine.

Basically, Tom tries his best to NOT kill as many people as possible. When he went to Godric Hollow despite his horrid mental state, he still held back and simply knocked James Potter unconscious, he even gave Lilly Potter the option to step away from the baby to keep her life. Even if Snape hadn't begged him for her life, he would have let her choose her own fate anyway. But then the next thing he knows, his body turns to dust and words of him killing the Potter family just run wild.

Tom didn't even know why he let Wormtail take his mark that night, but figures Dumbledore had something to with it. Too many creepy old fingers in too many pies, that man.



"Order! Order! The accused is still speaking," With two loud bangs from Madam Bones' gavel, everyone finally settled down so she could continue.

"Continue with the question."

"Just after that I could hear a loud bang coming from upstairs so I rushed up to see half of the nursery destroyed, and Lilly Potter dead on the floor. The Dark Lord was nowhere to be seen, only his robe and wand were left behind. I was so scared, Sirius would basically have known by then that I betrayed them, so I grabbed the robe and the wand and ran away from Godric's Hollow. One day, when Sirius managed to catch up to me, I started yelling about him betraying James and Lilly because everyone already thought he was the secret keeper and who would suspect poor Peter Pettigrew, never good at anything in a group of three talented friends. Then I started firing some spells to distract him before using Bombarda on the gas line to make an explosion, cut off my pinky finger then turned into a rat and ran. A few days later I was picked up by a young Percy Weasley and stayed as the Weasley's pet rat for thirteen years until Sirius broke out of Azkaban."

People are feeling more and more outraged at Peter Pettigrew, how he dare take advantage of a child like that? The one who were most in shock were, of course, the two Weasleys in the courtroom: Arthur and Percy.

Arthur Weasley represented both as the head of the department of Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office and Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects and as the current Head of the Ancient house of Weasley (despite their title as 'Blood-Traitor' in recent generations, the Weasley family are still considered one of the prominent wizarding families with their family name still included in the Sacred Twenty-Eight list,) he had a seat on the Wizengamot.

While his son Percival, or Percy Weasley (despite disowning himself from the family) was able to come into the court due to his position as Junior Assistant to of the Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge.

Both Weasleys are as pale as a sheet, they had no idea their family had been harbouring a mass murder under their roof for the past decade and a half. Percy especially was so shocked since he was the one who brought the rat into his family house that he would have had a panic attack if Arthur hadn't moved quickly to his side to calm him down.

Elder Thanatos gave them a quick glance and waved her hand in the direction the Weasley father and are is sitting and Percy could feel himself calm down like he had just drank a dose of Calming Draught.

Madam Bones banged her gavel again to demand order in the court, and this time Elder Thanatos also stood up from her icy throne as silence returned.

"With both testimony compared and both side heard, I believe that we have all come to the same conclusion for this trial" She turned to Madam Bones and gave her a nod.

"Ehem. In conclusion of the trial of Sirius Black, accused of betraying the most Ancient and most Noble House of Potter to You-Know-Who and the murder of Peter Pettigrew and twelve muggles, those who vote 'Not Guilty' raise your wand, those who don't keep your wand lowered."

Every single person in the room raises their wand, there is such undeniable proof they cannot disagree. (Especially not with Elder Thanatos glaring holes into their souls, hell maybe she could actually do so if she wanted.)

"The Wizengamot have come to an agreement. Sirius Black is now cleared of his past convictions and the Ministry will pay 1000 Galleons for each year Sirius Black had been wrongly imprisoned. We will also take over the charge for your treatment at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries for prolonged Dementor exposure. You are also allowed to take custody of your Godson, Harry Potter as both as his adopted father and Magical guardian."

Dumbledore could only sit in silence, watching everything he had built, everything that was under his control through the past few centuries be shattered into fine dust and tossed into the sea. Every law he managed to pass to suppress the masses had been unraveled right before all the nobles in the room as many from the Light side were starting to see that all those empty promises he had made to them were just that. Empty.

And Dumbledore could do nothing to stop it

No one noticed he was there, no one could see him but the Elders.

For the past hundred years, Albus Dumbledore sat on his chair playing games with everything and everyone, manipulating them to his liking, deaf and blind to others' demise. He played the chess master, moving pawns as he liked.

Now, as the three Elders sit on their respective thrones looking down on him, he knows that this is only just the beginning of their game for him.