Max Steel and Sydney Gardener in Extroyer Returns

Note: No negative reviews please and it is set 6 hours after Turbo Warriors (which I have seen on Youtube).

Max had finished surfing when he decided to give Sydney a call.

"Hey Syd."

"Hi Max I saw the news of some weapon over Cooper Canyon trying to remove all Tech."

"Oh that was just Terrorax for the last time...can we meet?"

"Of course."

Soon they met outside of Cooper Canyon where they hugged.

"Max when you said Terroax for the last time...did you...?"

"Yeah I did kill him I'm sorry but me and my team have killed a lot of villains today." sighed Max.

"More than one?" asked Sydney.

"Yeah I killed Night Howl, Alex killed Snare but no matter he was a robot me and Alex dropped Monster in the sea and Rayne, Alex and C.Y.T.R.O killed all the Elementors." said Max with sadness. "If you want to dump me Syd go ahead."

Then Extroyer appeared.


"We know and not now." said Max.

(Extroyer growls)

"Max we'll finish this talk once we stop Extroyer!" said Sydney. "Turbo Laser."

And she turned her right hand into a laser and blasted Extroyer just long enough for Max to punch him in the face when Extroyer turned into a Black Tiger.

"Terrorax was a fool as were the Elementors now I can finish you off Max Steel Syd Steel is no threat." mocked Extroyer.

"I GIVE YOU NO THREAT!" growled Sydney. "Turbo Strenght!"

And she made two big fists.

"I suggest you run Winter my dear friend Syd Steel doesn't like being left in the dark." said Max.

"NO CHANCE!" yelled Extroyer.

"You asked for it!" called Max and Sydney and then both punched Extroyer making him fly across Cooper Canyon.

"Now before we were interupted Syd are you going to dump me for killing villains or not?" asked Max.

"Maxwell McGrath you are the one I have loved since we were 16 I will never dump you." said Sydney and they removed their Turbo Masks and kissed. "I sense Extroyer is still here let's stop him together. It's the first time in ages since you battled Extroyer."

"I agree." smiled Max as he and Sydney put their masks back on.

Soon they battled Extroyer and finally got him arrested.

"No more blood on your hands today Max." smiled Sydney. "Let's go to a hotel so we can talk before I go back to the city I protect."

Max agreed and when they got to a hotel Max and Sydney spent the night together. Next day it was time for Sydney to go back to her new home.

"My new Turbo Powers came between teaming with Ven Ghan and stopping Extroyer." Sydney told Max as they hugged then Sydney's radio went off. "Go ahead Lieutenant Verral."

"It's Mad Thinker she's back." said Lieutenant Piper Verral.

"Ok me and Max Steel will be there." said Sydney and she hang up. "Lieutenant Piper Verral is my ally in the police."

"It helps to have allies." smiled Max. "And I'd be delighted to have another team-up."

And they became their Turbo Modes.

"Looks like I am your fifth Turbo Warrior Max." joked Sydney.

"Always room for one more." smiled Max and they got ready for their next battle but that's another story."

Fade Out